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Comcast and Time Warner: The Big Squeeze Begins

Consolidating industries are usually a mark of stress. The Defense industry is notorious for it, trying to reduce competition and cut costs through economies of scale (and screwing over the government customers). The abortive tie-up, since abandoned, of EADS and … Continue reading

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Civil War: the Uber Middle and the Rest of the Near-Elite

The Financial Times (if you are not reading it you should be, it is while a liberal newspaper far better than the WSJ or NYT, admittedly a low bar) had last week a series of articles illustrating the growing civil … Continue reading

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Diversity Equals Hitler: Why France MUST Shut Up Dieudonné

France is engaged in a desperate struggle to shut up a comedian. Not because the Francois Hollande regime disagrees with anything he says, per se. Rather, because Dieudonné M’bala M’bala tears apart the myth of Political Correctness and Diversity. M’bala … Continue reading

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The Return of Mass Media?

Mass media was so Twentieth Century. When people watched three broadcast networks, read a few national newspapers, listened to a few massively popular styles of music and Top 40 artists. From the 1930′s onward, America had a very broad media … Continue reading

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Fall 2013 Television Review

Few things in life are so easy and pleasurable as television. In particular, arc-oriented dramatic television. Where a movie can offer a transient two and a half hours at most experience, and generally by two hours has hit the boredom … Continue reading

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Globalization: Winners and Losers and the Return of Nationalism

The Financial Times, the day before Christmas, released a fairly stunning analysis of globalization by John Gapper. As Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit says, read the whole thing. In summary, the piece notes that the winners of Globalization are the top … Continue reading

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The Strange Death of New York City and Rebirth of Las Vegas

New York is dead. Las Vegas is reborn. And the lesson is that walkable cities are just a demographic shift away from destruction, while car-based cities are resilient.

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What’s Wrong With Hollywood Part 9,453

There are many, many things wrong with Hollywood. But among them is the “diversity” aka anti-White male craze. One of the more notable things to come out of the Hollywood Reporter story on the American Humane Association covering up animal … Continue reading

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Larry Auster Has Died

I am saddened to report Larry Auster has died. Details at his site View from the Right and Thinking Housewife. Thanks Larry. For all you did.

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The Political Unsustainability of New York City

Much has been made of how New York City offers a sustainable model for “Blue” cities, by stealth ethnic cleansing of Blacks (who have a much higher rate of violence) and Rudy Guiliani era stop-and-frisk policies that caused thousands to … Continue reading

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