The Most Hilarious Sex Tape Ever!

From The San Francisco Chronicle comes the bizarre sex tape story of California State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, his wife Nadia (an Alameda County Supervisor), and the unemployed construction worker she made a sex tape with. The website New Santa Ana also has details (the former Nadia Davis was briefly a Santa Ana Unified School District trustee). Lockyer apparently used law enforcement contacts to muscle the guy, and apply pressure, after getting a copy of the sex tape. Ace of Spades has a photo of the guy, for those interested. K-Fed meets Jersey Shore.

California’s politics at its finest. If you want to know what elite, Democratic politics looks like, you need cast your eyes no further than the sordid, and hilariously bizarre tale of Lockyer’s trophy wife, thirty years younger, and the sex tape she allegedly made with a drug using construction worker. As one commenter on the story put it:

Let’s see if I have this straight now.

The State Treasurer is being blackmailed by an IV drug user who has a sex tape of him doing the deed with the Treasurer’s wife, an Alameda County Supervisor who is 30 years younger. And she won the job with $1 million hubbie put up of dollars given to him for another purpose. The couple was successful in buying the election and keeping it a secret that she was in drug rehab.

Got all of that? Then welcome to the train wreck known as California government. And all it facilitated and made possible by one-party rule.

Does this matter? Yes. Because it teaches two lessons. The first is that female hypergamy is gone wild (see the Daily Mail story (which appeared a day before the LA Times covered what was in its own backyard) about an 11 year old girl who was killed fighting over a boy with another girl that age). And the second is that California’s Democratic politicos are not only corrupt but laughably stupid and so lacking in appeal that even their wives cheat on them.

Most people don’t approach politics in an analytic or ideological way. They look at the character and behavior of those in office. The corrupt stupidity of Bull Connor and the like doomed Segregation (everywhere) which political genius Martin Luther King Jr. understood (and again the man was not a plaster saint, more like Lee Atwater meets the Iron Chancellor). John Kerry’s abrasive personality, the cloying beta-male loserdom of Michael Dukakis (who led George Herbert Walker Bush in August 1988), the robotic weirdness of Al Gore, all led substantially to their defeats. People pick based on the characteristics of … people. This is what all the competition reality shows like “Celebrity Apprentice” or “Survivor” understand. It is about personality.

Democrats have a competency problem. Nearly all of them look like fools. Weak. Nothing betrays weakness in a man than his wife seeking sex and excitement elsewhere. It shows that at his core, the man has been judged by his wife harshly. That he is worthy of nothing, basically. That is not the case for a cheating husband, because the sexes are different. No one judges say, Elin Nordgren, or Heidi Klum as sexless or undesirable. Men, particularly dominant Alpha men like Tiger Woods or Seal, just cheat. That’s the way it is. Women only cheat when they judge their men to be worthless, sexually.

The Object of Female Desire
Which brings up another issue, sex and desire. By all outward accounts, Nadia Lockyer had no incentive to cheat. Her husband bought her a Supervisor’s seat, essentially, and covered up the news she was in booze-related rehab. He’s a major player, and if it was purely power that was an aphrodisiac then an unemployed construction worker would have had no luck. Anymore than Larry David would have been dumped by his wife Laurie for some married contractor. After all, who has more wealth, and power? A local contractor in Connecticut, or the guy who can call the White House and get his call returned?

Desire and sex are not about power, or wealth, it is about dominance, assertiveness, and yes, thuggishness at its core. See any vampire romance novel, a central aspect is the object of desire (the vampire) ability and eagerness to deal out violence. That’s what makes them sexy. See all those attractive women posting Tweets during the Grammys to the effect that Chris Brown can beat them any time.

Brown now has a new pickup line: “I promise I won’t beat you!” And of course, he is back with Rihanna, his most famous beat-down victim. Women can’t get enough of that thuggish violence. Believe them when they say they will put up with it, as long as they get that sexy thuggishness.

Lockyer suffers, because in comparison to say, a meth user in rehab offers more brutal dominance than himself. And most men and women instinctively understand that fact. Nadia Lockyer would apparently rather wrestle with a meth user than her older, “icky” husband. To the point of instigating a fight with him over the guy seeing “other women.” The whole affair shows that California Democrats are a joke, a bunch of Real Housewives of New Jersey, entering rehab, fighting over a meth-head while cheating on their husbands, who are sexless losers.

Gavin Newsome paid no real penalty for screwing a subordinate’s wife. Women don’t mind that, only beta-male-ism. Most of California’s voters skew female, there not being a whole lot of young White men finding opportunity in California. Career or romantic-wise. What opportunity exists favors predominantly, young White women, who tend to fight over the few Alpha males left in the state. The Gavin Newsomes, the Antonio Villaraigosas, in the sense that these are guys who women find sexy. [Chris Brown could not lead a group of men to punch through a paper bag. But women find him sexy. What women find sexy does not correlate into a leader of men, that is an important distinction.]

But Bill Lockyer will pay a penalty. The only thing women never forgive is beta male sexlessness. And there is a whole lot of that involved. As well as corruption, and everything else. But looking stupid and sexless (and the wife trashy and low-class) is never good. Particularly in a crisis. Already Jerry Brown and the Legislature have dumped the goodie bag of redevelopment, killing that for next fiscal year, and thereafter, the crisis being too big to do otherwise. In order to maintain the goodie bag for State politicians, and local ones, massive tax increases on a rapidly declining economy (due to high gas prices, already over $5 a gallon in LA) will provoke massive resistance.

Even more so when pols wives handed a Supervisor’s seat are making drunken sex tapes with the equivalent of K-Fed, and fighting with them over the guys “seeing other women.”

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17 Responses to The Most Hilarious Sex Tape Ever!

  1. anon says:

    Meh… her husband is 70 and fat. The story even says the affair happened when she and the construction worker met at a rehab clinic, that puts things in a totally different light. This case is definitely the outlier. I think this story gets the exceedingly rare NAWALT exemption pass this time.

    Female hypergamy has definitely gone wild, but this story does a poor job at illustrating it to be honest. “Nadia Lockyer had no incentive to cheat.” I really don’t buy this one bit. I mean look at her husband, easily in the bottom .1% of physical attractiveness, and on top of that he’s 70 and obese, who knows if he can even perform. No amount of power, thuggishness, or dominance can compensate for a dick that doesn’t function well. If she was matched with somebody who more evenly matched her in attractiveness and age, even in the absence of high political position, I think the odds of straying would go down dramatically. Trophy wives gonna trophy wife.

    On top of the enormous attractiveness/age discrepancy, there’s the fact that she’s an addict. Addicts behave, in general, in more impulsive ways, and manifest their addictions through a variety of mediums (including sex, not just substances). What she did was certainly wrong, but she’s a poor representation of behavioural trends in American women because of her unique circumstances and the fact that she’s an addict.

  2. Henry says:

    Beta male cooperation is the antithesis to alpha male domination. Its only a matter of time before our continuing unraveling of western civilization will be reversed by our more well behaved Confucian brethren, who’d rather not want their future colonies to revert to less to a less than profitable state of African tribalism.

  3. peterike says:

    The story of the dead 11 year old is one full of typical media gaps. What about the other girl in the fight? Was she Hispanic like Joanna Ramos, or a black girl (who could easily be twice her size at that age)? I know the other party wasn’t white, because we’d have heard about it by now.

    And what about the boy’s racial identity? And the girl’s immigration status?

    The video at the Mail link is instructive as well. You have the uncontrolled, barely literate emotionalism of another Hispanic girl, and the sober, well constructed comments of a young white boy.

    As for me, I guess I’m just an unfeeling cur because I couldn’t care less about her.

  4. whorefinder says:

    And yet the Repubs can’t man up and kick the shit out of them.

    What does that say about 1) how Hollywood has successfully neutered/banned any speech that criticizes the Democrat base (blacks, gays, women etc.).; and 2) how weak-willed the Repubs are?

  5. Whitehall says:

    I always thought there was something like this between Jrry Brown and Linda Ronstadt.

    Yes, this is a big story, surpressed as much as possible by the MSM. Just some old fat dude getting cockholded is not news – dog bites man, so to speak. It is the $1+M campaign contribution to get her a plum elected post THEN the complicacy of the DA and law enforcement to do the bidding of the state politican.

    Then dig into her background. She is the public face of La Raza. Plus, she sprang the honey trap on Lockyer with a live birth too soon after the marriage.

    Hey Bill, hope those fleeting moments of pleasure were worth it!

  6. Rifleman says:

    No one judges say, Elin Nordgren, or Heidi Klum as sexless or undesirable.

    That’s be cause they are White and blonde so they fit the fetish of sexy.

    Nordgren is stone ugly and Heidi Klum is a skank with a bad body, ZERO ass and is almost semi retarded.

    Neither have any charisma or sex appeal. It’s not surprising guys cheat on them because with no make up and special photography they notice a couple of unsexy, stupid, empty women.

    The two negroes who hooked up with them were hoodwink by the “White Prize”.

    The guy in this story is a 70 year old fat ugly pig. It’s laughable that he could get any women. Where are the female equivalents of that guy pulling handsome 40 year old heterosexual men?

    • FredMertz says:

      yes I am sure you would never have fucked Elin or Heidi!! I sure as hell wopuld have–but not,heh heh heh,now.I will say that Elin comes across as a total cunt!And a money-grubbing one at that. (Its so funny that Tiger–once he was forced to get off da Juice– cant golf worth shit! And wherer are all those hordes of little niggazz who were gonna take up golf and save the world? i’d say they are more inspired by Tigers off-the-course activities…)

    • anon334 says:

      Elin is definitely hot. Heidi Klum is overrated and strange looking. I would guess most women would cheat on this old, fat dork. There’s no way he was really pleasing her, he might not even be able to get it up.

  7. FredMertz says:

    ha ha! The hamster is running,as CH would say. Women may not want OLD men but they sure as hell want oldER men. But look askance if you want to–who cares??

    • Jelly Bean says:

      oldER, maybe. But this dude is 30 years her senior as well as extremely obese and ugly.
      Men like younger women, right? How would you feel about screwing a two year old girl? Hey, she’d be younger than you! Men like thin women, right? How would you feel about screwing one of those skeletons from a documentary on Holocaust? Just because there is a trend in preference, doesn’t mean that it can be exaggerated to the point of absurdity. Women show preference for men 3 to 8 years older than them, not the crypt keeper.

      You are the hamster in the wheel who is trying his best to hold on to fairy tales if you think that women don’t care about physical beauty in men. Sure, not being a wimp always helps, but if a man has breasts, looks like miss piggy or smells like the retirement home, no trick magic trick in the world will make him sexy. That’s just laughable.
      Tell me, in your esteemed opinion, can a woman sweep a straight woman off her feet if she has the right “game”? If physical cues are of little importance when it comes to inspiring desire in women and it’s all about presence and personality, surely, it should work. The truth is that a man like the one pictured above acting all dominant, confident and aloof while engaging in flirtation would have the same effect on a woman in her prime as a morbidly obese 55 year old woman wearing fishnets, high heels and casually mentioning her fresh brazilian wax would have on a man in his prime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do ALL women want oldER men?? I beg to differ… while that may have been the norm decades (many), decades ago, that is certainly not the trend nowadays. Most women DO want emotionally maturity, which most men tend to acquire at an older age than women. However, I know countless couples who are the same age or the guy a year or two younger than the woman.

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  9. Jelly Bean says:

    Can I just say that even though I feel bad for the fat guy, he deserved it?

    Yes, his wife is a filthy whore. She is obviously a gold digger, and has neither dignity nor integrity. that’s an obvious given. But doesn’t a man who purposefully marries such a woman deserve what is coming to him? He couldn’t have not known that she is a skank. She needed rehab, for goodness’ sake. I mean… when Rhianna gets smacked around again, you can feel bad for her, but she will have had it coming.

  10. Prof. Woland says:


    Male politicians in America are still expected to be married! While this seems quaint and old fashioned it is a symptom of politicians bowing to hypergamy. In spite of all the shrill rhetoric from the left about the right for sexual freedom, reproductive rights, privacy, choice, blah, blah, they above all demand that Alpha men stay committed to one partner. Having a vibrant and varied sex life might be fun for men but it is not a good career move. If the left were really about sexual liberation this would not be the case but of course it is.

    Men who run for higher office all have at least some alpha characteristics. While past their physical prime these politicians are still typically powerful, rich, smart, and handsome (adjusted for age), something all women are universally attracted to. Some have all of those traits in spades. Even lesser bull elks still have the wherewithal to fly off to Thailand every couple of months to drain their balls. In fact many probably wish they could but the demands of their high profile jobs require that they always stay within the bounds of marriage.

    Someone like Gavin Newsom or Arnold could only survive a scandal because they were married early in their careers or were in a monogamous relationship which they strayed from later while at the height of power. Clinton, being the best example, he could have had a sex life like a rock star but needed to keep his aging wife for appearances long after the marriage bed was cold. If Lockyer married some post-menopausal hippie and who was 25 years his junior and no one would have cared but because he married a woman who was still presumably fertile, his actions were deemed controversial.

    The while hypergamy and polygamy knows no one political party, the pressure against marrying a younger woman is actually much stronger from liberals than from conservatives. As someone who flew off to Russia to bag his own trophy wife, I get this first hand every day. In my early 50s, I do not have to explain to conservatives why I wanted a wife and have more children. In fact not wanting children is considered abnormal and when taking into account what men need to do these days to have a family it is easily understood why someone in my shoes would do what I did. It does not hurt that my wife is knock out good looking either. For sexually liberated feminists, menopause is like a death sentence. Their vaginas are their main source of power so their social roles dry up with their pussies do never to return. Having a career is a poor second to having children. While conservative women get to look to being mothers and grandmothers, feminist get to look forward to their cats.

  11. ijljoo says:

    Claira is a classic case of a batshit crazy feminist liberal chick. They’re always on the prowl about their political figure derangement syndrome.

    Exhibit A: Obsessed with Bush? Check.
    Exhibit B: Obsessed with Palin? Check.
    Exhibit C: Obsessed with Reagan? Check.

    Go to any conservative websites. How many care about these people in the way she does? Little. Why? Because either they don’t matter, criticize about them or they’re too liberal.

    Liberal chicks like Claire are officially retarded. People like Bush (neoconservative) are NOT considered conservative anywhere in the far-right sphere except by the liberal-leaning MSM.

    * I can just hear Claire in 2030 in a political discussing with a conservative *

    Conservative: Being a mother and being married is a good thing for society. Liberal assumptions are wrong you know.
    Conservative: Ummm… Palin doesn’t matter and she’s a bad example because the media coverage was a huge mess. A lot of lefties think she’s far-right when she isn’t and a lot people get hook-winked into thinking that. I mean, have you seen her positions? She’s a free marketer, doesn’t believe in banning abortion at all (just that both those for and against aboriton should have a fair hearing) and not to mention she’s for contraception (she believes that contraception is a good option out of many). She also likes gays in the military and was against DADT. She believes that all races are equal too.
    Claire: But, Reagan’s daughter?! She became a PORNSTAR! Ha!
    Conservative: You’re not getting it.
    Conservative: Yes teenage pregnancy is wrong but so is old pregnancy. Late motherhood is bad for women too and they should have children starting in their early 20’s. Women in their 40’s and 50’s, as much as their teens, are not suited for child bearing. Get it!
    Claire: BRITSOOOOL!
    Conservative: You’re losing it. I’m sorry but I have to excuse myself. Goodbye.
    Claire: *Insert any liberal absurdity you can think of*

    • Anonymous says:

      These women making comments about the mans age and looks are all about making backhanded comments towards men in general. One of the first comment replies actually asked if a male commenter would like to have sex with his 2 year old daughter.

      “Men like younger women, right? How would you feel about screwing a two year old girl? Hey, she’d be younger than you!”

      What an absolutely stupid thing to say.This commentary is stupid just like the story.

  12. Doc says:

    Since I’m pushing 50, I’ve done the 30 years younger thing – it was on my bucket list. It’s flattering to the ego, and fun but at that age they lack in many things (common sense being a big one) – which is one of the reasons they are in your bed so you can’t hold it against them. As long as you are in it (so to speak) for the fun, no worries. But don’t confuse fun for anything other than that. I like women in the 18-23 bracket for that exact reason, they don’t want to have a kid, and especially not with someone older than their father. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hit it like there is no tomorrow. Just don’t confuse it for anything other than it is – a fun little piece of tail.

    Now at 40 she should know better, and he should have her in an iron clad pre-nup as well as his finances set up so she gets zip. Of course, if he does swing from the other side of the batting cage, his only concern should be that she be discreet – something she’s obviously failed at…

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