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Why Wanted Will Tank Next Week

“Wanted,” based on a graphic novel has surpassed expectations. Originally thought to be doing about $35 million in box office this weekend, Nikki Finke at Deadline Hollywood Daily thinks the movie will do about $52 million this weekend. One thing … Continue reading

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Why the Beta Male Exists

Evolutionary Biologists and lay people like Neil Strauss (“the Game”) and VH1’s “Mystery” are always talking about the Alpha Male. How and why women prefer him, his role in society, how his presence is needed to defend society (Lee Harris, … Continue reading

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The Alpha Male, the Beta, and Pitcairn Island, or Watch Your Back

There’s been a lot of talk, from feminists like Naomi Wolf, to Pick Up Artists like “Mystery” and Neil Strauss, about Alpha and Beta Males. We are told by Strauss and “Mystery” that women prefer the socially and physically dominant … Continue reading

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Call Girl TV and Cultural Change

We live in a very feminized world. This is primarily due to marketing, as consumerism dominates most of our culture. Marketers believe (young) women both form brand preferences for life early, and make most lifetime purchasing decisions. Thus the constant, … Continue reading

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Senior Nation!

America is a Senior Nation, forget the hype. As described in my Post “Can Obama WinWith The Youth Vote?”, Seniors outnumber the 17-26 crowd by 8 million. The biggest bump of course is in the middle, with people in their … Continue reading

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Can Barack Obama Win With the Youth Vote?

Can Barack Obama win with the Youth Vote? That has been the assumption that many pundits have made, and it’s a mistake. He can’t win with the Youth Vote alone. Why not? Well, for starters there are not that many … Continue reading

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