File Under T for Tolerance and D for Decadence

Two stories made the news. The more noteworthy one, was Comedy Central censoring the second of the two-part South Park episode dealing with (again) Mohammed. The second was Junk Reality Star “Bobby Trendy” pumping gas for the tabloid photographers. The two are related.

First, the statement released by South Park creators Matt and Trey:

“In the 14 years we’ve been doing South Park we have never done a show that we couldn’t stand behind. We delivered our version of the show to Comedy Central and they made a determination to alter the episode. It wasn’t some meta-joke on our part. Comedy Central added the bleeps. In fact, Kyle’s customary final speech was about intimidation and fear. It didn’t mention Muhammad at all but it got bleeped too. We’ll be back next week with a whole new show about something completely different and we’ll see what happens to it.”

Comedy Central won’t even allow the South Park creators to stream the episode uncensored on their website. The message is clear: Muslims, Mohammed, and Islam have special privileges, enforced by violence. Any statement whatsoever that Muslims do not like, or could possibly even take offense to (such as one in favor of tolerance of opposing viewpoints) results in credible threats to kill people. Muslims, in real life, are far more insane than the South Park insanity depicted in the episode. “Tom Cruise” and the other idiot celebrities, including Mecha Streisand, are far less dangerous and insane, than real-life Muslims. Even the “Ginger Kids” seemed more reasonable.

Of course, the whole incident points out forcibly to all concerned the lie of PC, of Diversity, and of Multiculturalism. Whoever is most violent, wins. Wins by using violence to make themselves privileged and special. Political Correctness is a lie, it is merely craven surrender to violence and hatred for Western Culture. Diversity is a lie, all Diversity means is violent people who have completely alien beliefs use violence to make Westerners submit. Multiculturalism means an un-ending apology for the mere existence of Westerners, and traditional Western values.

Apparent to all, is that Westerners if they wish to remain non-Muslim, will have to fight Muslims. World-wide. Who in the West would make credible threats to kill people over a South Park cartoon? The show is about fart jokes, basically. That and ridiculing celebrities and fads. In the episode, Buddha did a line of coke, and no Buddhists have emerged to threaten death. Mohammed was not even shown. The point is, Muslims inside the West will wreak violence, but also that Muslims from outside the West will do so as well. Would Muslims fly a plane into LA’s Library Towers, or Dodger Stadium, over South Park?


So to every non-Muslim in the West, the conclusion is inescapable. At some point, there will be a general fight to be either non-Muslim, or submit. No other conclusion is possible. Yes, “not all Muslims are like that.” But none have spoken out against the death threats. Muslim American associations, from CAIR to others, have been silent. So too, have prominent Muslims (and Black Muslims too). Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has not spoken, nor has NFL player Muhsin Mohammed, and of course Louis Farrakhan has not spoken either. Ibrahim Hooper, CAIR spokesman, has not spoken. The threats come from overseas, and so nothing can be done about them.

But there is another issue. That of decadence. Yes, there will always be freaks like Bobby Trendy, seeking attention and creating a fuss. But in times past, people did not pay attention to him. Or people like him. Freaks were discretely tolerated, but only to the point where they did not create a fuss, and there were strict limits. Now, we have a culture that encourages all the freakish, and tip-toes around violent Muslims, for fear of being killed. The two are related.

South Park often deals with the idiotic celebrity worship, which to a juvenile male perspective seems monumentally stupid. The boys are never impressed, unlike the adults, by celebrities. They’d rather play with monster trucks or check out the latest video game. South Park captures the mentality of a nine year old boy very well. Including the innocence assaulted by the stupidity of the latest PC fads. The same show that has “Mr. Slave” who would rival Bobby Trendy for outrageousness, in class with the gay teacher, has people threatening to kill the creators … over merely mentioning Mohammed. When he was not even depicted!

A society that cannot draw and enforce reasonable social boundaries is doomed to be replaced by one that is. In South Park, the creators make a point that the whole episode was lunacy, and sanity is restored by the speech of one of the boys giving the moral lesson. Mostly, the adults listen and agree, until the next fad of idiocy comes along. Unlike South Park, there is no Stan or Kyle to give the lesson, and “reset” back to sanity. Instead, I fear we are moving rapidly to a place where there will be no tolerance at all.

A society is in balance when Muslims are on pain of violence made to cease threats of violence, and indeed don’t make them out of fear of the consequences. Where Bobby Trendy can exist, but no one will pay him any attention, where he is merely the clerk at a local dress shop who seems a bit odd. Not a junk celebrity from a failed reality show based on the sad story of a now-dead reality personality.

The West is no longer in balance. Merely swinging wildly from one side, now, to inevitably the other. It will not be pretty. And much of the blame will go to folks at places like Comedy Central, and CAIR. For not standing up for Western values, and picking a fight with violent jihadis now, rather than having it forced upon us all, later.

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19 Responses to File Under T for Tolerance and D for Decadence

  1. We are now officially in the age of the Muslim suicide bomber veto.Freedom is not free, especially freedom of speech.Our media elites are showing their unamerican and cowardly cultural values.

  2. sestamibi says:

    We are past the point where genocide has to be considered as an option.

  3. Whiskey says:

    I wouldn't say that. Rather, things will become really ugly because sensible boundaries have not been drawn.After all, asymmetric warfare can work both ways, and people in the West have superior resources and often ability if there is motivation. We have not had motivation, but as the nation state breaks down, regions and people act on their own.Exhibit A: Arizona's new illegal immigrant law. The direct result of the federal government's refusal to secure the borders or enforce the law.

  4. "Freaks were discretely tolerated, but only to the point where they did not create a fuss, and there were strict limits. Now, we have a culture that encourages all the freakish, and tip-toes around violent Muslims, for fear of being killed. The two are related." The society that marginalized freaks and limited Muslim immigration would have regarded South Park itself as freakishly obscene and blasphemous decadence.The show's self-indulgent iconoclasm (with a fig leaf of pro-liberty moralism) is not a "Western Value."We do not take vigorous measures against threatening Muslims for some of the same reasons we do not take vigorous actions against South Park episodes that mock Christianity. Our society is a hollow shell unwilling to defend its patrimony. Sometimes we even join the "fun and irreverent" subversionCultural diffidence and a shallow open-mindedness lead to toleration of both destructive nihilism and Islam while sidelining those capable of maintaining civilization.

  5. sestamibi says:

    Whiskey–great point re Arizona illegal immigration legislation. Just another reason why I love your blog and why you should update it more often. However, we will have to see if it passes judicial muster. Eventually, as you say, it people will have the motivation to act unilaterally and judicial muster won't mean jack shit.

  6. Freaks were discretely tolerated, but only to the point where they did not create a fuss, and there were strict limits. Now, we have a culture that encourages all the freakish, and tip-toes around violent Muslims, for fear of being killed. The two are relatedSome years back when I was still a corporate cube dweller, I used to cringe at some of the PC driven policies. God help you if you violated a speech code, let alone spoke against the social policies of the company. A friend of mine nearly got fired for referring to a woman as a "lady".Another incident I remember was a major policy issue in regards to "transgendered employees". Which bathroom would a transgendered man or woman be allowed to use? In the end, they were given access to the executive washrooms. All I could think of was how much time and energy was wasted to accommodate a bunch of freaks.

  7. Alun says:

    "Freedom isn't free"greatest movie soundtrack ever!(Team America – World Police)check it out…

  8. meng says:

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey-Burn Notice. Royal Pains. Packaged together. Both well-done shows, but radically different from a sex-specific perspective. Do a post on this, if you're short on ideas.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Reverse blackface?

  11. Jon Peters says:

    You were the main reason I read comments at BC. I would read the post then look for your response. Where else are you commenting these days? Miss your voice!

  12. rickl says:

    Hi, Whiskey. I heard about what happened at Belmont Club, and I've got your blog bookmarked now. I'm a regular reader but infrequent commenter at BC, so you've probably not heard of me. But I'll look forward to your updates here.

  13. In the same vein as the previous few comments, there's been a spate of posts from the regular crowd at Belmont asking for you back, if you don't know this already.It's certainly more convenient than coming here!

  14. Vincent Vega says:

    Hello Whiskey. I also read about your banishment from BC and hope that you either come back or are able to post here more frequently. You have a tremendous amount of support over at Belmont and your opinion, though controversial to some, is a much-appreciated non-pc view of reality as many folks see it.

  15. Robohobo says:

    whiskey – So you know. I have told the crowd @ Belmont that I finally done. I am the poster known as Robohobo and RagnarD. I go back to the early days of BC before the fallback editions. But the censoring of a legit voice is finally too much to bear. It seems that wretchard the cat has finally and really morphed into a disciple of The Instapundit. If you are not familiar, Reynolds screwed his original investor/writer crowd then dissed them when they yelled.So, long story short, I am gone from there for good. I will read but have moved to (Misha's Place or The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler) permanently as have others.Cheers-

  16. Count me in too – I was also extremely disappointed to hear about what happened at the Belmont Club. You (and occasionally Steve Sailer) are among the only commenters I read who consistently tie Obama's policies to his formative experiences. Far too many "conservatives" tell themselves that the problem with our president is generic ideological "radicalism", and discount the personal racial trauma (and current racial allegiance) that he himself has admitted to in his writings. If you're up to it, I would like to see you return from your hiatus here (or resume posting on a more tolerant blog).

  17. programmer says:

    Whiskey,I commented on BC as programmer. I do not always agree with you, but often riffed on ideas that occurred when reading your comments. I would like to see you continue to post.

  18. Papa Ray says:

    I echo the posts here about BC but I will continue to read and post there because until I'm run off, there needs to be an ol' man there from Texas to try and keep the brains and others grounded in real life and not some thousand word ramble about this and that in history. Although I love history, I am truly sometimes tired of reading a small book to try and get some obscure point.If your not going to blog here, leave a note as to where you might be. Or you might be me and show up all over the net and not have a home as such.I sure don't and don't really want one. I like riding the range and sticking my nose in where ever I want, even if I do get bruises and told to ride on.Hold it together whiskey, and spread your word. Words mean something even if actions mean more.I'm hoping that drastic actions are not in our future, but I wouldn't take bets on it.Papa Ray

  19. ridgerunner says:

    I departed Belmont Club not only because of the manner in which Whiskey was "laid off" but also because of what the discussion that ensued in late June-early July revealed. That discussion made it apparent to me that the denizens of BC were of two sorts: those who believe that the Preamble of The Declaration of Independence is a living document that they can envision invoking as they actively defend their freedom, and the other sort who when times get tough will rationalize their surrender to a despotic government. I have even wondered whether some of BC's left wing are actually very adroit saboteurs. Certainly political correctness is alive and well at BC.

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