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Obama Calls Workers Slugs: Is Obama the New Nixon?

Via CBS and Mark Knoller, Obama called Federal Workers “slugs” and lamented he did not have a cool phone. “I always thought I was gonna have like really cool phones and stuff,” he said during a Q&A session with contributors … Continue reading

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Educated White Women REALLY Hate Sarah Palin, Part 5,231

The LAT has a column by Meghan Daum entitled “Why Sarah Palin Doesn’t Get What She Deserves.” Basically asking “Who Will Rid Me of this Meddlesome Priest?” Women really hate, hate, HATE, HATE Sarah Palin. Daum even tells us why. … Continue reading

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Unaffordable Family Formation

Regular readers of Steve Sailer know his “affordable family formation” theory very well. Which amounts to Whites having kids when they can afford them. When land is cheap, suburbs all around, and the cost of living is relatively low. But … Continue reading

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Will K-12 H1-Bs Peel Off Obama’s Support?

As noted here, Obama still has some core White support: College Educated White women. Who alone benefit from Affirmative Action (non-College White women have the highest disapproval rates for all Whites). And are a good cultural fit for Obama as … Continue reading

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James Cameron, 3D-TV, and Buying a Clue

James Cameron continues to show that while he’s the master of intermittent, hideously expensive movie spectacles, he’s completely clueless about the world outside of epic movies made every ten years. Cameron aims to bring 3-D content to TV, Reuters reports. … Continue reading

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Hunger City

In a stunning move indicating total incompetence, the USDA is considering cutting crop reports. The USDA crop reports and forecasts are important, because they reduce volatility in the agricultural commodities markets. Making beef, pork, chicken, corn, wheat, oranges, and everything … Continue reading

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Will Obama Destroy Israel?

Longtime Obama advisor and hard-core lefty Samantha Power, who famously called for the Invasion of Israel to destroy the nation and install Hamas, has pushed the “R2P” concept (“Responsibility to Protect”) civilian populations. That was the concept she pushed in … Continue reading

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Obama Still Holds (Some) White Women

National Journal’s Ron Brownstein has a story on a new poll out showing that Obama still has a considerable hold on educated White women. The Pew Poll, surveying 1,500 adults from March 30 to April 3, had Obama losing support … Continue reading

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Viva Los Dodgers: Hispanicization and Culture

Diversity has its price. Giants fan Bryan Stow was beaten by two Latino gang members, in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, on Opening Day. He remains in a coma in critical condition with permanent brain damage, if he survives. … Continue reading

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