Obama’s Abortion Gamble: Catholics vs. Women

Barack Obama’s gamble on Abortion and Contraception, designed to force Catholic Charities to provide coverage for both, with no exemption for religious institutions, is hailed by most commentators as a stupid blunder. I’m not so sure. It might be a very savvy and calculated gamble. Like Bill Belichick in the Superbowl, trading points for time. Obama’s gamble is to trade Catholics for women. It might already be paying off.

A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Obama rebounding markedly in Virginia, winning 47% against Romney’s 43% of registered voters, against Romney at 44% vs. Obama at 42%. Obama leads Ron Paul 47-40, Newt by 51-37, and Santorum by 49-41.

Obama’s gamble is that Abortion and contraception, and the preservation of that right at will, is the most important issue for most Women voters. That even above the economy, and everything else, they will vote for him because he is the most willing to preserve it. Even picking fights with Catholics to expand that right. He might just be right.

As the Susan G. Komen Foundation discovered, even above Breast Cancer, most women feel Abortion is sacrosanct. Untouchable. And any desire to even avoid extending that right is a sin against them. Why?

Because, as Obama argues, women don’t want to be “punished with a baby.” Or let me rephrase that: punished with a baby conceived by a Beta Male. That’s a horrible thing. For men, “Knocked Up,” is a comedy. For women, a horror show. No wonder female star Katherine Heigl hated the movie. An attractive woman like herself, paired up with … Seth Rogen? Horrors. Even worse … bearing his child.

Only this deep need for a safety net if all goes wrong, and a Beta Male impregnates a woman, can explain the desire for women to constantly increase Abortion. Feeling like Southerners in the pre-Civil War period that if it does not always expand, it dies. This too explains the animosity tending towards hatred for Evangelical leaders, and particularly those opposed to Abortion: Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum.

Most White Middle class women never have an abortion. Upper Class women almost NEVER have one. Abortions are confined first and foremost to Black women, and secondarily to White working class women. There is an ugly history of Eugenics and forced sterilization around the Planned Parenthood movement, and Margaret Sanger (an enthusiastic proponent of both). Yet despite this, most women perceive abortion as their safety net, their last ditch “out” in case the worst happens: a Beta Male gets them pregnant during a one-night stand. Or the Alpha of their dreams who gets them pregnant turns out to be … horrors! A Beta Male. Nothing worse than that.

After all, Kevin Federline has five kids. One illegitimately by Shar Jackson, actress/dancer. Two legit kids by Britney Spears during their marriage. And two by his current paramour, model and athlete Victoria Prince. Levi Johnson, aka “Ricky Hollywood” who impregnated Bristol Palin, has reputedly another illegitimate kid. Women entangled with such men don’t run to get abortions when the fathers are low-lives, layabouts, drug dealers, and so on. It is generally women who find themselves suddenly pregnant, with a kid by a guy they don’t find sexy and are unwilling to choose as a partner, versus whatever Alpha may come along. Then, it makes perfect sense to get an abortion. To be able to continue to chase an Alpha.

This is what drives the fury at say, the Komen Foundation declining to further donate to Planned Parenthood. Or the hatred in part of Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum. And it is entirely the strategy of Barack Obama. Who cannot govern, but like all Democratic Politicians banks on the Abortion vote by women to drive turnout and votes.

So from this perspective, the more Obama is pilloried by Catholics for “forcing them” to close or violate their conscience and provide Abortions and contraceptives, the better he likes it. Better for him, to be seen as the tribune ever expanding women’s emergency safety to abort any Beta Male fetus. Even among sedate, married, and past fertility upper class women, who never availed themselves of such a service, nor would they, settling for a guy without the sex appeal but the stability and earning power to create and maintain wealth, this freedom must be expanded or it dies, is the feeling.

After all, Mimi Alford’s memoir detailing her affair with JFK, including losing her virginity to him, has best-seller written all over it. One can’t pursue an Alpha encumbered by some kid by a Beta Male. That at least is the fantasy, even among Upper Class women who would never in the world consider risking their entire family’s fortune on a disaster like divorce or co-habitation with kids but not marriage.

Will Obama’s bet pay out? I don’t know. Rising Gas prices with any tension with Iran, let alone active war, will also have an effect. As will rising food prices, no real increase in wages, and a sluggish job market dominated by low-wage hiring among mostly illegals and American Hispanics (Mexicans) in low-wage industries. Obama can’t deliver growth, for fear of upsetting his wealthy Hollywood and Silicon Valley pals. He can’t provide a military victory, his friends on the Left demand defeat. And he himself finds victory appalling. All he has left is to make a play with women, on the biggest emotional issue that he has left.

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36 Responses to Obama’s Abortion Gamble: Catholics vs. Women

  1. Sgt. Joe Friday says:

    “Even among sedate, married, and past fertility upper class women, who never availed themselves of such a service…this freedom must be expanded or it dies, is the feeling.”

    I am sure one of the reasons even married, upper middle class women get so worked up over the abortion issue is they want to have that option available in case their teenage daughters get pregnant by the “wrong” guy.

    Anyway, so maybe Obama has calculated whether he comes out ahead in a women vs. Catholics split, but I kind of doubt it. Obama and his people aren’t religious, and I doubt that there in their little bubble they even know many people in DC who go to church regularly. So they’re probably a little shocked by the intensity of the blowback. It’s kind of like that NY Times columnist back in 1972 who could not believe that Nixon was re-elected. She said something or other like “no one I know voted for him. How did he get re-elected?”

  2. Cindy says:

    Obama is a fool. You can sanction contraception and abortion for secular organizations but don’t, I repeat, don’t force them on religious Catholic organizations. You’re going to get harshly bitten and possibly ravaged. Even a couple of secular atheists are with the Catholics on this.

    • Conquistador says:

      That’s like saying Detroit is poor because of liberalism or unions. No it’s poor due to demographics (the city is like 70-80% black). Likewise the same is true for the statistics you cite. Mexico, Ireland, and the Philippines, were always poor and primitive places. That didn’t change due to Catholicism. I

  3. chucho says:

    Tons of SWPL/urban type women have had abortions, especially in their younger years.

  4. T-Dogg says:

    Whuzz da wrong guy? Whatchoo mean by dat? Nomesayne? Izzat some kin’a rayciss sheeeyitt??

  5. peterike says:

    There is certainly something to Whiskey’s thinking. I wonder how many Catholic’s really care about this? Though if it sways some older ones, that’s good, because old people vote.

    I would say that Obama’s recent uptick in the polls is more due to the endless high-fiving around the recent employment numbers. Yes, they were totally rigged and ginned up by a magical dropping of 1.2M people from the workforce, but how many people know that? All they see are the headlines and the smiling news anchors relaying the “great” news.

    Though in general, an anti-abortion position is rough for a candidate. Nothing gets you derided quite as mercilessly and quite as relentlessly. One wonders if Sarah Palin were pro-abortion but the same on everything else if the hostility to her would have been nearly so intense. And it’s also why I think Santorum can’t win in a general election. He’ll lose the swing states on the social issues.

    Social issues have been a remarkably effective wedge device used by the ruling class to divide and conquer the populace. While the elites go on their merry way robbing us blind and chopping off chunks of the Constitution at a time, all the stupid yahoos are busy arguing over gay marriage or abortion or “women’s rights” or whatever. This ensures that the populace will never coalesce around a single candidate or party that promises to clean up the corruption and, while mucking the stables, toss a few thousand Ruling Elite Criminals into the slammer. No, the media will always make sure that the “social issues” are front and center in any election, guaranteeing a near 50/50 split all the time.

    What a bunch of chumps we are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sarah Palin gets derided because she is incompetent, intellectually challenged, and plain ignorant. The internet is filled with the many stupid remarks she’s made. She is also derided because she’s hypocrite. She champions the “conservative” cause and presents herself and her family in the most annoying, self-righteous way. Yet. her own daughter had a kid out of wedlock, while in High School, and while not even legally 18 yet.

  6. sestamibi says:

    I agree: you got it right once again, Whiskey, and your analysis is perfectly consistent with your recent claim that this is a Hard Left country, and I agree with that too.

    What this is all about is not “women’s health” or “religious freedom of conscience”. What this is about is the desire of large numbers of young women to ride the cock carousel with a small number of alpha males, and force the rest of the world to pay for it. It would be nice if the issue were framed this way and the truth would out. Feminism means women having both the freedom to do anything they want, and the responsibility of everyone else to clean up their messes.

    Earlier this evening, I saw Mmes. Boxer and Lowey on the news so sanctimoniously toeing the party line. Since I belong to the same ethnic group they ostensibly do, I can’t help but wonder: girls, what are you going to do when the government tries to prohibit circumcision or kosher meat slaughter (and those are coming, take my word for it)?

    Oh, I forgot, their religion is liberalism, not Judaism. Circumcision is a barbaric rite, and anyway, we don’t care since it doesn’t affect us (even female circumcision–multiculturalism trumps feminism), and kosher slaughter is unnecessary cruelty to animals. First things first, right?

  7. Lucky Jim says:

    The Mimi Alford reference was a good catch. She was apparently interviewed by Meredith Vieira the night before last, as women of a certain age were buzzing about it on the commuter train the next morning, and another at work was going on about it too, wrapping up by saying “Did you ever notice how when a woman writes a memoir it’s mostly about the one great man she slept with, but when a man writes a memoir it’s about the 100s of women he slept with?”

    • john says:

      yes if the woman wishes to be taken seriously. Nowadays there are girls like Chelsea Handler and that fat comedian who write about the huge number of niggers theyve screwed and how amusing and cool it is!

  8. Susie says:

    Though in general, an anti-abortion position is rough for a candidate. Nothing gets you derided quite as mercilessly and quite as relentlessly. One wonders if Sarah Palin were pro-abortion but the same on everything else if the hostility to her would have been nearly so intense.

    Disagree. Sarah Palin has never been anti-abortion and is pretty much a live and let-live type (the libertarian position). Liberals live in a fantasy world much like neoconservatives and that is why they’re so hostile towards a embarassing creature like Palin. The far and center left excessively hate her because they’re obsessive and pathetic, the mainstream right is bewildered by her and the far-right ignores her because she’s a narcissist, without substance and too liberal for their taste (I count myself among them).

    And it’s also why I think Santorum can’t win in a general election. He’ll lose the swing states on the social issues.

    I thought swing states meant either way on social issues. Oh my bad the ‘moderate’ position is social liberalism and the radical, extremist position is social conservatism. Got it!

  9. zyzz says:

    Obama played us.

    He just came out and said that the WH would make an exception to the Catholic church after 2 weeks of debate. During those 2 weeks he riled up the conservatives and Republicans who all spouted off crazy anti abortion anti birth control things, letting women know that they are ANTI CHOICE.

    Then boom, Obama got his cake and he gets to eat it too. He let women know that he cares about birth control, and he is letting the catholics know he wants their vote too.

    I think it was his goal all along. Obama is playing chess when Republicans are playing checkers.

    • Rollory says:

      No, he SAID he’d “workwith” the Catholics on this issue, but what he actually DID was to implement the proposed rule as being the final rule without changing it at all. The thing everybody was upset about, that’s now federal law (by virtue of being implemented by one of the bureaucracies to which Congress delegated its power of actually making laws, but I digress).

      I’m not convinced that Whiskey’s analysis is correct on _why_ Obama is doing this – I think it’s just ideology, that he honestly can’t conceive of a sane and honest person having objections to it, so he’s going to implement it regardless of the kooks who complain – but Whiskey may well be spot in in terms of how it works in practice.

  10. Jelly Bean says:

    I might be missing something, but your points confuse me. Can you clarify a couple of things for me?

    1.You say that having a child with a beta man is extremely repugnant to women.
    2. In most of your other articles, you say that sex, in general, with a beta man is highly repulsive to women.
    3. In most of your articles, you say that women prefer to share a few alpha men to satisfy their sexual needs rather than consider an exclusive sexual relationship with a beta man.
    4. You say that upper and middle class white women rarely have children out of wedlock.
    5. You say that upper and middle class white women, generally, don’t have abortions.

    It’s hard for me to put the five statements above together, so could you please explain what I’m getting wrong?
    Do you mean to say that middle class and upper class white women actually tend to find an alpha man to settle with? Upper and middle class white women have less children than the lower classes, but the majority still experience motherhood. So, even if it’s true that they all sleep with the same several men before having a baby, they would each need a man of her own to have even one child within a marriage.
    Are you saying that the middle and upper class white girls tend to chase after such alpha men who would marry them, should they get a girl in trouble? Also, are you saying that the upper and middle class white women demographic is, generally, very successful in avoiding beta men completely? Because accidents happen sometimes, and if this demographic of women rarely have abortions and rarely produce children outside of marriage, it must mean that they almost never get a chance to become pregnant by a beta man, and that their alpha men marry them in case of a pregnancy.
    So, maybe you are suggesting that there are different types of alpha and beta men for different demographics of women? For example, maybe the type of an alpha man a middle/upper class white girl would find attractive is someone who might cheat on her, but still would have a strong sense of duty towards his children. Is that what you mean?
    Or are you saying that different demographics of women assign the labels of alpha and beta based on different characteristics? Like, maybe white upper/middle class girls find intelligence, success in career, confidence in one’s professional field and elite education to be alpha traits, and since many middle/upper class men possess these traits, upper/middle class white women have a large pool of alpha men to share between themselves. Did i get this right?

    Because if upper/middle class white girls were into drug dealers, drug addicted starving artists, wannabe rappers, thugs and others of that sort enough to have sex with them frequently, there would be a lot more upper/middle class white girls either having abortions or raising fatherless children.

    • asdf says:

      White upper middle class girls are a lot better at using birth control and staying on the pill. Also, the alphas they go after are more likely to have assets, either money or human capital, and they are also very careful to use birth control. The lower classes generally lack the incentive or time orientation to use birth control.

    • White Middle Class and particularly White Upper Class women are very good at trading off sexy men (the Alpha Bill Clinton types) for boring Beta guys. Particularly among the Upper Classes, which are more and more hereditary (i.e. your parents were Upper Class, and you are too, and their parents were also) and therefore like all aristocracies, concerned mainly with maintaining not expanding wealth.

      Think of the Upper Class women not as Hillary (the exception) but more the Hedge Fund manager’s wife, who worked briefly as a lawyer, or analyst, and is concerned with maintaining her social position, even if that means giving up on Alpha. To a somewhat lesser extent the middle class follows this also. They do however have higher levels of foresight and use contraception.

      It is almost unheard of to see an Upper Class woman in any extended relationship intended to produce children with a guy who is not also Upper Class.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does that mean that there are no alpha men in the Upper Class? Are you suggesting alpha men only come from lower classes? Just what makes Clinton an alpha man in your opinion? Bill Clinton sure has plenty of charisma, but he might be considered a beta man in that he does not possess a bravado and aggressiveness (alpha characteristics) that many middle and upper class women actually find repulsive. While most women are drawn to “assertive” men in the true sense of the words, most educated females are actually turned off by chauvinistic or “caveman” attitude certain males seem to have. Let me just say that men who are really assertive don’t need to “prove” themselves by being or acting like complete cavemen.

  11. asdf says:

    Also, keep in mind that upper middle class girls interests shift right around 30ish. The mix of alpha and beta characteristics that attracts them shifts, and they become more willing to settle. Who a yuppie girl marries doesn’t show who she’s attracted to. Who she fucks in her 20s does.

  12. Prof. Woland says:

    Women are net consumer’s not net producers. And the ultimate product they consume is medical care. This is why this topic is so sensitive to feminists. This is not about the pocket change that women would have to spend on contraception. It is about the fact that the ladies use 30 – 40 % more health care during their lifetimes than men and outlive men by roughly five years at which time are basically surplus mouths. So, having to dig into their own pockets to pay for “women’s health care” sets a very bad precedence indeed.

    Health care is one area where people need to be on the grid in order to pay because providers only want hard currency. Doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies will not take barter, scrip, or a smile which is why the first thing they ask for is your insurance card. As Whiskey has pointed out regarding the Craigslist economy, you can live pretty well on not much money if you can avoid certain problems. Poor health, crime, and paying for a family are the first things that come to mind. But the odds of women not needing health care, particularly when they are young, are not good which is why many are so keen on socializing the risks.

    Hypergamy works on the societal level much the same way it does on the personal level. Women will never use their own money as long as they can get men to pay. The issue of health plans covering birth control, like the recent dust up regarding the Komen Foundation and Planned Parenthood, both revolve around control of funding for services only women can receive. Pink ribbons are basically a big fuck you sign to men. It is a way for women can advocate for themselves while pretending to be altruistic and enlightened. There are enough women in this country who have enough money that they could easily cough up what would be needed to fund the balance of Planned Parenthood and whatever IUDs they need in spades. In fact they would be hitting two birds with one stone because they could then checkmate the conservatives and tell them to finally pound sand once and for all. But that would end this drama which is something they dread. Feminists have made abortion and reproductive services their raison d’être but it is really just the tip of the iceberg of what they really want. Perhaps it is more like the tip of the spear because what they really want is everything and they want men to pay for it all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Women are NOT producers? Entire sections of the workforce are majority-female, in case you haven’t noticed. In spite of the glass-ceilings and boy club prevalence in the workplace, more and more women are ascending the ranks of middle and executive management. By and large more females than males are graduating from college and even more are attaining graduate degrees. While there are more male engineers, females with degrees in the lifesciences have outnumbered males in recent years. Women do consume a lot, but a lot of what they consume is for their children also. So, I and most people with real world work experience would disagree with you that women are not producers.

      • Conquistador says:


        Women compete for jobs but don’t create any. Other than cosmetics there are hardly any female led industries. Glass ceilings and boy clubs? Spare me. Even fashion something women should excel at is dominated by gay men. Please take your drivel off this blog.

  13. HR Lincoln says:

    Well done, Prof. Woland.

    I’d like to add this – in their 20’s, women consume over double the health care resources as do men of the same age (due entirely to maternity and other female stuff). And Obamacare will make it ILLEGAL to use gender as a rating mechanism for pricing health insurance. As well as age.

    This is one massive Fuck You to young males, who consume less health care than any other demographic. And especially to young white males, as most blacks and mucho hispanics will be eligible for freebie health insurance.

    • Anon says:

      Everything about america in the last several decades has been one massive fuck you to young white males

    • Anonymous says:

      A lot more males are on antidepressants and will develop alcohol-related diseases than women. If not, look at all the kids on ritalin or some other type of antidepressant involved in mass-shootings (high school and college) or other type of drug-induced murders and you’ll see there are all males. More men are on retroviral drugs than women, as there are more men HIV positive or already afflicted with AIDS than women, at least in the USA. As they age, men will also develop prostate problems. I don’t think it’s fair at all to say women consume double the health care and I doubt that statement is based on sound statistics. THOSE women who choose to have children will have to use healthcare for pre and post natal care, but that’s just the way nature designed humans. If men were biologically capable of bearing children, then it would be THEY who would need health insurance to cover paternity expenses. As far as diabetes, obesity, cancer, degeneration diseases, etc., I don’t think there are any figures out there suggesting that there are more female than male patients, as both sexes seem to be equally affected by these conditions. Still, life expectancy for women is (and has) always been higher than men’s and there’s a good reason for that: overall women ARE healthier than men.

  14. HR Lincoln says:

    I’d like to add to my above post – the Fuck You that Obamacare represents to young white males will be felt regardless of whether those men have group insurance paid for by employers or not. Currently, in most states, young males are cheaper for employers to hire than equivalent age females because their health insurance premiums are cheaper, all other factors equal. And well they should be cheaper. Obamacare does away with this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not if they smoke (there are more male than female smokers), are obese, have some type of depression (again, there are more depressed men than women), or are recreational drug users (yep, again more males than females).

  15. Prof. Woland says:

    HR Lincoln, thanks for the Atta-boy

    Obama-Care will be a huge transfer of wealth from men to women, whites to blacks, and young to old and that is no accident. You correctly point out that maternity will be covered. In the last five years there has been an explosion of health plans that do not cover maternity. While this is often portrayed as anti-female but it is really a way of trying to get young men to buy health insurance. They are the least risk adverse and healthiest group and hence the most preferred albeit elusive demographic to market health insurance to in a voluntary system. The plans are also popular with tubes-tied crowd for the obvious reason. Needless to say, this is not popular with the Unplanned-Latina-Oops-What do I do now crowd. So the Democrats mandated maternity coverage and made it illegal to charge higher rates for females. Now there will be nothing standing in the way of single mommies fulfilling their hypergamic destinies. The won’t have to work to pay health insurance because of the tax credits and what little they will pay will be reduced due to cost shifting.

    Another overlooked part of this legislation is that it will flatten the premium structure. This was a payoff to the baby boomers. The highest rate charged can only be three times the lowest which means that 20 something’s will get a rate boost while the 50 and 60 year olds will get a subsidized. Right now it is more like 6 or 7 times. Not only will this cost young men more but it will hurt their job prospects as you correctly pointed out. We are becoming more and more like Europe where young people will have a much higher structural unemployment rate then in the US. This of course will hit young whites harder than minorities because they are more likely to hold a job.

  16. Rifleman says:

    Catholics vs. Women? Aren’t most Catholics in fact women?

    And that includes growing numbers of Latino women who are probably more conservative and church attending than native born US catholic women.

  17. Dr. Anonymous says:

    90% of Catholic women have or still use birth control. Obama machine is smart to know that the church can have their 10%, while he gets the rest and destroy any Republican candidate.

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  19. Robert in Arabia says:

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  20. Obsidian says:

    In light of your stated theory above wrt abortion-that it is a “last ditch effort” to get rid of the babies of beta males-how then do you explain the fact that black women have more abortions than anyone else in america? Are you suggesting that black women are encumbered by beta male babies more than other women? Please explain? Thanks!


    • Conquistador says:

      Even with abortion black and Latina women still pop out a gazillion kids. Maybe welfare doesn’t cover them all?

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