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Some Laughs from FW de Klerk

FW de Klerk, Apartheid-era South Africa’s last Prime Minister, recently gave one of the all-time stupid speeches by a former leader. In the speech he called for a non-racial approach to politics in South Africa. That de Klerk, always good … Continue reading

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Chicks Dig Jerks, Version 5,799

Chicks dig jerks. Sad, but true. The most beautiful women often choose the most jerky of men. Including violent, dangerous men. the Daily Mail has a story of another woman, killed by an ex-boyfriend/husband. Laura Ackerson, 27, was found dismembered … Continue reading

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Anders Breivik: Beta Male Rampage

Commenters on the Left are gleefully asserting that Norway Bomber/Shooter Anders Breivik, who claims to have acted alone, and plotted for nine years, is a “conservative” thinker given how he has cited writings by prominent anti-Jihad bloggers, such as Fjordman, … Continue reading

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China Wins the Future

Lots of people from Thomas Friedman to Barack Obama wish the US were more like China. I thank God every day it is not. Slashdot has a story and comments about a derailment of the high speed bullet train that … Continue reading

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When Will the Middle Class Opt-Out of Education (and Public Life)?

Hippies made a film in 1970 called Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came, a naïve but interesting idea, nevertheless. But what if people had a way … of opting out of all sorts of things they find awful? … Continue reading

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End of the Empires: News Corp and Apple

Both News Corporation and Apple Computer are in the news, with News Corp. sliding downwards in stock price, and Apple share up, based on the phone hacking scandal in Britain, and increased Iphone sales for Apple, respectively. But both organizations … Continue reading

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The Phone Hacking Scandal: PC Makes You Corrupt

The Phone-Hacking scandal involving News Corp’s News of the World tabloid, where various celebrities, politicians, and ordinary people (murder victims, slain British soldiers in Afghanistan) had their voicemail hacked generates a lot of media attention on News Corp’s rather unsavory … Continue reading

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Arrow of Desire: Sexy Not Dependable Men

A couple of recent articles in both Larry Auster’s site and the Wall Street Journal show how the arrow of female desire in America (and really the West) has changed over the years. Towards Sexy not Dependable men. It is … Continue reading

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Sleazy I-Banks and the End of Nationalism Among Elites

The Wall Street Journal is reporting (link through financialbin, WSJ behind the paywall) in their dead tree July 5th edition, that big Wall Street Investment banks and commodity firms are snapping up metals warehouses. In turn, their business practices are … Continue reading

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NBC’s Diversity Bet Fails

[Editor’s note: work/family issues required a break from blogging. Hence the lengthy hiatus.] NBC’s past season, from Fall 2010 to Spring 2011, was a massive bust. NBC’s big bet on diversity failed. Gone, was “Undercovers” (a glamorous Black couple running … Continue reading

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