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Why Hollywood Sucks: No Middle Class

Recently, Will Smith in a Woman’s Day interview disclosed he has an “open” marriage. [Hat Tip: Dirty Harry.] Note that many of the female commenters on the link approved of the arrangement, with laughable ideas such as “jealousy is learned … Continue reading

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Death of the Niche Market

The death of the niche market is upon us. This has profound implications for our cultural life, which had been on a twenty year slide towards ever-greater fragmentation. First, the background. Ever since the 1980’s, American cultural life has been … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Heroism Deficit: Wealth, Drugs and Divorce

James Bowman in the American has an article describing Hollywood’s heroism deficit. [Hat tip: Dirty Harry.] Bowman believes that Hollywood’s slow abandonment of heroism and heroes on screen was a result of the post-WWII consensus that heroes were no longer … Continue reading

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Gossip Girl and the Aging of America

Two news items stand out. First, the Wall Street Journal reports that CBS and Time Warner may pull the plug on the CW network by next year. Perhaps as early as January 2009. Already stations are defecting from the CW … Continue reading

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Wanted Tanks, Hollywood’s Problem

Last week, I predicted “Wanted,” the Angelina Jolie movie, would tank in it’s second week. Well, I was right.Box Office Mojo shows “Wanted” indeed tanking. Dropping 60.6% from the prior week. Hollywood has a problem. It is too removed from … Continue reading

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