Germans Are Weird, Part 5,699 as the EU Collapses

Typical Day at the Office for a German Finance Minister
Recently, Bavarian Finance Minister Markus Söder posed for a Carnival Themed TV Show Friday, in full punk-rock regalia. His t-shirt reads “Hast Du mal nen Euro?” or “Do you have a Euro?” Click on the link to see more pictures, to get the full effect. Söder is a CSU party member, his main issues being a head-scarf ban in Bavarian Schools, no pardons for the Red Army Faction/Baader-Meinhof gang members, no EU membership for Turkey, and opposition to genetically modified foods. His closest American analog would be a combination of Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, and Mitt Romney.

Can you imagine any of those people dressing up like this? Or indeed, any Italian, French, or Spanish regional finance minister? Perhaps some of the nuttier English regional politicians would do so. And perhaps some of the nuttier Scandinavians. But no one in America or any of the Catholic countries of Europe would allow such an assault on their dignity, and the dignity of the office. They might be corrupt, and inept, and incompetent, but a certain sense of style and dignity still remains. Even Berlusconi, that old devil, cut a stylish figure without dressing up as a clown, literally.
A typical Finance Minister
And here is the reason the Euro is doomed. While Greece is in flames, over the government (an unelected caretaker one at that) decision to implement austerity measures to repay debts that realistically, cannot ever be repaid, German regional finance ministers dress up as clowns. The Greeks and other Southern Europeans act like clowns, taking on debt they knew they could not repay for a big, decades long party (this applies to Ireland as well). While the Germans acted mostly soberly, but break out the clown suits to play the clown for a week or so during Carnival.

Germans are just weird. Judicious, cautious savers and prudent spenders, who can’t resist playing out ridiculous costumes in public during big parties. Meanwhile, Southern Europeans have the sober dash of style and fashion (no one is more put together than Parisian women or Milanese men) but a complete clown show of society, that simply does not work on most levels for most people there. Meanwhile much of Athens is burning as over 45,000 protesters faced off against 4,000 riot police.

There is simply no way Greece can repay all its loans, at best the EU bought some time at the cost of likely, the government collapsing in April when elections are held. And the new government eagerly repudiates the deal made by the old one. Greeks are unlikely to starve themselves to make German, and French, and Belgian, and other EU banks whole. Heck Belgium is in chaos, with firefighters soaking cops and the Prime Minister over lengthening the retirement age (firefighters working to age 65 is ridiculous). That nation is riven by conflict and has not had a functioning government for ages. Though it is little covered in the press, dissolution of the nation becomes more likely as Flemings and Walloons fight over the ever shrinking spoils pie.

The EU, like the Thousand Year Reich, Napoleon, the Holy Roman Empire, the Hapsburg Empire, Charlemagne, were all doomed from the start. Only the Romans unified most of Europe, and then only because they had absolute military dominance, and the will to use it. Most of the time, Europeans are just too different from each other, and prone to all sorts of schisms and regionalism, to work effectively under one structure, economic or political.

Most of Germany would be happy as “Greater Switzerland” and throwing itself nice big parties every year, while most of the time it works soberly and steadily making high-value export items. Germans are as unlikely to sacrifice for Greeks as Greeks are for Germans. That’s not a bad thing. If Germans want to be weird, they have every right to be weird, as long as they don’t inflict it on anyone else. If their Finance minister of the biggest province likes to dress as a punk rock freak for Carnival, what’s the harm?

But the failure of the EU, slow motion train-wreck as it is, ought to caution (but it won’t) the American elites. Importing tens of millions of Mexicans, and expecting them to act like sober, middle class White Americans, is a fantasy of Eurozone proportions. Mexicans like being Mexican, its what they know. They have no intention of turning themselves into high-IQ knowledge worker cubicle drones. And would not do so even if they could. A few can and will become engineers, or scientists. The number will probably only slightly exceed the number of Asian guys playing in the NBA. The rest will continue to live and work and conduct themselves here as they did in Mexico. Meaning American income, educational achievements, technology, and everything else will inevitably decline to Mexican levels. Don’t expect anything out of a Silicon Valley surrounded by Mexico. Carlos Slim did not create Apple Computer, nor drive the development of the Ipad. Mostly, he played crony capitalist and extorted monopoly rates from Mexicans forced to use his companies to make phone calls by either land-lines or cell phones. That’s good for Carlos Slim, bad for most Mexicans. And that is the culture and people our vote-harvesting elites have imported.

There is nothing wrong Mexico, that Mexicans left along to sort things out cannot figure out for themselves. If they wish to. Every people has the right to self-determination. To live their lives, among themselves, not ruled or being intertwined with those they do not wish to live among. But that is something for Mexicans alone to figure out. In the meantime, we have our own clown show. In the deepest recession since the Great Depression, we have millions of illegal aliens taking jobs Americans want to do, at wages below the living costs of Americans with families.

Germans may be weird. Their politicians fond of dressing up like Punk Rockers for Carnival (a bit too fond, if you know what I mean). And they have their own immigrant problem, with people who do not fit culturally and never will (mostly from Turkey). But as problematic as their immigrants are, they have fewer of them and they are not constantly importing more.

You might argue that the biggest clown show in the world is in America. Where SWPL yuppies in a never ending battle against “the wrong sort of White people” have imported a mass of vote-mercenaries who will assuredly kill their hipster paradises of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Austin, and Ann Arbor, dead, dead, dead! Not too many working guys from Michoacan or their descendants are big into irony, feminism, gay rights, or saving the planet. Mostly, they throw trash out the window (as Victor Davis Hanson attests) and stage pit-bull and cockfights. People from Michoacan don’t ironically drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and get designated drivers, they drive drunk without a license and run over lots of kids, elderly, and each other. The folks from Juarez don’t earnestly send money to Greenpeace to save the Gay Whales, they mostly hang headless bodies from bridges, or roll grenades into discos, or become the victims of the same.

Like I said, a clown show.

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23 Responses to Germans Are Weird, Part 5,699 as the EU Collapses

  1. HA HA says:

    I hope to see the day Los Zetas move into Portland and give those smug hipster f**ks all the cultural enrichment they can handle.

    • Robert Oculus III says:

      Roger that. Watching Reality wipe that smug look off the faces of the hipsters, ponytails, sensitive artistes, and high-school-guidance-counselor types will make the destruction of our society a lot easier to take. All those precious little white girls who bang on about the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism are going to find out what diversity and multiculturalism really mean, and I am going to laugh, laugh, laugh when they do.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Oregonians might surprise you. They do love their weapons, the state is Must Issue and has basically no state restrictions on things like batons, switchblades and such and few on guns .

      The gun culture thrives even among the Libs there and as such they might well decide to defend it, rather forcefully

      Also most of Oregon is chock-a block of rednecks — means dangerous dry gulching All American Rednecks — God Bless Em

      • sestamibi says:

        Yes, that’s true, but only outside a 30-mile corridor on either side of I-5 from the Columbia River to about ten miles south of Eugene. Unfortunately, this is where most Oregonians live.

  2. Soviet of Washington says:

    Actually, Portland has a pretty active black gang war going on right now…drive-by shootings pretty much every other day. Fortunately for the SWPL, they’ve kept mostly to North and SE Portland, not Lake Oswego and over the West Hills. Once that breakout happens, then it will be real. The local press is too busy salivating over the next Occupy march to care much.

  3. Fred Z says:

    “People from Michoacan … drive drunk without a license and run over lots of kids, elderly, and each other. The folks from Juarez … mostly hang headless bodies from bridges, or roll grenades into discos, or become the victims of the same.”

    Really? All of them? Wow. Who knew. And I was just down there and they didn’t do none of that stuff, hardly at all. Who’m I gonna believe, my lying eyes, or some racist blogger who claims to be a conservative?

    • Ask and you shall receive: illegal alien kills two nuns while drunk driving. Angelo Bowers, a well known LA area standup comedian was killed by a drunk driver, an illegal alien from Mexico.

      Victor Davis Hanson, who actually LIVES around illegal aliens has written extensively about the drunk driving illegal aliens who crash into his Fresno area vineyard.

      Those who live in the Mexodus, such as California (80% White in 1960, now after ethnic cleansing only 40%) deal with the bad behavior of illegal aliens and their offspring daily:

      Drunk Driving. Throwing trash out the window. Dog and cockfighting. Child prostitution rings. Violence. Drug smuggling. No not all. But far more than Whites. Or Asians. But American White criminals like Whitey Bulger don’t hang headless, mutilated bodies from a bridge for BLOGGING. Nor did Whitey Bulger ever stage grenade attacks in an Acapulco nightclub. Nor roll heads into discos there.

      All these things are so well known, with the State Dept. now warning Americans not to travel AT ALL to 14 of the the 31 Mexican states that I have to wonder which alternate reality you live in. If accurately describing reality: Mexicans mostly act like violent Third Worlders, not staid Swedes, then yes that is “racist.”

      Question: is the National Council of La Raza (motto: “For those inside the race, everything, for those outside the race, nothing”) “racist” or are you just anti-White? Or just “anti the wrong sort of White person?”

      Just asking?

      • Fred Z says:

        Lots of ‘anecdotal’ evidence in your response. That is to say, no evidence whatever.

        There are lots of criminals in the USA from everywhere. I’ll even accept that there appear to be proportionately more Mexican criminals in the USA than whites, blacks etc. So what?

        Your original statement was false, or at least unsupported by any evidence from you or any evidence of which I am aware. Your reply statement that “Mexicans mostly act like violent Third Worlders, not staid Swedes” is so stupidly wrong as to be an embarrassment. I spend much time in Mexico and have for 35 years. Oddly enough the only violent people I have encountered are American and Canadian drunks. Your reliance on the State Dept. is just plain silly, in light of what we know about the competence of the government.

        Conservatives seek temperate and accurate language, not wholesale defamation.

    • Zeta says:

      Fred, not that a true believer like yourself could really grasp this, but you need to understand the spirit in which Whiskey speaks. His approach is a wide one and he sometimes uses superlatives. At the end of the day, despite some possible overreach and colorful language, his point – that importing a ton of Mexicans (“ethnic cleansing”, which is more or less an accurate description) means we get Mexico’s dysfunction – is absolutely valid. You are aware that Mexico’s drug war has killed nearly 50,000 people, right? Regarding the drunk driving issue, it’s simply not part of the culture in most parts of the world to have strong taboos against it. Again, you import Mexicans, you get their dysfunction. This is more than abundantly clear to people like Whiskey, who have to live with the consequences of this “ethnic cleansing”, and unfortunately those consequences are hardly limited to more incidents of drunk driving. MS-13 is an interesting “benefit of diversity” though, would you not agree?

    • Fred Z —

      You still have not answered my question. Is it “OK” for National Council of La Raza to be explicitly for Mexicans (and no one else)? How about the NAACP? How about the Urban League? Why not therefore Whites? If it is “OK” for Mexicans to have an explicitly racial identity, and help only Mexicans, why not Whites? Or are you making a value judgment that Whites can have no racial identity, and should just bend over?

      If the State Dept (under PC President Obama) tells Americans not to visit 14 out of 31 Mexican States, is that not an admission against interest? The LA Times estimates Mexican Drug Wars have killed 40,000 at least since 2006, Iraq War levels of killing. Sure you did not miss the horrible news of constant grinding low-level killing. I have not see White criminals in the US hang headless bodies of bloggers from bridges. Must have missed that one.

      As for the color of crime, despite the PC pablum on TV, the crime in NYC according the NYPD in the first half of 2009>was 98% Black/Hispanic wrt shootings. Whites at 35% of NYC’s population commited only 5% of violent crimes during that period. You can see the nationwide figures at the DOJ link here. Blacks commit the most crimes, then Mexicans. Asians the least, followed by Whites. This is true in LA as well.

      Compare contrast Santa Ana with say, Rancho Santa Margerita. Only 15 miles away. Both with Spanish names. One is filled with trash and drunken Mexicans on Friday/Saturday Nights, the other not.

      Conservatism means the truth. Not PC pablum and lies designed to make people feel good or ignore a problem. Are you happy with seeing a nearly all-White LA turned into Mexico City? Do you think the wealth destroyed can be replaced?

  4. house always wins says:

    whiskey, you were right about Obama’s abortion gamble. It’s paying off:

    Obama now leads Romney and Santorum by 8 and 10 points respectively (he was tied with Romney). Independents are now switching back to him. I’d wager most of them are women freaked over the GOP’s abortion rhetoric.

    Santorum has also passed Ronmey in the GOP polls. That will drive even more women to Obama’s camp.

    • Cynthia says:

      Of course Obama is going to bet on retarded and delusional women. Most socialists have abandoned him and other sectors aren’t happy with him. That’s not to say that I’m happy with the greedy, amoral GOP either.

      That will drive even more women to Obama’s camp.

      How about getting rid of a woman’s right to vote?

  5. josh says:

    Whitney Houston is dead!!Damn!

  6. blert says:


    You’re describing Sao Paulo as the future of California — certainly the Southland.

    You might blog reference just what it is like to live bi-culturally in Sao Paulo.


    In many, many ways, Sao Paulo is of the Time Machine — and the Eloi and the Morlocks…

    With the weird twist: the peaceful Eloi work their asses off to support violent Morlocks.

    Yeah, that’s it: Democrat dystopia

    • The problem of course Blert is that there are far more demands by both the post-Puritan elites (high speed rail, Green dreams of “clean” energy, electric cars, recycling everything, clean/safe urban areas) AND the new Mexican dominant underclass: SNAP, TANF, WIC, etc. Plus education that serves to employ a lot of them.

      Brazil is not in our future because it has no **WELFARE STATE**. The ruling Elite are acting basically like a super-sized Cotton Mather, determined to save everyone and everything by controlling minutely every aspect of people’s lives. This is not really political at all (it took me a long time to figure this out) but a deep rooted cultural adaptation. Barack Obama himself is immersed in this culture because his Grandparents who raised him were of it and believed it. A total communal control by a tight, semi-hereditary oligarchy, determine to implement “God’s Plan on Earth” or Gaia’s, or what have you. Demanding ever more schools, spending, money, and fine control over everything people eat, do, say, and act.

      Brazil’s Portugese aristocratic elites don’t give a damn one way or another about how the poor live, nor do they have massive dreams of building a “Shining City on a Hill” which our elites do, just in post-Christian terms. They remain deeply Catholic (in a cultural sense) aristocrats who merely seek to rule. Lula would have fit right in with Franco, culturally they had the same goal. And the fiscal effect was the same.

      Meanwhile the Hispanic majority is sure to drive the remaining non-elite Whites out of the State by punishing taxes and preferences, leading to a direct fight with the refugees and everyone else. Not only can a California with less than 40% Whites not pay for Green Dreams, it cannot pay for the Welfare state as it now exists that Hispanics demand be expanded.

      In my view this will lead to a Runnymeade like crisis as California runs out of money, the US refused to lend more as current elites get discredited and you get a Tea Party
      “Plus” revolt as people lose their fear of elites, and formerly extreme solutions look reasonable. As those with any money and property are forced to fight to defend both.

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  8. Carlo says:

    Markus Söder is an idiot, but to describe him as “a combination of Rick Santorum, Michelle Bachman, and Mitt Romney” is silly. He´s desperately trying to increase his (abysmal) popularity in order to become Prime Minister in Bavaria (which I think won´t happen). Allmost all German politicians are staid, boring figures with zero charisma (just look at Angela Merkel). You picked the o n e politician in Germany who does weird stuff and declare “German are weird” – pretty daft….
    And btw, Bavaria is pretty catholic (70% or so).

  9. War Blogger says:

    What Carlo said. The best approximation for Markus Söder in the US political arena would be someone fairly in the middle, maybe in the right wing of the Democrats. A Liebermann, maybe. And it’s a time-honored tradition in Germany that many leading politicians take part in carnival, fully dressed up. Sometimes they hold (semi-) funny speeches, most the time they are the object of ridicule.

  10. house always wins says:

    The TSA is being accused of singling out hot, sexy women to go through the body scanners.

    My theory: As it becomes common knowledge that TSA agents select the most attractive young females to be scanned, the women who aren’t chosen will become increasingly bitter.

    Of course it won’t manifest that way. Aging feminists won’t come out and say that they’re pissed off over not being selected (and thus validated as ‘hot’). They’ll do it under the guise of wanting to protect women in general.

    One of the comments at that feminist site:

    “I watched this exact thing happen to three young, very attractive women at JFK around Thanksgiving. The TSA agents were splitting people between the scanner and the regular metal detector. They sent all the guys and most of the women through the metal detector, but, when they got to these three women, who were traveling together, suddenly all three in a row had to go through the scanner.

    Might have been a coincidence, but if the TSA at JFK are anything like the ones in Dallas, I’m guessing not.”

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  12. Polichinello says:

    Guiliani used to dress in drag for SNL, so it’s not like our politicians are exactly sober and serious either. This is especially so when you consider that all politicians now feel compelled to pay court to clowns like Letterman, Stewart, Colbert and Leno.

  13. By_the_sword says:

    “Like Hitler…”

    Pfft! There’s always one.

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