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Michael Ledeen on Obama: Likes Tyrants, Dislikes America

Michael Ledeen at National Review Online notes that Obama follows a pattern of elites. Who dislike freedom for the masses, and worship foreign tyrants. I think that he rather likes tyrants and dislikes America. I think he’d like to be … Continue reading

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Can Disney Grow With Boys and Men?

With the Mancession in full swing it would appear odd that Disney, along with Time-Warner, is busy restructuring itself to appeal more to men, and boys, but nevertheless, Disney is busy doing just that. Disney recently fired Disney Studios CEO … Continue reading

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Elitist, Left Wing, and a Little Bit Gay: Our Feminized Cultural and Political Elite

The NEA is in the news, with at least 6 federal laws and regulations violated by a conference call with artists, a PR agency, the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve, designed to use the NEA … Continue reading

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Barack Obama: America’s Vizier

Barack Obama does not want to be America’s President. Oh, he enjoys the pomp and ceremony of the office, the prestige of being President, the power and the money the office brings. But unlike all other Presidents in America’s history, … Continue reading

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Can Brett Favre Save the NFL?

The Wall Street Journal disclosed that Brett Favre’s Jersey is the best seller in 19 states, Favre being one of just eight players whose jersey is a top seller in more than one state, far out ranking that of the … Continue reading

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Ashley Madison: Marriage Redefined

In National Review Online’s “the Corner” Kathryn Jean Lopez was scandalized for ads running on Television for “” a dating site for married people. Or, in other words, a site for cheaters on their spouses. On, Ed Morrissey was … Continue reading

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NBC’s Leno Gamble: The Revenge of the Audience

The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story on NBC’s big gamble on Jay Leno. Leno’s new show, debuting Monday, at 10 PM (Eastern-Pacific) and running from Monday through Friday, will have substantially lower ad rates. From $137,000 per 30 … Continue reading

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