Why America is Weak: All About Violence

CBS News recently ran a story on an anti-bullying crusader. Former Hollywood publicist Jodee Blanco travels around the country lecturing school kids on how to stop bullying. By caring. A lot:

“Bullying is about kids needing compassion and my perspective is the bully and the victim are the flipside of the same coin. They both need compassion,” Blanco said. “Bullying isn’t just the mean things you do, it’s all the nice things you never do.”

She relives the pain of her school years, even playing the role of her bullies. The reaction is raw.

“You look around and you see people in tears you know it;s your friends and they are in tears and you’re like, ‘Why aren’t I helping them?'” Blanco asks.

Eighth grader Kate Exline says she now feels empowered to end the cycle of harassment.

“I think one of the most important things is taking steps to try and get rid of it or decrease it because this is a ginormous problem,” Exline said.

Blanco said she tries to manage her expectations when tackling the bullying problem.

“I don’t think it can be solved, only because it’s about the desperate need to fit in, run amok. If you are in a hole, I am the guy who will crawl down there with you and get you out, because I lived in that hole my entire adolescence, and I know what it feels like and I do know how to get you out,” Blanco said.

No further example of why America is weak is required to prove the case.

America has (for now, until Obama succeeds in his plan to cut 80% of America’s nukes in the face of Iranian armament) nuclear weapons, submarines to launch them, ballistic missiles, aircraft carriers, and the like. And yet it is hamstrung in projecting that force effectively. It is hamstrung, because America is weak, politically. And it is weak because America’s politics and culture and economy are dominated by women, for better and worse.

The economic, political, and cultural domination have good sides. The power of women make it extremely unlikely that even with an all-volunteer force America could engage in something akin to the mutual suicide of the Western Front, 1914-1918. Nor could, with the power of women and technology to beam images across the globe, could America or the West in general ever repeat the horrors of Belgian colonialism in the Congo, where King Leopold presided over what amounted to a slave empire that killed nearly 7 million people in brutal forced labor. Nor could the Klan ever again rise up and lynch people, or burn crosses with impunity to intimidate. Nor could we have another Trail of Tears, or internment of the Japanese, or anything like that. Simply because “nice White ladies” to quote Steve Sailer, would not stand for it. The same women who made Oprah a billionaire for pretending to be every White woman’s imaginary Black Best Friend demand nice-ness and no sustained and publicized violence. Any force must be measured, controlled, in the tiniest doses possible, and largely out of sight.

So that a good dose of moral lectures and uplifting can be done by Nice White Ladies(tm Steve Sailer).

What is the female solution to bullying? Learning how to fight, and thus deter (in most suburban White school settings where gang violence and guns are not common) the bullying? Nope.

It is “niceness.” Doing nice things. Crying a lot. And acting the good moral person.

And for the most part, as a Hollywood publicist, or HR person, or marketing guru, or other female dominated professions, this works. It is effective. But only within its limits. The great weakness of the West is the lack of understanding of violence, its uses, and its limits. Women don’t like to fight. That’s understandable. They are not very good at it. The solution they give is fine for girls confronting “mean girls” but totally useless for boys facing physical violence at the hands of a bully. The only solution for the latter is physical confrontations and show-downs. The bullied does not even have to win, merely show a willingness to fight on, and make the entire incident so costly as to deter further fights. Which means making the other guy bleed, all over his clothes, and hurting him in turn. Making one’s self a hard target. That in turn results in being left alone. This is something even the “Christmas Story” knew with Ralphie and Scott Farkus.

The solution for bullying in schools by male students is to teach the bullied male victims how to fight effectively, and do so. Instead of a show-down with guns, a simple fist-fight. No one gets badly hurt, the bully learns there is a limit to his physical power (a useful one indeed) along with his social power (simply fighting back erodes considerably his social standing and power) and the victim learns how to defend himself and stand up without becoming a monster or bully himself. Limited physical violence within social norms and carefully policed. This generally was the situation before the culture (particularly in education) became female-dominated, school fights were commonplace but not few kids were seriously hurt or worse, killed. School shootings have become the norm, under ever-tighter gun laws and restrictions, as violence (on the part of the victim) is eliminated, leading to massive eruptions of violence as (mostly male) victims explode into chaotic rage and fury, often killing or crippling those who had nothing to do with their bullying in the first place.

That women have sought to make every social problem a case for “Nice White Ladies” is not surprising. That’s the way societies work for those who have power. The groups with power tend to bend society to their liking, and towards their power. And while the result is at least partly good (ugly mob violence by Whites is a thing of the past), it is fatally flawed in the use of violence abroad.

The United States (and the West) is plugged into the global system. Grievances and grudges from around the globe can result in planes flying into buildings killing office workers. Moreover, the US is dependent on oil, the global price of which is set by the Saudis. Dominance of the Persian Gulf has been a US policy objective since FDR. Brent Crude at the time of this writing is listed at the Financial Times website at $121.59 a barrel. Moreover, the US has policy objectives under Obama to use drones and Special Operators to keep jihadis and Pakistani ISI members (but I repeat myself) on their toes and fearful by raids and targeted killings. To the general approval of the press and the public. At the same time of course, the Obama Administration refuses to confront Iran’s march to nuclear weapons, which will inevitably result in the US being turfed out of the Gulf, and make Americans look fondly back upon $120 a barrel oil as “cheap.” Iran being dependent upon sky-high oil prices to pay its massive thug army to keep power.

America has been weak, because a female-dominated populace has refused to take action when it was less expensive, and manageable, preferring to kick the can down the road. Because violence, in the open, and sustained, is “icky” and marginalizes “Nice White Ladies” to their horror. Being “nice” is the solution. And that works … for trade disputes with Belgium. Or Switzerland. Not so much with Iran. Or Pakistan.

Carter refused to take action against Iran during the Hostage Crisis. At a time when Iran had few friends and no serious weaponry. Reagan also refused. For the simple reason that the female voters looked upon with horror at the prospect of any serious military action. George Herbert Walker Bush, refused to remove Saddam because of the effort, knowing that female voters would be turned off by casualties resulting from occupation. Hence Clinton resorting to impotent air strikes against Saddam, and the Sudan, making America look weak. Clinton himself ordered a humiliating retreat from Somalia after the debacle in Mogadishu, making America look like a fat, easy target. Because the effort to sustain any real response would create a firestorm of female-oriented criticism.

One need look only at George W. Bush’s Iraq problems. America had easy, seaborne access to a massive oil producer in the Gulf, and a way to hit Iran cheaply and fast, with drones and Special Forces, to gain compliance with American objectives (stop nukes, stop efforts to raise the global price of oil). But casualties (in an all-volunteer force) were high and the pictures were ugly. Well, how else do you think America gets cheap oil? Unicorns and rainbows? Indeed, much like the fantasy film “the Help” which posits a Civil Rights Movement powered by “Nice White Ladies” (who are secretly HOT! dammit!) … writing gossip books, much of America’s culture thinks that the solution to high global oil prices is not American military domination of the resource in the Gulf, but windmills, solar farms … and algae.

As Machiavelli advises in the Prince, when problems are hard to diagnose, they are easily fixed. But kicking the can down the road leads generally to much higher costs. Deferred maintenance generally means higher costs in the end. Preaching “niceness” to combat bullying means generally, an explosion of violence with guns rather than a relatively harmless fist-fight that tends to solve the problem quickly, at the source. Failure to address the fundamental challenges of America’s foreign policy objectives, namely insuring military dominance over the Gulf to preserve (cheaper) oil, and secondarily to prevent nuclear proliferation in and around the Gulf (which threatens US military dominance) only makes them more expensive.

Jimmy Carter would have found over-throwing the Ayatollah while not cheap, far less expensive and costly than what is required merely to delay Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Which in turn is nothing less than a massive bombing campaign aimed not just at dug in and well-defended nuclear sites, but roads, bridges, power plants, transmission lines, and more designed to paralyze the ability of the distributed nuclear infrastructure to operate. Centrifuges may be hidden, but they still need electrical power to operate. On an industrial scale, too, simple on-site diesel generators won’t get it done. Material needs to be transported, which is impossible if roads, bridges, rail lines, and more are ruined. All this can be done, but requires American (and Iranian) lives, a lot of money, and a lot of ugly pictures on television. Carter, or Reagan after him, could have asked for and gotten an open declaration of War and overthrown Khomeni with effort to be sure, but less than is required now simply to delay Iran’s nuclear domination of the world price of oil. [Iran with nukes can turf out the US from the Gulf and thus set the price to whatever they like, probably in excess of $200 a barrel.]

The problem now in schools is that the usual bullying of weaker, smaller, more outcast boys by those stronger, and more popular, has become epidemic because a fist-fight at age 14 never happens. Instead a mass shooting at 17 occurs. All in service of the egos and prejudices of “Nice White Ladies” who think of themselves as good people doing good things, and genuinely try to do good things. Jodee Blanco is not a bad person, she is genuinely trying to help people (and massage her own ego at the same time, but pure goodness without any other motives is never found in human beings who remain imperfect organic beings). But Blanco is merely kicking the can down the road. The solution to bullying is not a moral lecture by “Nice White Ladies” no matter how much they might enjoy giving the lecture.

Rather, the solution is for that fist-fight to occur, as Freshmen, when no lasting harm is done. The same holds true for American military policy. There is no need to intervene in Syria, where there are no allies for America to be found, and no pressing interests. If anything a policy of subtly encouraging more fighting there to draw in and weaken American enemies, particularly Iran, would be fruitful.

But America faces a choice, and one considerably more costly, because of kicking the can down the road. A nuclear armed Iran, absent an Israeli nuclear first strike (to avoid being the example made by Iran to get the Saudis to comply with oil production levels), seems inevitable. Obama, as the President at least partly selected by “Nice White Ladies” simply cannot abide the idea of sustained military action in defense of US national security objectives. Women would object: too many Iranians would be killed, too many Americans. The most Obama will commit to is drone warfare off the front pages, and the occasional Special Forces raid. [And not even that if reports of Leon Panetta authorizing the bin Laden raid over Valerie Jarrett’s objection, and then daring Obama to fire him for it.]

As Hamlet pointed out, not acting is a choice. One made to avoid responsibility and thus let events drive you. How exactly did that choice turn out?

The US is likely to allow Iran, sooner or later, to become a nuclear power and dominate the Gulf. Which means living with oil at $200 a barrel or more. And all the social chaos and conflict inside America that implies. But avoiding violence entirely is not possible. “Niceness” may obtain inside American Middle Class White schools, until an irregular eruption of violence predictably happens somewhere, every few years. In the same manner, simply “being nice” and offering apologies to Afghans (as they murder our soldiers) or Iranians (also) will accomplish nothing. America can simply leave Afghanistan, being effectively chased out by violence, but that leaves no base from which to launch drone attacks or Special Forces into Pakistan. The hideout of bin Laden and currently building more than 100 new nuclear weapons (widely thought to be ordered and paid for by Saudi Arabia).

Basically, the choices boil down in that instance to doing nothing, or a nuclear assault. That is all that is left. Which in turn, only guarantees more attacks and jihad against America. Just as “niceness” as a response to male bullying is like waving a steak in front of a hungry lion, niceness and apologies to Afghanistan and Pakistan, a hurried retreat under killings, and no response to Iran’s nukes only invites attacks.

This is why America is weak. And the West. Simply put, women wield the decisive political and cultural influence, and they don’t understand violence. Leaving American and Western responses provocative. Offering to non-Western cultures a very female response of conciliation and surrender and niceness. That serves only to provoke more violence on the part of the male-dominated Muslim cultures.

The solution is not to remove women from social influence. This is firstly impossible, and secondarily harmful. Muslim nations and cultures themselves, dominated exclusively by men, are bankrupt and terrible. They cannot do much other than produce nukes with Chinese and North Korean and Russian assistance, and threaten people. Eventually they are doomed to kill themselves (the lesson of both “Red Harvest” and Mark Millar’s “Wanted” comic book) as much as others, like a bottle filled with scorpions. Male dominance is a trap, no question, because it produces within a society of a war of all against all.

The solution rather, is to continually enlighten women on the nature, and uses, as well as limits, of violence. That violence can no more be eliminated from society, or the globe, than sex, or greed, or anything else. This enlightenment can only be done, one step at a time, through entertainment. Books, movies, and above all television (or web-based serial entertainment). Making the point that the absence of massive violence as a part of daily life is only an illusion. Like a sewer system that prevents one drowning in one’s own crap, modern suburban life depends on a massive infrastructure that needs regular maintenance and constant expansion. Not being up to one’s eyeballs in feces and urine, the regular daily life of most of urban humanity until the 1890’s, and for much of urban America, until the 1930’s or even 1940’s, takes investment and sweat. It does not just happen by magic. Any more than having a safe school, or affordable gas (and all that implies, particularly flight from Black/Hispanic urban dysfunction ala Detroit) happens by magic. Moral lectures by one’s betters, a favorite of Nice White Ladies, does not make urine and feces magically disappear from the bathroom when the toilet is flushed, rather it takes nerdy engineers, blue collar men, and lots and lots of money to make that happen. Daily life gives the illusion of magic, but it is only an illusion. The reality requires constant investment.

The NBC television show “Life” was particularly good at this. One episode had the protagonist explain to a victim that she believed bad things never happened to good people, until one day violence reached out and touched her. That violence is part of life, but not the only part of life. That it can be neither denied out of existence, or the sole focus of existence. In that short scene, an emotional point was made that did more to explain modern reality and the futility of kicking the can down the road with respect to violence than any other method. Including this post.

The bad thing is, most entertainment people are as deluded about violence as their audience (which remains primarily women). Twilight, the Hunger Games, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, all offer up a pretend-violence of sexy bad boys who are controllable by hot, super-sexy girls and women. That the most violent and chaotic of men are the most desirable, and that the current state of suburbia is indestructible and eternal. The good thing is, new forms of entertainment, particularly web-based or internet delivered, including e-books and internet series, have the opportunity to break through and level with female readers and viewers. That violence can only be managed, and it is better for a short, decisive fight early that settles the matter without too much blood and pain, than a massive blood-bath later.

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55 Responses to Why America is Weak: All About Violence

  1. Odds says:

    brilliant brilliant stuff, whiskey.

  2. Tim says:

    Does fracking change the game?

  3. Abandon hope says:

    Women know everything, can see the future and read minds. Enlighten? I don’t think so.
    The world is in a battle between the psychologically mature and the psychologically immature.
    i.e., adults versus children. The children are winning and too big and too many to send to their room. Love your stuff, Whiskey.

  4. Tim, long term I think it does. But the impact will be ten years or more away. Already plastics and chemical manufacture is returning to the US because natural gas being so cheap makes even Chinese labor advantage nullified.

    But there is still the gap between now, a time of shortages and social hardship, and then, a time of oil independence. How that gap is bridged is an open question.

  5. sensei says:

    Whiskey, it is not because of the lack of power of “women” that the ME is the way it is. There are myriad other aspects of their civilization which causes this. The “role” of women is perhaps the very last cause, if it is a cause at all. It is really just an effect.

    Moreover, the high mind, spirit, impulses and achievements that made the West great occurred long before the “liberation” of females. Men are the civilizing force in the world; females are along for the ride, and ultimately detest the real active and creative forces of civilization however much they may seek its treasures.

    It is also specious to imagine that women are inherently more “gentle” or opposed to violence or power grubbing than men, or that by virtue of their genitalia they are somehow more “moral”, compassionate or judicious. Few notions could be farther removed from reality. Many a female aristocrat abused her serfs, many owned outright slaves. Nearly all dream of powerful and ruthless men. Women in fact do not understand the actual effects of violence, but for precisely the opposite reason that you imagine. When they act in anger they show no reserve or restraint at all. As a rule, women are far less merciful than men. Men must learn to overcome solipsism and narcissism–the world beats these out of them..This is clearly not the case for females To assert the the female sex makes things like the European experience in Africa “impossible” is absurd. These are not the problems of “men” but the nature of the world. In fact Africans are doing this to themselves these days.

    To hold that evil in the world is due to “men” unrestrained by women is to drink the koolaid of Cultural Marxism. In fact the opposite is true: the great and wonderful fruits of civilization are almost wholly a male creation.

    No, what we are witnessing is less an ascendancy of “women” but a general decadence and decline. The position of women is merely a symptom and not a cause; that position today cannot long be maintained for it is purely an artificial position allowed by an much inherited wealth, a prolonged peace, general imbecility and much propaganda. Soon all these will come to an end–the truth will out. Should the Asian come to dominate, the fate of women will be grim both here and abroad, but if this does not come to pass, the paucity of real accomplishment of “women” and the inability to provide real vision, productivity, leadership and creativity will eventually overthrow feminism. If their claims where actually true, the history of the world would be altogether different. It is the modern world that is the aberration, and not the other way around. This modern world of our will pass quickly enough.

    I doubt that matter will reamain the same even 15 years after the last Boomer is laid to rest. Feminism is just the last mutter of the Boomer middle class as it careens about destroying itself. What follows will be altogether different. History will look back on us with the strange, eye-rubbing disbelief and contempt we have for the dying days of the Qing Dynasty.

  6. Soviet of Washington says:

    People who don’t deal with industrial-scale production on a regular basis greatly underestimate the inertia caused by lack of support infrastructure. The US still has it in chemicals and energy, so it’s easy to see plastics (Whiskey’s example) coming back fairly fast, especially for stateside end uses. It’s another thing to expect this to translate to consumer electronics, where the stateside infrastructure no longer exists. BTW, this is true even regionally inside China. I’ve had several vendors try to move manufacturing inland for cost and workforce reasons, and have to retrench to the Pearl delta due to support issues.

    Sensei, that was a good comment.

  7. krakonos says:

    Some scientists would disagree with you.
    According to J. D. Unwin and his Sex And The Culture there is a direct relation between strength of a society and its sexual relations (more promiscuous -> less powerfull).
    According to, well, someone else and cad/thug vs. dad societies. Some societies (cad/thug) are unable to create any form of civilization due to effects of long terms cad/thug mating preference on their genetic information.

  8. Anonymous says:

    RE: no more horrific violence

    A. The Klan were heroes who mostly lynched violent criminals and rapists. King Leopold brought civilization to the Congo (check the pics: http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=364787), and so fucking what if a bunch of savages got killed in the process.

    B. You have it backwards, the woman-domination all but ENSURES mass-scale horrific brutality in the future, it just won’t be reported.

  9. Brilliant piece… the unintended consequences of nanny misrule writ both small and large.

    I wonder how often kids that once fought, and thereby coming to respect each other, wind up being great friends. I wonder because it happened to me, and I know my experience is not unique. A new kid came to our school mid-year in 4th grade. For some reason that now utterly escapes me I saw fit to physically fight with him. Being marginally larger and on “home” turf, I must have been the bully, tho’ again I cannot remember the exact whys and wherefores. After a few days of sporadic fisticuffs, we settled down and became fast friends. He was the best man at my wedding, and remains a close friend down to today.

    I know that this sort of thing would be rare (in any era) with girls, but I wonder how common that experience, i.e., male enemies becoming best friends, is among men of an age certain enough to have grown up before the Absolute Prohibition of typical male behavior went into effect. Nowadays, as you say, steam is allowed to build up until someone, somewhere brings a gun. I also wonder, as a side effect of this Prohibitionism, how many best friends fail to be found.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am curious how to invite a bully to join in a game of organized sports? It would be good advice to young people.

  10. Contrary says:

    Ann Coulter wrote in one of her columns years ago that women’s right to vote should be revoked. I thought she was joking but am now thinking she was right. We have become too touchy-feely and sensitive.

  11. tg moderator says:

    America was once the undisputed champ of counter insurgency warfare. Kit Carson’s tactic against the Navajo (Dine)was simple. He controlled all the arable land and forced the people into the mountains. He used Ute Scouts (the Navajo’s traditional adversary) to locate any livestock, food or material that his enemy could use. Carson won and the long walk began because the choice was to surrender or die of starvation and exposure. It is hard to believe that a military that was so brutally effective against the indigenous population of North America has lost the ability to fight an insurgency. Only 100 years have passed… The reason is that the “nice white ladies” won’t stand for seeing the images of starved children on TV. We are better off now, but in the days after 9/11/01 I was wishing for Kit Carson to return.

  12. cecil henry says:

    iran is not the problem.

    First Iraq was the problem. then egypt,, the libya, then syria….

    Sure these are not the WEst’s friends, but they dont have to be enemies either.

    Talk about the tail waging the dog. Israel is the problem here. Ignoring that bully is patently ridiculous.

  13. Jelly Bean says:

    I’d like to start with an assurance that I don’t mean to disagree with you all the time. It just that I read your article, and things immediately jump out as obviously wrong, in my opinion.

    Okay. I’d buy the argument that women steer towards suppressing physical violence. After all, physical inferiority is what makes women the most vulnerable and threatens our status in any given civilization.
    But bullying? Whiskey… Most women aren’t “nice white ladies”, by nature. That “niceness” you speak of isn’t a female thing. The competitive open mindness and alturism as the ultimate sign of morality is a western middle class thing. Women in developing nations don’t tend to advocate for the rights of anyone, but their own children. Heck, come to think of it, American black women don’t advocate for anyone but their own either. They usually have no problem with their bully getting a sound beat down. But i guess,, most black women aren’t exactly middle class, even if they are western. And western middle class men are all kinds of nice too. Ever hear of Tim Wise? Most middle class western men resemble Mr. Rogers to some degree, while non western men, generally don’t.
    But back to women and bullying… Are you seriously suggesting that women are lesser assholes than men? Ever been to middle school? A nurses’ station? Female dominated office? While, obviously, some women are very nice people, I don’t believe that purposefully hurting others and relishing in their pain is a male trait. In fact, i’d guess that women tend to exhibit this trait more often, even though, admittedly, I’m just speaking from personal experience with nothing else to back up this claim. Again, women oppose physical violence because in the world where physical violence were allowed, women would be at severe disadvantage. But inflicting psychological pain, harassing and humiliating isn’t something that women unite to eradicate together. Indeed, they often engage in these very activities themselves.
    Look, I don’;t know why the western middle class is pretending to believe this bullshit. Everyone knows that you can’t defeat a bully with a hug. It’s not a lonely cry for help. But it’s not women. Feminine doesn’t equal nurturing and loving. Women are biologically inclined to nurture and protect the young and cute, not their peers, or worse, those they perceive to be their inferiors.

    I think that, perhaps, you are right that women are unlikely, as a group, to organize violent lynch mobs. Perhaps one needs more testosterone to get a real kick out of that type of a thing. But disfiguring each other? You betcha! Check out women throwing acid in their rivals’ faces in Latin America. When women do fight, they tend to go for each other’s faces and hair. Making the bitch you hate ugly grants a lot more satisfaction than inflicting serious medical damage. Most women would rather be ill than ugly. Oh, and women who benefited from it weren’t against slavery. Just like the women who have access to that type of a thing aren’t at all opposed to paying other people slave wages to change their babies’ diapers, clean their houses and even act as incubators for their unborn children. Women might have an aversion to explosive fatal violence, but they don’t have an aversion to oppression of others, not more so then men.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Women in developing nations don’t tend to advocate for the rights of anyone, but their own children”
      The above statement is completely off-base. Buddhism, an EASTERN philosophy, DOES advocate for peace and rights for all. Also, most so-called developing nations have a majority who IS civil and believe in rule of law. Are there criminals and outlaws among “developing nations”? Absolutely and some of these nations have them more than others. But to make a sweeping statement and assumption that ALL or MOST women in developing countries care for no one but their own progeny is unsubstantiated. That is like saying that ALL middle-class WESTERN women are not violence prone, which would be preposterous.

      • Jelly Bean says:

        Most women in developing nations do, indeed, obey the law and promote a peaceful society. HOWEVER, they don’t put the welfare of children of another country/ethnic group above that of their own their own children. They collectively advocate for their collective children.

  14. Doc says:

    Long ago I put a kid in the hospital because they started a fight. My mother sat me down and explained how it was best not to let anger control you because you could hurt people. My father put a different spin on things, saying when you lose control you can be easily manipulated, so if someone gets you to the point that you are going to fight, don’t be angry – destroy them but do it coldly knowing that you want to destroy them. Then he sent me to martial arts so that I could gain control, and know that I could easily take any one or a group out.

    Fast forward several years in high-school. A group decided that I was a target, thinking the reason I didn’t respond was because I was afraid of them. In the middle of the sophomore year, they discovered they were wrong, I shattered one’s leg, another’s arm and the third’s nose before calmly going to the Principal explaining what happened. (I took each one out of commission as fast as possible since there were three of them.) I told the Principal they jumped me an I had to respond – there were a lot of witnesses. Since I was out-numbered and smaller (they were on the foot-ball team) I got off and they were shipped off to the hospital. My point is that many times people make mistakes when they see you not responding, it’s not that you fear them, but fear what you can do and will if you open that door.

    For the rest of my years in high-school, I made the lives of more than a few miserable since I enjoyed kicking the shit out of the ones that would pick on others. Still do… The US used to be in the same boat – Obama and his pansies think the world is wonderful mostly because not that long ago we kicked the Bullies’ asses and people remember for a while. But usually, if you don’t stop it early, you will have to respond with a lot more force to make the same point. That is why these days, I stop things early – that would be excellent foreign policy.

    After 9/11 I would have glassified most of the Middle-East and North Korea – just to remove the possible threat. We ARE the biggest and baddest on the block – sometimes we have to make that point so the children remember it. I learned long ago – I will never make everyone respect me, or like me, but I damn well can make them all fear me, and they will leave me alone – which is my goal. That is what the US has forgotten – the best way to ensure that you will be left alone, is to beat someone to a pulp every now and then. It’s worked for millions of years, and will work for millions more.

  15. Rurik says:

    The anti-bullying campaigns by nice Whitre ladies like Jodee Blanco are themselvesa actually a form of bullying, though be it by passive aggression. The poor while male cannot fight back, or even talk back, but must meekly submit to psychological castation, humiliation and mind-frabbing. Perhaps trhe most distasteful form of tyranny is that which denies it is a tyranny while making the victims actively collaborate with their own enslavement. And yes that describes the current political regime as well as society.

    • Conquistador says:

      Please kill yourself anon. Nobody here cares for your pansy “white lady” drivel.

    • Conquistador says:

      Take your own advice plz. We need fewer idiotic gender/queer theory graduates lauding their “superiority” over others.

  16. map says:

    What’s important is that “Claire” and Anonymous-that-writes-like-a-woman be ignored.

    Look, sweethearts, you don’t really understand how the real world works. Your ignorance is born from the fact that you are heavily subsidized creatures who have had smoke blown up your asses about your relative value mostly from men who gave you things in the hope of sleeping with you. Being gender-quota’ed all your life does not provide a good foundation for knowing anything about the world around you.

    You write, for example, that problems occur from people not minding their own business. Right. People are merely reactive elements that do things as a response to others. In reality, people are not purposeless. They have their own agendas. Sometimes, those agendas exist at cross-purposes with the other agendas of other people. The result is war. Female “niceness” is preventing the resolution of these problems in decisive ways. Instead, the problems fester and get worse and foreign elements take advantage of Western female weakness and then escalate their demands.

    And, yes, Blanco’s anti-bullying campaign is a a form passive-aggressive behavior because it casts the victim as equivalent to the victimizer. Both, for some reason, need help. This is the kind of absurd position no one but a woman would hold.

    • map says:

      Claire, do you really think I care about what some “academic” thinks? Is there any academic work in history, political science, or whatnot written after 1950 that is remotely worth a damn? The navel-gazing, circle jerk that is useless academia is rapidly pricing itself out of business and will disappear within a decade, as will the rest of the country. Such is the life and death of nations.

      All I know is this country took a turn for the worst when minorities and women gained power. When the country was majority white and white men ruled, this nation managed to put a man on the moon. Nowadays, the greatest invention of the substantially non-white and feminized America is the USB port and the digital card catalog (search engine.)

      I don’t care about this society or the Republicans or the conservatives. I only care to live long enough to see your worthless country suffer and die.

    • anonymous says:

      For I do not allow woman to teach, or to exercise authority over men; but she is to keep silent. For Adam was formed first, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman was deceived and became a transgressor.
      (1 Timothy 2:12-14)

  17. Pat says:

    Claire, give it up. You’re trying to have a rational discussion with someone completely irrational. Do you think ‘map’ gets the nuances that the English History you referred to precedes the last 50 years of the 20th century? Do you think ‘map’ will ever get that to be an astronaut and work at NASA you need a solid degree in Engineering and advanced studies in Astronomy, Mathematics and Physics, not just a ‘pair of balls wrapped on white skin’? So, why waste your time and intellect trying to educate someone as thick as a rock?

    I’m a successful guy and have no issues with others because I don’t let anyone stand in the way of my success and I, myself, am master of my destiny and life. I’m confident in myself, my intelligence, and I don’t need to put down women, minorities or the like. If women want to educate themselves, I say more power to them. I’m not threatened by it in the least..

    • map says:

      So, Pat, you really think that all the minorities and women NASA is trying to recruit are NOT getting in because of the color of their nut-sacks…or the absence of one?

      It is statistically far more likely that, if Claire ends up at NASA, it will not be because she represents the best and brightest.

      • Pat says:

        That was precisely my point. It takes more than having a pair of nuts to be an astronaut. I appreciate you got that far. Yes, Neil Armstrong was a bright Aerospace Engineer with a Masters degree, not some pathetic anti-social. You taking credit for what he did is absurd, like the above women have told you repeatedly. Just ’cause I’m white, I’m not gonna say I’m as smart as the next white dude, just ’cause we’re the same race.

        Look dude, I’m not here to play into your bullshit. You obviously get your jollies from getting bitch slapped left and right. I’m too busy running my businesses to waste my time with this shit.

        The broads Claire and Dawn (probably even Jessica and Anne) are way smarter than you and that got you heated. So, they’re scientists or whatever, who gives a fuck really? I have a BS degree only, although I could get into any top MBA program of my choosing, but I decided to make my businesses grow and instead of ‘paying’ an overpriced program, I rather keep the profit in my pocket. If a broad wants to spend her 20s doing research and slaving away at a lab, how does that affect you dumbass? I’m man enough to admit, I hate Chemistry and all Sciences. I don’t feel inferior because of that. I’m founding my third company and I’m not 35 yet. I’m my own boss, I’ve made extremely well for myself financially and I’m on top of my game. I travel when I want, where I want, live where I want, date who I want (no shortage in that department) and don’t give a fucking fart about anything else. Get a life!

  18. Blueeyeswhitetiger says:

    HA HA If most women are like you, then I’m glad to be gay.

    Also I love how you bash him for trying to be superior then you brag about how “educated” you are. (seriously I read all of your other posts, you must think that it makes you better than everyone else)
    Listen up sweet heart, speding 5 years of your life studying something worthless like gender/ethnic studies or gay theory or whatever does not make you smarter and it certainly it doesn’t grant you common sense.

    Also LOL about how you think that Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria were responsible for the wealth of the British empire, you don’t really think that these women ruled alone and made all the decisions by themselves do you? oh I’m sure you must, after all that’s what they taught you at school.

    By the way what is your evidence that show that Map belongs to the bottom of society. do you know him personally or are you making shit up?

    I find it very strage that a leftist bitch like you would come to politically incorrect site and start replying to mosts posts. Are you trying to convert us to Church of feminism and diversity, if so then know this: NOBODY IS INTERESTED

    On a final note the only person I see filled with hatred and venom is you, Map’s replies were calm and orderly yours on the other hand accuse him of being an evil bigot and belonging to the bottom of society.

    I’ll say it again, if modern women are exactly like you Claire, then I consider my homosexuality to be a blessing.

    • Claire says:

      My degree is in Biomedical Engineering (very much doubt you know what that means), and, yes, I AM more educated than you across board. I’M not better than EVERYONE, but I’m better than you Blueeyeswhitetiger (aka map, aka anonymous, aka Whiskey, you’re the SAME moron). But MOST people will be better than you, in case you haven’t figured it out. That is why you’re at the bottom’s bottom of society and you’ll stay there ’til you die. I’m not trying to convert you to any church, just to get you get more E-DU-CA-TION, but then, again, you don’t have what it takes to get even an AA diploma from a Junior College, much less an advanced professional degree. And yes, every time you call me names you show how limited you are when it comes to education, language, and critical thinking skills. Own it, you are a FAILURE and professional white MEN laugh at you and call you white trash. You need no feminists and graduates of Women Studies (which I’m not) tell you that, someone with a HS diploma can see how deficient and ignorant you are. You think Mitt Romney, Niels Armstrong, and the greatest white scientists and technologists agree with your views? No, they don’t. You’re rotten garage to them. A genetic aberration at best! Please keep calling me names, so you can leave more evidence of what ignorance, hatred, and baseness do to a human.

    • Claire says:

      P.S. you should celebrate your homosexuality regardless…

    • Dawn says:


      (map) “I only care to live long enough to see your worthless country suffer and die” is that not filled with hatred and venom? Map’s only goal is to “live” to see devastation?

      Telling another blogger she’s got ‘smoke up her ass’, she’s a ‘bitch’, a ‘subsidized gender”, etc does not qualify as hate-filled epithets?

      No wonder Claire is trying to give you a lesson in eloquence and lexicon.

      I’m not a feminist either and respect men who are WORTH respecting: those who value education, morality, chivalry, civility and every other quality you guys don’t possess. You guys hate because you can’t stand the thought that plenty women and minorities are higher up than you and you’re just unable to catch up ’cause all you know is hate, but the moment someone gives you a basic mathematical equation or asked to solve a Physics problem, you’re lost.

      While we were busy working on our linear Algebra problems, spending afternoons in our Chem labs, reading the greatest works of English Lit, conjugating French verbs, harvesting rat cells for our Immunology projects, etc. you guys were jerking off and feeling sorry for yourselves and blaming everyone around for your lack of progress and success. Why should I feel any empathy for someone like that? Especially when some classmates (male and female) of mine came from poor families, but that didn’t deter them from pursuing higher education and a better life for themselves.

      I had lots of MALE classmates working as hard and as diligently as me, and THOSE GUYS I respect and I’m friends with. I have utmost admiration for all my professors and mentors (male and female) who taught me useful stuff and walked me through hard concepts. I RESPECT our male gardener and MALE maintenance crew who greet us with “good morning ma’am” (as opposed to ‘inferior bitch what you doin going to class?’), our cafeteria employees who are RESPECTFUL and serve EQUALLY ALL students whether they’re white, brown, black or Asian. NOT the “men” calling us women ‘bitches’ saying we should be raped when they’re unable to measure up in the classroom or in the corporate world. THOSE “men” (if you can call them that) are not worth an after thought, especially when all they do is preach hate for minorities, women, and gays and wish for the destruction of ‘OUR COUNTRY’ all the while advocating for rape as a healthy fantasy and violence as the natural order of things.

  19. Jessica says:

    Wow, this is some site. Someone told me word is spreading about it, so expect more comments from women. I just want to say that hate works both ways. I don’t like it when “whites” put down other people for no other reason than their skin color, accent or that type of stuff. Likewise, I don’t like it when the so-called “minorities” come here and don’t learn English, show no respect for the people already here, and commit crime. But I’m not a hater and I don’t discriminate anyone based on the bad apples. I’m not gonna start mistreating and hating the Mexican housekeepers who are nice, friendly and work so hard because some of the Mexican men who come here illegally and rape and steal. I’m also not gonna say all white people who are poor are white trash. I think, in the end, people choose who they want to be and how they want to live their lives.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whiskey’s insights on television are rather amusing, as the main stream media rarely discusses why men rarely watch network television outside of sports.

  20. map says:

    Claire, I don’t respond to shaming language, which is all that you have resorted to.

  21. map says:

    All I read is blah blah blah…more shaming language.

    Let’s add a little fact and logic into this post:

    1) Most of the educated men that put a man on the moon were white men who got their degrees from serious universities with serious academic programs. There were no gender quota/AA programs to deal with. Knowledge flourished without the Cultural Marxist program holding white men back.

    2) Elizabethan England was not a weak, effeminate society. Queen Elizabeth was a thoroughly masculine leader, unlike the shrews and harridans currently taking power.

    3) And no, I am not huckstering for white males. All I am saying is that women and minorities do not compete on a level playing field with their white male counterparts. The government’s agenda is to turn white men into 3rd class citizens and to elevate women and minorities beyond the natural level of their abilities. The government succeeded.

    As a result the country is collapsing.

    • map says:

      Yes yes…every woman on the net has a degree in BioMed engineering, or Chemistry and is busy studying Linear Algebra and Eng Lit. Where do you find the time when you have to deal with the super high costs of contraception?

      Tell me…does your university have any of those “Women in Engineering” programs I seem to see everywhere? You know…those Politically Correct outreach programs that are so intent on getting women into engineering programs and finding engineering jobs, the programs not available to the other gender that occupies the planet?

      I wonder…if women are such a natural fit for rigorous academics, then why does there need to be some special outreach programs for women to enter a field? Water finds its own level, you know.

  22. map says:

    Anne, you would be very wise to heed your parents’ warnings. The college life that you experience is not real. It is a fiction, one created for your consumption through the massive tuition that you’re paying. The real world does not resemble college and the people you meet there are not a cross-section of that real world.

    You would do well to understand this.

    Don’t be a simpleton. Claire and Dawn are idiots regurgitating the same tired nonsense that is everywhere practiced and believed. The point of this blog is to truly present an alternative to the orthodoxy C&D imbibe.

  23. map says:

    Dawn, it’s “Neil Armstrong” not Niels Armstrong. You’ve made that mistake twice already. Must be the female hysterics forcing down your IQ.

    Moreover, you did not answer my question: does your university have a “women in science” or “women in engineering” program? Is it a matter of social policy at your university to deliberately push women into science and engineering programs, even designating slots for them in these fields?

    I would venture that, yes, it does exist. Furthermore, I would bet dollars to donuts that you and Claire are a part of such a program. The existence of such programs indicate that the movement of women into science and engineering programs is not through a level playing field with organic competition against men. It is, instead, by design, a form of social promotion designed to create certain politically correct outcomes.

    This brings us to the heart of what I am talking about. The issue is not whether I am smarter than you or any other woman out there. The issue is are the women being admitted into the fields of study as smart as their male counterparts? The answer is, obviously, no. Your grrrllpower refuses to acknowledge this. Yet, all the signs are there for a social promotion admit situation.

    1) You mention how brilliant the men are with whom you go to class. How could you know that (grades are anonymous)…unless you kept asking them for help on homework sets and concepts? You figured out they were brilliant when they explain to you for the umpteenth time some concept that a competitive admit should understand completely, with little coaching, or help you with homework problems that you should do by yourself. You get away with it because these nerds are happy to have something without a dick actually talking to them so they put up with your asinine questions.

    2) Are your core engineering classes disproportionately female? If I walked into a core electrical engineering class at your school in, say, something like circuit design, electronics or solid state physics, am I more likely or less likely to see row after row of men? This indicates that women are steered into less competitive, easier, and less lucrative engineering disciplines.

    3) Do you use a disproportionate amount of office hour, lab assistant, and tutor time?

    You will, of course, deny that any of this is true. But, let’s face it. You ladies are simply gender quotas. Yes, you will get your science and engineering degrees. Yes, you will get that job you want and were trained for. Yes, you will be rapidly promoted and make lots of money. Yes, you will be very successful. But you will not get there on your own. You are there by decree of public policy.

    Enjoy it while it lasts.

  24. map says:

    Dawn, you are so cute with your panties in a bunch. I don’t need a science degree. In case you haven’t noticed, there is no money in science anymore. Oh sure, if you move to China or India or if you’re a government-subsidized woman you can find a decent paying job in the field. If you are a white male, however, you will make less money as physics postdoc than you would managing a Wal-mart.

    I have duel math and economics degrees from a top ten university and made my money on Wall Street. On more than one occasion I’ve had one of you so-called brainy chicks come down the pipe, all brand-spanking-new with your “science” degrees and your moxie, looking for someone to mentor them in the arcana of quantitative finance.

    What did I discover?

    a) The female math major that could not provide a proof of the Pythagorean Theorem.
    b) The female chemical engineering major that could not solve a set of systems of equations because she forgot that the number of equations must equal the number of unknowns.
    c) The female computer science major who screwed up the code on a linear regression model.

    And on and on.

    But someone needed to fill the gender quotas.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wouldn’t make judgments of a person’s intelligence biased off grammar and spelling. In particular if they hold science or engineering degrees as there are a large number of foreign born people with those degrees.

  25. map says:

    Don’t you need to go ask a boy for help with your homework?

    • Conquistador says:

      University of Phoenix serves mostly minority students. I guess we see the leftist’s true colors on display here………..

      Majoring in English literature and gender/queer theory doesn’t make you better than anybody. Lying about your science background makes you look even more pitiful.

    • Conquistador says:

      Ahaha the leftist retard is the real racist here.

      Oh and you don’t have any background in science you lying cunt. Oh well maybe you do. Putting condoms on cucumbers might pass as science where you live.

    • Conquistador says:

      You have a job? LOL. Women are terrible fiction writers.

      Cupcake if you actually had a life you wouldn’t be on some random blog stirring up trouble. You’re obviously a sad and deluded little femcunt desperate to prove something to herself. I’m sick of my tax dollars feeding your gender studies programs. If you want to blow smoke up your ass do it on your own time not the public doll.

  26. Conquistador says:

    Nowhere in your idiotic rant did you disprove anything map sad. Queen Elizabeth? LOL. She was a product of a male dominate society. No idiot woman today with a gender studies degree (like you) could ever match her.

    • Conquistador says:

      High achieving female? Yeah high achieving at suckling cock. Mommy taught you well.

      YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!

    • Conquistador says:

      Slurp, slurp, slurp, how’s my jizz in your mouth taste?

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be fair to question why there are fewer men entering college and persuing graduate degrees than in the past.

  27. map says:

    Oh, you graduated. Now your busy asking some man to help you with your work at your job.

    • map says:

      I don’t understand. If you are all such a bunch of winners, then what are you doing here arguing with losers on the internet?

  28. Conquistador says:

    Shut up you femcunt retard. You obviously have nothing else to do in your sad life but to troll here. Kill yourself and do humanity a favor plz.

  29. Conquistador says:

    Subsidized home? LMAO. Stupid cunts like you are the largest consumers of welfare. I bet you’re a baby mama slut raising some bastard spawn.

    • Conquistador says:

      Did I hit a nerve? Welfare programs enable single motherhood. Dawn doesn’t want her baby mama gravy train coming to end so she comes here to troll. Look slut austerity is coming to America whether you or I like it or not. With that the femcunt grievance empire will unravel.

  30. Conquistador says:

    Claire/Dawn/whoever else. Your sock puppet crap is irritating. Keep your idiotic posts under one name. I mean you’re actually having a conversation with yourself just to prove you’re not the only one to share your femcunt ideology. It’s really sad and pathetic. You must be a lonely single mother with a lot of time on her hands.

  31. map says:


    These bitches are still talking…

    What are a couple of vaj-eniuses Dawn and Claire are,

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