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Game Changer

Two items in the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, July 29, 2009 together portend a big change in the way entertainment, both movies and “serial entertainment” aka series, are produced, distributed, and watched by US and global consumers. Together they … Continue reading

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NBC and SyFy: GLAAD to Meet You!

Two recent items show how desperate, and clueless, the broadcast and cable networks have become. First, the painfully bad “Heroes” on NBC will have star Hayden Panettiere taking on a lesbian role, capitalizing on the acclaim and popularity of Lindsay … Continue reading

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The Future of TV is on the Internet

One of the interesting things about watching the big four networks (ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC) fall into oblivion is how reminiscent they are of GM, Chrysler, and Ford falling into irrelevance (though to be fair, Ford Motor Company’s new … Continue reading

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Failure of the Media Part Three: NBC and the End of the Brandon Tartikoff Strategy

In my post Failure of the Media Part One I discussed how demographic changes, mostly the lack of young Whites, made the youth-oriented Indie 103.1 FM a failure, compared to the older, stodgier, but more profitable AM talk radio, oriented … Continue reading

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Advertising’s View of Husbands

Advertising today has a definite view of husbands. Witness the ad below for “Jackpot.” Increasingly, men are as objectified to women in advertising, as women are to men in pornography. This is not a healthy environment for formation of … Continue reading

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Sandra Tsing Loh and The State of Marriage

In my previous post, How Many (White) Men Are Getting Married I noted that there was a definite trend for White Men, between ages 35-40, to be unmarried. Using the GSS Data, the increase was from 5% in 1972 to … Continue reading

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