Elitist, Left Wing, and a Little Bit Gay: Our Feminized Cultural and Political Elite

The NEA is in the news, with at least 6 federal laws and regulations violated by a conference call with artists, a PR agency, the White House Office of Public Engagement, and United We Serve, designed to use the NEA to (illegally) lobby for ObamaCare. Both Big Hollywood and Big Government have all the coverage on the people and the issues you could ask for. What the mainstream media refuses, actively, to cover.

But just as interesting is the nature of the people involved. As Charles Winecoff in Big Hollywood notes:

Last month, National Endowment for the Arts Chairman Rocco Landesman said that, in American politics, ”the arts are a little bit of a target. The subtext is that it is elitist, left wing, maybe even a little gay.”

This assessment can be extended to the cultural elite, and an increasing number of younger men in the political elite. Mostly due to an influx of younger women in cultural and political leadership, younger men in these institutions (culture and politics) are elitist, left-wing, and fairly feminized.

Witness the NEA’s Yosi Sergant, Director of Communications. Neither picture of Sergant depicts a man who is exactly masculine. Buffy Wicks, Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement, a former Obama Campaign organizer and political organizer would not inspire confidence as a non-elitist, non-left wing presence either.

No word on which artists created the art work below, but it would tend to re-inforce the “little bit gay” part to which Landesman refers:

Perhaps they were the work of someone like this man:

In a workplace with mostly women, a traditional masculine presence is not very welcome. While women certainly like the Alpha Male, most men are not in fact, Alpha, and the sort of mocking, good-natured teasing found in male-dominated workplaces is not very compatible with, particularly, younger women. Who prefer women to be “strong” by men being, well fairly effeminate. This has the side benefit of preventing Beta Males from expressing (unwanted) romantic interest in their female co-workers.

Younger women also like Gays. Heather Havrilesky, Salon’s Television critic, has a post on how much she loves gays.

Gay people are just like straight people, only they’re smarter and funnier and more interesting.

Also, they smell better. They’ve read more books, sure. And they have more friends — that part isn’t surprising. Because they’re better educated, generally speaking, and also a little wiser. Like blondes, they have more fun.

When people talk about homos taking over the planet, my heart races a little faster. A planet ruled by gays! Imagine how good the scones will be!

Plus, there’ll be prettier yards, less crime, more funding for the arts but less bad poetry, fewer rude, disheveled dogs roaming loose on the streets, and less weak coffee. I’m guessing there aren’t many gay Hummer owners. McMansions would surely fall out of fashion, along with miniblinds, vinyl siding and Applebee’s.

I’ve been idealizing gay people ever since I moved to the Castro, in San Francisco, at the tender age of 25, where I was surrounded every day by beautiful, fit, talkative men. Suddenly I knew how Captain Kirk felt when he was beamed down onto a planet of gorgeous lady aliens who were nonetheless impatient with his dull earthling ways. Sure, I’ve been urged over and over again not to assume that all gay and lesbian peoples of the globe are wickedly witty and charming and fun-loving and smart, but each new gay person I meet only further clouds my vision with his/her general-purpose excellence and flair.

Younger women in professional settings do tend to idealize gays, and prefer gays to the vast majority of men (who are basically, Beta Males). Gays have fashion sense (or so goes the stereotype), most of the famous fashion designers are gay men, and gay men are assumed to be like Beta males, except far more politically correct, and without all the parts of masculinity women don’t like in Beta Males. Most younger, professional women, if they could push a magic button and make most ordinary, Beta Men gay, would break their fingers pushing it, over and over again.

The horrors that is Look at This Hipster become understandable when certain workplaces are dominated by women such as Heather Hravelisky or Buffy Wicks. Even men not inclined to effeminancy will adopt the clothing and mannerisms, to blend in and not arouse the ire of a mostly female staff. Public Relations, Marketing, Human Resources, Education, Health Care, and Government are mostly female. USA Today reports that women are now on the cusp of being the majority of the workforce, with men losing 74% of the 6.4 million jobs lost since the recession began in December 2007. Local governments have cut 86,000 men from the payrolls while adding 167,000 women since the Recession began.

As the Weekly Standard noted, women’s groups including the National Organization for Women persuaded Obama to change the Stimulus Bill, nearly $800 billion, so that the bulk of the spending went to increase or retain employment for nurses, teachers, social workers, and librarians. All fields dominated by women. This was possible (despite the obvious fall-out in that the nation did not go back to work, merely female employment was maintained or increased) because as the article in the Weekly Standard notes, feminists like Eleanor Smeal, Feminist Majority President, Nancy Pelosi, the National Organization of Women, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, and the National Women’s Law Center, had extensive political connections to the Obama Administration. Which was itself filled with many women, nearly all of whom were deeply sympathetic to the idea that the majority of stimulus funds should be spent on women, to permanently transform the American workplace into one dominated by women.

Our elites, cultural and political, will look ever more like Buffy Wicks and Yosi Sergant, as the workforce is dominated by the fields of social work, education, health care, government, marketing, human resources, public relations, and little else. Already the Democratic Political elite at the lower levels, where most of the grunt work of organizing is done, tends to be made up of women like Wicks. Who have no idea how to relate to men who don’t look like Yosi Sergant, and have even less idea of the actual makeup of the American workforce and population.

Lawrence Summers, the President’s Economic Advisor believes that the US will face a permanent unemployment rate of between 10-15% for the next ten years, and perhaps forever, most of the unemployed being men. That further, the jobs lost in manufacturing, transportation, energy extraction, and so on will never come back. In the meantime, the jobs that DO exist are in areas where staff are elitist, leftist, and a little bit gay.

Which sets up a large power struggle. As younger women move into the workplace, they want a nation of nurses, teachers, baristas, marketers, human resources people, and public relations people. Cool jobs for hip people. For the elites, this sounds like a good idea. What to do with say, former Chrysler Managers cleaning toilets at 49 is irrelevant. Older straight White Men are of little concern to the Buffy Wicks and the Yosi Sergants. As I noted in my very first post Can Barack Obama Win With the Youth Vote the bulk of the population is comprised of people in their late twenties to mid fifties. The prime working age.

[Click Image to Enlarge]

A pre-revolutionary condition is where rising expectations, in income and personal wealth, are suddenly dashed for most people, who can now look forward to only increasingly diminished hard times. This was the case in France of 1789, when after a sustained increase in wealth and income in rural France, successive bad harvests, increased taxes (to pay for assistance to the Americans in the Revolutionary War), and collapse of local industry due to foreign competition, led inexorably to the storming of the Bastille by peasants who expected more.

More than anything, the damning self-indictment by Rocco Landesman that the arts (and by extension the artists themselves, as well as our elites cultural and political) are elitist, left-wing, and a little bit gay are accurate. The effeminate buffoons of the hipster class, such as Sergant, and the women who insist on them, such as Buffy Wicks, have no answer for the Dave Duncansons, taking jobs cleaning toilets to put some money, any money, in the family budget. “Let them become gay baristas” is not an answer.

Just as the increasingly female-dominated workplaces of health, education, welfare, hospitality, and marketing, public relations, and human resources are vastly disconnected from the men who used to make up the nations spot-welders, machinists, factory workers, plumbers, carpenters, construction workers, engineers, and project managers, the feminized, “sort of gay” elites have no connection to the vast “uncool” populace who demand economic growth. Not permanent unemployment (mostly male) in the 10-15% range, and higher unofficially.

Certainly most Americans would regard a Yosi Sergant or a Buffy Wicks as creatures from another world, even stranger (and less well regarded) as the courtiers of Louis XVI. While Aristocracies, beloved of women, often feature those with left wing views, who are elitists, and of effeminate manners, even they must deliver for the people or be swept aside. All the tragically hip, ultra ironic, clothes, and fawning, deferential manner to more powerful men won’t change this fact. Something even Marie Antoinette, who famously had a marble floored stable to play milkmaid, found out.

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23 Responses to Elitist, Left Wing, and a Little Bit Gay: Our Feminized Cultural and Political Elite

  1. Expatriot says:

    I enjoy your insightful posts, Whiskey, but that bar-graph is entirely misleading and unworthy of you. While the first two bars represent spans of 5 years each, the next three represent spans of 10 years each, and then the next two go back to representing spans of five years. In other words, the age brackets for mid-teens through mid-twenties and for mid-fifties to mid-sixties are divided into two bars each. This is like something out of "How to Lie With Statistics." You might consider removing or replacing it, as it detracts from an otherwise excellent post.

  2. Spite says:

    Man, the more I read you, the more I think a nuke attack on a city or mass Islamic conversion would do America good.

  3. Whiskey says:

    Expatriot — It's from the Census Bureau. They did not break out the data otherwise. I agree it can be a bit misleading, but the link to the Census Bureau data is the post, with additional graphs and the census data itself.There are more recent surveys, but they are only surveys not enumerations and have data that I frankly find rather weird, such as Whites being 80% of the population in 2008.

  4. Kevin says:

    I have a unique perspective on the “sort of gay” urban milieu that you describe. I am from a pretty rough working class background but I was lucky enough to go to an elite university (after sweating it for years in a lowly JC) and have therefore managed to transcend my class and gain entry in the urban elite (I have since moved on). I recently revisited my working class home town and can confirm that I saw many households where the woman was making close to six figures in the health care industry and the dude was out of work and just puttering around the house doing maintenance and occasion side jobs. The common thread was that the women all took great joy in humiliating these men daily.But from a former working class heterosexual male point of views, a “sort of gay” urban milieu is nothing short of paradise. Back in my working class home town I struggled to occasionally land 5's and 6's but as soon as I moved to San Fran, 8's and 9's became standard fare. You see, these women may indeed be bitches at work and a pain in the ass to talk to but most of them still retain that one fundamental need – they do like to get dicked every now and then. Now I'm not looking for a woman to clean my house (I have a dirt poor immigrant for that) or to cook (I can out-cook any weak bitch out there. If some woman ever tried cooking for me, I'd just wear myself out criticizing everything she did). No, there's only one thing those urban elite chicks can do for me and there was never any shortage of them willing to provide that service to me. The fact I was from a working class background only added a little spice to their otherwise mediocre existence. Sure I had to keep a low profile with my opinions at work but the reward coming at night was worth a little discretion during the day. And homosexuals are definitely the straight man's friend in these things. It's like going to an Easter egg hunt where half the participants just stand there since they don't like chocolate. Each gay man makes it that much easier for me to score babes since he has just taken his better-looking-than-me ass out of the game. Your larger economic points are correct. This has been building for years but the last straw has been the creation of Chi-merica which basically traded well-paid American working class jobs for cheap Chinese trinkets at Walmart. Of course I saw that shit (the extinction of the working class male) coming down the road back in the early eighties which is one reason I quit my factory job and started going to the local JC (the other reason was there was much more pussy at the JC than in the factory). Where I disagree with your post is on the likelihood of a revolution. There are two things that our elites (urban, Wall Street, and Hollywood) will continue funnelling to working class males and that is bread (in the form of plenty of cheap food) and circuses (soul-rotting ghetto inspired “entertainment” and sports). If working class males ever starting acting out the elites would threaten to pull his NFL or close a few Taco Bells and our working class heroes would back right down. And their women would tell them to shut up and remind them the lawn needs mowing again.

  5. Zeta says:

    "Straight people are just like gay people, only they're smarter and funnier and more interesting." Doesn't really fly in reverse, does it? And yet some would doubt there's a war on against the white, straight man. This speaks to the impressive effectiveness of our social engineers.

  6. Matra says:

    There are two things that our elites (urban, Wall Street, and Hollywood) will continue funnelling to working class males and that is bread (in the form of plenty of cheap food) and circuses (soul-rotting ghetto inspired “entertainment” and sports). If working class males ever starting acting out the elites would threaten to pull his NFL or close a few Taco Bells and our working class heroes would back right down.I agree with the above. The only way things will change is if the American Empire collapses. That could happen given the economic policies pursued not only by Obama but previous administrations. However, I think it's going to require some kind of external push. Possibilities include: a) catastrophic defeat for US armed forces leading to worldwide contempt for US power; b) total collapse of the world economy triggering nationalism; or c) whiskey's feared nuclear attack on a major US city. (Of course, the latter, c, could trigger b).For those of us whose primary concern is the survival of Europe only a complete end to American hegemony will suffice. Unfortunately, the German, French, and British ruling classes will remain lapdogs unless at least one of the above three scenarios occurs. America begins all these leftist trends (feminism, multiculturalism, etc) which Europeans initially laugh at, then a decade or two later Europeans too have been infected – sometimes (usually?) with a more virulent form. Whiskey, what you really need to explain to your readers is why you feel so strongly about protecting this type of society through a militarily aggressive foreign policy? What do you wish to preserve?

  7. Spite says:

    "Whiskey, what you really need to explain to your readers is why you feel so strongly about protecting this type of society through a militarily aggressive foreign policy? What do you wish to preserve?"And that's what it comes down to. Why bother defending this society? If it is so rotten, then why not let it collapse under the weight of its own absurdities and contradictions?Consider: we have a whole "war on terror" and an aggressive foreign policy designed to protect New York City, the capital of SWPL-dom. Why not simply let Obama weaken America enough so that enabling such an attack is possible. The requisite fear and nationalism can then be used to purge the rest of the left from America.

  8. Whiskey says:

    I don't want millions of people to die. Or cities ruined. What was built after WWII, was never the same, and never as good, in London, Berlin, Rotterdam, Warsaw, Cologne, Le Havre, Coventry, and Monte Cassino. Not the least of which was priceless people, vital to any society, were wiped out.The alternatives are not IMHO a series of defeats leading to reforms and rebirth of Western society, rather simple collapse leading to defacto foreign occupation, with societies of say Morocco or Mexico occupying the West — and I don't want to live in either. If I did, I would have moved there long ago. While I agree there is much that is rotten in the West, there is much still to be saved.As for food prices, they are set to skyrocket in the US. First, Cap and Trade will restrict Agriculture, to the point where Hamburger costs $11 a pound (if you can get it). Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein does not want Americans eating meat or much grains. Sunstein believes cows, horses, and pigs have more legal rights than Human babies and toddlers. That rats have the right to sue to prevent you from trapping them in your house or business. That raising cattle, pigs, and chickens is both a crime against nature and illegal (because of Federal water subsidies) — and he proposes to tax and regulate that out of business. Also, the Federal restrictions on Water in the Central Valley to save the Delta Smelt has reduced it to a dust bowl.PERMANENTLY raising prices on: almonds, peaches, plums, nectarines, oranges, avocados, walnuts, pecans, grapefruit, as farmers chop down orchards dead from lack of water. It would take 35 years to recover these orchards with new plantings if done today. Also gone: lettuce, tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, strawberries, grapes, and much else. Not only will wine be more expensive, everything with grape juice in it will be sky high. As it will all have to be imported, of dubious quality/safety, from places like Mexico and China.Lastly, booze is set to go sky high with new federal taxes, also soda, chips, and so on. To partially offset ObamaCare. This along with misery from the Green Police, which has in several bills pending money to ACORN and other folks to inspect people's houses for Green compliance, promises terrible intrusions into daily life.While the temporary pleasure women get from humiliating the average working class guy and celebrating gay-type men, is considerable, it does not produce stable families and single parent households are reliably poverty-generators.Obama's use of corrupt ACORN to create fraudulent votes means legislators do not need to worry about constituents — creating no feedback mechanism to correct idiocy until it is too late.

  9. Anonymous says:

    The impeding nuclear catastrophe won't knock off the elites, they're the ones trying to get it off the ground in the first place.Whistle blower Sibel Edmonds has some interesting things to say:http://letsibeledmondsspeak.blogspot.com/2008/01/sibel-edmonds-case-nukes-for-sale-pt-2.html

  10. njartist says:

    The art world is controlled by homosexuals and women; straight male artists become outliers: they do not have the networks gays and women have; even more so if they are politically incorrect. If the straight males marry, they are likely to drop out of art; as their wives expect to have the house with the white picket fence overgrown with roses. Female artists have little or no such pressures: all they have to do is marry well enough; then ditch the poor sucker once their careers take off. If they marry a male artist, more then likely he will be subsumed by her career: I've seen a superior artist become nothing by an overbearing female artist.One of the phenomenon of this society is retirees becoming "artists": even most of these are females.

  11. Spite says:

    "The alternatives are not IMHO a series of defeats leading to reforms and rebirth of Western society, rather simple collapse leading to defacto foreign occupation, with societies of say Morocco or Mexico occupying the West — and I don't want to live in either. If I did, I would have moved there long ago. While I agree there is much that is rotten in the West, there is much still to be saved."We are not talking about destroying the whole West. We are talking about annihilating one city whose population is primarily responsible for the problems we have today. This represents 3% of the US population.America will go on fine without them.Geez…what is the point of complaining about liberalism when you are unwilling to offer any solutions?

  12. I agree with everything Kevin has to say: same background in the same place. I actually disagree you need to clam up though: I didn't, and it didn't hurt me any. Though of course, things could actually go pear shaped. At some point, them high paying medical jobs have to be paid for by somebody making stuff. At that point, things are going to get REAL interesting.I think Whiskey also misses why urban American women (and it's all urban American women) likes them gays: they are gay men. Urban non-American women living in America don't like gay men very much. While I have nothing against the gay dudes; like Kevin says, they make my life easier, I do see women with a "best gay friend" as having something wrong with their souls, and I avoid them as much as possible.

  13. A.J. Travis says:

    Whiskey, you have been on-fire lately. Great posts.I now work in an office populated primarily by gay men and 'empowered' women. They have no real family responsibilities so they waste all their pay on buying expensive, trendy shit, that they don't need, and spend their work time updating their twitter pages with picture of the cool places they partied at on the weekend.All the real work is done by the 4 straight men, and a crew of outside contractors.Like Kevin, I could bang any of the women in the office that I wanted to, but honestly, they all disgust me. I keep my feelings to myself though and game them to get them to do what I want.They all have this disgusting sense of entitlement, although they have done nothing of value or consequence in their lives.I'm not willing to let some Islamic facist nuke them all, however.Fools they are, but they're our fools.As a former military man, I swore to protect all Americans, not just those I like.If any US city gets nuked, Mecca must burn, as well as Tehran and Damascus.In fact, a preemptive nuclear strike may be the only way to assure that NY doesn't burn.Every day I am here, I hear the timebomb ticking.

  14. Rum says:

    Very good post.The world you describe has many weak points. A basic one is that it tends towards 70s style stagflation.

  15. Spite says:

    Hey, AJ, how do you game them at work?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Islamo facists are Americas hardest working dogs of war. Give credit where its due.They helped knock over the Soviet Union in Afganistan, the Shah in Iran, Slobodan in Yugoslavia, almost got Chechnya from Russia, distablized China in Xinjang, almost knocked over the Assad in Syria, helped execute Bhutto (twice), kept Algeria in line, helped Nasser start the six day war and establish the 'petro dollar recycling' and helped introduce the Homeland Security Act.And if need be when the derivative bubble bursts and a global currency and government is to kick in, well they'll vaporise New York as well.

  17. Tatu says:

    The painting of Obama sitting on an unicorn is by Dan Lacey, a Christian conservative. It would take a lot of time to explain the exact motives behind it but there's more than a bit of parody involved.http://www.faithmouse.com/

  18. demosophist says:

    R. Buckminster Fuller used to say that the key to success is outliving all your rivals.

  19. demosophist says:

    One thing that's hard for me to grasp is precisely why the cultural feminization has occurred. I mean I understand that gays and women have sought and attained "equality" and are seeking to use their power to institutionalize their own success. What I don't understand is why we can assume that this cultural shift will continue. Gays are actually a pretty small percentage of the population, and it seems to me that without the "cover" of a social movement women and men will sort of "self-correct" over time. People who aren't happy will seek happiness, and painful realizations will eventually change behavior.Finally, I still think that the balance of power in this society and in the world is held by men, and if they really felt compelled to insist on some change they'd be able to get their way. Martin Lipset used to tell Betty Friedan that if men wanted to put a stop to all of her progressive social ideas they could shut the door without much effort. I suspect that a good share of the political resistance to Obamamerica is coming from this male sensibility that just isn't buying the song and dance any more. And women will eventually join them, compelled by their own common sense.

  20. Anonymous says:

    AJ Travis is just another sucker for the feminist cum marxist/neocon regime, who gives a crap if this man hating society is destroyed by Muslims, i honestly would welcome it.Only a loser goes abroad willingly as potential cannon fodder to "defend" this man hating society, and very often its not even a real threat but lies spread by the neocons (ya we sure found those WMD's in Iraq didn't we?) or Democrats (bombing the Serbs for example) to get useless idiots in US to be foddered in the process murdering many innocent third world "gooks" & "ragheads".I sometimes wonder how many of these suckers in Iraq & Afghanistan have wives that are carrying on affairs while they are abroad or send them divorce papers while they are abroad, i suspect a pretty high percentage, these are the kind of whores AJ Travis supposedly wants to die for.Idiots may do it but smart men look out for themselves & their own flesh & blood (i.e family if they have any with a real wife) not degenerate into idol worship of the USA.

  21. anastacia says:

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