Truer Words Never Written

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The converse should be apparent; women who have been denied the affection and commitment of an alpha lover, or who have been driven insane with spite by the dispiriting attentions of beta males they consider below them, nurse a steady stream of agitation toward, and resentment of, men in general. Exhibit A: a disproportionate number of avowed feminists are butt ugly. Exhibit B: SWPL city girls who yearn for loving, long term relationships with powerful men but get stuck with pump and dumps by players and cloying obsessions by undersexed betas. These women have yet to be broken in; their untamed limbic mania sets the tempo of their higher thinking. They drag their owners for a walk, instead of being walked. They are obstinate, crude, and, when their feminine humours do reassert for a temporary spell, sloppily scattershot in their compassion for indigents a world away while being brutishly curt and spiteful in their dealings with men in their social orbit. [Emphasis added] Feminism speaks to them because their femininity is suppressed.

Truer words never written. Read the whole thing.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey,Could explain hypergamy to me. Supposedly it means that women are attracted to men of higher "social status". But that is too often proven not true if by social status we mean socio-economic status. If you are using hypergamy to mean that women are attracted to men who are popular within their social circles then I might agree with you. But that is not "high social status" as it has traditionally been thought of. And actually it shows that women are generally attracted to men who are somewhere within their general socio-economic circles. Go too high and the women will start to feel insecure. In short, this concept of hypergamy is borrowed from the animal kingdom and I am having difficulty in seeing how much relevance it has when applied to a creature of infinitely more complexity: ie humans. I'm just not a genetic determininst like so much of the HBD community. B. Dalton

  2. This will not have effect in reality, that is what I believe.

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