Asians In The Library: UCLA’s Diversity Comes Home

The standard view of “diversity” is everyone holding hands dancing around rainbows and unicorns denouncing how awful White Beta Males are. Great for everyone but White beta males. But even smoking hot Alpha White girls don’t like diversity. Because it brings stress, conflict, and turf battles into everyday life, which is already stressed out from a non-stop acceleration due to technology creating a 24/7 connection to the world. UCLA coed and model Alexandra Wallace (that’s her above) put a Youtube video (since removed, below is a copy) about how Asians in the Library annoy her (with rude behavior):

While certainly not a deep thinker, the young lady’s main points are: 1. Asian students at UCLA are coddled, and kept immature by uber-helicopter parents, with negative fallout for Whites (who are left to fend on their own), and 2. Asian students at UCLA are rude and don’t follow the rules (keep quiet in the Library) that White students do. [Presumably the very few Black and Hispanic students who actually do visit the library, follow the rules.]

Wallace has since “apologized” and no doubt UCLA will punish her. The UC Chancellor said he was appalled and University officials are “evaluating whether there have been any violations of the student code of conduct and what sanctions, if any, are appropriate.”

Youtube is great. People cannot stop posting to it. Nor Twitter or other social media. Recently Gilbert Gottfried was fired from Aflac, as the voice of the Duck after Twitter “tweets” such as:

“I just split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, “They’ll be another one floating by any minute now.”

“I was talking to my Japanese real estate agent. I said ‘is there a school in this area.’ She said ‘not now, but just wait.'”

As the proprietor of Dlisted notes, “You know, we’ve really come a long way as a society, because we don’t even need to change out of our stained sweats or leave our houses to get fired. Just spew out some offensive fuckery on Twitter and wait by the mailbox for your final check to show up.”

The Internet is really an outlet for people to post unfiltered by politeness and social repression, what they really think. For Charlie Sheen, it was mainlining crazy. Social media, and video, allowed him to exhibit his full on crazy, taking him from rebel Alpha male that women dream of taming, that bad boy magic, to just plain crazy and sick. Spelled U-N-A-T-T-R-A-C-T-I-V-E.

More and more comments, tweets, Youtube videos, and the like are pushing back on diversity. Which makes even those most socially powerful (attractive young UCLA coeds who have probably most of the straight male population panting after them) annoyed. Ms. Wallace may be the top of the social heap, but even she needs to get work done at the library, and not be distracted by rude cell phone behavior. Nor be stepping over expat Asian kids relatives doing laundry, cooking, shopping, and other things. [No doubt fighting for washers and dryers in the laundry room is not particularly fun with elderly Asian relatives ruthlessly cutting in front of “nice, polite,” White kids.] You can see the frustration build, even poorly articulated, with her description of being raised to be “nice, polite” and have her cautions ignored. And focus interrupted by loud talking on cell phones. Because rules are just for White kids, not the rest.

And that’s Ms. Wallace’s main beef. She has to follow the rules, the others don’t. Even the hottest girl on campus finds that annoying. She still has to get work done.

Diversity creates a thousand and one petty annoyances, and with California being ground zero for White ethnic cleansing, the annoyances build up heavily. The internet, with social media a draw for 24/7 rants/soap-boxing statements, is almost irresistible. I have no doubt whatsoever that Ms. Wallace’s social circle said much the same thing, over and over again. No doubt it is enraging to be a numerical minority, and the only one held to the rules, while everyone else flouts it.

Ms. Wallace should not have apologized. She should have stood her ground, and demanded the University enforce rules equally, not just for White students. No doubt an “example will be made” of Ms. Wallace, but it will not change White students minds, nor that of the average White person. Who will see merely another PC jihad, by the usual suspects, while those of more privileged races skate.

Ultimately, the internet by giving voice for those who speak out about the cost of diversity (second or third class status for Whites, with no payoff for the social friction, daily) will erode the elite’s ability to enforce orthodoxy. Efforts will be made to contain the damage, but the internet is too big, and the lure of saying what you really think too strong, particularly for young women who seem more than young men focused on self-expression, to be walled off by a PC firewall. Huffington Post may have a five minutes of hate, but most Whites are likely to find themselves in broad agreement that diversity imposes a constant social friction with no benefit for them.

And the strongest argument of all is “What’s in it for me?” [The motto of one John Dortmunder.] For most Whites, the answer is, a daily kick in the face. That’s not a winning proposition, any more.

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  1. Good post Whiskey. This clearly illustrates the truth in the maxim "diversity + proximity == war", where war in this context is merely interpersonal conflict and racial/ethnic resentment due to government enforced preferences and advantages.

  2. josh says:

    God bless this girl! And at least we dont have to worry about NAMs in the library…

  3. Hughman says:

    Interesting, the Asians in my library (in the UK, my city's uni has strong links with Chinese and Malaysian institutions)tend to be quite and very workaholic. Then again, they aren't Westernised Asians.

  4. r says:

    So Whiskey,Now you and the rest of the people in the HBD sphere are turning on Asians now? Besides I thought hot girls are the masters in our society according to you. What exactly do you have in mind? First get rid of the mestizos, then the blacks, and then the Asians? Good luck with that but I am going to have to disagree with you. What's next? Becoming a Jew Hater?R

  5. Whiskey says:

    r –Diversity is not generally a positive thing. Moreover, the complaint the young lady has is of specific types of Asians, mostly wealthy emigre's kids, or those coming from China and South Korea, the former "Red Princes" of the type to say, "My Father is Li Gang". The South Korean foreign students have this attitude as well.Rich, powerful sons and daughters of foreign countries, acting very rude (the French on steroids) with large amounts of money, are not likely to endear themselves to ethnically cleansed natives.The young lady would I think have no objection if Whites were 80% of California as they were in 1960, and similarly represented in UCLA.Whites are now functional minorities in California, and are acting like it. If people dislike this, they should not have pushed for Whites to be made into minority status.What else can you expect? This is simple human behavior. Barack Obama wrote about it in "Dreams From My Father" regarding anti-colonialism in Kenya, and his own reaction in Nairobi when rudely treated at an Indian run/owned restaurant in Nairobi.

    • Anonymous says:

      The complaint the “lady” had, really Whiskey?? I bet you a thousand bucks that if this same “lady” was black, latina, or any other race you’d be calling her a whore…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey, you'll probably want to see–mockery-of-rebecca-black

  7. Anonymous says:

    Btw, all women would still sleep with Sheem given the chance, even if they say he's 'crazy.'

  8. R, welcome to the fabulous world of racism (or 'race reality'), where there's always a group to hate.

  9. r says:

    Whiskey,I might agree with you except for one thing. Whites tended to be as racist toward Asians as they were in the 1980s. Back then, Whites were not a minority, functional or otherwise. They were no nicer toward Asians either.Blaming problems on Asians seems as ludicrous as blaming them on the Jews.Now diversity is not fun but you seem to have fantasies about joining groups like the White Camella and going medieval on non-whites.So are you trying to get street cred with the Stormfront crowd? Trying to become part of the Hunter Wallace brigade?Everytime, people like you scream nigger, spic, slant, etc. the elites find a way to screw you more. e.g. The Republican party and the Tea Party.Therefore, do you believe that non-whites have no rights that a white man or white woman should respect?R

  10. djf says:

    What a change from when I went to college (Mid-1980's). Have Asian students decided to emulate low impulse control of NAM's? I went to an engineering school, there were Asian (mostly Korean-American) students in the mix. I just remember them being very quiet, studious and well-mannered.

  11. "…you seem to have fantasies about joining groups like the White Camella and going medieval on non-whites."Wow. At least he's not crying about how the posters here are a bunch of Klansmen. That would have left a mark. Let's embrace our Camella-ness, everyone!Seriously, it's pretty interesting how the demographic issue flies right over his head. Whites are a minority in CA now. Not to mention minorities in nearly every urban area that "matters" on either coast. A minority that is discriminated against legally. Our Attorney General declares that civil rights protections will not apply to whites, and denounces white objections to Black thuggery as an insult to "[his] people". His words, not mine.This is exactly what I predicted in my comments on Whiskey's Weimar Republic post a couple months ago. As a dominant Western culture's position erodes, its younger generation no longer feels obligated to sympathize with alien minorities. I have seen the same strong reactions to pro-minority bias in High School and College. Even in my Law School class, where about 80 % of the white students were caught up in the media's pro-0bama fever. The economic decline since his election has only hastened this process. Which race receives government funds & government preferences makes life a zero sum game. A game where the deck's stacked against White teens and twentysomethings. They know this, and they are less likely than ever to stay quiet about it.Nonwhites seem to have had the rather naive assumption that they could rail against the racial majority and then continue to do so as said historical majority became the minority in California, Detroit, DC, and who knows where else. For the past forty years minority misbehavior has been encouraged. Minority separatism, academic militancy, "studies" classes, anti-white admissions, anti-white hiring policies, anti-white comedy – all were by definition good because they helped our poor little brown brothers. Now that it's young whites who are beginning to behave like everyone's favorite nonwhite miscreants by posting their own views on race, the usual suspects who got us in this mess are acting horrified. Interesting.Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go iron my sheets…

  12. r says:

    Minority or not, who caused it to happen? It was other whites who thought demographic transformation was such a great idea. In any case, railing against Blacks and Mestizos for acting badly and doing worse than Whites, and then railing against Asians for doing better than Whites seems like a catch 22. If you are a non-white, you Stormfronter types just feel he is the enemy.I am not ignorant of the demographic transformation but I did not cause it and thought it was a bad idea in that it tranferred all the resources to the Forbes 400 in the same way that low marginal tax rates have.It seems similar to what happened to Dennis Mangan who was a liberal Bush Republican who praised Bush's re-election in 2004 to Stormfronter sympatico today. Whiskey is going in the same direction.

  13. Zeta says:

    Hopefully most of America will go in this, as you put it, "Stromfronter sympatico" direction. You know, like almost every other (non-white) country does. Perhaps that's putting it a little strongly, but a strong rejection of multiculturalism is the country's only hope. Shaming language isn't going to work when people's livelihoods are at stake and when they are being ethnically cleansed. As Whiskey says, "what's in it for me?"

  14. r says:

    Yeah, well going in the Stormfronter direction is not working for me. I am willing to treat people fairly as long as I am treated the same way. I don't think the girl should be expelled even if it is a blond girl picking on some Asian beta males and females. I still believe in free speech. For crying out loud, you should have heard Andrew Dice Clay on Asians way back in the 1980's. However, I would not accept being treated the way blacks were treated in the South simply because I am not white. I also don't like it when some blond girl from Romania like rebellious vanilla calls me a foreigner to my face when I was born here and she wasn't. It is galling to me to be called an alien by a real alien. In any case, whites have not gotten worse toward Asians, nor better. That treatment has not correlated with majority or minority status.

  15. sestamibi says:

    She's really hot, even if you adjust for her extra-wide bottom.

  16. Whiskey says:

    I don't know what Camelia is, other than a flower. Stormfront? You don't get what the girl is saying.She wants an end to "Asian Privilege" which is Asians flouting the rules (a very Chinese/Korean thing btw here in the West, neither group believes rules are anything but something to be manipulated/bent/broken) wrt silence in the Library.White Identity politics is not the same as the Klan, or Stormfront. Those folks want to rule. White identity politics just want to grab all the goodies as much as possible for themselves. This is the inevitable, always human reaction to colonization. The Kenyans did it, the Indians did it (in wanting the Raj out), the Malays do it, this is the cost of "diversity" … all against all.It is quite true that elite Whites are the cause of "diversity" and White minority status, however racial spoils politics does not inquire nicely as to first causes, as Reginald Denny found out when he was a convenient target for Damien Football Williams.My own preference would be to restore California to 80% White, 20% everything else, and allow space/freedom for non-Whites.As a non-White, you must reap the logical consequences of White minority status — Whites are not willing to be any more accomodating. They resent their minority status, and act on that resentment, currently expressing verbal resentment. The next step is electoral. The next step after that is likely to be vigilante. It always has been.Non-Whites in America get the best "deal" when the White majority does not feel threatened. You cannot reasonably expect anything else from most Whites at this point. It sucks for non-Whites, but most Whites at this point just don't care. [Elites do, but they have lost or are losing credibility because they have not delivered prosperity, instead nightmare status for Whites — discriminated minorities in their own countries.]

  17. Whiskey says:

    As for evolution in White Identity politics, what else could you expect? It is not a function of marginalization, but rather radicalization. Expecting Whites alone, of all races, to suppress racial identity and interests was never realistic. It is like expecting most men to suppress their sexuality and interest in women while a few Alpha males form soft, rotating harems. Neither accounts for basic human nature.Tossing around Stormfront or Klan accusations are not going to work anymore. No one cares, not when Black AG Eric Holder says it is an "insult to my people" that Whites could possess civil rights, much less have them violated.If Whites were 80% of the population, the young lady, not particularly bright or expressive, would not have bothered to post her annoyance at minority status, and one that brings her rigid adherence to every rule while Asians flout them. Whites at about 40% of the population in California, yes that provokes such a video.As for Asians, you can hardly expect Whites to be happy about being left behind by a foreign, non-native, and exclusionary elite (White-Asian intermarriage has significantly declined with increased Asian immigration) that pushes out Whites from cognitive elite jobs.Amy Chua on "World on Fire" noted the usual "solution" in the Philippines (her beloved Aunt was murdered by an angry Filipino servant, the police did not bother to catch him), Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia was anti-Chinese diaspora riots. Do you honestly expect Whites to be somehow more "evolved" and behaviorally different than SE Asians in relation to economic displacement at the top?I take my cue from Machiavelli. He described the brutal reality of power politics, not the ought-to morality of Christianity. I would like a White majority nation secure in its power to grant broad but not unlimited freedom and toleration for racial and ethnic minorities. I.E. no polygamy, forced/arranged/child marriages, female genital mutilation, jihad, and other things incompatible with American culture.But the moral order I want is irrelevant. There is only people, their reactions, and power. That is all. Betting everything on White guilt is to me, a losing hand.

  18. r says:

    White guilt does not exist any more than Asian privilege. That blond girl is not going to be expelled or go into diversity self criticism sessions. I don't expect anything than to be treated as a fellow American. That is the difference because I am an American like you and you don't think that I am an American.

  19. White guilt is an epidemic to the point where many white people feel intense guilt over the Crusades. And I don't see the situation changing any time soon.

  20. I wonder if anyone at all has seriously addressed the actual complaints she made in her video. All I've seen so far is racism accusations, mockery, hysteria and other red herrings. Looking at the hundreds of video responses on YouTube, most of them are by non-whites, as if all non-whites were part of some non-white coalition.Strange how people don't get outraged when Asian people make racist remarks about other Asian people.The video was taken down, here is another copy (that will probably not last long).

  21. Anonymous says:

    r said…"White guilt does not exist any more than Asian privilege."This is the most ignorant (of many ignorant) statements you have made in this thread.P.C. and Affirmative Action are two examples of manifest white guilt. And both are kept alive mainly by white guilt. Once the SWPL crowd becomes negatively affected in significant numbers, expect a huge backlash. This has already started to happen.

  22. "Shaming language isn't going to work when people's livelihoods are at stake and when they are being ethnically cleansed."Exactly. A couple thngs are very noteworthy about this incident.One, that it was instigated by a White woman – a member of the group that perhaps has benefited the most from Affirmative Action policies and the accompanying anti-White [male] animus. Ticking off White middle class females is quite an accomplishment, and it shows just how unhinged the diversity mongers have become. Even if most Whites of both genders still condemn Alexandra, as is their duty, being members of the "oppressor" race.Only a tiny fraction of Latinos and Blacks are capable of making it in the ivies & in postgraduate education. Hence the main beneficiaries of AA have been young White females who, despite a narrower IQ range (fewer geniuses) still have the intellectual/cultural/social advantages that let them dominate academia. And yet even they are expressing dissatisfaction with their status. To clarify my comments on LS, on one occasion I witnessed a group of students-predominantly SWPL female and probably 80-90% Democratic-ridiculing a hapless 3L girl who had to explain that our University had lower admission standards for Blacks who wanted to write on the Law Journal. The anger was so bad that the meeting was disrupted briefly. At around the same time, a white student at Harvard Law had her own "Alexandra moment" after her emails about race based intelligence differences were leaked.Both in person and online, otherwise PC female students have started to mention unmentionable truths about their competitors. Instinctively, even SWPL females know that more minorities writing on Journal, for example, means a decline in academic standards. And more importantly, fewer Big Law jobs for SWPL girls once employers come calling. No Big Law jobs = no marriage to a high-flying super alpha of even higher status in a "nice" urban neighborhood, with the right kinds of entertainment, food, and social circles. Once again, it's a zero sum, cutthroat game where benefits go disproportionately to nonwhites like Barack Obama himself, whose laziness while on the Harvard Law Review was legendary. The wealthy whites in my class were happy to promote Diversity when it kept John Doe's children stuck in high-minority (trashy) neighborhoods, and high minority (failing) schools. Not so much when it threatened to affect their own pocketbooks and status seeking.The other noteworthy aspect of this blowup is that the girl's unsavory comments were directed towards the nation's "model" minority. One prized by mainstream conservatives for its "hard work" and "assimilation". This reveals that there is a definite limit to middle & upper middle class whites' tolerance of ALL aliens. Even of aliens who do not have low IQ's & high levels of social dysfunction. Whereas Alexandra is unlikely to fall victim to violent crime from, say, a Black or Latino gangbanger, she IS likely to suffer a lifetime of unwanted competition from 1st and 2nd generation "model minorities". These individuals, unlike Black and Hispanic minorities, have the intelligence and language skills to compete with her for "respectable" white collar work in female/SWPL friendly jobs – Law, HR, Academia, and Administration.Scratch the surface of the usual White bromides re: Asians ("They work sooo hard!" "And respect their parents!" "And NEVER EVER loot during tsunamis!") and there still is a profound unease re: their ascendancy. All the hysteria about Alexandra and her comments cannot disguise this. If the multiculti/diversity/mass immigration cult persists in its delusions, the blowback will make her and her comments look like nothing in comparison.

  23. r says:

    Since when do Asians have any privilege except for SBA loans? I will say White Privilege does not exist except for the elites and what you call White Guilt is power, control, and agitprop. It seems that you dislike Blacks and Hispanics for their dysfunction and dislike Asians because they can compete and are functional. It seems you don't want to give any non-white anything and aren't willing to give them a fair shake. You just dislike them. All the reasons for being against non-whites is because they are not white.

  24. Hippos says:

    Whiskey, if your employers found your blog, what would their reaction be? Not a threat or anything, I don't even remember what you do for a living. Public education or something?

  25. "It seems you don't want to give any non-white anything and aren't willing to give them a fair shake. You just dislike them. All the reasons for being against non-whites is because they are not white."The same troll who infests Isteve? The writing style and subject matter are boringly similar.He's probably not even Asian…although judging from the social awkwardness I'm detecting from the writing (my gut feeling), this person is definitely a he.

  26. "That blond girl is not going to be expelled or go into diversity self criticism sessions."Really r? If you think the administration isn't busily searching for some silly, trumped up charge to suspend or expel her for, you're dreaming. If they conclude there's nothing in the student code of conduct they can use, you can expect faculty and pressure group protests to make the young woman feel so unwelcome that she'll leave on her own.In terms of the big picture, you can expect more of this. Our ruling elites see what's happening, they don't like it. If they felt as if their position were secure, they would not feel the need to bash the Tea Party or miscreants like Ms. Wallace so fiercely.Offhand, I'd guess that Ms. Wallace comes from a fairly well-to-do family, maybe her parents even voted for Obama, not at all unlikely if she's from the L.A. area. Those people are in for the shock of their lives when it finally dawns on them that Obama and the system he represents want to screw upper middle class white people just as badly, or even more than they want to screw the proles.

    • Anonymous says:

      She should be expelled NOT for dressing and acting like a whore NOT for uttering the statements she made at the library NOT for being blond.. she should be expelled for being plain STOOPID

  27. Scotsman says:

    r said:"It seems that you dislike Blacks and Hispanics for their dysfunction and dislike Asians because they can compete and are functional. It seems you don't want to give any non-white anything and aren't willing to give them a fair shake"Yes, thats exactly right. It isnt fair at all. We have a double standard because its our (white Christian) country, and we make the rules of the game. No amount of economism or utilitarian justifications should ever be enough to make us sell out our posterity and take away their country.

  28. Anonymous says:

    nice shaming language, r. I don't speak for anyone on this blog but myself, but my opinion is that if you are not white or native american, you are here as a guest of this country, and you don't have quite the same level of rights as white people do. May sound harsh because of all the brainwashing about how America is a melting pot, but I would never dream of going to whatever Asian country you hail from and calling myself a citizen with equal rights. That would be a grave offense to your great grandfathers.My family has been forming and defending this country since the early 1600s. Have yours? My dues as an American were paid in the blood of my forefathers.As a guest in this country, you are obliged to be observant of the customs and acceptable behavior according to your generous hosts. To start calling people racists because they aren't EVEN MORE accommodating of everyone that wants to come here and take advantage of us is infuriating.I really don't care at all about your 'stormfront' shaming language, because we all know deep down I am right.

  29. Anonymous, your ancestors dragged Africans into the country kicking and screaming hundreds of years ago.And like it or not, but the US simply isn't a country where only white people are allowed to be Americans.

  30. Whiskey says:

    r — I want to be as clear as I can. White people will behave, EXACTLY as their incentives make them behave. If they have powerful incentives not fuss and muss over Asian (basically Chinese and South Korean, Japanese immigration to the US is pretty minimal to non-existent) competition for highly cognitive jobs, then they wont.THIS REQUIRES AN INCENTIVE. Shaming, appeals to morality, and the like will get you what Machiavelli observed unarmed prophet Savonrola got: nowhere fast.Machiavelli described for a ruler, not the proper rules of Christian morality, but the practical rules of power that if ignored, led to disaster. These rules are not particularly pretty. But they exist nevertheless.What incentives do Whites have, other than wealthy/connected ones, to welcome High IQ competitors for limited jobs, particularly ones with wealthy, family based business networks based in China or South Korea? Especially since intermarriage has decline with increased amounts of immigration?Whites are reacting only to incentives. Every incentive is to struggle every inch for advantage.Chinese/Korean rudeness and rule-breaking of conventional Anglo politeness is legendary (rudely talking in a foreign language, cutting in line, talking loudly, etc.). It annoys Whites no end, here in SoCal. By itself that is nothing, coupled with White demographic decline and there is little margin for White forebearance.Changing this dynamic will only happen with changed, and powerful incentives.

  31. Anonymous says:

    White people have 2 choices.Asians in the Library orBlacks in the cafeteria

  32. r says:

    Anonymous,so Blacks aren't citizens? I guess you are like Roger Taney, saying that they have no rights that you have to respect. I am a citizen and I have equal rights, no more no less. You will acknowledge it. I am not a guest and this is my home. If you don't like it, then try and change it. I dare you. I double dog dare you.R

  33. Geroge says:

    This is ridiculous, whiskey – if whites are being replaced at the cognitively elite jobs, it is because they are LAZY!You really think the 6 extra points of IQ Asians have, clustered entirely in the visuo-spatial field, while having roughly 3 points less in verbal, is so vastly and infinitely superior that they can simply snag all the bes jobs at will? Pulleeeze.Everyone one rags on the white elites, but what about normal whites? In this country alone, going by population numbers alone, there are VASTLY more whites with IQ's over 130 (Ivy League level) than Asians (there are only about 10 millions Asians in the entire country!).In other words there are enough high IQ whites to fill every spot in the elite colleges without a SINGLE Asian. Yet that isn't what happens – why? Because whites are LAZY. They'd rather be out mountain biking or organic farming in Oregon than hitting the books till the candle burns out like the Asians. There was an interesting article lately about white graduates from Ivies going into non-profits, etc, and avoiding serious work. How come you never hear Asians doing this?Fact is, NORMAL whites right now are simply refusing to make any effort, NOT the elites (the ones in power). There are good historical and cultural reasons for this – namely, that whites have lost a sense of civilizational purpose, see effort as pointless, feel they have proved themselves on the world stage, whereas Asians feel they have to catch up to whites, feel they have not yet proved they are our equal, and have always set themselves more modest, realistic goals, so that the loss of sublime, transcendent goals that the West has undergone would not have left them adrift and in a civilizational funk as it has whites.So lets stop blaming Asians, lets stop blaming our elites (who are certainly evil in many ways), and lets see what is wrong with US.

  34. I am a citizen and I have equal rights, no more no less. You will acknowledge it. I am not a guest and this is my home. If you don't like it, then try and change it. I dare you. I double dog dare you.In epistomologic terms, the only right you have is the right to be let alone. The 'civil rights' you claim are whatever the government can get away with enforcing. Once the USS Gravy Train sinks from fiscal overreach and the importation of so many disparate and hostile groups, your free ride will be over.

  35. "She's really hot, even if you adjust for her extra-wide bottom."Faggot. That is a perfect rear end.

  36. Shawn says:

    Good post I agree with it. She is indeed an alpha White woman. Part of her attractiveness to guys is her valley girl dumbness and I would not be surprised if it is not an act that's put by her to make her more attractive; she wants to fit the mold of an airhead because all mega hot girls are supposed to be stupid, right? She may be, but I'm just saying that there's a high likelihood she's faking it. "Ms. Wallace should not have apologized. She should have stood her ground, and demanded the University enforce rules equally, not just for White students."I think even most guys would have apologized. Even in college it's hard not to buck to that type of extreme social pressure which was exerted on her, from some friends, the university, media — she had no experience and still wants to be accepted. I think it's easier for a guy to stand up to things like this too for a number of reasons.

  37. Anonymous says:

    As a white who got in to UCLA, the girl's probably smarter than she lets on. Anyway, I'm sure there are lots of guys there who'd be glad to have her over to their place to study, if the Asians at the library are too annoying.

  38. Anonymous says:

    "This is ridiculous, whiskey – if whites are being replaced at the cognitively elite jobs, it is because they are LAZY!"@ GeorgeWhites are not lazy – it's that asians are coming from countries that are absolutely obsessed with money and oneupmanship, and see nothing wrong with forcing their children to engage in schoolwork 16 hours a day. We don't want to be that kind of society. Also, asians highly benefit from their reputation of being hard workers (whether or not it's true) and especially for being so timid and soft that they will never speak up or rock the boat in any way. You could ask an asian programmer to work weekends every friday and he would probably do it (while fantasizing about your death). A white guy would tell you to get fucked after you try to take advantage of him one too many times. So, employers are highly biased in certain fields. I've heard them talk about it.And R – internet posturing aside, you have not even begun to see the force of the beast that is awakening yet, but you will in your lifetime.

  39. Has to be says:

    That's a tad more pictures than strictly necessary to illustrate the story. :)Anyway, I have a feeling that a great majority of Asian students that Ms. Wallace is unhappy about are second generation i.e. Americanized. Foreign students? Are there that many of them to cause a problem? At any rate, most of them are going home where they have many more opportunities (like the networks you mentioned, etc.) so they are unlikely to compete with Whites (except in the global-economy sense).

  40. Anonymous says:

    Wow you guys are such assholes and blowhards, even to each other…no wonder no one else likes ya'll.

  41. Anonymous says:

    to rThe white man is the best friend blacks ever had. The only reason why Blacks enjoy the high standard of living they do in America is because the white man produced surplus economic wealth.You think a nation run by white Christian heterosexual men is crappy?You think your life would be better off if another group say Hispanics were in charge? *laughter*Go look at the conditions the black minority class lives in Hispanic countries…I feel sorry for the future of black people in the USA.Honestly.

  42. Whiskey says:

    The pics are (ahem): Traffic. Bait.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Joseph Palmi: "Let me ask you something…we Italians, we got our families, and we got the church; the Irish, they have the homeland, Jews their tradition; even the n*****s, they got their music. What about you people, Mr. Wilson, what do you have?" Edward Wilson: "The United States of America. The rest of you are just visiting."

  44. White blogger is scared of others and hides in his basement, feels more empowered when spreading hate on the internet. News at 11.

  45. Captain Amazing, look at what happened to Wallace just for complaining about rude behavior by Asians.For what possible reason would Whiskey want to post under his real name?

  46. 2cents says:

    That was a long read~ I can understand how the upper white America must be annoyed at the changing demographics in larger cities and feel imminent threat from it, but maybe they forgot how they got there? They stole it from the natives in the East, beat the Spanish in the southwest and bought out the Frenchies in the South. They might have been the first foreigners in this land to establish "America" but they needed foreigners to build it and maintain it (ie. Chinese on the railroads, Blacks as slaves, Hispanics as manual labor, etc.)Now that these minorities have got their footing in the American system, the ruling whites are shitting bricks because they know that the capitalist and democratic system they created is now backfiring on them because of the growing minorities. Obama being elected as the president was the tipping point for White America, now it's just a matter of time before you see white people complaining about their rights and discrimination. This Wallace girl might be the first complaint that took on a viral level, but I don't think she's racist. She just seems ignorant and inarticulate in her expression. Nobody likes loud and obnoxious people that show no manners regardless of context and this applies to all races in all places.As a Korean-american expat living back in Korea, I can tell you that many caucasians are viewed the sameway here in many establishments. But its always the ones that are less educated and poorer that are viewed like this. A well-mannered and well-dressed foreigner here is treated with the utmost repsect because their courteous manners demand it. It's never about race, it's about the character…and this Wallace girl was complaining about a few bad apples, but boy did she choose a wrong channel to vent!

  47. The assign role of Whites in Diversityville is that of furniture. This girl got "uppity" and the system did a hate fest on her for insulting her masters.

  48. Anonymous says:

    this whole debate is about the preservation of white americans which is very reminiscent of the KKK.why do you whites feel the urge to put a restraint on the asians when there are only 4% of them in the united states? this probably has to do with the fact that these 4% are the most wealthiest group of people in america.

  49. 2 cents said: "A well-mannered and well-dressed foreigner here is treated with the utmost repsect…"True, but that courtesy and respect, for anyone paying attention, masks a patronizing attitude that any caucasian businessman who has spent time in Asia will confirm. I'm less familiar with Korea, but I can tell you that the Japanese have a thousand small, petty ways of letting you know they consider you to be inferior.Offhand, I'd guess that 2 cents would be pretty unhappy if his government had allowed the Mexicans to colonize his little slice of Korea.

  50. r says:

    Well, you wonder why the non-whites don't vote for you and don't like you when you pretty much say they are "guests" Whiskey, you had some interesting things to say but as a Jew, you seem to need to prove to the Stormfront and Hunter Wallace crowd that you are one of them. Lovely. Well, you lost my vote.

  51. sestamibi says:

    "Faggot. That is a perfect rear end"No it's not, but let there be no doubt about it: I'd still hit it.

  52. Whiskey says:

    R — I am not Jewish.Amazing/2 Cents — you don't get it.You want White Americans to act like Angels of God not flesh and blood humans.No Nigerian, no Kenyan, no Pakistani would tolerate being colonized. Indeed the anti-Imperialist struggle was quite bloody. Same for China, Korea, and so on. Asians did not like being ruled by other Asians (principally Japan) or by Whites.I don't see Asians clamoring for Nigerians, Mexicans, and Pakistanis to all come there and displace them. I don't see Chinese people saying, please Nigerians come here and make us minorities. Nor do I see that from the Koreans, or Thais, or Malaysians. This is to be expected — human beings do not like being made into minorities in their own lands. Will the Koreans accept minority status as penance from stealing the land from the Ainu? What about the Chinese?If you want Whites to accept being made into minorities in their own country, moralizing/shouting at them, etc. won't work. Ms. Wallace is angry and upset because as a minority in what should by rights be a White majority university she has second class status and observes she but not them must play by all the social rules.There is nothing in it for Whites, to be minorities in their own countries. Arguing they "stole it from the Indians" is like telling Japanese they should all leave Japan to the Ainus, or become minorities there.

  53. r says:

    Whiskey,You seem to want all non-whites including me to leave. I am not leaving. Therefore, you lost my vote. I am not the one who turned whites into a minority. Take it up with Lyndon Johnson.

  54. r says:

    As for shaming language, I notice that you aren't really denying what I say. That is a tacit admission that I am telling the truth about you.

  55. 2 cents says:

    @Whiskey – I do understand and you're right in some aspects. If I was a White-American and I witnessed a shifting demographic in my town, I would feel uncomfortable too, but did you ever think why it shifted in the first place?America was populated by the Europeans because they saw opportunities there that they didn't have back in their homes. This is the same for any other minorities that immigrated to the U.S. aside from the Blacks. America was a nation that was started a little over 200 years ago right? It was started by European settlers from all different countries right? Korea, France, Japan, or any other country that has been established for thousands of years has a completely different background than the U.S. To compare America to any other country is completely ignorant because they are not comparable in their basic foundation. America was formed like a company. It invited its immigrants like employees and as this company grew, so did its employees. Now that some of these employees have achieved partner status, you're going to complain and say you could never have profit sharing rights?? If that's the case, then it's fraud isn't it? If you weren't going to give opportunities to people than why bill yourself as "the land of opportunities" or "the land of the free." All these labels were created by the original settlers right? Other countries have never billed themselves like this. Sure there's marketing for tourism sure, but I've never seen any other country with this enscribed in their national statue:"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door."What I'm saying is, complaining about the shifting demographics in America is like bitching about why there are so many blacks in basketball today. Cause they are better overall and were ALLOWED to play! I don't know what you do or who you are Whiskey, but keep in mind the concept of America and the policies behind it when complaining about America's change. It's very hypocritical and self-defeating in the long run. Also, doesn't America give out citizenships or green cards to illegal aliens that are willing to fight in the army? I thought I read that somewhere…who came up with that policy??@Sgt. Joe Friday – I'm not sure about the "inferior" part…if they saw Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, I don't think they would be condescending. It's not about race then is it?

  56. Rollory says:

    "You will acknowledge it. I am not a guest and this is my home. If you don't like it, then try and change it. I dare you. I double dog dare you."Backing this attitude up is going to depend on gunfire. There are people who will call your bluff, particularly as the overall situation worsens. You should be careful what you ask for.

  57. Rollory says:

    "America was formed like a company. It invited its immigrants like employees and as this company grew, so did its employees. "Good freaking god, do you actually believe this?Oh wait -"America was a nation that was started a little over 200 years ago right?"No wonder you believe it, you have NO CLUE what the actual facts are.The first colonies were started 400 years ago. Twice as long as you think. The population of the USA was not invited like some corporation; that's a twentieth-century perversion. It was English, German, and Scottish, and remained so until the 1880s or so. These three ethnicities are a lot in common, so it resulted in a largely homogeneous population. The growth of the population throughout the colonial period and most of the first century or so of independence was supplemented by further immigration OF THE SAME TYPE as the population that already existed – but much of the population growth was native increase.It _was_ a unified people. That unity was destroyed, first by chance in bringing in Southern and Eastern Europeans, and then intentionally after 1965.This idea that anyone has a right to come to the USA because nobody has an inherent right to live here is a myth that is only going to go away when the bullets start flying and the entitled learn that "but I have the right!" doesn't actually count for much.

  58. 2 cents says:

    @Rollory – Calm down Rollory~ you sound pretty upset at the facts! Let's see, where should I start…well for starters, "America" or the U.S.A. was established and recoginized as a sovereign nation on July 4, 1776 right? I hope you didn't think that day was just for shooting off bottle rockets and lighting firecrackers.Also, what the hell are you babbling about here?"It was English, German, and Scottish, and remained so until the 1880s or so. These three ethnicities are a lot in common, so it resulted in a largely homogeneous population."Man what the hell did you learn in history class?? Boy, you left out a whole group of people and added some of your own. Does Los Angeles sounds English to you? How about New Orleans? There were many settlers from Europe all starting TRADING businesses in their new found colony they called America. Sure, the English laid out the first successful colony in Jamestown, but how about the Dutch in New York? It was New Amsterdam before it was Manhattan. How about Florida and the islands? It was the Spaniards first. Also, does the Lousiana Purchase ring a bell?Of course the South and West was acquired after USA was established (in 1776!) and who did they use to spread their business to the West? Indentured servants, the Chinese, and basically anyone that was willing to work for $$$. I never hard of German colonies before America was established, but i'm sure I would recognized the name~ what do you think??And yeah, I do think that America was started like a company and now it is run like a corporation~ meaning it's not about the race, but who maintains control of the majority of shares. You should study more…maybe that library in UCLA? Anyway, enjoy your weekend and I hope you brush up on American History 101~ 🙂

  59. Anonymous says:

    Rollory, there's nothing more sad than a guy sitting behind his computer talking about bullets flying, lol. This race war you keep fantasizing about isn't going to happen.If you want to start a one-man version, I say pick up a gun and good luck to ya. I'm sure there's lots of armed people in the ghetto who'd love to have fun with you. Either do it or stop living in a masturbatory fantasy.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Rollory, there's nothing more sad than social losers sitting behind a screen and talking about bullets flying, lol. The race war you keep fantasizing about isn't going to happen.If you want to start a one-man version, pick up a gun and good luck to ya. Why wait? There are lots of equally armed people in the ghetto who would love to have fun with you, and from the new reports I hear from the safety of SWPL land, they don't just talk about it.Either do it, or stop living in a masturbatory keyboard-kommando world.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Poor Rollory and his Keyboard-Kommando fantasies, lol.

  62. "A well-mannered and well-dressed foreigner here is treated with the utmost repsect because their courteous manners demand it."Not so in most parts of the world. Perhaps you have heard of the Uncanny Valley phenomenon with respect to life-like robots or CGI characters? A similar effect has been observed amongst native populations dealing with foreign transplants. In other words, as an outsider tries to assuage natives' fears by assimilating, his popularity within the native population increases to a point – only to decline once again as the very success of his cultural mimicry causes his differences to stand out all the more. Many Blacks, for instance, harbor a special animus towards Eminem & other Whites who coopt elements of their culture. Even if there may be some grudging camraderie. Similarly, many Asians loathe the "Wapanese" subculture of White Japan admirers – even if they partake of the same popular culture. At the end of the day, you're still just a white boy gyrating on a stage, or a round-eyed poseur munching on Pocky.This is neither surprising nor morally wrong. The only thing that's wrong is the One Worldism that denies people feel a special comfort amongst their own kind and are always suspicious of foreigners. For some reason, this denial has become perhaps the greatest modern virtue. A virtue responsible for practically every ugly manifestation of PC-ness today. If Koreans really treat outsiders with that much respect (as opposed to the qualified tolerance that all other human cultures extend) then they truly are an amazing people.

  63. "White blogger is scared of others and hides in his basement"Of course people are afraid. Any thinking person should be. In the enlightened Yurpian cultures that our High Yaller Messiah wants to emulate, men with guns show up at the door when you post these kinds of things. British school girls are thrown in jail for "insulting" immigrants. British Nationalist blogs are banned solely due to content-NOT because of any physical threats etc. Pastors are jailed for criticizing the Sodomite Mafia. Here, 0bama's Justice Department violates Equal Protection daily to punish Whites and the spineless Republicans have never called them on it. All the while, "conservative" Supreme Court "justices" like O'Connor & friends make approving noises about Europe's moral "progression". I might suggest that everyone, regardless of political orientation, ought to be scared, but I figure most of the apologists around here wouldn't understand. So long as these abuses happen to be impacting your political foes (at least for now), I guess everything's just fine.

  64. map says:

    "They stole it from the natives in the East, beat the Spanish in the southwest and bought out the Frenchies in the South. They might have been the first foreigners in this land to establish "America" but they needed foreigners to build it and maintain it (ie. Chinese on the railroads, Blacks as slaves, Hispanics as manual labor, etc.)"Ah, who cares? If you go back far enough, all land is "stolen" land. Besides, once we establish that its true whites stole the land from others, then why is it wrong for us to steal it back from these worthless foreigners? I'm perfectly okay marching every one of these asians, blacks and other undesirables back to their own countries…at the barrel of a gun if need be.2cents, you should learn to get real comfortable with South Korea. Enjoy the sights. Smell the air. Take in the nightlife. Your pro forma citizenship is not gonna last long.

  65. map says:

    "Of course people are afraid. Any thinking person should be. In the enlightened Yurpian cultures that our High Yaller Messiah wants to emulate, men with guns show up at the door when you post these kinds of things."Nine-of-Diamonds has a good point. These apologists for non-white aggression and invasion do not realize that, once the government establishes the use of power against political enemies, it is only a matter of time before that power is used against you.Keep in mind who staffs the US military, who the trigger pullers really are: white males from small, red state towns and cities. Not blacks or hispanics, who spend most of their time in the motor pool, the supply depot, and the food court.Keep in mind what these white, Republican, male trigger-pullers have been learning in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 10 years: urban pacification.Where do you think they are going to be deployed when the SHTF? You think they are going to be shooting their own families in Texas? Or, will they be deployed in the Diver-Cities of the Left Coasts, the areas full of immigrants and foreigners?Yeah…

  66. madmax says:

    however racial spoils politics does not inquire nicely as to first causesHow about ending the system of "spoils"? Then there would be no use for racial politics.

  67. madmax says:

    Another thing. Murray Rothbard once said in response to Conservatives who constantly complain that Marxists have captured the Department of Education: "well, abolish the Dept. of Education!"UCLA is a public institution. Public education shouldn't exist. If every college or university were 100% private and there were no diversity laws (as there wouldn't be in a free society) then you would not have these problems. DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR only holds for an egalitarian welfare state. Fight the egalitarianism and the welfarism. Why go at it by focusing on racialism? If we assume that humanity is going to progress and become even more technologically advanced, I don't see how racial ethno-states are part of mankind's future. They're a vestigial remnant of the past.

  68. Anonymous says:

    Update from grerp.blogspot.comApparently the lady in question is leaving UCLA in response to death threats and other pressures thus validating Whiskey's post.As A black man I see nothing wrong with her rant. It can be normal and healthy in a multicultural society to rant about the differences found in cultural clashes. It is human nature to do so. It is not worth threatening death over because you disagree with said rant. If we as a nation are this touchy feely, what values does it say we treasure and what do you defend? This outcome is shameful for the school and the mob that ran her out of UCLA.Rodimus 903

  69. map says:

    "UCLA is a public institution. Public education shouldn't exist. If every college or university were 100% private and there were no diversity laws (as there wouldn't be in a free society) then you would not have these problems. DIVERSITY + PROXIMITY = WAR only holds for an egalitarian welfare state. Fight the egalitarianism and the welfarism."That's been tried. It does not work. Sizable numeric minorities want egalitarian welfarism.

  70. peterike says:

    2cents is that specially dangerous sort of person. He has a sprinkling of knowledge about American history, probably derived from Leftist professors and Howard Zinn's ghastly work. Yet because that "knowledge" was "certified" in some college class, 2cents thinks he knows all and understands all, and even has the uppitiness to suggest others take a class in HIstory 101. Well 2cents old bean, most of what you "know" is wrong. Sorry to break the news to you.It would take months to deprogram all the stupid guff you've written, so I'll just point out one howler. You write of other groups that settled America as if they were racially different. Oh my, the Spanish! The French! The Dutch in New York! Ummm, in case you hadn't heard, these are all white, Christian peoples. Of course there are cultural differences between them, but there is far more that allowed them to bind together. And really, stop with the "America was built by blacks and Chinese laborers" nonsense. It's insultingly ignorant.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Nortwestfront -dot – org needs you.

  72. r says:

    Map,Now you are fantasing about the murder of non-whites? Have fun Slobodan Milosevic mark 2! Now who is giving the death threats?

  73. "Now you are fantasing about the murder of non-whites? Have fun Slobodan Milosevic mark 2! "Not fantasizing, just describing what's inevitable. And no, this does not excuse past abuses against Blacks, Indians, etc. Once again, some posters on this thread are getting hung up on how people "ought" to behave, as opposed to how humans DO behave, and have behaved for thousands of years. Regardless of what American exceptionalists might say, racial diversity (beyond certain critical percentages) plus societal shocks (war, scarcity, technological advances, mass migrations) WILL produce a collapse. A collapse that inevitably features lots of racially motivated killings – regardless of whether or not people find this fact palatable.The Romans failed to maintain a multiethnic empire under these conditions. So did the Ottomans. So did Austria-Hungary. And these were empires that were not guilt-stricken, perpetually questioning their own motives, or reluctant to use brute force against minorities. The end result of these collapses is always regional strongmen like Slobo Milosevic (who was, himself, an indirect result of the Ottoman Empire's breakup). Whether you like it or not.Wholesale slaughters of Barbarian civilians failed to save Rome's Western Empire. Massacres against Greeks and Armenians didn't save the Ottomans from collapse. What's the likelihood that the self-loathing US succeeds where they failed, even though it's facing all of the above factors (THREE wars, technological shifts, food/oil scarcity, and mass Central American migration)? If merely discussing the future retreat of "orderly" society is disturbing, wait until you have to live with it.

  74. Anonymous says:

    It is a sad reality that humans are built to be racist, on a deep, subconscious level, since our interactions are based on a visual basis.Visual interaction will inevitably highlight the different race, so one is designed/evolved to prefer familiarity.Thus enters man-made concepts to try to suppress or override these animosities. Religion, philosophy, politics etc are ways to bring humanity beyond the physically observable.Perhaps the blind man is the most free, and that a blind society is the one that survives. BUT, being blind also requires a major suspension of suspicion.My point is that until humanity can develop this blindness in conjunction with heightened oversight, the best we can hope for is controlled anarchy via ever-fluctuating dynamics.

  75. Chic Noir says:

    Presumably the very few Black and Hispanic students who actually do visit the library, follow the rules.]well finally a +1 for us NAMS.

  76. Chic Noir says:

    R Now you and the rest of the people in the HBD sphere are turning on Asians now? Hell yes, I've been telling you guys this is how it would go down for years now.

  77. whats a NAMS? and an hbd sphere?

  78. also this girl should cash in by doing a calender.preferably with her making out with a hot asian chick

  79. Cassandra says:

    Just proves that white "nice guy" betas are really not that nice at all and are actually just insecure, hateful little men. Women can sense this and avoid your pasty unattractive asses like the plague. Girls are attracted to guys who can function within our modern society where women and minorities have rights, opportunity and respect like everyone else. You nerds obsess upon HBD, IQ, "NAMS", etc – trying desperately to prove how violent and dumb minorities are and how stupid women are for wanting to fuck "bad boys"(especially minority bad boys) – but at the end of the day you really are just racists who don't want anyone non-white in "your" country – even high achieving asians. Note: This Alexandra girl isn't racist, she's just a moron, and she still would never fuck guys like you or even want to be associated with you. She would quicker fuck an attractive black guy or whatever type of guy than hateful losers like you.

  80. Anonymous says:

    I don't think she did anything wrong. What's the big deal? Are Asians as a whole now going to replace the blacks as the child-like ethnic group incapable of accepting any criticism without whining like a bunch of little bitches?^^^Cassandra, I seriously doubt that this girl is a coal chute. She clearly doesn't buy into the p.c. b.s. like you probably do.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Chimps form groups and kill each other. A welfare state is suicidal. A welfare/warfare state is suicidal and homicidal. The U.S.A. and China will need lots of money to finance their greedy elites. The history of the world proves that people are quite chimpanzee-like. I predict (1) that the U.S.A. will become majority Hispanic/mestizo, (2) a Hispanic gangster/dictator leading a sham U.S. democracy will cut a deal with the Chinese, and (3) the U.S. and China will brutally invade all Muslim oil countries and steal their oil under the pretext of combatting terrorism. Ron Paul is a naive simpleton.

  82. Anonymous says:

    A future statement I predict will come out of Ms. Wallace’s intelligent mouth:

    “ummm, it was like, I was expelled for bein’ honest, you know? and I was like WTF? you know what I mean, ’cause I really didn’t do anything, right?, umm I kindda dunno what these people were thinking, it’s like crazy, like, you get what I mean, right??”

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