The Fix for Alpha Girls and Man-Child Men

Per Rich Lowry and Kay Hymowitz’s lament about Alpha Girls and “Man Child Men,” the only “fix” for that problem is nothing less than the destruction of women’s equal status among their peers, or often superior status, by the destruction of whole swaths of Western society. To end “Man Child” men, it is required to destroy “Alpha” women. This means ending, most corporate finance jobs. Nearly all Human Resource jobs. Ending most media, entertainment, publicity, fashion, and other female-dominated jobs. Ending most corporate middle-management jobs period. Radically defining downwards in status, education and health care jobs. While simultaneously increasing the status, power, earnings, and dominance of jobs like mining, lumbering, oil extraction, manufacturing, construction, and of course, the military. None of that will be easy, and if it is put up to a vote, or general social policy, it will never happen. Female voting dominance assures that outcome.

The only conceivable way to do this change, of course, is series of wars and crisis. Not “fake wars” such as Iraq and Afghanistan, which while achingly real and horrific for those fighting, left the homefront of America untouched and largely uncaring. No, something akin to the dislocation and shattering experiences of say, the British during the Blitz and Buzz bomb attacks, or the Confederacy for much of the War, or English society during Cromwell’s rise. Only questions of survival, and the value of men as protectors and heavy, strenuous laborers, who are absolutely vital to survival, can change this around.

The “good news” is that this conflict (in some form) looks increasingly likely in the next thirty years. Western society has been coasting on advantages that are nearly used up. The Cold War limited military exchanges, by raising the cost of fighting to catastrophic levels, with massive US-Soviet nuclear arsenals. The Third World was divided, inept, and mostly fighting amongst itself. Resources were plentiful, and sold at rock-bottom prices by Third World nations to the industrial countries of the world. China had not become the world’s cheap manufacturer of choice. Its enormous appetite for everything had not transformed commodity markets. And the spread of nuclear weapons to unstable Jihadi-led regimes had not yet happened for most of the period from say, 1955-2000.

That time is now over. As Mark Steyn noted:

Bismarck’s second best-known maxim on the region is that the Balkans start in the slums of Vienna. The Habsburg imperial capital was a protean “multicultural society” wherein festered the ancient grievances of many diverse peoples.

Today, the Muslim world starts in the suburbs of Frankfurt. Those U.S. airmen were killed by Arid Uka, whose Muslim Albanian parents emigrated from Kosovo decades ago. Young Arid was born and bred in Germany. He is a German citizen who holds a German passport. He is, according to multicultural theory, as German as Fritz and Helmut and Hans. Except he’s not. Not when it counts.

Why isn’t he a fully functioning citizen of the nation he’s spent his entire life in? Well, that’s a tricky one.

Okay, why is a Muslim who wants to kill Americans holding down a job at a European airport? That’s slightly easier to answer. Almost every problem facing the western world, from self-detonating jihadists to America’s own suicide bomb — the multi-trillion dollar debt — has at its root a remorseless demographic arithmetic.

In the U.S., the baby boomers did not have enough children to maintain their mid-20th century social programs. I see that recent polls supposedly show that huge majorities of Americans don’t want any modifications to Medicare or Social Security.

So what? It doesn’t matter what you “want.” The country’s broke, and you can vote yourself unsustainable quantities of government lollipops all you like, but all you’re doing is ensuring that when, eventually, you’re obliged to reacquaint yourself with reality, the shock will be far more devastating and convulsive.

But even with looming bankruptcy America still looks pretty sweet if you’re south of the border. Last week, the former director of the U.S. Census Bureau, Steve Murdock, told the Houston Chronicle that in Texas “it’s basically over for Anglos.” He pointed out that two out of every three children are already “non-Anglo”, and that this gap will widen even further in the years ahead. Remember the Alamo? Why bother? America won the war, but Mexico won the peace.

In the Lone Star State, Murdock envisions a future in which millions of people with minimal skills will be competing for ever fewer jobs paying less in actual dollars and cents than they would have earned in the year 2000. That doesn’t sound a recipe for social tranquility.

What’s south of Europe’s border? Why, it’s even livelier. In Libya, there are presently one million refugees from sub-Saharan Africa whose ambition is to get in a boat to Italy. There isn’t a lot to stop them.

Between now and mid-century, Islam and sub-Saharan Africa will be responsible for almost all the world’s population growth — and yet, aside from a few thousand layabout Saudi princes whoring in Mayfair, they will enjoy almost none of the world’s wealth.

Niger had 10 million people in 2000, and half-a-million of them were starving children. By 2010, they had 15 million, and more children were starving. By 2100, they’re predicted to hit 100 million. But they won’t — because it would be unreasonable to expect an extra 90 million people to stay in a country that can’t feed a population a tenth that size.

So they will look elsewhere — to countries with great infrastructure, generous welfare, and among the aging natives a kind of civilizational wasting disease so advanced that, as a point of moral virtue, they are incapable of enforcing their borders.

The nations that built the modern world decided to outsource their future. In simple economic terms, the arithmetic is stark: In America, the boomers have condemned their shrunken progeny to the certainty of poorer, meaner lives.

As blogger-journalist Steve Sailer noted, this is basically “the Camp of the Saints”. Or if you prefer, the invasions of the Visigoths, the Ostrogoths, the Vandals, the Franks, the Saxons, the Angles, and the Jutes, into the Western Roman Empire.

Except things are a bit different than the fall of the Roman Empire in the West. While the Western elite would no doubt be overjoyed at “drowning” their “icky White ordinary” populace in Third World peoples, Western people don’t want to live in the Third World. Westerners like Western things: clean water that does not kill you, a road system that is safe to drive, police that do not rape and rob and murder you, no armed gangs killing with total impunity, buildings that do not fall apart, food that is cheap and safe to eat, medicine in clean hospitals (as opposed to voodoo and witch doctors and pygmy cannibalism).

PYGMY leaders have called on the UN to set up an international tribunal to put government and rebel fighters from the Democratic Republic of Congo on trial for acts of cannibalism against their people.

Sinafasi Makelo, a representative of Mbuti pygmies, told the UN’s Indigenous People’s Forum that during the four-year civil war his people had been hunted down and eaten.

“In living memory, we have seen cruelty, massacres, and genocide, but we have never seen human beings hunted down as though they were game animals,” he said.

“Pygmies are being pursued in the forests. People have been eaten. This is nothing more, nothing less, than a crime against humanity.”

More than 600,000 pygmies are believed to live in the Congo’s vast jungles, where they eke out a subsistence existence. Both sides in the war regard them as “subhuman”, and believe that their flesh can confer magical powers. [Emphasis added]

Simply put, Steyn is right. There are millions of people in North Africa and Africa who want nice things (also, Mexico and Central America), and figure the best way to get them is simply show up, en-masse, and take over Western Europe. Certainly the effete (and female dominated) leadership of Western Europe that detests masculine viewpoints and actions, will do nothing. But that does not mean Westerners will not fight.

It is fairly likely that the energy/food crisis (they are one and the same) driven in part by China’s insatiable appetite, will accelerate the mass migration into “shocks.” And just as history does not repeat itself exactly, the mass migrations are not unstoppable. Unlike the barbarians invading a depopulated Western Roman Empire, facing almost no military opposition, and themselves possessing considerable experience as Roman auxiliary mercenaries, the prospective Camp of the Saints is likely to be more on the Pygmy-cannibalists side of competence than anything else. People not possessed of much military acumen, or tradition, or ability to even perform the most basic maintenance on weapons, not the least of which is that they are largely illiterate.

Reshaping Western Society away from the Alpha Woman, into the usual Western tradition of a generally but not absolute female equal, who is made to recognize (by ugly reality) the requirement for male protection and hard, brutal labor, is likely to be accomplished by a series of running encounters with a violent, failing, cataclysmically desperate Third World. Nuclear Jihad is a possibility, and the weakness of the West invites attack (as weakness always does). The “Camp of the Saints” is already upon us, in both the US (mass immigration from Mexico and Central America is a fact, not prospect) and Europe (already Libyans and Africans are coming to Italy’s shores). Competition with China for scarce oil, uranium, natural gas, coal, and agricultural resources is a built-in certainty at some point. As is control of choke points like the Sunda Straights, or Arabian Sea, or Indian Ocean, or Eastern Mediterranean. All putting a premium on male muscle and talents, and making the hip trendy world of fashionable Alpha girls a thing of the past. Like Western advantage in wealth and power.

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9 Responses to The Fix for Alpha Girls and Man-Child Men

  1. Höllenhund says:

    "Per Rich Lowry and Kay Hymowitz's lament about Alpha Girls and "Man Child Men," the only "fix" for that problem is nothing less than the destruction of women's equal status among their peers, or often superior status, by the destruction of whole swaths of Western society."I've tried to explain the same thing to Obsidian but he doesn't listen.

  2. "a kind of civilizational wasting disease so advanced that, as a point of moral virtue, they are incapable of enforcing their borders."Mark Steyn came tantalizingly close to publicly identifying the problem: the premium the elites of both parties place on racial or religious diversity.The slums of Vienna had both. The Frannkfurt shooter had both. Western countries are filled with ingrates that possess both.I suggest we pick one basis to unite the population and go about the hard task of unification.

  3. Anonymous says:

    H, Obsidian is a fool. He's nearly all talk when it comes to Game. His girlfriend is fat and only a low status black man would touch her. He can't stand that men from every other race are more successful than him so he exaggerates if not outright makes up these tales about men lacking Game. They all involve men who get better women than him with less work but somehow he knows these men are failures. There's a reason why more and more of us think he's full of shit.

  4. David says:

    I don't see it. How does a "manly man" face up to a nuke, and insidious radiation, or any number of other subtle but "unseen horrors" that threaten civilization? We're just way past that. Think "breakout."

  5. finndistan says:

    Niger had 10 million people in 2000, and half-a-million of them were starving children. By 2010, they had 15 million, and more children were starving. By 2100, they're predicted to hit 100 million. But they won't — because it would be unreasonable to expect an extra 90 million people to stay in a country that can't feed a population a tenth that size.In contrast, Finland, where I am living in was 3.6 million in 1910, 100 years later, 2010, they have reached 5.4 million. Together with the increase in technology, work ethics and production, they generally are enjoying a higher level of a living standard. What if they were breeding like rabbits? Like Nigerians (20 to 40 million in 20 years), Egyptians (40 to 80 million during Mubarak's regime), Somalians, Kenyans, Middle Easterners?But they did not. They were responsible (not talking about the abortions), they have planned and succeeded, Up until now. Now, There are refugee quotas (NOT immigrant quotas), meaning they have to take in a given number of refugees from the shitholes of the world, which are mainly shitholes because they have been breeding like rabbits for decades, without caring for who will feed their babies.Now, the responsible people are supposed to feed, nurture, and house these "less fortunate". There is a reason the Finns only increased from 3.6 to 5.4 in a century, and that is that this number is what the land can currently support. But no, It is not hard work, it is not planning, it is not breeding responsible, It is the Finns being lucky that they have achieved a civilization.Really? Is that so? Luck?Unlike the shitholes where you have an apple orchard growing the next year where you took a s¤%T, in Finland, your s¤%t is still frozen the next summer. And the rise in the True Finns party (like almost any other country in Europe) tells that the layman has had enough, and the choke that multiculturalism has on the indigenous people is lessening. As being a foreigner myself, it may affect me negatively, but protecting their livelyhood is the first right of the Finns when faced with illiterate invading parasite hordes. Do my words make me a racist?If statistics and numbers are racists, if history, demographics and facts are racists, then I suppose I could also be called a racist. Otherwise, un-PC is the most radical notion that I can be named by.

  6. Brad S says:

    Be careful about the notion of expanding employment in things like mining and oil drilling. North Dakota, in the last 5 years, has seen PROFITABLE oil drilling expansion to the point where the state just surpassed California as the number 3 oil producer among the states. You wouldn't know this if you took a drive around western NoDak like I did recently; hiring for oil roughnecks is very limited. And the only non-oil infrastructure construction that is taking place is of facilities like RV parks and extended-stay motels that can be converted to other uses when the oil boom is EXPECTED to end.

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