Lifeboat Economics

All of politics can be summed up to: Its Always About the Money. Who pays, who is paid, and the mechanics of the transfer. Its all about the money. Numbers USA has a new video out describing the impact of unchecked immigration (excluding illegal immigration):

Bottom line, another half billion people added (excluding illegals) by the end of the century. Unspoken: they will all be non-White. Now, it might be depending on your perspective (Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffet certainly think so) a good thing to make the US as rapidly majority non-White as quickly as possible, if you believe in Whiteness as Original Sin. But most Whites are not rich enough to play at debased post-Calvinism. With those pre-ordained as “saved” (rejecting their original sin of “Whiteness”) and those predestined for damnation (middle and working class Whites). Because most Whites are now in the process of Lifeboat Economics.

When you are suddenly in the lifeboats, as your ship sinks, the only goal is survival. Literally anything and everything that furthers survival is good, and anything that hinders it is bad. Every action and decision is binary: life or death. More men accompanied Bligh in an open skiff on a 3,600 mile journey than stayed with Christian Fletcher in the Mutiny on the Bounty. With inflation for food and gas and clothing (things people buy every day) rising or expected to rise, people are stressed as not seen since the 1970’s stagflation.

The Wall Street Journal says that inflation is flat, but the data from the Dept. of Labor shows that gasoline, energy, and dairy, meat, and eggs are all up. In other words, what stressed consumers with stagnant wages must buy every day or so. Clothing is expected to go up, shortly, as the cotton shortages globally work their way through the supply chain. As shown in the graphic, the CPI underweights the daily purchases in life (which affects free cash for savings or spending) and overweights hard goods infrequently purchased. You don’t need a new DVD player, you do need to eat and fill your car with gas.

At the same time, people are looking at the new statistics, including Whites in California at below replacement level and Latino kids now the majority in California Schools, at 50.4%, compared to 27% of California students as White. Note:

But their electoral sway has not grown by similar amounts, because almost 40 percent of adult Latinos in California are ineligible to vote, said Lisa Garcia Bedolla, an associate professor at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education.

In other words, fully 40% or so of Hispanic/Latino parents are illegal aliens. Meanwhile proposals keep surfacing to allow illegal aliens to vote, and the White population is told:

“If the majority of the population is becoming bilingual,” he said, referring to the growing Latino population learning English, “why shouldn’t the white minority also become bilingual?”

Non-White births are expected to outnumber that of Whites very soon, perhaps as soon as 2010 closes. Meanwhile, the LAT reports that the California minimum wage at $8 an hour is being overturned on the ground by illegal aliens paid only $3.50. Or, the cost of illegal aliens is $9,000 a year at a nominal 2,000 hour work-year, for those (in unemployment lines seeking any job) willing to work minimum wage jobs. Or conversely, the subsidy the rest of us pay to businesses exploiting ultra-cheap Mexican labor in the US.

Lifeboat economics suggest that the beleaguered White middle and working class faces now, crowding out for jobs they seek in minimum wage areas, as unemployment insurance runs out and there are no new jobs created. Sixty Minutes had a segment on a former Fiber Optics Engineering manager now working at Target as a salesman at near minimum wages ($9 an hour). The jobs White Americans need are now being taken by a flood of cheap immigrant labor, often at far below even minimum wage jobs.

Of course, the flood of cheap labor is not free. Immigrants legal and illegal create huge costs, they are poor and heavy users of schools (again about 40% of California students are children of illegals), hospitals, prisons, welfare, and other government services, driving up taxes and state spending. While crowding out non-Hispanics in the most desirable places in California. Effectively, middle and working class Whites have been ethnically cleansed out of coastal California into places like Temecula, or the Antelope Valley. Enduring long commutes in order to get to work, and live far away from the barrio. The remaining White enclaves resemble Newport Beach or Malibu or Santa Monica: high cost, uber-liberal preserves of the elite Whites.

But the money aspect goes into other areas. Whites can reasonably expect to be discriminated against in housing, in employment, particularly government, in social spending, in education, in almost every aspect of life, if they are non-rich, non-elite. Warren Buffett says he was lucky, as someone born in 1930, to be White, Male, and American. Of course, his father was a local wheeler-dealer Congressman and businessman. Buffett, of course, is giving most of his fortune away, tax-free, to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Which in turn denies any aid to poor White children, focusing its scholarship and aid efforts exclusively on non-Whites.

Contra Numbers USA, the issue is not just how many people will live in a crowded USA filled with immigrants. It is who will live there, and who will win and who will lose, in all aspects of life, but particularly measured by money.

Continuation of the trends will mean ethnic cleansing of almost all non-elite Whites out of places like the Pacific Coast and East Coast, into the interior. It will mean Whites will under Affirmative Action, Civil Rights (Whites of course famously have none as former DOJ official J. Christian Adams testified), and preferences for non-Whites form a discriminated, untouchable caste that will be in President Obama’s words, sitting in the back of the bus in terms of spending and taxes. It means higher taxes, at at time when every penny must be saved for gas and food, and soon clothing. It means being pushed out of most of the desirable places to live, into colder, poorer, more isolated places. It means most of America turning into a variation of Mexico, run basically by Mexicans and those of Mexican descent, for Mexicans.

It means, schools forbidding White kids from flying the US flag, out of fear that Mexican kids will use violence. It means having to learn Spanish, just to navigate every day life. It means being last in line, for government assistance, and first in line for taxation. It means, very visibly, a clear preference for Mexicans (who are allowed to violate immigration law with impunity, and indeed rewards for doing so) and a clear punishment for non-elite Whites.

A nation with majority Mexicans is by definition, a colonized nation of Mexico. Whites inside America that is majority Mexican can expect the same treatment as inside Mexico. Which is definitely third class or worse, treatment.

We are seeing now, unavoidably, a direct and immediate transformation from a middle class, majority White society, with a safe middle class environment for most people, to something akin to Cuidad Juarez or Tijuana slums. That is a direct and immediate downward standard for almost all Whites, and guarantees grinding poverty and racial discrimination into eternity, for those remaining Whites.

A few “nice White ladies” and “nice White men” can demonstrate a post-Calvinist superiority and status mongering (or even, a living off it) by pandering to a non-White majority future. The “End of Whiteness” is celebrated by Tim Wise and Harold Myerson. I personally know of one “nice White lady” who makes a living by selling in effect, curriculum consulting and teacher training to non-White majority school districts in Math and Science. Who knew math and science were not color-blind and neutral? Apparently two plus two does not always equal four when you are non-White.

But these interests are in direct opposition to that of ordinary Whites who face a daunting future: discriminated untouchables in a non-White majority America. With nowhere left to go. It is true that Whites in Jim Crow America treated Black people very poorly, and under slavery even worse. Those Whites are all dead, and those living see no reason (unless they are rich and self-serving or make a living off pandering to non-White majority fantasies and “punishment” for the original sin of “Whiteness”) to destroy themselves to make amends. Why would they?

Would you voluntary give up half your income to make amends for “Whiteness?” That is what a non-White majority America amounts to, and more.

America in 1940 was about 89% White, 10% Black, and 1% everything else. As late as 1970, America was 80% White, 10% Black, and 10% Hispanic. Most White Americans, even relatively poorer/working class ones, would accept some preferences for Blacks, given historic reasons, as long as Whites remain at about 80% of the population and sacrifices by Whites are not too onerous. Whites facing below 50% of the population know that they will be treated very, very poorly. And that America will resemble, essentially Mexico. Itself a very poor country compared to its natural resources.

There is a moment in the Lawrence Kasdan movie, Silverado, when the Kevin Klein character realizes that the threat the Brian Dennehy character poses to Linda Hunt’s character, will go away if the Dennehy character is dead. In a similar fashion, California’s projected 2011 budget deficit of $20 billion will go away, substantially, if most illegal aliens and their children were deported. Already Florida, under huge immigrant pressure, is pushing a measure similar to Arizona’s SB 1070. Reporting illegal aliens to ICE when they are found. The Obama Adminstration and the Left argues, in essence, that Mexicans by virtue of their skin color and race ought to be exempt from the law. Because of the original sin of “Whiteness” or something.

As long as the good times were rolling, this was acceptable. People would not complain because to do so would generate calls of “racism” and such. But in desperate times, Lifeboat Economics takes hold. Men went with Captain Bligh, not because he was beloved, he was not. Rather, they figured they had the best chance of survival under Bligh, than Fletcher Christian. All the Mutineers on Pitcairn Island but one soon slaughtered each other in fights over the women, and enslaving the Tahitian men they tricked into journeying with them. This was immediately apparent to most of the men onboard. Hence choosing a 3,600 mile journey in open water with a compass, pocket watch, and sextant, and nothing else but Bligh’s brain and seamanship. Bligh, the ultimate technocrat, was no leader of men (he faced a revolt as Governor of Australia, and was known for less harsh methods) but was considered able, serving under fire at the battle of Copenhagen and acquitting himself well in tasks such as dredging harbors in Ireland.

Now, the Swiss who a few years ago approved lawyers for plants in mountain meadows, have approved a referendum requiring deportation of foreigners who commit serious crimes. Despite threats from the EU and Human Rights Watch. They don’t want to overrun by foreigners either, and face hard times of their own.

An endlessly upward mobile society, where easy money and cheap labor provided a SWPL paradise, cheap nannies and maids for all, is a different thing from a stagflation driven dystopian future that awaits us all now. Who lives here, how much money they make, what language they speak, and what their race is, is a function of scarcity. Scarce dollars, scarce land, scarce resources, scarce housing, scarce government funds, and scarce White demographics. Since the penalty for being in the minority for Whites is being a third class human being.

Someone, somewhere, in America, will propose deporting all illegal aliens and their children. And provide a detailed break-down of how much it would cost, and how much it would save: in taxes, extra services for the remaining population, better schools, and higher wages for those left. A former Fiber Optics Engineering Manager now making $9 an hour, and getting a boost to say, $15 an hour because of labor scarcity (no more illegals to be salesman at Target), would certainly go for it.

In Lifeboat Economics, it is all about the money.

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6 Responses to Lifeboat Economics

  1. Rock Granite says:

    Effectively, middle and working class Whites have been ethnically cleansed out of coastal California into places like Temecula, or the Antelope Valley.The ENTIRE coast of California is majority White, some areas in numbers well above the national average. If these areas are being cleansed of working class White people it's being done by wealthy White people not mexican migrants.And Antelope valley has been majority non-White for years.The remaining White enclaves resemble Newport Beach or Malibu or Santa Monica: high cost, uber-liberal preserves of the elite Whites.They probably are mostly liberal democrat types but these areas are not coastal "enclaves". The entire coast of California is majority White. Non-White people are far more likely to live in the interior and in the crappy areas.You are right to point out elite White culpability in the end of White America but this post Calvinist talk is forcing the issue. It has much more to do with non religious physiological and genetic issues. Whitey is just too weak, asexual, unmanly and lacking in confrontational swagger. The Buffett/Gates types are just rich, higher IQ white trash who lack manly, racially swaggering, high sex drive genetics.I think this population replacement issue has more to do with disparities in genetic and hormonal dominance among people.The more confident and fecund animals are replacing the less confident and less fecund.Prissy, pseudo religious ideology isn't leading, it's following. If it's there at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Whitey is just too weak, asexual, unmanly and lacking in confrontational swagger."Yeah, this explains why "Whitey" ruled the world, created the most dominant military machinery in history, enslaved other people of more "manly" ethnicities, and brought entire continents to their knees between 1500 and 1900. What the Hell is supposed to have emasculated him since then, all that soy? Try liberalism instead. And incidentally, I'd like to see those making this accusation go up against some of our "weak, unmanly" Marines in Afghanistan, or meet up with a bunch of "asexual" NASCAR fans…For Lord's sake….Tschafer

  3. Whiskey says:

    Rock — I live in Orange County. Let me assure you, Santa Ana, Costa Mesa, Irvine (there mostly Asian), Cypress, Fountain Valley, etc. have all been fairly well cleansed of working class Whites, who in my lifetime have been moved out to places like Temecula. I stand corrected about Antelope Valley.As far as manliness goes, that is a function of sexual integration into the workplace. The grandfathers of todays yuppies fought in brutal combat in WWII. Okinawa and Peleliu for example resembled a tropical Verdun. Women of that age had no problem finding the same guys genetically, manly and attractive. A "diverse" workplace that stigmatizes White guys does so basically on a debased Calvinism. I would agree that the primary basis is not religious but rather the appeal of it speaks to a shift in cultural power to women, who love a sorting out of the uber-Alpha and the beta/omega based on debased Calvinism.

  4. Whiskey says:

    Let me add, Roissy had a post a while back contrasting the WWII Marines with … Mystery of the VH1 Series "the Pickup Artist." Genetically these guys were the same stock, but the one was so visibly decadent because that is what (female-dominated) society wanted.Heck local LA news had a bunch of screaming teen girls gushing over the Kardashians who were releasing a book. When the Kardashians are female-oriented stars, something is wrong with society.

  5. Thrasymachus says:

    Whiskey, a shout out to the few remaining guerilla fighters behind the Orange Curtain. The first blow to whites in California was the 1986 amnesty; that really got the ball rolling on the Mexicanization. The seocnd, maybe worse, was the defense industry cutbacks along with the consolidation of manufacturing in the early 90's. White people started to leave in droves for Colorado and Arizona then.

  6. rashid1891 says:

    Would you voluntary give up half your income to make amends for "Whiteness?" That is what a non-White majority America amounts to, and more.

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