Orange County’s Illegal Alien Serial Killer: How the Dream Act Murdered the California Dream

In Orange County, a series of murders of homeless, aging White guys (that’s them above) had everyone on edge. One even took place outside a local library. The latest one involved a man, ironically, featured in the LA Times being warned about the killer by local police. Bystanders chased the man down. He is, police say, the killer: twenty-three year old Itzcoatl Ocampo, brought (illegally) to the US at age 1 from Mexico, reportedly kicked out of the US Marine Corps, and 2006 graduate of Esperanza High School. His last victim was a Vietnam Veteran.

This is pretty much the Death of the California Dream, and the birth of the Dream Act in miniature. Ocampo (that’s him above), the poster boy for “diversity” and “multiculturalism” hunts down and kills the most helpless, elderly or aging homeless White guys. Including a Vietnam Vet.

Even lunatics like Ocampo have people in his corner. A zillion relatives, the League of United Latin American Citizens, MeChA, La Raza, the US Department of Justice, the media (which has been careful to suppress that he came to America illegally and is Mexican), and the police. Unlike say, White, homeless and schizophrenic Kelly Thomas, Ocampo was not beaten to death (by a mixture of cops including one Mexican-ancestry cop). Unlike say, Douglas Zerby, Ocampo was not shot to death for holding a garden hose (by a Hispanic and White cop respectively). Nor was Ocampo given an elbow on the head, as a White, mentally disturbed, homeless (and retarded) woman got, caught on video and shown on local news.

Cops can and do deal out whatever they want to Whites without connections and power. Meanwhile they tread carefully around Mexicans, Blacks, Asians, and other non-White groups. Why?

Is it Anarcho-Terror, the idea of punishing ordinary Middle Class people while allowing thugs to do as they please? Nope, as that does not capture the racial and class component. As historian David Fischer noted in Albion’s Seed, there were four basic folkways/cultures that settled and shaped America. The Puritans, the Quakers, the Virginia Aristocrats, and the Hillbillies. The Puritans and Quakers have long since combined, and the Aristocrats rapidly disappeared after the Civil War. Leaving an eternal war between the noxious combination of the Puritans and Quakers, and the Hillbillies on the other side.

It was not always so. Mark Twain aka Samuel Clemens, was part of the “Quality” of the Hillbillies, and worked as a River pilot as a young man (akin to being a 747 pilot today). He disliked intensely, many aspects of Hillbilly life, as seen in Huckleberry Finn: the pointless feuds, the cruel superstitions that caused unreasonable fear among children (the description of the Death-Watch beetle is obviously a personal one), the sudden mob violence, the credulity and cruelty, and the casual regard of Black people as less than human. Twain famously settled in Connecticut, and his Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court is basically a long explanation of why he disliked the Hillbilly culture so much, and preferred the Puritan one. The book was not about Dark Ages Britain and the resistance to pagan Saxon invaders, but about how much BETTER settled, ordered Connecticut was than violent Missouri.

On the other hand, Richard Brautigan, culturally a Puritan (raised in the Pacific Northwest in poverty) romanticized Confederate rebellion, with his first novel “A Confederate General From Big Sur” exploring an internal secession from the ugly Puritan reality, continued in books such as “The Hawkline Monster” and “The Abortion: An Historical Romance 1966.” [Brautigan is unjustly forgotten, and was a unique and gentle critic of modern American life, in favor of the “old, weird” America.]

Be that as it may, the mingling of the utopian, pacifist, and universal Quaker viewpoints (all are beloved of God and God’s Children, people are all the same, pacifism is the answer) and the Puritan ones (a select group of pre-ordained saved, a terrible unity enforced with violence, a lack of will to do anything but God’s pre-ordained plan, everything wicked outside, and the tiny group of faithful inside) was inevitable as the two expanded Westward, particularly after the South and Hillbillies and Aristocrats were crushed in the post-Civil War era. The two groups became intertwined, and in conflict with the only remaining outsider White group: Hillbillies.

For while Twain’s criticisms of Hillbilly life and culture were undoubtedly correct, Hillbillies remained as they were. Viewing government as something used to oppress them, by distant people. Trusting only themselves and neighbors who were related in some way. Independent, highly mobile, and disdainful of education. Filled with folk ways and superstitions, willing to fight, and taking pride in martial prowess of America. The only government they liked was the military, and foreigners were viewed with suspicion at best and hatred at worst.

Meanwhile Puritan-Quakers viewed themselves as the “only good White people” and that Hillbillies were cursed with “original racial sin” and responsible for all the bad things in history that had ever happened. Non-Whites were viewed as not merely God’s Children but uniquely blessed with magical, spiritual qualities lacking the “innate racism” that plagued Hillbillies and the uptight conformity that drove Puritan achievement but made life “boring.”

As time went on, various Ethnic Catholic Whites: Irish, Poles, Italians, Germans, and so on were lumped in with “the wrong sort of White people” and various attempts like Prohibition were made to control and eradicate them. Progressive Eugenicists in the US such as Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, and David Starr Jordan, peace activist, director of the Sierra Club, President of Stanford University, wanted the “wrong sort of White people” sterilized as much as non-Whites. “Defective” Whites, mostly Hillbillies and various ethnic Catholics, were sterilized in Puritan-Quaker states such as California, Oregon, Washington, and Maine along with non-Whites.

Anarcho-tyranny is just another name for the long-running struggle among White people, over how the world works, how it will be organized, and what the definition of the good life is. Puritan-Quakers believe, in an ironic twist, in a universal (i.e. Medieval Catholic) conception of mankind. One without God, but with Gaia. Forming the same function, the desire to create a universal, nationless world ordered by a universal priesthood (made up of them, naturally) for a universal good in harmony with Gaia’s will. If not God’s. Meanwhile Hillbillies and various Ethnic Whites (mostly but not exclusively Catholic) hold to nationalism, intense devotion to place (Philip Larkin’s “Little England”) and heritage. They reject universalism in place of localism, and you can see this from say, Tolkien’s Shire (heaven is Lancashire, England or the Lake District or the Cotswolds), to Joss Whedon’s “Firefly” (the Confederates are the GOOD guys). Perhaps the most liberal guy in Hollywood made a TV show and movie advocating localism and separatism.

For Hillbillies, tradition matters. For Puritan-Quakers, it is something to be abolished because it’s “racist.” Or something. Hillbillies revel in sin, and then ask forgiveness on Sunday morning. Puritan-Quakers believe all (Whites) but them are filled with sin, and therefore must be punished. Hillbillies want a nation, and Puritan-Quakers a world-order. Hillbillies want to enjoy sin, and Puritan-Quakers want to enjoy virtue. Drinking, smoking, eating bad but delicious food, versus outdoorsy exercise, “serving the community” by walking for AIDs or something, and virtuous abstaining from bad foods. These are fundamental differences in how to live life, how to order people in a group, how to create for the future (or not). There is no compromise, and in one sense this has been the central fight since the universalist, Empire-building Romans fought the particularist, individualistic/localized Celts, in Spain, Gaul, and Britain, starting in the 3rd Century BC.

Thus, the death of the California Dream and the birth of the Dream Act. For now, the Puritan-Quakers have won. Holding the commanding heights of the media, law, politics, and in explicit alliance with anti-White groups such as La Raza and LULAC, the Puritan-Quakers have helped ethnically cleanse the White Middle Class (uncomfortably Hillbilly) and the Beach Boy’s California Dreamin’ out of California. In favor of illegals, at least one of whom found it necessary to hunt down and kill elderly homeless White guys.

Itzcoatl (the name is derived from some Aztec warrior-chief) Ocampo is the very person the Dream Act is supposed to help. Grant citizenship to an illegal who went to school in the US, regardless if he was there legally or not. Certainly grant him citizenship if he serves in the military. While the media ties itself up in horror over (White) Marines peeing on dead Taliban, it ignores a real Mexican ex-Marine seeking out and killing White guys who were helpless. That is the Dream Act.

It is nothing less than a war of extermination, of annihilation, by the Puritan-Quaker group against the Hillbilly-Ethnic group. It is as old as Caesar’s massacres of the Gauls. The California Dream is dead. The one place, where White middle class people of no particular connection or advantage (in a word, Hillbillies or Ethnics) could live, and achieve for themselves a higher living standard than their parents, and their kids still higher than them, is dead. Killed by mass immigration (nearly all illegal) from Mexico, notions of original White racial sin, ethnic cleansing of Whites by the mass immigration (through pricing out of ordinary people of limited desirable places to live), and what Steve Sailer called “the High-Low” team-up of rich White elites and poor non-Whites.

Instead of the California Dream, and the Beach Boys, we have the Dream Act, and the Mexicanization of California and the US, complete with a Mexican guy killing homeless White guys. Said Mexican guy being the very person the Dream Act was designed to help, killing those who are disposable. Old, sick/crazy White guys.

Very soon, we will have an outright conflict, in the open, over these matters. Particularly if the predictions of scarcity, and even more centralization, are accurate, the Hillbillies and Ethnics will start fighting. For now, the Puritans-Quakers have had it their way (mostly by peeling off professional White women by patronage and status). That is not likely to be permanent. The California Dream was murdered by the Dream Act. While Illegal Aliens were the trigger men, the ones who paid for the hit were Puritan-Quakers. And like all murders, the killings will ripple out. Hillbillies, as Mark Twain observed, are good at feuding. They’ve had about 4,000 years of practice, against Celts, Picts, Romans, Angles, Saxons, Jutes, Danes and other Vikings, Normans, Scots, and the English.

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36 Responses to Orange County’s Illegal Alien Serial Killer: How the Dream Act Murdered the California Dream

  1. You're very fair as you blame all Mexicans for the bad deeds of one Mexican.

  2. Whiskey says:

    Well, all Whites get blamed for the deeds of one bad White: James Earl Ray, etc. But Iztcoatl Ocampo would not even have been in the US, not being American, nor born here (there is a difference, I can be born in Nigeria, but I would never be considered nor should I Nigerian) — were it not for other Whites. Specifically, Puritan-Quaker elites who find "the wrong sort of Whites" worthy of extermination. As they always have.But if Mexicans don't like Collective Blame, well they only have themselves to thank, since they've dealt it out for half a century through La Raza and LULAC and other organizations: racist White America is to blame for everything, and must eternally atone. That depends on Mexicans being eternally blameless and non-violent and meek and mild.You can't call the bullet back.

  3. cecilhenry says:

    I notice Ford is adveretsing on tv commericials explicitly aimed at Mexicans in American.Of course since the attitude to liberals is that once you're in the land mass called America you are an Ammericn, this causes no discomfort.What does FORD care?? They're just after the money. ONly when the bottom line is effected will business care—but by then it will be too late to return to better times–instead they will call it 'different' times.

  4. Jules says:

    Don't know if Whiskey mentioned it or I read it somewhere else but FDR got the hillbilly vote because he saw that moonshine selling, government hating independent to a fault yokels could be brought into the democratic fold by prolonging the depression (not that he saw it as prolonging) by building railroads, dams and factories where no business would. That's why Obamacare has conservatives & libertarians worried, because it "fundamentally changes the relationship between the people and the state…Are we to be citizens or subjects?" (Jonah Goldberg, NR). That independent streak which survived Wilson, FDR and Johnson will finally come to an end within a generation. "True roman bread for true romans" while legions from cisalpine and transalpine gaul demand land at the point of a sword. Btw Whiskey, that quote is from HBO's Rome. Don't know if you've seen it, it was created by the great John Milius. It was pitched to HBO as a story about "white trash" Romans, which it is. Funnily enough in the 2 seasons it was on, it wasn't the white trash romans who committed parricide, infanticide, fratricide, incest and genocide. Doubt that anyone at HBO noticed that running gag throughout the series, the "white trash romans" were nobler than the Plebs and Patricians.

  5. Jules says:

    Don't know if Whiskey mentioned it or I read it somewhere else but FDR got the hillbilly vote because he saw that moonshine selling, government hating independent to a fault yokels could be brought into the democratic fold by prolonging the depression (not that he saw it as prolonging) by building railroads, dams and factories where no business would. That's why Obamacare has conservatives & libertarians worried, because it "fundamentally changes the relationship between the people and the state…Are we to be citizens or subjects?" (Jonah Goldberg, NR). That independent streak which survived Wilson, FDR and Johnson will finally come to an end within a generation. "True roman bread for true romans" while legions from cisalpine and transalpine gaul demand land at the point of a sword. Btw Whiskey, that quote is from HBO's Rome. Don't know if you've seen it, it was created by the great John Milius. It was pitched to HBO as a story about "white trash" Romans, which it is. Funnily enough in the 2 seasons it was on, it wasn't the white trash romans who committed parricide, infanticide, fratricide, incest and genocide. Doubt that anyone at HBO noticed that running gag throughout the series, the "white trash romans" were nobler than the Plebs and Patricians.

  6. So only White people are real Americans?

  7. Whiskey says:

    Hidden Author — America is a historically majority White country. Mexicans did not fight at Valley Forge, nor sign the Declaration of Independence. Nor did Asians, nor did the Australian Aborigines.America belongs to the historic American nation the way Ireland belongs to the Irish, and not say Catholic Peruvians, or Nigerians. Blacks had a minor, somewhat interesting role, in creating and shaping American culture — from music to cuisine. And other groups in very minor roles had very minor influence.But America is not built upon Mestizo culture, nor Spanish, nor various Mulatto cultures. It absorbed, with a time-out lasting about forty years, waves of White European immigrants who shared the same culture, in its basics, and rapidly absorbed English as the sole language in a rapidly expanding economy.If America is just a place for random people, if anyone born here is American, then it is worth nothing. Because it is just a place on a map and not a nation. Nigeria is a young country, and with not much to be proud of, with little of accomplishment. Yet no Nigerian would say that anyone born there from say, Sweden or Japan would be Nigerian. Or that Nigeria is a place built by Swedes or Japanese.The truth that America is a historic White Majority nation, and a Protestant Christian one at that is not a call for the Klan, any more than Mexico as a Mestizo Catholic Nation is a call for the Inquisition and race war in Mexico.Mexicans have the innate right to self-determination, to limit those who come in, and through their Constitution retain the racial and religious character of their nation. They view themselves as a nation, not just a random place on the map.Why would you deny that same right to Americans? Because we are mostly White? Or the wrong kind of White people?

  8. Whiskey says:

    I look forward to Rome on Netflix.

  9. A brilliant post. I've read about the Unitarian universalist (Quaker) origins of modern SWPL liberalism many places. I had never considered the Puritan origins. Liberals are very Puritan in their attitudes. You musr recycle and become a vegan or you will be arrested! Resistance is futile! I'm gonna buy shotgun ammo and become a hillbilly.

  10. sestamibi says:

    (sarcasm on)It's still the Jews fault. (sarcasm off)Superb post, as always, Whiskey.

  11. Tim says:

    I don't believe Mexicans are a race. They are an ethnicity, like Italians…but they are ultimately caucasians.

  12. johnsal says:

    You are right on point, Whiskey. For those appreciative of rock music, I suggest you listen to a song by the southern band Drive-By Truckers entitled "Ain't Never Gonna Change"from their album "The Dirty South." Essentially, the title and the story contained in the song is an explanation and affirmation of the Southern determination not to yield to what you describe as the northern Puritan-Quaker culture. The chorus is "We ain't never gonna change. We ain't doin' nothin' wrong." For a true Southerner, the Civil War didn't end; it's just that the military phase went dormant.

  13. Firepower says:

    The msm is complicit in whitewashing all minority crime – especially against white victims.It's WHAT THEY DO.

  14. Just because a nation is not defined by race, it doesn't mean that it is "a place on the map" that collects "random people." A nation can be a civil association that integrates people into its communities based on how effectively they fit in. So while Iztcoatl Ocampo obviously doesn't fit in, a law-abiding, peaceful, hard-working immigrant of Mexican origin can over time integrate him- or herself into an American community and thus become truly American.

  15. Whiskey says:

    Hidden Author — I defy you to find an example of a place not defined by race, that was in any way a successful and peaceful and secure nation.The best I can come up with are corrupt, tottering empires beset by periodic pogroms against unpopular minorities: the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, the Russian Empire, the Soviet one, and Yugoslavia. Perhaps add Iraq under Saddam to the list. All depend on a very talented Dictator/tyrant who can fill mass graves with alacrity to keep peace. Failing when the Big Man dies.People just don't work that way, they are not genetically hard-wired to do so. Which is why Mexicans, "hard working" booed the US Flag and National Anthem at US-Mexico World Cup play here in LA. Which is why Mexicans drove around on 9/11 celebrating. Which is why Mexicans beat up White kids with the American flag — in US schools in California and elsewhere, to the point where schools forbid … the US Flag.A small number, less than 100,000 nationwide, of Mexicans, could be absorbed in a nation that is 89% White, over ten years. And maintain social peace and FORCE (by coercion, as in the period 1820-1920) rapid assimilation, intermarriage, and de-Mexicanization (the way the Irish dropped Gaelic). That's about it. Anything else is a disaster, not the least of which is modern technology (internet, radio, TV) plus the closeness of Mexico.A Mexican can walk and drive around LA, second largest city of Mexican nationals, and not need to read or speak a word of English.Meanwhile Mexicans are an awful welfare burden on the White population, driving them out of neighborhoods (ethnic cleansing) and demanding ever higher welfare transfers. That is a recipe for mass social conflict, not peace. It drives White flight, then fight. The current model of Whites as tax-slaves, farmed for money, and Mexicans farmed for votes, is simply unsustainable.

  16. Whiskey says:

    One final note. The US will never compete with cheap Chinese labor and lack of regulations. Not ever. The decimation of US Solar firms (like Solyndra) was entirely predictable because China had cheaper labor (including cheaper engineers, by far) and no real safety/health/environmental regulations.In order for the US to be competitive, and anything other than a resource exporter only like Brazil or the Middle East, we must be "insanely great" to quote Steve Jobs in producing insanely great products that no one else can. Always pushing to new, improved, and massively improved technology, and whole new products.That requires a cognitively gifted workforce. High IQ Jews, Germans, Poles, and such were and are an asset to the US, as are the cognitive elite of India (much of which is dirt poor and very low IQ) and China (same). [The two are just so big, that even though most of their people are low-IQ, they have a lot of smart people due to their size.]Mexicans are not, and never have been, part of the global cognitive elite. Here is the google maps interactive map of the top cities for Chemistry research (size equals more papers, red = repetitive, non original papers, green = original stuff cited by others). Mexico is pathetic. [Original paper here.If America would get rich off day labor in fields or low-skill construction work, Mexicans would be a great addition. Since America's only competitive strategy is high IQ inputs to technology exports, adding lots of low-IQ Mexicans is basically, national suicide. You get the welfare needs (to buy off riots/ethnic massacres) of the US with the resources of Mexico. Its like putting Greece in a currency union with Germany. Disaster.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Another brilliant post, which explains why I am a redneck, even though over educated, just short of a PhD, with four foreign languages and several books published. Redneck is a state of mind.And it goes even beyond skin. Among my most valued friends is a half-Chinese American (you know him too Whiskey), who is thoroughly redneck. Most of my Russian friends are Rednecks.Mexicans could be also, if only they would assimilate. I think a New England Redneck would be an impossibility.-Rurik

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope you fail, Whiskey. Your attitude is if you can't preserve America as only for the whites, then tear it down. This is treason.

  19. I suppose you think White people are the natural constituency for your rhetoric but look closer. Take my family for example. We're Catholics so we have no investment in your Protestant America. Although the whole biological family is White, my aunt adopted two Koreans, perhaps you can come and convince her to hate "mud" people the way you do.You talk about race war as a trait of human nature but Brazil for all its faults has racial harmony between black and white. There is class struggle but upwardly mobile blacks tend to identify more with the White elite. Brazil is also rising out of its traditional Third World poverty.

  20. Oh and the United States has not yet collapsed in spite of its multicultural multiracialism.

  21. No Show says:

    sestamibi said…(sarcasm on)It's still the Jews fault.It would be if Jews actually had any power in America.But they don't. They have NO place in the movie and TV industry.They have NO place among social commentators or public intellectuals.They are absent from Academia.They have NO connection to finance in America, not on Wall street or the Federal Reserve board.They rarely contribute money in politics and the Israel lobby has NO influence in America.Benjamin Netanyahu's pariah status in America is evidence of that.Apparently, Puritanical WASP's run America because we are living in the early 1600s and not 2012.And Debbie Wasserman Schultz is Scots Irish.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Hidden Author — America is a historically majority White country. Mexicans did not fight at Valley Forge, nor sign the Declaration of Independence.Whiskey you like to cobble together ideas and mix them with your own opinions which sometimes make for interesting threads. Well I am going to serve this one up to you free.You claim Mexicans did not fight at Valley Forge, and presumably, in our Revolution. Well that belief is going to have to change. As Mark Steyn once said, diversity and multiculturalism not only change a nation's future, it must also change its past.To rectify your error, the nation is now learning that "hispanics" helped win our Revolution. Maybe not Mexicans, but definitely hispanics. You see we were helped by Spain. And we all know that means hispanics can claim the credit.As part of Hispanic Heritage Month, the US Army added a section over the last few years featuring hispanics in the army. Note to readers: If a group has to have a history month created for them, it is a sign they probably don't have much to show.From the Hispanic Americans in the US Army site:REVOLUTIONARY WAR1775-1783While many Americans are aware of French support for the United States during the Revolutionary War, few realize that Spain was a crucial U.S. ally and that Hispanic Americans fought the British alongside other American patriots. Troops from Spain, Mexico and the Caribbean region, along with Hispanic Americans, were instrumental in defeating British forces along the Gulf of Mexico from Pensacola and Baton Rough to Natchez and Mobile, thus securing the fledgling republic's southern flank. During the last major battle of the war, at Yorktown, Va., the French and American forces were able to sustain their triumphal efforts and pay for salaries, provisions and ammunition, thanks in large measure to financial donations received from Hispanic women in Havana, Cuba.That is an interesting take. I am probably in the 95th percentile among Americans when it comes to the history of our nation. Yes, I know with the state of our public schools that is not saying much. But I can never recall a class focusing on "defeating British forces along the Gulf of Mexico from Pensacola and Baton Rough to Natchez and Mobile, thus securing the fledgling republic's southern flank." That is probably because it had little to nothing to do with with winning the war.We mainly focused on events like Saratoga, Valley Forge and yes, Yorktown. But somehow we never learned that at Yorktown, we owed a "large measure to financial donations received from Hispanic women in Havana, Cuba" for our final victory. Funny, I was aware of the great French fleet and Washingon closing in on the land. But I never knew it was all made possible by hispanic women in Cuba.Of course this is bullshit, but it goes to show how the past must be changed to fit with the demographic future.So Whiskey, you can count on the fact that in the future Mexicans will get credit for Valley Forge and helping to establish our Republic.

  23. Pete says:

    Doesn't matter. Whites will be ethnically cleansed out of the southwest soon. Their time is over.White people didn't do shit when they were kicked out of Zimbabwe or South Africa, they won't do shit in the US. They are too pussified to fight back, and even if they tried their own government would form ranks and fire volleys of bullets of bullets at them till they ran off.The white man's time is over in the US.

  24. How does the Puritan/Quaker paradigm fit with European politics? Is Nick Sarkozy a Quaker/Puritan? Does that make Marine LaPen a hillbilly? I'm not trying to be a smartass–I think Fance may be the first country to revolt against modern liberalism. They knew better than to get involved in the middle east after the Algeria debacle. They may be the first to expel foreigners. If France has a right to be French then American white hillbillys have the right to be Americans. Mencius UR has written about USG. In Whiskey terms USG=Quaker/Puritan sensiblities with the religion stripped out and various quasis religious beliefs substituted. Am I close?

  25. Jules says:

    Hidden Author, as whiskey has noted catholics were/are part of the white people the Calvinist Puritan elite despise. Look at the endless mockery of Rick santorums dead baby story, which would never happen with say…making fun of Obamas father who was a drunk. There will never be a "black homer Simpson Obama senior digging for lincolns gold on the south lawn" sketch ever.Don't know if the beer swilling bier garden Germans were catholic, but that would explain a lot. Next to Jews, Catholics were next in line of non-blacks the kkk & prohibition types wanted gone. Whiskey, looking for some clarification re: puritans waging civil war on the hillbillies. Sounds a little neo-confederate. Also, victor Davis Hanson has pointed out numerous times that it was the western generals like Kerosene Billy Sherman & Grant who took command of the war by bringing in the western frontiers ubermensch. They would fight longer, shoot better and charge faster than anything the Rebs could field by 1864. So where does that place the frontiersmen who fought & died for the northern cause? Puritan or hillbilly or somewhere in between? They certainly weren't debauched, dueling cowboys but neither were they Calvinist control freaks.

  26. Grant and Sherman were, of course, rednecks. Nothing incompatible about being Catholic and redneck, either. Visit Louisiana sometime, if you don't believe me. Hidden Author, you seem hampered by your indoctrination. Does it ever occur to you that your indoctrination may have been incorrect? Willful blindness is not a virtue.Pete, the white man's time is not over in America. Just fools like you will die off from their own folly. It's a natural process, culling the herd is what nature does to the dysfunctional.When the shooting starts, the mestizos will run for the border or join forces with the hillbillies. This time the Puritan/Quaker Yankees are doomed.Let's look at Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, home of the Quakers, city of brotherly love, is dying, overwhelmed by savage negroes. Hillbilly Pittsburg, on the other hand, is thriving. Bye, bye, maladaptive Yankee man. Ponder that while you sip your latte.Deo Vindice

  27. Whiskey says:

    Anonymous — There has never been, EVER, a society where a group has gone from majority to minority and not been oppressed, and abused. So since I cannot change my skin color, no I do not look forward to being a gringo in Northern Mexico. That's asking for subhuman status. Granted long-dead Whites did bad things to Black people.I don't see why I should be punished for it.Hidden Author — I do not wish for "race war" I fear it. I am a comfortable middle class man. I would like to keep on living like that. I don't see harmony when Black flash mobs beat random White people, or Reginald Denny, some random White guy, gets his head beat in. Or some Mexican illegal (as it is now reported) decides to scare his homeless father back home to his family by killing random White homeless guys. That does not sound like all get along. Any more than Brazil's utter poverty and desolation for most (at best they are experiencing a China-fueled export boom in resources). Ocampo stabbed one guy 67 times, according to the coroner. That is the action of pure racial hatred. Nothing else.

  28. Whiskey says:

    My own ancestors were northern Hillbillies, one fought in the Indiana First Volunteer Regiment, another before that in the Mexican-American War.Eastern Tennessee — not many slaves around there, revolted to aid the Union, AGAINST the Confederacy. Twain was a Confederate, for about two months, before deserting after a small battle in Missouri. Kentucky was pro-Confederate but did not join, they had slaves but not so many. Maryland was also pro-Confederate, as was Delaware, but the Union Army prevented their joining. Both states had large slave plantations. Western Tennessee was pro-Confederate, many slaves about.Roughly 10% or so of Confederate soldiers owned slaves. The calculation Hillbillies generally made, was slaves hurt resale value of your labor, but freed ones would terrorize YOU (not Massa, he was holed up in his plantation house with armed men). If they were about.Almost no one at the time thought Slaves should VOTE, or hold office. Lincoln wanted to send them to Liberia, Sherman detested them, and treated them poorly. Lee held no slaves and treated those he encountered with respect and courtesy.

  29. Whiskey says:

    As for America "not falling apart" what can you say about California? It went from the Golden State to bankrupt, it cannot even get results for education, where it is among the top per-pupil spenders but ranks around Mississippi in student test scores. That's because importing half of Mexico gets its scholastic achievement — miserable. Mexicans are not very smart, in aggregate. Having achieved basically nothing of note in much of anything, outside a few third-rate writers and a few (bad) painters. Even the Irish, whose scientific contributions are so close to zero as to be statistically insignificant, have more on their resume.As for your Korean Nephews, would you invite all of China here? Why not? Wouldn't you like to live under Chinese rules? Be a Gwailo, a foreign devil, and a discriminated minority in your own land? If you don't its … RACIST! Or something.

  30. Anonymous says:

    In Australia the cities are more Anglo-Puritan, the rural areas Anglo-Celt Hillbilly. Us Hillbillies must be taught our weeping. We are now cast out into Aboriginal space. Defective and unwashed, we must be gone if they are to have their heaven on Earth.

  31. Columnist says:

    @PeteIf the White man is done in America, so will Zionism. Or will the Red man and the Black man shoot the Brown man for the Kosher man?Think about it.

  32. jhbowden says:

    Whiskey, have you ever read anything by Christopher Lasch? If so, what is your opinion of him?

  33. Whiskey says:

    No I had not seen anything by him. Thanks, I will have to check him out. Sounds much like what I am concerned with.

  34. sestamibi says:

    No Show, I'll bet you spent four hours writing that.

  35. freesun says:

    There is a tad bit of confusion here. Quakers have never been aligned with Puritans (nor Universalists), they are not Protestants at all, rather English Seperatists, and like all Seperatists wish to live "quiet in the land" as their spiritual cousins the Anabaptists do. One of the elite groups were and still are, the 'High Protestants' (Presbyterians, Congregationalists, et. al.) of New England and the Middle Atlantic states.The WASP dominated 'original' colonies did not go beyond the Appalachian Mountains. Past that and you are dealing with a plethora of different groups. But that is all history now, and as the 'perishing republic' collapses so do all the isms and anities and any pretensions of respectability. Does one really expect something different than this outcome? The Jeffersonian dream of an agrarian commonwealth was one thing, the Quaker dream of the peaceable kingdom another. Neither is in evidence today. Things are worse than you can even imagine. May we face the new dawn with courage and honor and gentle dignity.

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