Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal reflects the reality of White ethnic cleansing in California. Whites went from over 80% of the population in California in 1960, to 40.1% in 2010. Over fifty years, Whites have been effectively ethnically cleansed out of California. Moving from absolute dominance to minority status. This is not sustainable, and the legally inferior status of Whites (Affirmative Action preferences, no protection by Hate Crimes legislation, Whites ineligible for Civil Rights) guarantees a conflict with the ethnically cleansed Whites in the places where they’ve fled in refuge. The Tea Party being only the most visible sign of White reaction to being ethnically cleansed out of a great part of (the most desirable places to live in) the country.

From the article: Hispanic/Latino children make up a majority of California’s under 18 population in 2010. Hispanics are 37.6% of California residents. Whites are at 40.1%.

In the conservative bastion of Orange County, for example, minorities for the first time passed whites to become the majority of the population, according to the census figures. Because many minorities are Democrats, political observers say that trend could dilute the historic strength of the Republican Party there over time.

But California’s inland areas, which tend to be more conservative, saw some of the state’s biggest growth. Fresno grew 15.7% to 494,665 people. San Jose, closer to the coast, grew 5.7% to 945,942.

The other big demographic group to gain in the census count was non-Hispanic Asians. Unlike Hispanics, whose growth slowed from an increase of 43.8% between 1990 and 2000, Asians kept close to their increase of 34.6% in the 1990s. Non-Hispanic blacks, meanwhile, declined 0.8% to 2.16 million.

In 2000, whites made up 46.7% of the California’s population while Hispanics accounted for 32.4%.

Note that most of the cleansing had taken place before 2000. The accompanying chart shows a precipitous fall in White numeric dominance starting from 1960, even though the White population has remained relatively stable and flat. The difference, a tidal wave of Hispanic immigration, much of it quite likely to be illegal aliens, and a huge disparity in children. Hispanics/Mexicans have far more kids, not the least of which is that child-birth among this group often starts at the mid to late teens. There is a world of difference among a population that has kids in the mid to late twenties onward, and has only a few that it can support without massive government subsidies and aid, and one that has kids at 15-16 onwards, requiring massive wealth transfers from the wealthier population.

Welfare/Family Aid/K-12 Education then is basically a matter of taking money from middle class White families, that have only one or two kids at the most, and do not rely on welfare, to fund the welfare-dependent Mexican families that start with (often single mothers) at age 15-16 or so, or at best at age 18-19. This is not a recipe for social stability.

The charts and data show conclusively why California is falling apart. It is not Public Employee Unions. It is not public pensions. It is the ethnic cleansing of a stable, middle class White population that generates ample tax revenues while demanding relatively little social services, and the replacement by very poor Mexicans who have very little income and demand massive government spending.

The standard cry by educators and liberals is “educate them.” Well, education has proven ineffective. Educational spending has raised reading scores in the PISA assessments above that of Mexican peers in Mexico, but still far below White reading scores (let alone Asians, who score higher than Whites). Education has done nothing to kill the poverty generation among Hispanics/Mexicans: early child-birth, in the teens, as mostly single mothers, lack of passion for reading, low literacy rates, and lower IQs than the White and definitely the Asian populations.

All the athletic coaching in the world won’t make Hispanic and Mexican kids into NBA centers. They lack the physical attributes required: extreme height, strength, quickness, reflexes, explosive power, speed, and amazing hand/eye coordination. That combination is found almost exclusively among African-Americans. The Chinese, 1.3 billion strong, have produced exactly one NBA Center: Yao Ming. Athletic talent is not evenly distributed among populations, something no one would argue. Whites are poorly represented in the NBA, and not much better in the NFL. This is not the result of racism, neither David Stern nor Roger Goodell stand in locker rooms barring White players. It is simply the uneven distribution of raw athletic talent among populations. This no more makes Black Americans a super-race than it makes them inferior. They are possessed of the same “natural rights” as any one else, being a great basketball player, or able to throw a tight spiral, means only that. It does not confer moral, spiritual, or intellectual authority any more than being able to deliver a great comic performance makes Charlie Sheen America’s natural leader.

All coaching can do is make Hispanic kids a bit better at Basketball. It will not prepare them for NBA careers. The same is true of education. Yes we can and have improved Mexican kids reading scores in the US compared to their Mexican peers. We still have not brought them up to the level of White kids, let alone Asian ones (who score btw higher than White children in the latest PISA round). Because of the inherent uneven distribution of IQ (and yes, Asian kids have a higher mean IQ than White kids, in test after test).

Leaving aside the ugly politics of ethnic cleansing of the White Majority population, with the cleansed or remaining minority Whites not being happy about being minorities (who would?) the economics are frightening. There is simply no way, even with punitive “White only” taxes taking almost the entire earnings of Whites, that California can pay for its social services needed to prevent Hispanic families from starving or engaging in widespread looting and Rodney King style riots/looting/mobs.

The Federal Government is broke, and various Federal levies upon the wealthier, White states to bail out California, and other Hispanic majority states (Arizona, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Georgia, Virginia, and North Carolina) are likely to be actively resisted. Who’s up for another $2 of gas taxes? Or a federal levy on say, satellite TV? Or internet purchases? Or other federal measures designed to tax fleeing White people to pay for Hispanic single mothers who have kids at age 16? How popular is that?

The fiscal crisis alone is a Fort Sumter event. Nope, rebellious state militias won’t fire on federal troops. The states will simply refuse to enforce or collect punitive taxes to bail out places like California. Simple as that. Creating a Constitutional Crisis aided by mob mentality. Everyone in the nation watched Wisconsin. Unions are not the only ones able to bring out thugs, and use intimidation, violence, abuse, and threats. The same tactics can be used by ethnically cleansed Whites in places like Idaho, or Tennessee, or Vermont. Not even the SWPL driven hipsters of Portland or Seattle want to give up their money, when it comes down to it, to fund the families of poor Mexican single mothers. Triple Mocha Lattes are expensive! Even more so with coffee prices going through the roof.

At some point, this crisis of far too many poor people than America can afford will come to a head. And yes the politics of ethnic cleansing will play a dominant part.


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12 Responses to Hispanics Surge in California: Whites Flee

  1. Anonymous says:

    Most single mothers nowadays are filthy rich or middle classed and part of big corporations, not poor (don't know the statistics on race though). Single mothers used to be lower-classed, communitarian and married the fathers of their children but as women's equality increased and the sexual revolution occured (women having sex with lots of men, divorce, changes in law, abortion, childcare centers, the pill, etc) women gained a huge footing in income (right now wages higher than men) and can now afford to have their own children provided by one-night stands, sluthood or the sperm bank and take care of them as well. Narcissistic rates have skyrocketed as well.

  2. Whiskey says:

    Over 50% of all Hispanic children are illegitimate, according to Heather McDonald at City Journal. With average wages for illegal aliens at around $3.50 an hour (min wage in California is currently $8 an hour), that amounts to about $7,280 a year in take home pay for a nominal 2,000 hours a year [40 hours per week at 52 weeks = 2080 hours.] Now double the hours worked, to 80 hours a week, you still get only $14,560 per year, for a mother and one child. That's below (and well below) the Federal Poverty Line.By contrast, though Hollywood and such celebrate celebrity single mothers, illegitimacy is still very low among the upper classes (about 2-4% according Charles Murray at AEI Blog, and he should know he's studying illegitimacy). Among the White Middle Class it has increased from about 2-4% to about 20%, and among the White working class it is 40%. For Blacks it is over 70% nationwide and over 90% in the urban core.While single motherhood is troubling, it is still largely confined to poor people, mostly Blacks, then Hispanics, and finally working class Whites.

  3. kurt9 says:

    This reminded me of an entertaining way to blow a job interview (I had several phone interviews for positions in CA). Near the end of the conversation, I could say I would have to think about relocating to CA because I'm not sure Mexifornia is a place I want to live long term.

  4. DR says:

    America does have one huge advantage: a lot of very highly productive, law-abiding people from around the world want to move here. Importing massive amounts of highly screened East Asians, Tamil Brahmins, Christian Arabs, Askenazi Jews, Jains, etc. Even immigration quotas for Western Europe are far lower than for most Latin American.All of these groups are massive net fiscal contributors, paying far more in taxes and almost always using far less in services (often sending their kids to private schools, hardly ever becoming involved in the penal system, etc.).Many of these people would still die to move to even a 80% NAM California. It's not a permanent solution as the birthrates of the lower classes will eventually outstrip the supply of the world's high-intelligence races (who currently have birth rates at or below replacement level even globally). But it will last a looonnnggg time. There's a lot of really intelligent people who want to move to the US.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Having lived in California during the golden years prior to the 1965 Immigration free for all it absolutely breaks my heart to see it this way. We were wealthy enough to be concerned about quality of life issues, the environment, and an infrastructure that worked. Now, if you can afford it, we live in enclaves which are increasingly becoming islands in a rising sea of third world chaos.

  6. Anonymous says:

    @ kurt9 said…Unless the job pays well, do NOT move to CA. I've lived here most of my life and the big difference now is that life is much more ruthless.If a white man was unfortunately born with a below average brain (85 IQ), but was honest and hard working, he could of gotten a low IQ job like truck driver or whatever and that would of been enough to buy a house in a decent neighborhood insulated from NAM's. A man/husband/father could provide his family with a safe environment free from bad NAM influences. The old days was not perfect but at least we had that.Today in CA having an IQ of 100 doesn't guarantee you anything. The price of admission to fully insulate yourself from NAM thugs now costs 115 IQ points. If you don't have that my advice to you is stay the hell away from CA. You won't be able to find a job that pays enough to insulate yourself from NAM's.

  7. If you want to look at some of the most pathetic places in the U.S., one just has to look at the near 100% cities in Southern Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and California. Severe poverty, lack of services ushc as physicians, and no economic growth. As the U.S. becomes majority Hispanic, more places will be like El Paso and fewer places will be like Burlington, VT.

  8. Rock Granite says:

    Here's a story about a White woman who gave birth to 6!!!! brown mexican kids before her black boyfriend shot her and lit her on fire.6!!!kids.Who needs mexican women when White American women are doing their job for them.

  9. Whiskey says:

    That's a statistical outlier Rock Granite. No more descriptive of the average White woman (kids at age 32, which means one designer eugenic baby) than say, Verne Troyer or Yao Ming describe the height of American and Chinese men respectively.

  10. Rock Granite says:

    Of course that particular case is a statistical outlier but so is your fixation on women preferring the Charlie Sheens of the world.The average White woman is looking for a nice beta White guy for a relationship or marriage.But still the larger issue remains – White women are increasingly giving birth to or adopting non-White children.That will have an effect on the demographics of California and America.

  11. Anonymous says:

    "…There's a lot of really intelligent people who want to move to the US…"Who never engage in tax fraud, SBA loan fraud, bank loan fraud, real estate loan fraud, grade fraud, Medicare fraud, etc. And never, ever deal in E, guns, etc. And a Parsee never sold stealth bomber technology to China (for $100,000, really just a handful of magic beans).DR seems to think people who make a lot of money, by whatever means, pay a lot of taxes. This is on a par with Jim Goad's howler as to why he admired Asians, particularly Viet gangs. 'I couldn't move to Vietnam and own a Lexus in two years like they can.' White people in California were simply white, a reasonably happy blend of ethnicities and religions. Even the Aryan Brotherhood included Jews and Armenians. But DR's list of 'smart' people yearning to steal includes groups who will never coalesce into a happy wog coalition ready to build hospitals and schools for universal benefit.In addition they're simply too 'smart' to serve in the military. Even with a draft they would find a way out. Avoiding taxes, avoiding the military, like there's a difference.DR seems to think a place with a market-dominant minority (or a gaggle of mutually hostile market-dominant minorities) is attractive. Mexico is such a place, and its minority is relatively cohesive (and yet struggles with the relatively easy task of funneling drugs into the U.S.). Indonesia is such a place. Despite such examples DR still thinks it's grand because he expects to be part of a market-dominant minority. Could be. But which minority?And what if he declines into the sad majority? Will he be so enamored of 'smart' and ruthless, though 'law-abiding', achievers? Quick DR, consult Ayn Rand and the Austrians to know how to respond.

  12. Huggums says:

    Could someone tell me what NAM means? I've never seen it explained.

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