What’s Wrong With Hollywood Part 9,453

Diversity in Action, not a single White Guy
There are many, many things wrong with Hollywood. But among them is the “diversity” aka anti-White male craze. One of the more notable things to come out of the Hollywood Reporter story on the American Humane Association covering up animal cruelty and deaths from abuse and neglect by film-makers Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson, and many others is the complete absence of White males in the entire organization. This is not unusual.

Disney's women, but no men
Disney’s new Frozen animated film is entirely the result of female animators and directors. Women have many virtues. Being rebels, breaking with the herd, bucking trends, and challenging group-think is not one of them. For better and worse, if an industry and organization needs whistleblowers, mavericks, rebels, and challengers of the status quo, they need men. Specifically, White men. Diversity is a guarantee of herd-like behavior.
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Larry Auster Has Died

I am saddened to report Larry Auster has died. Details at his site View from the Right and Thinking Housewife.

Thanks Larry. For all you did.

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The Political Unsustainability of New York City

Much has been made of how New York City offers a sustainable model for “Blue” cities, by stealth ethnic cleansing of Blacks (who have a much higher rate of violence) and Rudy Guiliani era stop-and-frisk policies that caused thousands to be arrested for gun violations. Steve Sailer noted how successful that policy was in reducing Dinkins/Koch era violence to the point where NYC was one of America’s safer big cities (in Manhattan at least). Well, it’s not the 1990s anymore, and Rudy Guiliani is long gone as Mayor. Neither is the stop-and-frisk policy politically or legally sustainable. Given the enhanced rights Blacks have versus other racial groups as part of Supreme Court decisions and acts of Congress. Now comes word that a Federal Trial against Stop-and-Frisk promises to end that tactic. Jessie Jackson (yes him again) is quoted as saying:

´╗┐”I heard rationalization and justification rather than explanation from the city. They were not denying. They were justifying.”

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Lawrence Auster Update

Larry Auster has kindly written me to clarify the following:

However, there’s one thing I must correct you on. I never had the possibility of a renumerative mainstream career. So I did not sacrifice that. I just did what I had to do, what I was compelled to do. As I explain in the article posted last night, “How I came to write The Path to National Suicide,” I became a writer not out of choice, but because I had to write about the subject of immigration. It was against my will. I hated the thought of doing it, until a certain experience, described in the article, liberated me to do it.

I’ve never had any mainstream “moves” in my makeup. I’ve been a solitary intellectual seeker and spiritual seeker all my life, and a misfit in mainstream society. I’ve never had a normal career. Even if I had wanted to, I could not have had a mainstream career as a writer, because writing for money or fame or whatever was simply not part of my makeup. Everything I’ve written, I’ve written because it’s been intensely important me to say something that I had to say. I can’t write any other way.

So I hope you correct or change the point in your blog entry that I made some great sacrifice. Or, for that matter, you could post this e-mail.

“Everything I’ve written, I’ve written because it’s been intensely important me to say something that I had to say. I can’t write any other way.”

No, that’s not entirely true. I’ve done writing jobs for money. And I didn’t mind doing it, I liked it. But generally they were odd jobs that came my way, that people offered to me. I never sought such jobs.

Mr. Auster — consider that clarified. Though in my own personal opinion, Larry Auster has a talent given from God. Considering that people like David Frum, or Thomas Friedman, or Maureen Dowd, make millions from offering comfortable and demonstrably false platitudes reinforcing the flaccid conventional wisdom of the elite (see also Malcolm Gladwell) I don’t think it is stretching things to feel that Auster could have made a lot of money and even more fame EVEN IF he did not seek them.

If blood will out, so will talent. And Larry Auster has that in spades.

But you can’t argue with the man himself and consider that clarified.

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Big Data and You!

Recently, Slashdot had an article noting that a comprehensive K-12 database is being constructed, state by state. The chief movers of this nasty project, which includes student and parent social security numbers, names, addresses, grades, attendance records, learning disabilities, test scores, student hobbies, activities, attitudes towards school, homework completion and more, is the brainchild of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Carnegie Foundation, and everyone’s least favorite mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

Why, you might ask, is Rupert Murdoch involved? The answer is money (News Corp has hired former NYC School chief Joel Klein for its considerable educational technology investments). And the whole thing is a microcosm of what is wrong with America: crony capitalism, idiot social utopianism among elites (particularly Bill Gates wife, there is little evidence Bill himself ever gave a damn about education or kids before he got married), and the ability of elites to leverage new technology to further enslave and oppress ordinary people by extending the reach of their money and connections.

If you wonder, what’s wrong with America? A great deal of the answer is that men like Gates, and Murdoch, have far more power than even John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, because the technology of today just amplifies their money and reach. Neither are going away. So ordinary people need to combat this, by internal secession and reversing the tools against the oppressors.
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Larry Auster, American Hero

Larry Auster is dying. Which is a tragedy for not only his friends and family, but America. Because Larry Auster is an American hero. I, like many people Larry has never met, and sadly never will, owe him a great debt. But so too do the American people. Because of his example of heroism, pure and simple.
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Called It: Obama to Seize Guns

From the Washington Post, via Drudge, comes word that Obama plans to seize guns. Included will be: tracking all gun ownership and sales, restrictions on ammunition purchasing, and mental health exams for all gun owners and/or purchasers.

In addition, Obama plans to introduce Cap and Tax (aka the Global Warming initiatives), Open Borders aka Amnesty aka “immigration reform” and the debt ceiling. He’s invading Russia while conducting a Peninsular Campaign. He’ll do much damage, to the nation (and quite possibly end it) but he doesn’t see it. He feels like Jamie Foxx at the end of “Django Unchained” where he’s “killed all the White people, how Black is that?” and figures “I won.”

Obama figures there is no need to be moderate, he is operating as if the President were a supersized Mayor Washington of Chicago.
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