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Disney’s Proposal: Movies Don’t Make Much Money, But Toys Do

The LA Times (still doing occasionally interesting reporting on their website) tells us that Disney is not interested in a sequel to 2009’s “the Proposal.” Given that the movie made $314 million world-wide in box office gross revenues, this is … Continue reading

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Are Women Forgiving John Edwards and Exiling Sarah Palin?

A rule of thumb regarding women’s attitudes towards fallen political figures, is that “Big Men” who are hard-left are forgiven any sin, and those living ordinary lives that rebuke the tragically hip (or those who aspire to that status) are … Continue reading

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Avatar: Money Maker or Hype?

The Reuters new release reporting News Corp quarterly earnings has some interesting results. Suggesting that while AVATAR is creating a lot of box office sales, not much of it is accruing to Fox Studios directly. Making the fuss over AVATAR’s … Continue reading

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