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DC Comics Goes Gay

And so does the revenue stream from DC Comics derived movies. As “the Avengers” racks up one box office record after another, just in time for the latest Batman movie and the new Superman Movie, DC Comics is announcing that … Continue reading

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Gay Star Trek

There are plans for a new Star Trek TV series. Among the tidbits, two gay leads. Is there a problem with this plan? Sure. As William Goldman noted, in Hollywood “nobody knows anything.” But … in Bar Rescue, a reality … Continue reading

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Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

The new Sundance Channel series, “Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys,” explores the gay best friend phenomena. Because, apparently no one demanded it, but got it anyway. This brings a new face to the reality of niche, upscale … Continue reading

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Beta Males and Inferior Men

Comedy writer and former “Upright Citizens Brigade” performer Julie Klausner has a new book out. Called: “I Don’t Care About Your Band: What I Learned from Indie Rockers, Trust Funders, Pornographers, Faux Sensitive Hipsters, Felons and Others,” it contains her … Continue reading

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Advertising: Get the Man Out!

Advertising forms the basis for much of what is deemed mainstream and acceptable culture in Western society. Advertising is everywhere, all the time. Drive down the road and you’ll see billboards. Listen to the radio and you’ll hear ads. Watch … Continue reading

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Twilight vs Call of Duty: The Hidden Story

The Twilight New Moon movie has posted $140.7 million for its opening weekend. The response, which was surprising, of tweens, teens, and their moms lining up, many a week in advance, for the movie, generated a lot of press coverage. … Continue reading

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Can Disney Grow With Boys and Men?

With the Mancession in full swing it would appear odd that Disney, along with Time-Warner, is busy restructuring itself to appeal more to men, and boys, but nevertheless, Disney is busy doing just that. Disney recently fired Disney Studios CEO … Continue reading

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Elitist, Left Wing, and a Little Bit Gay: Our Feminized Cultural and Political Elite

The NEA is in the news, with at least 6 federal laws and regulations violated by a conference call with artists, a PR agency, ´╗┐the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve, designed to use the NEA … Continue reading

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Disney Buys Marvel: Superheros and Where the Boys Aren’t

Disney, desperate for growth in entertainment, has made a deal with $4 billion to buy Marvel Entertainment. As detailed by Deadline Hollywood Daily there are many entanglements to the deal, including Marvel’s licensing deals with Hasbro (which makes Marvel Comics … Continue reading

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The Shift in Entertainment

A recent Wall Street Journal Article on the “New Media Crisis of 1949″ shows how other observers are also seeing the obvious. That people are changing in the ways they consume entertainment, and that the old models of niche entertainment … Continue reading

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