What is and is NOT Allowed at Whiskey’s Place

Just so everyone is clear, there are things that are allowed and not allowed at Whiskey’s Place. What is not allowed are personal insults, threats of violence, abuse, and other idiocy like linking to Stormfront or the Nation of Islam. We’ve had an infestation of spam comments from some idiot lefty, commenting back and forth from the same IP on Cox Cable in Orange County, California ( Idiot lefties are welcome, as long as they follow the rules. I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted the troll. I don’t know why he bothered, I’m supposed to be “Zionist Enemy #1” among the Alternate Right. I now understand why Steve Sailer has to moderate his comments, and Half Sigma also. There’s always an idiot trolling lefty.

I’d like to be on top of things, but real life intrudes. The best I can do is get a post up now and then, because life has its demands and this place is last in line. I certainly hope I don’t have to put everything on comment moderation — sometimes I can’t check the site regularly.


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12 Responses to What is and is NOT Allowed at Whiskey’s Place

  1. Let me add, the troll comments came from one single IP. The one above. Lefties. Sigh.

  2. Half Sigma says:

    Whenever I experiment with the idea of unmoderating my comments, it never lasts very long. I wind up with the following problems: (1) people exchanging personal insults with each other; (2) people from Stormfront using the comment section to explain why the Jews and Israel are the cause of all evil in the world. It’s unfortunate but if you have an alt-right blog and don’t moderate your comments, your comment section winds up becoming an auxiliary of Stormfronters who hate Jews.

    • Rollory says:

      Did you ever retract your lies about Rubio? Rather than just closing comments when people started pointing out you were lying?


    • Yes, I guess that I’m getting these guys means I’m getting more interest. Usually just a few friends and family see what I wrote. Or maybe blogspot did a better job of screening them. I can see why Roissy had to make his comments moderated.

      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

      BTW — LOVE your blog. Don’t always comment, but always read!

  3. Sorry you cant devote more time to your excellent blog. We love whiskey!!

  4. WhiskeyPlease says:

    I now understand why Steve Sailer has to moderate his comments, and Half Sigma also. There’s always an idiot trolling lefty.

    Now you know how we feel when you show up and ruin the threads of other blogs with your same old comments. People at Mangan’s, iSteve, SBPDL and other places see you as a troll and would have more tolerance for you if you simply responded to questions that other commenters ask you in response to your posts. But your behavior is always the same. You post some inflammatory remark on a thread, others respond, and you simply ignore them. The next thread comes around and you repeat the process. Thus your behavior is like that of a troll.

    I believe your blog is a great way for you to express your ideas which you are certainly entitled to do. Just respect the discussion on other blogs by engaging in debate, or don’t post and waste our time. Many of us read those other blogs and really like the comments that follow. Your habit of hijacking a thread and then not responding to questions often times ruins this experience.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    • I will provisionally allow this comment (for now) but bear in mind this is my site and you post here on my pleasure only. Dennis Mangan, Steve Sailer, and Paul Kersey moderate their comments, they run their sites. You don’t. They can if it pleases them simply not allow my comments. All comments must be approved by them before they are posted. If you have a beef, it is with them, not me.

      Why don’t you tell them how to run their sites? I am sure they pine every day for you to tell them what to do. Maybe even you can write their posts. Or help them tie their shoes.

      If you don’t like what I have to say (the “Jews” don’t run everything and are not engaged in some fantasy conspiracy to destroy European civilization which I take it is inflammatory) don’t respond. I make my point and go. Because I am busy (look at my own blog’s posting schedule) I have time for little else.

      Let me define trolling for you: using foul language, personal insults, threats of violence, linking to Stormfront or the Nation of Islam. Ideas I or someone else does not like is not trolling. You are free to post those here, but not the former.

    • Half Sigma says:

      I’ve always enjoyed Whiskey’s comments on other blogs. He’s one of the few commenters who has something unique to say, often with some insight on the interaction between “game” and political and social events.

      • aedsall@aptalaska.net says:

        Same here. I doubt Whiskey is considered a troll over at SBPDL. Keep blogging and commenting. End of story.

    • whorefinder says:

      Merely because he says things that you don’t like or makes connections that you don’t agree with does not make whiskey a troll, dumbass.

  5. Conquistador says:

    @ WhiskeyPlease

    Who the hell are you to tell someone when and where to post? I happen to like Whiskey’s commentary. In fact I became a fan from reading all his comments on various blogs.

    I’ve seen you post your crap before and I suggest you get over yourself. Telling someone to stop commenting because they supposedly “ruin” blogs is laughable.

  6. whorefinder says:

    Interestingly enough Whiskey, Ann Althouse also commented recently on not policing the comment sections of her blog:


    Her argument is that she wants her readers to be able to determine trollish behavior and learn to ignore it, and, also she’s a “free expression” freak. She only deletes comments she sees as “in bad faith” but that line is well beyond what most people consider trolling.

    Personally, I think she’s full of it—-I think she’s too lazy to go policing. However, her argument, even if she doesn’t believe it, rings true for me. However, given enough lefties and sociopaths commenting on my blog, I might change my mind.

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