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Obama Sells Out America: What’s the Deal With Putin?

Obama has sold out America. That’s nothing new. This time he was caught on a hot, open microphone, saying that Vladimir Putin should give him “space” and that “after my election” he will have more flexibility: President Obama: “On all … Continue reading

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Obama and Trayvon Martin: Stalingrad

The saying goes that generals fight the last war. Obama, and his allies, politically are stuck in the 1960s. Everything for them, is Bull Connor setting police dogs and hoses on peaceful Black civil rights marchers, live on the three … Continue reading

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Calling All Trial Lawyers: Sue the Nation of Islam and Black Entertainers for the Zimmerman Bounty!

Calling all Trial Lawyers! Calling all Trial Lawyers! The Nation of Islam, and Louis Farrakhan, have announced that they are taking donations from Black athletes, rappers, and entertainers (Will Smith is rumored to have given) for a bounty (for killing) … Continue reading

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Vladimir Putin: The Reverse Obama

In many ways Vladimir Putin is the Reverse Obama. Where Obama has campaigned on alternative energy, and has sought (stupidly) to make gas and energy prices higher, to his domestic disaster, Putin depends on high gasoline and oil prices. The … Continue reading

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Why Himmmm Is Not Hollywood’s Biggest Threat

Lefty gossip site Jezebel, but I repeat myself, is alleging that Robert Downey Jr. is a secret poster on some Hollywood blog Crazy Days and Crazy Nights, spilling the beans on Hollywood’s sordid secrets. Alleging among other tidbits that the … Continue reading

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What is and is NOT Allowed at Whiskey’s Place

Just so everyone is clear, there are things that are allowed and not allowed at Whiskey’s Place. What is not allowed are personal insults, threats of violence, abuse, and other idiocy like linking to Stormfront or the Nation of Islam. … Continue reading

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Boycott the Boycotters: the Culture War

For Liberals, everything is the political. Even the personal. In a an attack ginned up by the Obama Administration, the culture war over Sandra Fluke and Rush Limbaugh has resulted in over 140 companies currently pulling advertising on the Rush … Continue reading

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