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Dating Capital

In my post Modern Romance, reader K notes that a possible explanation of “Dating Capital” can explain the disparity in dating outcomes. That men with friends who give them pickup pointers, and provide “wingman” services, can create more success for … Continue reading

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Modern Romance

Last year, Time Magazine both declared the modern love story dead, and asked who killed it. The story even cited two teen-age girls, all of 17 years, who had turned to Audrey Hepburn movies of the 1950’s for their romantic … Continue reading

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Why the Culture War Has Re-ignited

The selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP choice has re-ignited the Culture Wars. During the Emmy awards, Tina Fey opined she wanted Sarah Palin to be removed from public life. Laura Linney, Howie Mandel, Jeremy Piven, Stephen Colbert, and … Continue reading

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Television’s Sci-Fi Conspiracy That Never Was

Watching Fox’s new Sci-Fi series, “Fringe,” by Writer/Producer JJ Abrams, I was struck by the “Conspiracy That Never Was,” and the total inability of current TV, as well as Comic Book writers and producers, to make decent Science Fiction. Science … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin vs. Buffy: Why They Hate Her Part 2

In my post Sarah Palin: Why They Hate Her Part 1, I discussed how the political hatred of Palin’s positions stems from the age-old conflict between the Eastern elites, who favor expensive land and cheap labor, and the Western populists, … Continue reading

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The Real Meaning of 9/11: Our Science Fiction World

What are the real lessons of 9/11? The same, sadly, as the lessons of Feb 26. Remember that date? How about the full date of February 26, 1993? The FIRST World Trade Center attack? The one that killed six people? … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin: Why They Hate Her, Part 1

It’s surprising, the amount of sheer hate directed at Sarah Palin, Senator John McCain’s pick for the VP slot. Hate, over and above that directed at George W. Bush, or John McCain himself. Viewed without context, it’s inexplicable, since Palin … Continue reading

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Vampires and Women: Why the Fantasy Has Turned Scary

Recently, the Washington Post had a story on how vampires have become Hollywood’s new leading man characters. While the article has plenty of typical press-release hype over HBO’s “True Blood” the story does touch on the popularity of the current … Continue reading

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Why Is It Always 1968? Part 2

In my prior post, Why Is It Always 1968 Part 1 I discussed some of the factors accounting for the astonishing fact that culturally, from music, to food, to dress, to politics, to entertainment (with some exceptions), twenty year olds … Continue reading

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Why Is It Always 1968? Part 1

Recently , Ed Driscoll linked to my post, Comic Books Dirty Little Secret, noting that: Much has been made by any number of commenters, from Steve Sailer, to John Derbyshire, to Spengler, to Mark Steyn, to in particular, Ed Driscoll, … Continue reading

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