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Obama’s Libyan Disaster

According to his latest speech (stay tuned, he may change his mind), Obama’s “Obama Doctrine” consists of: 1. “It’s not my fault, the UN and International community ordered me to take action!”; 2. The US has a “Responsibility to Protect” … Continue reading

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Why Women Hate Nice Guys (and the Implications)

From Instapundit comes the link of 12 Reasons Women Can’t Stand Nice Guys. Well, duh, nice guys are beta males. Which is another way of saying “un-sexy.” American and Western society is completely and totally focused on providing the maximum … Continue reading

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The Failure of American Power

Steve Sailer has written on the 20th anniversary of the Highway of Death, and the awesome power of American air power. Which is undeniably potent. But also an undeniable failure, in achieving American national security goals. Obama’s war but not … Continue reading

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CBS Wants Charlie Sheen Back!

Les Moonves wants Charlie Sheen back on Two and a Half Men. I knew it! Sheen still pulls in attention, ratings, and has enough Alpha credibility, still, through the sheer number of followers on Twitter and his sold out shows, … Continue reading

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The Power and the Vulnerability of the West

The standard narrative by most commentators looking at Western vs. non-Western conflicts is either Steyn-ian demographic doom or Sailer-esque insouciance. Sailer wrote on the 20th Anniversary of the “Highway of Death” and the Western air dominance over Libya, asserting that … Continue reading

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Demographics in Action: Alexandra Wallace Leaves UCLA

As part of demographics in action, Junior Alexandra Wallace has left UCLA. According to the NY Daily News, this was due to a torrent of death threats against her and her family. On Monday, the student newspaper reported she contacted … Continue reading

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China’s Weaknesses

The Wall Street Journal pointed out some uncomfortable truths about China’s oil vulnerabilities. China became the biggest importer of crude oil from Saudi Arabia in 2009, surpassing the US. Most of China’s crude comes from Saudi Arabia: The Middle East … Continue reading

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