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Why Roissy is Right

A Daily Mail story about erotic fiction stimulating wealthy New York Housewives shows how Roissy is right. Recently, Roissy noted that women desire to dominated. Which is by the way, a luxury good. Domination and control was not possible in … Continue reading

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Why America is Weak: All About Violence

CBS News recently ran a story on an anti-bullying crusader. Former Hollywood publicist Jodee Blanco travels around the country lecturing school kids on how to stop bullying. By caring. A lot: “Bullying is about kids needing compassion and my perspective … Continue reading

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The Most Hilarious Sex Tape Ever!

From The San Francisco Chronicle comes the bizarre sex tape story of California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, his wife Nadia (an Alameda County Supervisor), and the unemployed construction worker she made a sex tape with. The website New Santa Ana … Continue reading

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TV Ad Market Forecasts Continued Economic Gloom

Recent reports by Comcast/NBCU and CBS show continued economic gloom. Comcast showed an increase in profit of 26%, due to improved results for cable and the inclusion of NBCUniversal’s entertainment business. Growth in broadband and business services was matched by … Continue reading

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Germans Are Weird, Part 5,699 as the EU Collapses

Recently, Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder posed for a Carnival Themed TV Show Friday, in full punk-rock regalia. His t-shirt reads “Hast Du mal nen Euro?” or “Do you have a Euro?” Click on the link to see more pictures, … Continue reading

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Buffy Gets An Abortion: How Comics Aren’t For Kids (And Don’t Make Money)

Dark Horse Comics “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” (the comic book continuation of the TV series) has an upcoming issue in which the character, after a night of drunken sex with men she does not remember, decides to get an abortion. … Continue reading

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How NBC Can Save Itself

NBC garnered around 111 million viewers for the Superbowl. They have the London 2012 Olympics, sure to draw record viewership. They should be sitting pretty, right? Not really. NBC is mired in last place, often falling below Univision in the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Abortion Gamble: Catholics vs. Women

Barack Obama’s gamble on Abortion and Contraception, designed to force Catholic Charities to provide coverage for both, with no exemption for religious institutions, is hailed by most commentators as a stupid blunder. I’m not so sure. It might be a … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Men: Russell Brand and Mark Zuckerberg

Russell Brand and Mark Zuckerberg are in the news. The Facebook founder could be worth north of $1 billion depending on how much the IPO generates. His company, with more than 845 million registered users, stands ready to challenge giant … Continue reading

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