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Local TV News: Politically Correct and Feminized

A recent article in Tucker Carlson’s new site,, sheds light on why LOCAL TV news is so politically correct: it is aimed exclusively at women. discusses the issue here. From a “well known news anchor from a Top … Continue reading

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Stick a Fork in Fox News (and the Wall Street Journal)

Stick a fork in Fox News (and News Corp profits). Recent articles in the New York Times and The Daily Beast show that Murdoch’s adult children, and his current wife Wendi, loathe the conservative bent of Fox News that is … Continue reading

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Avatar Is More And Less Than It Seems

James Cameron’s epic, “Dances with Smurfs,” er “Pocahontas in Space,” oh wait, “Avatar” is on its way to make astonishing amounts of money world-wide and domestically. Avatar as of this date has made 1.1 Billion in world-wide box office revenue. … Continue reading

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Feminized TV: How PC Kills Revenue

The plot should be a no-brainer. TV Broadcast networks, free to anyone with a TV antenna, ought to be reaping recessionary rewards as people cut the cable or satellite payments and surf online and over-the-air. But TV Broadcast networks are … Continue reading

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The World is in the Best of Hands

The elites of Europe and America fawn over leaders such as Jose Luis Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain, and Jacob Zuma, President of South Africa. But what are the men really like? Zapatero is akin to Mr. Bean, and Jacob … Continue reading

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