How Assimilation Fails: Jessica Alba And A Nation of Dortmunders

No one has has more money and fame thrown at her by White fans than Jessica Alba. The daughter of a White mother, Alba herself could as easily be defined as White or Anglo, and has played roles in which her character was indeed, Anglo (Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four movies). Alba’s success is entirely predicated on her appeal to White fans in the US. Yet recently, Alba has called Arizona’s new immigration law, requiring police to forward to ICE, people who they reasonably suspect might be illegal aliens (while forbidding racial profiling) racist and foolish. This points out the utter futility of the dream of assimilation. Even those with money and fame and fortune, identify with people who are non-White and non-citizens, over their fellow Americans.

If Jessica Alba won’t pick the side of her own country, assimilation is an utter failure.

Alba famously plays an ICE agent who rejects enforcing immigration law because it is “racist” in “Machete” and stands up shouting to illegal aliens “We didn’t cross the border, the border crossed us.” Which in turn is the standard slogan for Reconquista folks saying that the US has no right to its territory, and that they are here to take over (and make the US part of Mexico, ruled by Mexicans, with Whites either “going back to Europe” or being officially second class citizens).

Much like Donald E. Westlake’s character John Dortmunder, much of the White population must be puzzling, “What’s in it for me?” OK, illegal aliens are here to take over. What’s in it for me, again? The answer of course, is not much, and that Alba would see no risk in antagonizing her own White fan-base (Mexicans don’t go to see her movies, they are not in Spanish) speaks volumes about both assimilation and the movie business. Alba rather than being invested in America’s success, and wanting more millions from her White fanbase (her talent is questionable at best and her sex appeal fading as she ages and after motherhood), Alba’s money and fame and power leave her free to opine on what’s on her mind:

She tells Britain’s Daily Record, “It’s always been a relevant issue, for me and for Robert, because we grew up with that reality and it just happened to be that a state did something really, really foolish and passed a very racist, foolish law… There’s no way we can change it if we all just sit back and do nothing, so it’s about engaging and getting people to stand up for their rights.”

Assimilation does not work. If it cannot work for Jessica Alba (the picture to the right is Alba, her daughter, and husband), or Robert Rodriguez, for that matter, it cannot work at all. People will always choose, the larger, and more aggressive ethnic and national identity. Even if they have a direct stake (more millions) in making the opposite choice.

Alba’s choice, so very public, is likely to provoke opposite choices by the White population. Will a White tax payer base, fund education, welfare, and other social spending benefiting the illegal aliens who claim they didn’t cross the border, the border crossed them? That they are here to take over? That Whites should “go back to Europe?” Even Absolute Vodka believes America is “stolen land” to be given back to Mexico. Again, what’s in that for me?

Malkin points out the Mexico City-based firm that created the ad, Teran, says its philosophy is advocating “disruption” as a “tool for change” and “agent of growth.” The firm encourages “overturning assumptions and prejudices that get in the way of imagining new possibilities and visionary ideas that help create a larger share of the future.”

In 2002, a prominent Chicano activist and University of California at Riverside professor, Armando Navarro, told WND he believed secession is inevitable if demographic and social trends continue.

“If in 50 years most of our people are subordinated, powerless, exploited and impoverished, then I will say to you that there are all kinds of possibilities for movements to develop like the ones that we’ve witnessed in the last few years all over the world, from Yugoslavia to Chechnya,” Navarro said.

“A secessionist movement is not something that you can put away and say it is never going to happen in the United States,” he contended. “Time and history change.”

Essentially, this is the choice being pushed by Alba. Who, all in all, would prefer to live in Mexico than the US.

“You’re White, you don’t belong here. Go back to Europe. This is Mexican land.”

Alba may be prettier. But she espouses the same belief. Whites don’t belong here. And if you don’t agree you’re a “racist.” Its like Greg Gutfield’s signature line.

Now, the elites and their allies (Jessica Alba, Robert Rodriguez, the woman above in the Brown Beret) might get their way. They have command of the Presidency, likely the Senate, the university system, the non profits and charities. The Bill Gates Foundation, for example, does not provide scholarship for White kids, only non-Whites. White kids need not apply. The media, Hollywood, TV, advertising, all support Reconquista one way or another. So we might see a permanent inclusion of million of illegal aliens, in a post-election general Amnesty. An extended middle finger by Obama to the (current) White majority, applauded by Jessica Alba.

But this action will only intensify the failures of assimilation. Mexicans here, legally or not (Alba’s father is a citizen of the US) do not assimilate. Neither do their kids, no matter how much money and fame and fortune are showered upon them and their own interest aligns in favor of assimilation.

Which leaves the White population asking, “What’s in it for me?”

Now, Dortmunder is an amusing character to read about, in a comic novel. But a society of Dortmunders is primed for failure. Assimilation has already failed and unless mass action of expulsion of illegals (and anchor babies) is undertaken, demographics alone guarantee a Reconquista. The woman in the Brown Beret is aggressive and revealing because she has already won. But nothing happens in a vacuum. Dortmunder never leaves New York. He’s always there, and always the same age, over forty years. But he only does things for money, or petty revenge. He doesn’t operate under patriotism, or duty, or honor. His family crest is “Quid lucrum istic mihi est?” A crest which he stole.

A nation of Dortmunders is a guarantee of collapse. Late Rome consisted of Dortmunders, so too Yeltsin’s and Putin’s Russia. Dortmunders don’t pay taxes. They don’t work at jobs, building roads, or doing the “dirty jobs” Mike Rowe is famous for publicizing. They don’t clean sewers, or build new ones, lay down gas lines (or fix them before they blow up). Dortmunders are good at getting into places and getting out of them, but not building new power station. Or providing first class medical service.

And this is just where we are headed. The danger of White America is not a resurgence of the Klan, or neo-Nazis, or “White Power,” or other faded fantasies of fake menaces beloved by the Left. It is a Dortmunder-esque shrug of the shoulders, and asking Quid lucrum istic mihi est?

That is the true lesson of the failure of assimilation. It provokes its own matching failure, among the White population. Replicating Mexico’s failure into America. Nothing more or less. White America won’t even work and pay taxes, much less fight or die, for the folks in the Brown Berets. Even if they look like Jessica Alba.

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13 Responses to How Assimilation Fails: Jessica Alba And A Nation of Dortmunders

  1. Off-Topic: excited to hear your take on HBO's Boardwalk Empire

  2. Thrasymachus says:

    "What's in it for me?" is the motto of Latin America in general. The US is on its way to becoming a Latin American country, and not one of the nice ones, more like Venezuela. What's worse is Latin America doesn't have the formal racial conflict that the US does as theoretically they are all the same race- the white elite does not officially exist. Here of course the white elite doesn't officially exist either, and the racial animosity is aimed at lower and middle class white people. White people will either assimilate into the WASP/Jewish elite or into the black/Latino lower class.

  3. DR says:

    @Thrasymachus,Latin America certainly does have a lot of racial conflict, especially the Andean countries (Peru, Ecuador, Columbia, Bolivia and Venezuela). The social and political culture is all too aware of the divide between the mestizos/indios and the criollos.I have a fair number of friends from school from these places (all white) and they are as racist against the indigenous population as anyone I have ever met in America. The indigenous politicians also heavily push for "land reform" and other special taxes on the white population, while the whites live in gated communities that exclude all but a few token indigenous.In Mexico and Central America I don't believe the situation is as bad for whatever reason (I think more mixing between the whites and the indigenous) but visit Lima and you'll see it on display. It's funny to see a society where Spanish is considered the primary language and laborers are made fun of for not speaking it (preferring the Incan derivative Quechua instead).

  4. kurt9 says:

    What's funny about this is that most Mexicans are Mestizos, who are of mixed white and native american ancestry. Mexico itself is dominated, politically and economically, by its 10% white population. These white people, which Jessica herself is one of, have no more claim to the Americas than the U.S. white poeple. She should go back to Europe as well.The pure native Americans, which make up 30% of Mexico's population, are at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. Do those like Jessica Alba aspire to be pure native American or to empower the native American people in Mexico itself."Whites" are as dominant in Mexico as they are in the U.S. I wonder if Jessica and those like her are aware of this fact.

  5. my experience in Panama is that 95% of the wealth is held by the 5% of the white-ish european decended hispanics. There is a very active caste system that separates them from the lower black and indian mix populations.I also notice that the mexican politicians and news personalities and celebrities look nothing like short stereotypical Mexicans I see outside of Home Depot.

  6. What has already been said. In fact, a good deal of Central and South America is in sporadic war between Iberian urban elites and rural Indo-mestizo peasants. The cynicism and duplicity of the Iberian elites is many degrees greater than that of American SWPLs.

  7. Kinuachdrach says:

    Hey! Once the Mexican Political Class owns California, we can get back to exploiting all that oil; we can screw non-existant fish and ship water back down to the rich agricultural lands of the San Joaquin valley. Maybe even bring back all those TV productions from Canada — they don't do Spanish too well up there, heh!There is a struggle brewing between dumb Euro-heritage left-wing American environmental extremists and dumb Euro-heritage left-wing American illegal immigration afficionados. Our task is to make sure they fight each other to their deaths.

  8. Anonymous says:

    "Alba's money and fame and power leave her free to opine on what's on her mind"Jessica Alba is proof that for the stupid, racism cannot be expunged by political morality or religion.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Love of country or of freedom is watered beer to the fine scotch of racial solidarity. Nations are not the end game.Hilter, Stalin, Mao all appeared to Aryans, Russians, Chinese in mass to destroy their racial enemies: Jews; Kulaks & Germans; Ox Ghosts, Snake Spirits, Capitalist Roaders. The appeal to mass hatred as means to money, power, and self-respect marks and mars our Age.In a small world, a tribe supplies unity; in a large one, the nation; in a global one, only race (Aryan, La Raza) or religion (Islam) can bind hundreds of millions of people to join in something larger than themselves. Before the acid of this unifying hatred, family, tribe, nation will fall. New large groupings of humanity which will span continents and engulf billions in the rule must follow. The wars will be terrible, but will weld together the new racial and religious polities.

  10. Anonymous says:

    That is the most excellent rebuttal of the insanity of the entire situation regarding the egalitarian Leftist dingbats represented to perfection by Jessica Alba, that I've read. Well done. And I too highlight that burning question, 'What do I get out of it'. Well, I get to be swept under the rug of history…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mexico was defeated by the US, and a treaty was signed, giving Texas, New mexico, california, nevada and Arizona to the US. So now, those states are part of the US, and Latinos should not try to rewrite history. Period.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Alba can never be Anglo other than she speaks English, but so do African Americans, and they're not considered Anglo. Many African Americans actually have true Anglo ancestry IE English ancestry, while Alba has Spanish, French, Danish and Indigenous ancestry, none of which is Anglo in any way.

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