The Sadness, American and British Versions

For all of the Twilight movie frenzy, with Twilight Moms and tweens camped out, and “You Go Girl” positivism from Oprah, every White woman’s Black Best Friend(tm), women in today’s society are beset with sadness. For they have very little to be happy about. The Huffington Post has an article about women divorcing in their twenties. The Daily Mail has an article about women drinking themselves into oblivion. Both reflect a cruel irony.

In no place or time, have women had more choices, more wealth, more power, and more opportunities to be whatever they want to be. To decide for themselves what their lives will be. And in no time, place, or society have women been left to themselves entirely, without guidance, help, or advice on what real life boundaries will limit their choices. You might even argue that women have only one fleeting chance, often, at happiness, and can see it go by without even realizing it. This is why vampires are so popular, real life men disappoint them, and like the male geeks retreating into dreams of hot Vulcan or other Alien babes, women retreat into a fantasy of hunky dominant, violent guys fighting over them and for them. But the reality is sad. Above all else.

The Daily Mail piece has such things as:

Midnight on St Mary Street in Cardiff and everything is exactly as expected. Half a dozen young women slump in a gutter, men urinate outside a health-food shop and, as hordes stagger between nightclubs, someone lifts up a blow-up doll with a sex toy protruding out of it.

The street smells of urine and lager, police struggle  to break up a fight outside the Walkabout bar and a paramedic bundles a comatose girl on to a wheelchair. But it’s a quiet night for 20-year-old Naomi Jenkins. She has ‘only’ drunk three shots of peach schnapps, cider and three shots of Jagermeister (during a drinking game called I Have Never) and still feels ‘a bit sober’. Her friend Hannah Freeman, 19, was punched in a fight and stumbles about swearing and searching for a bathroom.

‘We only do embarrassing things when we’re really drunk,’ Naomi says. ‘I kiss random men in the street and Hannah has had sex behind a chicken coop.’ She screams with laughter as Hannah lurches unsteadily in the stairwell of Charleston Bar and Grill on Caroline Street (known locally as Chip Alley) and unashamedly urinates in front of us. 

Amazingly, none of the 80-strong throng of passers-by seems to notice –or perhaps care. Hannah rearranges her minuscule dress, steps over her own urine, shouts ‘f*** off’ and the pair stumble back to Walkabout. It’s only midnight, after all.

Obviously, kissing random men in the street, and having sex behind a chicken coop, are not the antics of happy women. Nor is the massive amounts of alcohol needed to lower inhibitions to engage in these acts in the first place. What’s wrong, is that modern media gives women access to all sorts of hot, hunky, dominant Alpha men, and even an only middling attractive girl can often gain sex from an Alpha. But not commitment. [See Monica Lewinsky.] Even the most beautiful women cannot get faithfulness, see Elin Nordgren and Tiger Woods, or Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant.

In days prior to the mass media attaining its critical mass (and just as crucially, its orientation almost exclusively to female consumers), women might occasionally brush past a hot, hunky Alpha male. But they would have little interaction with him. Now, particularly in female-dominated professions such as public relations, infotainment aka journalism, corporate finance, human resources, and such, women have much closer access to Alpha males. Think Monica Lewinsky again or the late Chandra Levy. Even more of course can see them every night on TV, or at the movies, or in the latest book. There’s even a new category at Barnes and Noble (not making this up, nope) “Teen Paranormal Romance.”

None of this of course makes women any happier. Indeed the fatness epidemic amongst British women is likely the substitution of food for love.

But as I found out on the streets of Cardiff after midnight, many of these women are –by day at least –well qualified pillars of the community. Among them I met teachers, nurses, occupational therapists, personnel professionals and full-time mothers, all determined to shake off responsibility and have fun in the only way they know how. By getting ‘smashed’.

Every week, the ritual is the same: Groups of between four and six girls congregate to dress up and competitively drink bottles of cheap wine or sickly shots. Competition ramps up over who can wear the tiniest mini-dress, the highest heels or the reddest lipstick. Drinking carries on during the bus ride to Cardiff (many young women travel from the surrounding Valleys) and continues in bars between 9pm and 11pm, or until they feel bold enough to dance.

Condom in purse and telephone number for a pre-booked 3am taxi in handbag, they stagger between nightclubs. The ritual continues long into the morning when, dulled by hangovers, they congregate for McDonald’s or fried breakfasts to giggle about the drunken ‘fun’.

One rather more honest 18-year-old from Caerphilly admits that she decides what to wear depending on whether she is on the prowl for a partner. Tonight –in a transparent Primark blouse and black bra –she undoubtedly is. ‘I wouldn’t wear this if I had a boyfriend. He’d be like, “You ain’t wearing that,” ’ she says.

The desperate search for sex, with only the most guido-esque able to apply, is characteristic of a society that does not lay out, starkly and honestly, the choices and consequences for women, directly, starting in the teen years. Now for many, the way is clear: Snooki. Gym-Tan-Laundry, is the mantra, with the unspoken need to get out there, as drunk as possible, to have a hook-up and some sort of human connection. That is not happiness. Just look at the pictures.

Meanwhile, US women are not happy either.

A previous relationship left them heartbroken. They say you never really get over your first love. Tara, a 26 year-old freelance writer from North Carolina admitted during our interview, “I didn’t think I would ever fall in love again so I figured it didn’t matter who I married.”

I can relate. Breaking up with my college boyfriend left me devastated. He wasn’t just my first serious relationship; he produced the beats to my heart for years. I never thought anyone could ever make me feel that way again, so I settled for the memories and pledged my honor to someone with whom — wait for it — I was in a convenient relationship.

Madison also attributes a past heartbreak as a reason why she became Mrs. to Mr. Wrong. After being told over the phone by her first fiancé, “I have cancer and can never see you again,” Madison had an understandably hard time trusting love. She married her ex-husband because “We were both financially stable and could have a good life. I loved him, but I’m not sure about actually being in love with him. I felt that I would never be hurt by him as long as I didn’t give my whole heart.”

“Celebrating” Divorce in your twenties is a coping mechanism. At best. Many simply never got over the hot, dominant Alpha male they could not keep.Because no one told them they were not hot enough, and young enough (compared to the guy) to keep him. That say, Annette Benning can keep her hot, dominant Alpha male because she’s about thirty years younger than he is. That at best, even a beautiful woman the same age as a dominant, Alpha male producing the beats to her hearts, can only keep him for a moment.

Those unable to find a partner, tend to use food for love. Just look at any old picture of women in the 1940’s or 1950’s, particularly after wartime rationing ended. You won’t see lots of fat girls or guys. Part of that is the “diversity tax” in which people retreat to the suburbs via private auto, or the internet, to avoid the inevitable crime that “diversity” brings. But a great deal of it relates to the atomization of society that does not any longer reliably match young men with young women. Everyone is on their own. With only the guidance of TV, movies, books, and popular celebrities to help advise on their love-lives. Which is to say, nothing at all helpful and positively harmful influences.

Most modern women in the US and the UK are profoundly unhappy. You don’t see scenes like the above, or books “celebrating” what is a miserable failure — divorce in one’s twenties, when it pretty much guarantees (for women) a much poorer position in the mating/marriage market.

I do not believe it is reasonable or even possible to restrict women’s absolute and complete freedom to choose their life and their sex partners. Women however desperately need an honest, up-front, and direct guidance from other women (men will simply be ignored of course) about how choices early limit options later. Chase Alphas, and you’ll be disappointed if you are not ready to be cheated upon. That is true for even the most beautiful of women, and the ordinary women won’t even be more than a disposable object. In an endless choice, a menu of constant freedom, it becomes even more critical to select a guy for character and reliability, rather than pure sexiness. Choosing sexy guys carries with it, a fairly large cost for women. Cheating, unfaithfulness, risk of disease. But choosing a guy they have no feelings for sexually either is a one way trip to unhappy-ville, sneaking out to drink and hook-up with strangers in a desperate attempt to feel sexy in turn.

Society today is fundamentally dishonest with women, and cheats them out of a honest choice. It lies and says that freedom comes with no strings (it does). Society does not tell women that nearly unlimited freedom also means a very thin tightrope to find romantic happiness. That all that sexual liberation is a two edged sword, to be worthy of a guy they find attractive, they’ll have to be significantly younger, with relatively few partners, be pretty, fit, thin, and with a pleasing personality. All things they cannot do much about except on the margins (eat healthy, exercise, refrain from casual hook-ups).

Society also lies in that very few women are aware of the risks of falling deeply for an Alpha — few other guys will compare. This is particularly true for the first guy, who remains perhaps the only guy in her heart. Not fun if he’s with someone else.

It is not that women are choosing badly, though mostly they are. Rather, it is that women are being lied to, by a media-infotainment complex that feeds the worst delusions instead of the noblest instincts of women. Imagine a world where every guy watches endless Star Trek episodes featuring hot Borg Babes and Vulcan women fighting over some useless geek. That flipped on the gender, is the toxic environment women have to endure, and fight against every day, intellectually and emotionally.

The inevitable disappointment that most women endure, leads to over-eating to find love in food, partly, or binge drinking and useless hook-ups. Is Snooki happy? I think not. Nor do the women in the photos look happy. The road to happiness (and incidentally, women feeling positive not negative towards the West, and its civilization,and its people) requires honesty. About what a world of near total sexual and individual freedom requires. Which in turn is nothing less than constant vigilance and care, lest a woman’s one chance at happiness slip away, without her even knowing it.

For the flip-side is, few men desired at all by any attractive women at all, needs to compromise. For many, a life of casual sex, and slacking will do just fine.

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  1. A most excellent piece and posted.

  2. A bit more than that, actually. Even if most Men DID watch such star-trek shows, Men are reliably more realistic with their given situation. Women tend to be delusional in most circumstances.

  3. Mozart says:

    Great post. There was a time women were the bedrock of the family/society.Lot of reasons this isn't the case today, will leave that for another time.Really good post.ThanksMozart

  4. Fortress says:

    "Imagine a world where every guy watches endless Star Trek episodes featuring hot Borg Babes and Vulcan women fighting over some useless geek."Ever watched a Japanese harem anime? You just described the lion's share of them.

  5. Odds says:

    Whiskey continues to write the sharpest and hardest hitting material on the web.

  6. Anonymous says:

    'they'll have to be significantly younger, with relatively few partners, be pretty, fit, thin, and with a pleasing personality. All things they cannot do much about except on the margins (eat healthy, exercise, refrain from casual hook-ups).'Good grooming counts. No stupid, weird or unfeminine haircuts. Clean clothes with some fashion sense. Forgo tattoos and body piercings. Moreover, choose your parents wisely.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What is this drunkenness/hedonism but just a way to numb yourself to the utter pointlessness of your life? No past, no present, no future, but just a string of momentary sensations. Can't get rid of the guilt and emptiness, need more booze….

  8. HR Lincoln says:

    Amateur Strategist – "Men are reliably more realistic with their given situation. Women tend to be delusional in most circumstances."Anyone who denies this fundamental truth should spend some time perusing the internet dating profiles of middle-aged women and men. The prerequisites listed by nearly all women with attractive photographs are generally stupefying, regardless of the baggage they themselves tote.

  9. ray says:

    no croc tears from me over "heartbroken" womenthey and their matriarchies have gleefully broken the bodies and lives of western men for a century now, stripping away our civil rights via their self-serving "laws" and gloating in their artificial empowermentthis is just the beginning of their recompense, and they — and their male enablers — will choke on the fruit of their rebellion

  10. peterike says:

    A great post Whiskey, and so terribly sad. I read a lot of classic fiction, both British and American. And to see the decline from the women of 50 or 100 years ago to those stumbling, drunken skanks of today is heartbreaking. Even the most foolish flapper from an F. Scott Fitzgerald story was vastly superior to the degenerate, deracinated zombies that stagger through the streets of all our major cities, both US and UK. And these are the mothers to our future generations of men. Truly, the Left knew what it was doing when it targeted the family for destruction. The Orcs are winning. The aimless, nihilistic demolition of Western society continues apace.

  11. Vaga says:

    This post is spot onWill people ever wake up to this crap?What can we do to wake them up other than talking about it to our peers?

  12. Anonymous says:

    What can we do to wake them up other than talking about it to our peers?If you go to a graveyard, can you wake those people up? What you need is divine power to raise the dead.Your error is in thinking people are asleep. Most are dead, only a resurrection will work.

  13. Hot Borg Babes and Vulcan women? What about green women?The social contract is broken, the west is at the end of a cycle which will usher in its destruction.Once the spawn of single Mommas become more numerous than betas, the only advantage the West has over the rest of the world will be non-existent.We'll be importing foreign immigrants to fly our planes and drive our tanks, oh wait a sec, we're already doing that….

  14. Anonymous says:

    "Soon all shall be burned. The West has failed. It shall all go up in a great fire, and all shall be ended. Ash! Ash and smoke blown away on the wind! The West has failed. It is time for all to depart who would not be slaves."

  15. peterike says:

    Off topic, but… Whiskey, I'm sure you've seen this but I have to make sure. has now officially jettisoned whitey. Working class whitey that is. He has all but declared he believes in the classes of master and slave, and nothing in between.

  16. Whiskey says:

    Oh yes Peterike, I've seen it. Yes master/slave class is what Obama and really Democrats are all about.

  17. DaFarmaY'All says:

    And on top of all that they love niggers!! leading the world in race-mixing!

  18. Anonymous says:

    At the end of the day I think the fact that they can fulfill their desire to be a parent without a man, while men can't without marrying a woman, creates the kind of imbalance of power we see. If it was just about sex prostitution and porn would fill the void.

  19. Anonymous says:

    "But a great deal of it relates to the atomization of society that does not any longer reliably match young men with young women. Everyone is on their own. "Good point, this whole culture is terrible. Even most churches don't do anything to set people up. However, I know of several humongous women who went on the dating sights and found a husband.That's how desperate guys are. Of course, I went on one and got zero responses. Why do I want a 200 pound woman anyway? I'm not fat.

  20. bollyanddom says:

    This describes well the malaise of society, but seems to have the mistaken apprehension that it only affects women. The unnecessarily feminist point of view detracts from the fact that both sexes are growing up in such a free world that our psyches cannot cope.

  21. jack says:

    5 minutes of alpha > 5 years of ice cream and cookies > 5 years of beta

  22. I think the real point here is that, the more some women choose skankhood and some men choose to play around, the less that normal men and women want to go out to bars and other places where such people hang out. That's why you see so many normal people preferring sports bars or suburban family bars or imitation Irish pubs to going anywhere linked with skankitude.Unfortunately, in the UK, it's apparently all drunks all the time. I guess normal people stay home, or only go out to pubs in daylight.

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