France 1, Roma 0, EU Nothing

For those keeping score at home, the EU dropped threatened legal action against France for deporting Gypsies. Meaningless weasel words were added to regulations deporting the Gypsies, also called Roma. Meanwhile, the deportations continue.

Because at the bottom, France cannot afford even retirement at 60. Much less become the welfare state for Bulgaria and Romania’s Gypsy population. When people claim high moral principles, and say it’s not about the money? It’s always about the money. What little France has is reserved for the French. Thus begins the end of the EU. “Free Movement of Peoples” is one of the foundations of the EU. Another being no targeting national or ethnic groups for any legal enforcement. And that ran smack up against the challenge of paying for the Gypsies. Or, perhaps Romanians in general, or Bulgarians, or other impoverished Eastern Europeans.

No, France has not yet begun to deport all the Muslims in their country. But they cannot afford to pay for their welfare either. And as France faces the challenge of paying for all the social welfare their population has come to expect, the usual calculus applies: the cut goes further the fewer people get dealt in. Most Frenchmen would gladly trade a retirement age remaining at 60 for the cost of deporting every last Muslim, than retiring at age 75, or maybe 80, to pay for the welfare costs of the Muslim population, which creates little wealth. But consumes disproportionate amounts of welfare spending. Polygamy, segregation of women into burquas (and lack of their education) are reliable poverty generators. And Muslims immigrating from dirt poor nations that have always been dirt poor (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia principally) don’t magically get turned into prosperous Frenchmen. No matter how many generations they live in France. Any more than Koreans can turn into haggis-eating, caber tossing, bagpipe playing Scotsman.

All around the globe, Western nations face the same dilemma. An aging population, with no productivity increase, faces the twin burdens of providing for their own population retirees, and welfare consuming, non-wealth producing immigrants who are “here to take over” but add nothing to the nation’s wealth. Sooner or later, the immigrants and their descendants will be gotten rid of, deported to a nation of origin. It might end in tears, or one time payoffs, or a mixture of both, or low-level ethnic cleansing.

But it will happen.

Because the West just ran out of money. And even the EU recognized that France was not going to back down, and every other nation plans basically the same thing. So dies the soft, squishy dream of utopian trans-national organizations.

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6 Responses to France 1, Roma 0, EU Nothing

  1. Rollory says:

    Great God in Heaven I hope you're right about this.It makes sense. That simple greed can do what nothing else can. Echoes of "War of the Worlds" ending with the common cold.However, I do not expect such a decision to be made so easily in the USA, liberalism is rather more entrenched in the philosophy here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Actually the immigrants will take over in the traditonally white nations. Men of Color are bigger faster and stronger than white men and white women much prefer black men as lovers and fathers of their children.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LOL at the stupid troll (8:15AM).

  4. Rollory says:

    Roissy has pointed out that the actual pattern is that it is lower-class white women who accept men of other races – implying, they can not land a high enough status white man.Also, the well-known complaint of black women, that the black men who are worth anything go white instead.There's a value judgement being made here and it's not what the troll is implying.

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Sooner or later, the immigrants and their descendants will be gotten rid of, deported to a nation of origin. It might end in tears, or one time payoffs, or a mixture of both, or low-level ethnic cleansing."The same could be said of the Irish in the 1800's. Good God I hope you're not advocating genocide. There are better alternatives such as an immigration moratorium.

  6. PA says:

    A Gypsy in some article I read made a good point: "Why us? we just beg and steal cell phones, while Africans rape and murder."

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