Calling All Trial Lawyers: Sue the Nation of Islam and Black Entertainers for the Zimmerman Bounty!

Calling all Trial Lawyers! Calling all Trial Lawyers! The Nation of Islam, and Louis Farrakhan, have announced that they are taking donations from Black athletes, rappers, and entertainers (Will Smith is rumored to have given) for a bounty (for killing) George Zimmerman. Now, with the NFL suspending Saint’s Coach Sean Payton for a year, just imagine the payday you can have collecting a settlement, not just from the Nation of Islam (which is basically made of money, racial hatred by Blacks against Whites pays very well indeed), but all those Black entertainers, like Will Smith, all those Black rappers (like Jay Z), and all those Black athletes (like Ray Lewis).

Speaking of which, Ray Lewis, Patrick Ewing, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton are scheduled to whip up a lynch mob er speak at a rally urging “Justice for Trayvon.”

Speaking of Trayvon Martin, the Miami Herald is reporting he had multiple suspensions, the first for graffittiing a set of lockers, and possessing women’s jewelry and a burglary kit (which he claimed was not his but “a friends”) and the second for being caught with trace amounts of marijuana. It is also rumored that he swung and hit a bus driver. No word on that yet. Trayvon Martin’s mother is now set to trademark his name and sue anyone who uses it without permission and payment.

Trial lawyers, want an easy payday? Sue Will Smith. For contributing to the Nation of Islam bounty on Martin Zimmerman. Sue Jay Z, and definitely sue not only Ray Lewis but the NFL (which continues to employ him). For those who forgot, Ray Lewis avoided a murder conviction and pled guilty to obstruction of justice by testifying against his posse who helped him stab a man to death in a nightclub in Atlanta. The NFL has deep pockets and can’t afford any more scandal. Heck, even if Smith and the other Black athletes and entertainers did NOT contribute to the Nation of Islam bounty, they’d settle. Just so everyone would think they did. This is easy, pick off the ground money!

Yes the Nation of Islam is connected with say, Eric Holder and Louis Farrakhan’s buddy President Obama, but why not sue them too? It will get your name in the papers. It can always produce the quick cash of a settlement. And again, it will get you on TV. Free Advertising.

Trial Lawyers, 99% of the time you are a major pain in the rear end. But this time, you can do some good for your country (by smacking down Black mob violence before it starts) and your wallet at the same time. Get paid and help America!

Now go out and there and sue everyone even remotely connected with the bounty on George Zimmerman (and his father). Like Spike Lee (who Tweeted the wrong address for Zimmerman). Sue his behind right now. He’s got money. It should be yours. Go for it!

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4 Responses to Calling All Trial Lawyers: Sue the Nation of Islam and Black Entertainers for the Zimmerman Bounty!

  1. ant says:

    As a american, I am shocked that Will Smith wanted to be a part of it. smh

  2. sestamimbi says:

    Damn, where are Plaxico Burress and Latrell Sprewell when you need them?

  3. says:

    Who knew that Charles “Helter-Skelter” Manson was the prophet for our time?

    (Readers for whom Charles Manson is a 1960s boogieman and for whom the Beatles are contemporaries with Glenn Miller, “Helter-Skelter” was Manson’s term for the race war he prophesied.)

  4. I read where the Will Smiff “donation” was a hoax. When I look at niggers it’s like they are a collective granite wall of stupidity,anger,hatred,bullshit(“Iss da legasee of slavery!!”) .Theyre monsters. Littel Taryvon–so ugly and soooo malicious-looks like some kind of ugly demon. His dear mom wants to make some off heeyum,like Da King fambly!! She gon git paid nomesayne muthafukka???

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