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The NBA Is Dead

The NBA is over, as a serious sport. Oh, it can continue to decline, slowly but surely, but two events cement its end as anything other than a rap-fashion showcase. The first is Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s reality show … Continue reading

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It’s Basically Over For Anglos

The Houston Chronicle quotes a demographer, Steve Murdock, who notes looking at population projections for Texas, “It’s basically over for Anglos.” The story reports that two out of every three Texas children are non-Anglo (almost all Mexican origin) and that … Continue reading

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NBA Groupies and the Death of the Possible Dream

GQ has a fascinating article on NBA groupies. Fascinating on several levels, not the least of which is the rather shocking point that the women interviewed are all lower middle class/blue collar Black women with “respectable” jobs and their preference … Continue reading

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Wisconsin and the Wages of Diversity

The mini-riots, union buffoonery, and run-away tactics in Wisconsin, Indiana, and now reportedly Ohio, in response to austerity budgets and restrictions on Union bargaining for things other than wages/benefits, obscures the reality. Diversity means States (and the Federal government) can … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Good Men Gone: Why Conservative Women Don’t Get It

Older conservative women just don’t get it. While writers like Kay Hymowitz may generally be culturally conservative, they are at their hearts, feminists. Their model of what is right with the world is (young women) and what is wrong with … Continue reading

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The NFL’s Michael Vick Problem

The NFL has a Michael Vick problem. One that won’t go away, and is tied to the racialism of the Black population. Michael Vick is viewed as a hero by Blacks, and largely (though not exclusively) badly by Whites. Michael … Continue reading

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House Hunters International Egypt and the Romance of the Third World

Anyone watching “high end” reality TV, the “upscale” stuff designed to appeal to upper income viewers such as pretty much anything on Home and Garden TV or Food Network knows that the programming, aimed at a mostly female audience (just … Continue reading

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