Charlie Sheen Vs. Jared Lee Loughner

Over at Citizen Renegade, Roissy has a post on the parallels between Jared Lee Loughner and George Sodini. He’s utterly unsurprised that a man with psychotic tendencies, paranoid schizophrenia, experiences sexual rejection, and that this helps create a vicious circle culminating in a murder spree. While Roissy points out this guy was likely too far gone in mental illness (perhaps genetic) to benefit from Game, others not so far gone can be at least reduce some of the factors in the vicious cycle of social isolation in mental illness.

Let’s test that theory with a comparison of Charlie Sheen, and Jared Lee Loughner.

Now, while this considers only data points of well, one each for a man with no problems in accessing women, and one with no ability whatsoever to access women, Hollywood is a cruel place. It both attracts, and helps create, people with mental instability. Indeed, drug habits, mental illness, psychotic behavior, are often no barrier at all to highly paid actors and actresses working, often fairly steadily. As long as a person can get a completion bond / insurance, they can work in Hollywood. Even say, Randy Quaid should his legal problems disappear, could find work. Someone will inevitably hire troubled Lindsay Lohan (who her parents by exploiting her ruthlessly helped create the dysfunction). Britney Spears has control of her life passed over to her father, and yet still works (recently appearing in “Glee.”)

What is different about Hollywood is that the most junior, minor, D-List male celebrity can have ungodly, unbelievable sexual/romantic access to women.

So let us compare Sheen and Loughner. Both are well-known 9/11 Truthers. Check. Both have documented issues with drugs and alcohol. Sheen’s brother and father checking him into rehab during the late 1990’s, and Sheen recently spent time at rehab again for drug and alcohol abuse as part of his plea bargain over his Christmas Day assault on then wife Brooke Mueller.

Sheen has had a number of incidents relating to violent behavior towards women. He pled guilty to domestic violence in the incident where he held a knife to his then wife’s (Brooke Mueller) throat on Christmas Day, threatening to kill her. Sheen was taken by police to a hospital after the porn star in his room called 911 alleging Sheen was going to kill her (reportedly she was hiding, naked, in the closet, as Sheen trashed the room in a rage). Denise Richards made allegations of abuse and violence and porn addiction during their divorce hearings. [Another link regarding the NYC incident can be found here] Kelly Preston was engaged to Charlie Sheen when he accidentally shot her in the arm. Sheen claimed at the time the gun went off “accidentally” when he was cleaning it. Preston promptly ended the relationship and engagement. Recently Charlie Sheen was spotted partying and drinking in Vegas with porn stars. Another story here.

Now, by any reasonable accounting, Charlie Sheen’s history with women is not exactly one filled with rainbows, butterflies, and unicorns. Women generally don’t stay with him. But they do find him intriguing. Kelly Preston, after all, when she was young and beautiful, did agree to marry him. Same with Denise Richards. Brooke Mueller is easy on the eyes as well. For Richard and Mueller, Sheen’s well known involvement with Heidi Fleiss’s prostitution ring (he bragged about being a client), his drug and alcohol problems, and his prior failures were not deterrents to a relationship. Both were beautiful women who did not exactly lack for male attention.

While I would not characterize Sheen as stable, he is at least functional, able to do his TV show for CBS. He hasn’t killed any one.

Who said “Die Bitch!” Was it Charlie Sheen, or Jared Lee Loughner? Answer: BOTH!

According to TMZ, Sheen’s ex-wife Denise Richards might testify in the comedian’s criminal case next month. The disturbing reason?

The district attorney is interested in a declaration Richards signed (under penalty of perjury) on December 30, 2005. On that day, she got a restraining order against the Two and a Half Men star and swore the following in court:

In the middle of an argument, Denise was holding her and Charlie’s daughter Lola. From there, Sheen “pushed me, shoving me with his two hands between my shoulders. I was forced backwards and tripped over one of the children’s toys and fell on the floor with Lola.”

Under oath, Richards said her husband screamed: “I hope you f-cking die, bitch… You are f-cking with the wrong guy.”

Obviously, Loughner was far more troubled, than Charlie Sheen. Who himself has a history that does not inspire confidence, in stability or sobriety. No amount of success with women would “fixed” Loughner, what was required was commitment to a mental health facility and long term treatment. Loughner did not even get the short-term treatment that Sheen got. While obviously not long-term effective, the short term stays in rehab might have prevented worse problems from cropping up in Sheen’s life. Loughner did not even get that, as it seems that Loughner’s mother, Amy, who worked for Pima County as a manager for the Agua Caliente Regional Park (according to Wikipedia). One would assume that there is more to this story, given the “pull” that prevented the five documented contacts with the Sheriff’s office over death threats that Loughner made never resulting in an arrest or removal of Jared Lee Loughner to a mental health facility.

But there is some supporting evidence to suggest that unstable Men who retain the ability to function in a work environment in Hollywood do not commit the mass murders that similar types (George Sodini) in the ordinary world go on to commit. Mostly, this is because their access to women is so important they’ll moderate even their instability, in order to retain it, and critically they have hangers-on, handlers, and retainers who act to keep their meal ticket earning money. You can’t earn money in prison (or dead). For the most part. It does not make them sane, or stable, or anything like it. They can still be a menace for drunk driving and the like, and it does not affect women and girls in the same way. The sad case of Demi Lovato seems to mirror that of Lindsay Lohan. Men are more violent and dangerous than women. If Demi Lovato punched me in the face, it would have no real lasting impact. She’s a slender, 18 year old girl. Mostly, absent drunk driving, a danger to herself not others.

Where the effect on society is really, in terms of success with women moderating violent, spree behavior, is on the margins. We live in a society where there are a few “superstars” with near unlimited access to women, a few “role players” who have fairly good access, and everyone else has fairly poor access to women. For fundamentally violent, dangerous, and mentally ill people, access to women is irrelevant, they are a danger to others and need institutional treatment, not having sex. Which is unlikely to do much good anyway. [Sheen has plenty of sex, it has not “cured him” in any way. Merely moderated the worst of his behavior with help of his entourage and created his own self interest not to go too far.] But for those on the margins, where a marginal more success with women can matter, in terms of dialing down the desperate craziness to keep rewards that matter (sex, affection) it does matter. Sex and affection is not a panacea. It does not cure mental illness. But for those on the balance point, between managing their illness and being functional human beings, and those descending into full blown madness and worse, horrific actions, it does matter.

And to the extent that success in the sexual marketplace is concentrated among a fortunate few “players” this pretty much guarantees on the margins, a few more spree killings each year than a more balanced, broadly spread access would create.

This by itself is likely not important (except to the victims and their families), but is indicative of a wider spread of resource inequality, a few hyper, mega winners and a lot of those with only the crumbs. That in and of itself does not create a resilient society capable of responding strongly to crisis. Be it earthquake, enemy attack, floods, fires, hurricanes, or something else.

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  1. madmax says:

    Gee Whiskey, why don't we pass legislation that guarantees every man access to a woman. Call it the "sexual Redistribution Act". By the way Mr. Whiskey, why do you think that Denise Richards or Brooke Meuller went with Charlie Sheen? Is it because of some genetic program for hypergamy? Is it your view that humans are directed by pre-programmed autonomous emotions? Do you see the problems that creates for ethics? Why have ethics at all?Charlie Sheen gets girls who have a warped *value* structure; which itself is the product of post-modern philosophy and progressive education (religion doesn't help either). It is the cultural destruction caused by the Progressive Left that is causing such value degradation in the culture at large. That Leftist nihilism is the result of a skepticism and determinism which you yourself embrace. Hypergamy is a deterministic theory. All deterministic theories about human nature must fail if for no other reason than the fallacy of self-exclusion. In a healthier society, the Charlie Sheens of the world would exist at the margins not in the limelight. As usual, you HBD determinists play right into the Left's hands with your materialistic theories. Understand Whiskey, the Left can do materialism far, far better than you can. Genetics based theories of ethics and politics is a loser's game. It is also a disservice to Darwin.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ah, but Charlie Sheen is a wealthy, handsome, and famous actor. That means in our shallow, celebrity obsessed, bankrupt culture…Sheen can and will be forgiven almost anything.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey, who would you say women would view as more alpha, an Airforce/Navy fighter pilot or A-list actor?

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Access to women"!That's has to be my laugh of the day, thanks, Whiskey.How about giving all men a debit card to the Bunnie Ranch. All access pass.And what do the women get out of this?

  5. **** ***** says:

    same reason why rape is lower in areas with higher internet access (porn) and countries with access to prostitution. Duh. ignore the haters, there is truth in this post. the part about handlers is also telling. Sutherland has had something like 4-5 DUI's.Lohan wrecks her car, gets DUI's, is busted with drugs, flaunts parole…and gets a slap on the wrist. both the system and the handlers insure a large gap between doing the act (primary deviance) and getting caught (secondary deviance)….and wealth/celebrity/fame insure that punishment is even more rare. look at all the apologists for the child rapist Polanski. WOMEN in Hollywood apologized for him and played down the drugging, rape, AND sodomy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Could you tell us in comment or article why Mike Judge's "The Goode Family" flopped?Thanks.

  7. The party is over and it's time to hang up your coke straw when you start fucking on Bombshell's swasticooch. No sir, done. What a messSic semper Gamer. Sheen has money but not real money and is getting long in the tooth. His trajectory is actresses to porn stars to just porn at this rate. If all he does is stay reasonably healthy he's still got a couple of decades on the mortal coil. Fond memories only go so far; at some point he will have to face the reality of his present.

  8. Jules says:

    I believe Whiskey already answered the Mike Judge question. The Goode Family flopped because it made fun of SWPL culture more than anyone cared to like on television. Hank Hill on the other hand reinforces the dumb redneck stereotype, even though judge treats his texas characters with respect, the people watching it have a preconceived idea which is reinforced by watching the show. Whiskey, I wish you would do a recurring post on positive products in western culture like AoS does with his book threads. I liked your answer to my King Arthur question but I wish you would have recommended a book or two on King Arthur that wasn't just about incest and cuckoldry. I read Eschenbach's Parsival but I'm looking for something like the 13th Warrior or the Children of Hurin.

  9. Whiskey says:

    Jules — Tim Powers "Drawing of the Dark" is a fun read and a reverent treatment of the King Arthur legend (set against the Turkish invasion of Austria in 1538). Very once and future King-ish. Powers love of Western Culture comes through.Yes, Goode Family flopped because it made fun of SWPL stuff and that is, basically, who watches TV, aside from a smattering of Teen Girls (CW network). If men comprised any substantial amount of the audience, it would have been a success. Men seem to watch Spike TV, particularly the UFC stuff, Football, and some USA network shows. That's about it.Madmax — I'd look in horror at legislation passing "access" to most women for most men. It would be both an obscenity and a failure. Instead, I'd like a reworking of society so that Joe Average is of value to Jane Average. Putting most lids on most pots, to increase stability.This would mean, rising incomes for men and women, a sound currency, affordable housing, and a widespread social recognition that child raising takes two committed parents not the least of which is avoiding the Public School System which is a dysfunctional, Disparate Impact-driven disaster.A "Big Love" style system maximizes sexiness for women, at the expense of social stability. It might be fun to drive a sports car, but social stability (I live here after all) demands most drive sedate sedans.

  10. Jules says:

    Thanks Whiskey, I wrote that comment minutes after I finished reading The Drawing of the Dark on your previous recommendation of Tim Powers in one of your older posts. Already went through Declare, Stranger Tides and Anubis Gates. Powers is great in that I've been inspired to read about the real life events his books are based on.

  11. peterike says:

    I bet Loughner would be able to get women now, if he were to be sprung in some way.

  12. YR says:

    Unrelated, but have you ever watched the national geographic channel's cops-style shows about the mexican border?I saw some of one today… they seized a shipment of guns going TO mexico and they caught a white grandmother (they showed only her hands) smuggling counterfeit car registration tickets into texas (the agent "decided to search an unlikely person") … WOW

  13. Polichinello says:

    The Goode Family flopped because it just wasn't funny. I watched it wanting to like it, but it just didn't have any sort of soul. The big problem is that there were't any likeable characters on the show. Most were contemptible, and the rest just pitiable. Who on the show was there to identify with?Really the funniest bit was the repulsive critter (I forgot its name) "non-consensually dating" the female of the species.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hah, yeah, Loughner is probably getting love letters and marriage proposals now. He's now a D-list celeb, and a violent one at that.

  15. alfred says:

    "If Demi Lovato punched me in the face…" More than a few iSteve readers would salute her. As for Kelly Preston,I am glad she left that crazy Sheen,with all his freaky sex shenanigans, behind and is hapily now married to…uhm,John Travolta. Oh.

  16. James Bond says:

    I'm with Polichinello on the Goode Family. I wanted to like it but it was not funny. Even though I agreed with much of what the characters were saying, none of them were likable.Check out "Idiocracy" instead.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey said… "I'd like a reworking of society so that Joe Average is of value to Jane Average. Putting most lids on most pots, to increase stability.This would mean, rising incomes for men and women, a sound currency"***rising incomes***…….we all know that's not going to happen so what's plan B?I've already made up my mind, I'm staying single 4 life. The additional disposable income (35% gross) I will have from not having to care for a family can instead be used to speculate in gold prices or whatever commodity that's bound to go up thanks to our government's inflationary policies.yeah I know that doesn't sound like a policy that encourages social stability, but I've long given up on trying to change the world for a better place. I'm just in it for myself now, kinda like Mad Max the lone warrior but the financial equivalent of it. I'll let the next generation figure out how to fix the crap created by the baby boomers.

  18. Anonymous says:

    "'Rockford Files' Closed For Now At NBC"Comment, Whiskey? Gloating? (which I'd enjoy).

  19. Whiskey says:

    Anon — the closing of the Rockford Files is likely due to Steve Carrell leaving for movies, off "the Office" early. Bad blood and all. The whole thing was a vanity project to cater to Carrell.NBC is a weird place. The programming execs know they'll be gone, but Comcast cannot take over until the deal closes. Meanwhile almost no pilots have been approved which means likely stuff just renewed even if questionable, supplemented by junk reality shows.YR — Yes I've seen that show. Most of the guns imported into Mexico however are from Eastern Europe, China, and other Latin countries, and most of them are AK-47s. You cannot purchase (save a Class III License or Approval. Currently there about 400 such licenses. No gun store will sell you an AK-47, merely the civilian variant (in some states) which cannot fire in auto mode. One trigger pull, one bullet.Your cartel member wants/needs an AK-47. Eastern Europe, Russia, China still churns them out and has millions in warehouses. So too, other Latin American nations. This amounts to about 90% of the weapons used by the Cartels. Money of course is another problem. Laundering cash and returning it to the Cartels has always been their weak spot.

  20. YR says:

    I know the cartels don't really get weaponry from the US, I was just shocked at how blatant the show was in promoting pc-left memes. Very insidious too because the show is targeted at young white men

  21. Zeta says:

    This wound up being a prescient post indeed, Whiskey. I'm not one to follow the gossip hounds, but it looks like Sheen was hospitalized yesterday for… excessive partying. Porn stars, alcohol, and allegedly, a "briefcase full of cocaine" were involved, according to TMZ. Just another day in the life of Charlie Sheen. Think his market value will drop? Not likely.

  22. Anonymous says:

    "success in the sexual marketplace as defined by you, you might as well restrict your discussion only to the extremes and margins.step out of the Hollywood/marketing/Playa's arguably the source of both Loughner's and Sheen's insanities and personal (and inter-personal) Hells.the majority of men are "average".they'll have "average" mating success.mature men can except they aren't"alphas" in the teen-angst definition of the Playas,and accept sexual success as something found outside the pages of "Maxim" magazine.-shoe

  23. Rock Granite says:

    Charlie Sheen is still paying for it. Apparently he paid out $30,000 for a night with his latest whore.Sure he has the money but that is pathetic.

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