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Zero Tolerance and Disparate Impact

Two blog posts illustrate how a lack of intellectual honesty and the legacy of the Civil Rights Movement (and various Supreme Court decisions) have led to a national education system responding to incentives: to avoid being sued for “Disparate Impact” … Continue reading

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The Future Lies In Your Hand: Phone TV vs 3-D TV

A recent series of Financial Times columns shows why 3-D TV will not be Hollywood’s savior, and some combination of Kindle, Nook, Ipad, Ipod, Iphone, Netbook, or other cheap, flexible, and handy tablet sized device will be the consumption device … Continue reading

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Julian Assange Is An Alpha Male

Two new stories about Julian Assange confirm he is an Alpha Male. And just how the the nexus of celebrity and fame operate to create, Alpha Male winners, and losers (Beta Males). That, moreover, women’s preference for Alpha Males exists … Continue reading

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A Christmas Commercial

A particular Christmas Commercial caught my eye: The above Star Trek scene was considered controversial (the first inter-racial kiss on TV) in the 1960’s when it aired. The sad thing is, the same pairing would be considered controversial today, which … Continue reading

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Why Repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a Disaster

Only clueless RINOs like HotAir’s Allahpundit or hostile Liberal Democrats could find letting openly gay military personnel serve to be a wise social policy. The first are clueless SWPL folks, the latter profoundly hostile to every institution that supports America. … Continue reading

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The George Clooney Effect: Female Hypergamy Confirmed

In a story that might as well be titled, “Beta Males Can’t Win,” Science Daily reports on a new study of women’s mate preferences. To the utter surprise of no one, older, higher earning women don’t want beta males, or … Continue reading

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The Laziest President: Obama Turns Over Presidency to Clinton

President Obama has more important things to do than stop your taxes from rising in a recession. Like, going to parties. Remarkably, during a Joint Press Conference with Bill Clinton, Obama walked away to go to parties. Obama, besides being … Continue reading

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