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The Feminization of Science Fiction (and Fantasy)

The recent article by Pro Male/Anti-Feminist Tech on the “War on Science Fiction” at the Spearhead generated a lot of heat and discussion. Among them, are Science Fiction (and Fantasy) being feminized, and secondarily, if so are these bad things? … Continue reading

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The New Mass Media: Ebooks and the End of the Brandon Tartikoff Strategy

Today’s front page Wall Street Journal story details how Wal-Mart and Amazon are in a price battle for best-selling (printed) books. Matching the e-book price for best-sellers. Authors are divided. The best-selling authors Dean Koontz and James Paterson believe they … Continue reading

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Hollywood’s Financial Collapse

Hollywood’s finances are collapsing, along with other parts of “legacy media” including newspapers, magazines, television (particularly network television) in addition to the falling revenues at movie studios. Part of this financial collapse among all legacy media is the influence of … Continue reading

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Roman Polanski and Hollywood: Boycott Revenge

Roman Polanski’s arrest in Switzerland as US authorities seek to extradite him back to California to serve his sentence on child rape charges has outraged Hollywood. Not at the rape of a thirteen year old girl. Or justice evaded and … Continue reading

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