A Tale of Two Pepper Sprays

Two recent pepper spray incidents in California reveal the two differing standards for Whites and Latinos. The UC Davis incident in which a UC Davis campus police officer pepper sprayed students who refused to move when ordered, has resulted in the Police Chief’s suspension, an apology from the UC Davis Chancellor, and the suspension of the police officer as well as a full-blown investigation that could result in his firing and even prosecution. Meanwhile, in Porter Ranch, a woman who pepper sprayed fellow Black Friday Wal-Mart shoppers to get an X-box has not been charged and according to reports, is unlikely to be charged at all by the LAPD.

The difference? The cop at UC Davis is White, and the woman who pepper sprayed her fellow shoppers is Mexican.

The Wal-Mart pepper sprayer bragged to fellow shoppers that she would pepper spray other shoppers to get to the X-boxes on sale. She did in fact do so, and grabbed an X-box, paid for it, and left. She was caught on cellphone video with the pepper spray, and was clearly identified. A number of shoppers had to be transported to local hospitals with difficulty breathing and seeing.

America has now, two distinct and separate politicized justice systems, matching that of the political breakdown. One for connected, famous, and rich White elites, non-Whites, and such. And another for ordinary White guys and gals. Shades of “the police acted stupidly” by Obama, we have preferential, specialized treatment for one pepper spayer (because she is Mexican) and a virtual jihad for another, arguably in pursuit of his duties, and operational procedures as he understood them, because the latter is White. Certainly a Black or Hispanic officer at UC Davis would never have been suspended, in fact the whole thing would never have been an issue.

Is this sustainable? Very likely not. It is one more aspect of the eternal spoils struggle between Democrats, party of the anti-White folks (rich White elites, professional White women, non-Whites), and Republicans (against their will morphing into the White party). As memories of the Civil Rights era fade (NY Magazine had an article detailing Jessie Jackson meeting with the Occupy Wall Street goofs, Jackson asked them what LBJ meant to them and they answered Vietnam, he responded with Medicare, the Civil Rights Act, and more) and with it whatever residual White guilt among middle and working class Whites, this spoils system for justice becomes less tenable. Certainly as Whites fade into a minority, suddenly, in their own country, by being forced to accede to Mexican Mass Immigration (because the Mexicans doing the mass immigrating are given special, race-based preferences) and White second-class citizenship, while paying for everything, and getting essentially nothing, well that is nothing more than a pre-Revolutionary condition.

How and when this will explode is uncertain. But explode it will.

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10 Responses to A Tale of Two Pepper Sprays

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whiskey, the new Twilight film has grossed almost $500 million in just two weeks of release.Make of that what you will.There's still one more to go before it's all over.

  2. ant says:

    Maybe is because she is a woman;that is why she got off easy? What if a man pepper-spray another person(White or Not).

  3. ray says:

    this is a no-brainer, it's about gender, not racefemales rarely get arrested, esp for violent acts, in the United Sisterhood of Americaheck they kill the kids or hubby, they go on probation and are called 'victims'

  4. no mo uro says:

    And speaking the Occupoids…….I am surprised that you, Whiskey, have not written a post about the role of female hypergamy in these protests. I saw this video from the Boston one with a young female dressed with all the expensive marker clothing interacting with the bad boys in a way that was right out of your writings.Your insights?

  5. Anonymous says:

    The article doesn't say she is Mexican. Just that she has a Hispanic name.

  6. Like others I'm not convinced of the racial angle although it may play a marginal role. The reaction to the Davis incident has other roots. Ray explained it from the gender perspective but I'll propose another explanation; class. It's one thing to spray some nobodies but UC Davis students are the kids of the Sac town gentry. No way is that gonna fly.

  7. Firepower says:

    Commander Shepard said… Like others I'm not convinced of the racial angleBut, of course, you wouldn't. The main difference IS that magical PC combo of race and sex that you consistently refuse to grasp and admit.A white cop sprays white kids = outrage!A Mexican cop spray white kids = meh.A white Wal-Marter sprays Mexican shoplifters = 30 weeks on MSNBC with Chris Matthews…This really needs constant, repetitive explanation for you?

  8. Sugar says:

    From what data do you draw the conclusion that a mexican cop pepper spraying white kids would not be charged?

  9. Making a "race" case out of this seems a bit of a stretch.The cops at UC Davis got shafted because they treated affluent white liberal kids as they would ghetto kids. That was their crime- they applied a little "equal opportunity" against white liberals and the affluent little dears became upset.In the Walmart case, you have a case of disruptive dangerous shoppers, and one bystander pulled out some pepper spray to defend herself. The two cases are not at all comparable. Some of the victims were themselves Hispanic. The LATimes article for example quotes one Mexican victim who was there, Alejandra Seminario, 24 who suffered. And the pepper sprayer was not acting in any official capacity, like the cops at UC. She was another shopper caught in a stampede and she freaked.Trying to play up the race angle on this one is a real stretch. I will say though that it was good to see the little liberal darlings squirm.

  10. @ Sugar and EightRouteArmy; Well said but FaggotPower can't grasp the obvious. He also thinks Anne Coulter is hot so take what he says with a large grain of salt. He's already been laughed off In Mala Fide (he never stops obsessing over that) so he keeps his Ann Coulter fetish on the down low when posts at Roissy's blog and elsewhere.

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