Obama and Trayvon Martin: Stalingrad

Victims and killersThe saying goes that generals fight the last war. Obama, and his allies, politically are stuck in the 1960s. Everything for them, is Bull Connor setting police dogs and hoses on peaceful Black civil rights marchers, live on the three networks! But like the Nazi army in late 1942, they seem headed for failure. Not because of the brilliance of their enemies, but because of the fatal but unseen flaws in their own organization. For the German Army, it was the lack of any real ability to logistically support a mechanized army in the field for any considerable distance. THAT was the reason Adolf Hitler ultimately failed. He inherited a magnificent military machine, whose NCOs to General Staff were superb. But could not match the British experience in supplying fighting men thousands of miles away. A simple thing. But one so vitally important. For Obama, his fatal flaw is that he and his allies don’t understand that 2012 is not 1968. Times are hard, Whites cannot flee, don’t feel guilt, and the internet provides a compelling alternative to media blitzkriegs. That is why, Obama’s Trayvon Martin, all the time, media blitzkrieg is likely to end in humiliating defeat.

The modern German army was formed by the experiences of unification. In a series of short wars against the Danish Army (1860), the Austrian Army (1866), and the French (1870), the German (or really then the Prussian) Army fought with operational intensity that was superior to their enemies. They moved faster, reacted faster, and allowed NCOs in particular more authority. Supply was never an issue, like it was for the British, defending since the early 1600’s remote Caribbean, American, Indian, African, and Asian outposts. By contrast, Churchill in the River War details the enormous amount of logistical effort Kitchener went to actually just get fighting men, their supplies, and water, down to the Dervish Empire. The Nile at those points being subject to choke points and rapids impervious to shipping at anything but flood stage. The Dervish Empire was doomed as soon as the railway construction started, and they did not even know it. The same can be said for the wars in Zululand, or the Sepoy Mutiny. The British Army apart from its NCO corps was fairly incompetent, but it knew how to supply thousands of men thousands of miles from home, with water, food, ammunition, medical supplies, and more. Something the Germans never could figure out how to do. [Nor for that matter, the French, Spanish, Dutch, or other imperial powers, for the most part.]

Hitler may have surveyed the Continent in May of 1940, but his army could not march over the English Channel. He lacked ships, and landing craft, and unlike say, Ike in 1942, had no hope of building up a massive armada to invade. The survival of the RAF during the Battle of Britain simply sealed the deal. That same weakness showed up when the German Army got stuck in the mud outside Moscow in October, 1941. Russia turns to mud in that season, reliably. Afterwards it freezes and is miserable. It was utterly predictable. Hitler accurately assessed the poor performance of the Russian Army (against the Finns in 1939) but failed to see his own could simply not project enough fuel, ammunition, and food that far into Russia, that fast. When Von Paulus ended up in a stupid and futile fight for a city that bore Stalin’s name, he was already doomed. Even had he fought out in the open, the German Army simply could not supply him. Like Rommel in North Africa, he ran faster than his supply line could keep up.

Now Obama has seemingly fixated on the sad case of a Mestizo man, born to a Peruvian mother, and adopted by a Jewish man in Florida, who shot a 17 year old Black boy in a town near Orlando Florida, in what police ruled self-defense. Latinos are on notice, when they get into conflicts with Blacks, they are “White” (which is to say, automatically guilty). The media is in a 24/7 Trayvon Martin frenzy, with old photos of Martin from age 12-13, not his more recent Facebook photos flashing gang signs, and old photos of George Zimmerman age 20, looking like a fat thug, not a leaner guy in a suit and tie. The media frenzy is to whip up Black violence, for its own sake, to intimidate and create fear among Whites, as emotional payback, and also to create an image of 1965 and Bull Connor. A failed attempt if ever there was one. President Barack Dinkins? Crown Heights?

Yes, that event is coming, somewhere, to a city near you.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail is full of stories about brutal Black criminals. In the case of the prior link, one Tyrone Woodfork, brutally raping and beating to death 86 year old Nancy Strait, and critically injuring her 90 year old husband Bob, a veteran of the Battle of the Bulge as a member of the 101st Airborne. Then there is the case the Daily Mail also reported on, two British tourists murdered in Sarasota Florida by a Black thug named Shawn Tyson.

Floating around the internet is the 2009 case of the 15 year old White boy set on fire in Deerfield Beach Florida, and the 13 year old White boy set on fire in Kansas City several weeks ago. Both were set on fire by Black “youths” as the links make clear (photos at the link of the accused). The boy in Florida nearly died, has massive burns, and faces a life with heart and kidney problems, as well as being permanently disfigured.

There is the “I will Kill the F*** out of you” video at the Daily Mail link here.

What is notable in the video are two things, which every thoughtful observer will have flagged immediately. First, the Black students are smirking and laughing, because they agree and endorse the sentiments of the Black woman having a melt-down, threatening her White Professor and White fellow students. Secondly, the angry passivity of the White students who have FEAR. FEAR of being the one charged, if they talk back to “fighting words,” FEAR if they retaliate for being shoved. FEAR of the entire legal and social system coming down upon them if they do anything but stare off into space with stony silence.

Such social FEAR is only really sustainable when good times are rolling. If money, and the things it brings comes in, people will put up with it. If not, they won’t. FEAR eventually turns into even more FEAR. The White students are not convinced of the holy goodness of all Black people. Merely reacting in FEAR to a physical threat backed up by a social system that takes the side of the aggressor and punishes them. That is not a healthy way to build society.

Now, the Daily Mail is in the business of delivering viewers to advertisers. It is the #1 Newspaper site according to comScore, surpassing the New York Times. The online edition (there is a special US version) appeals to Blue collar White women, offering celebrity gossip that takes the celebs down a peg or two, all sorts of true crime stories, unlike the US media clearly identifying Black suspects, and lifestyle stuff. Drudge Report does much the same, often linking to Daily Mail Online. Blue collar White women like the straight scoop on crime. After all, unlike their White collar sisters, they can’t escape it. They don’t live in gated communities, or security buildings. The Mail has plenty of White criminals featured (because their readers like reading about it), but does not shy away from portraying the reality of crime (mostly Black criminals in the US). As depressing as that may be for those searching for the Bonfire of the Vanities “Great White Defendant” or Law and Order re-runs.

White people are stuck. They cannot unlike say, those living in Detroit in the 1960’s, simply move. The housing market is down, people are underwater or nearly so in their mortgages, lenders are giving mortgages to only the best credit holders, and income and wages are down as prices go up. White flight is simply not possible in today’s economic environment.

Meanwhile, the White guilt such as it is, no longer exists. Bull Connor was nearly 50 years ago. Nobody cares anymore. The Civil Rights era is as distant to us as the end of WWI (47 years) was to the Civil Rights Era. No one in 1967 was really concerned with the fallout of the end of the Great War. No one today really cares, about the Edmund Pettis Bridge either. Too many OTHER things have happened since. The media blitzkrieg to replay the 1960’s civil rights movement is as doomed as the German occupation of Stalingrad or Rommel in North Africa in 1943.

Moreover, White people are reminded every day, that they will soon be (discriminated against) minorities in their own country. That’s entirely different from the carefully orchestrated story of peaceful, respectable Civil Rights marchers being beaten by Bull Connor. A population soon to be a minority, and one that will be second or third class at best, does not have a lot of give when it comes to attempts to bully and threaten.

But the most important difference between today and 1965, is the knowledge, the more powerful because it is seen only on the Daily Mail, and the internet (often in raw video from World Star Hip Hop), that Black on White violence is extensive and threatening. THAT is the problem Obama and company face in their own Stalingrad.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not merely choose non-violence because he was filled with moral goodness as a cardboard Jesus. To suggest that takes away from the man’s political genius and legacy as a political figure with no equal in the modern era. Rather, King knew that Whites would hunker down and fight, as they had when a decent, and good man, Homer Plessy challenged Segregation in the Supreme Court three generations prior, and lost. King leveraged the divisions between wealthy and middle class Northerners and Westerners, who lived nowhere near Blacks, and those of the “wrong sort of White people” among blue collar Catholic ethnics (Irish, Italians, Germans, Poles, and Hungarians mainly) and Protestant Hillbillies who did live near them. King understood the Northern, elite Whites, having rubbed shoulders with them at Boston University. Non-violence was a political ploy, as a minority population sought acceptance through adherence to non-threatening behavior. No matter how gratifying intimidation and thuggery might be on an emotional level. Had King embraced violence and intimidation, as Malcolm X argued for, even the Northern and Western Whites who loathed the “wrong sort” of White people — ethnic Catholics (think Rick Santorum and how the elite react to HIM) and “hillbillies” (think the disdain for Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears) — would have opposed Civil Rights.

King used non-violence as political judo. It does not always work. But in that case, it did. Fighting a majority population with violence rarely works out well. Ask the Tamil Tigers, they fought harder and more ruthlessly than any. They still lost.

In King’s time, rising income, a robust property market, and a need to socially distinguish one’s self from “the wrong sort of White person” led to inexorably, a larger elite system with many, many hangers-on and those aspiring to that status. King’s political Judo worked, not the least of which was the social class of “Semi-New Englanders” or Post-Puritans or Semi-Scandinavians (the Puritans nearly all came from the Danelaw, as David Hackett Fischer’s “Albion’s Seed” makes clear, and carried with them very Nordic cultural assumptions about well, everything) grew substantially. While those on the receiving end of Black violence shrunk. It was just so easy to sell out, leave historic neighborhoods, and move to the safe, NEW suburbs.

White Flight was the key component of the Civil Rights movement, as much as non-violence. White Flight not only helped create new “semi-elites” who felt “the wrong sort of White person” was the only one concerned about Black violence, it created therein a “virtuous circle” wherein more and more Whites moved to the suburbs. All predicated on cheap gas, easy credit, and booming markets in property.

However, King did not properly explain this political reality to Black leaders and more importantly, the people themselves. The ethnic cleansing of Detroit, 29% Black in 1960, 45% Black in 1970, 89% Black today, may have been satisfying and gained political control of the city, but produced no measurable increase in wealth among Blacks other than a few leaders, and permanent dependency upon the larger White population of the State and the US at large.

Black people are indeed angry. Angry that they have not attained financial success as they have embraced thuggery and ethnic cleansing of Whites out of their historic cities (Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Gary Indiana, to name a few). Not understanding that is one thing to chase people away with violence, another to create wealth. Like the Visigoths and Vandals before them, futilely trying to emulate the Rome they destroyed, Black populations in cities they control are angry that Black control has not meant Black wealth. Other than what can be extorted in the Chicago model, from surrounding White areas.

The anger is however, counter-productive. The images on TV and newspapers of angry, threatening Black crowds angry and “out for justice” (implication violence), with Louis Farrakhan offering a bounty, and Jessie Jackson saying “Blacks are under attack” (they are, from other Blacks) It certainly is emotionally satisfying, to threaten and intimidate. That is why people do it, making people afraid of you creates the feeling of power.

Certainly, when Delrick Miller IV was shot in his home, at age 9 months, in Detroit, by AK-47 wielding attackers, no one cared. There was a fight, among the all-Black attendees at a baby shower. Two women felt offended they could not get seats:

”A woman got mad because she couldn’t find a seat, so she started knocking tables down, and it escalated from there,” Wilkins said. “My daughter and her friends left the club, but (a group of men and women) followed them to a gas station, and there was a fight with one of the guys who was at the shower with my daughter. Then, they followed them to the house.

“I think they came back the next day and shot up the house,” said Wilkins, who sobbed as she recounted the events. “They went to the shower to celebrate life; instead, a life was destroyed.”

Who kills a 9 month baby over a fight about seats at a baby shower? Who fights over seats at a baby shower anyway?

Where was Louis Farrakhan then? Or Jessie Jackson? Or Al Sharpton? No one cared. Because it was business as usual. The price of intimidating and scaring Whites, is Black on Black violence. So far, the Black community has not only tolerated it, but protected it. Since any reasonable measure to stop it: stop and frisk of Black men, imprisoning gang members, is resisted tooth and nail by Black leaders and Black voters. Obama did not comment on the murder of Delric Miller IV. Al Sharpton did not fly to Detroit to threaten the killers. Louis Farrakhan did not put out a bounty on the killers. The most innocent of all — a nine month old baby! And the reaction was … nothing.

No one among Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Jessie Jackson, and yes Barack Obama and the media really cares about Trayvon Martin. Any more than they cared about Delrick Miller IV. They just want to flex their political muscle and intimidate (mostly White) people as a reflexive response. It is so ingrained it is instinctual. The aim is to over-turn gun laws, and “stand your ground” so that there is no possibility of defense, as Whites are stuck in place, against young thuggish Black men. That is the whole purpose of the exercise, in the short term. Just as Hitler ordered Von Rundstedt to stand his ground in Stalingrad, eager to hold and destroy the city named for the man he hated the most. [Who in fact resembled him in a number of ways, and before Operation Barbarossa counted Hitler as a friend. Oddly enough.]

Long term, Obama and company want riots and violence and cities burning. This he thinks will win him votes, as this has been successful in Chicago for decades. Pay to make the mob go away. Again, with Whites in place, stuck, that just guarantees a fight. Probably as an ultimate back-up plan, Obama wants violence so he can if he loses the election, institute Martial Law and rule by decree. His recent executive order allowing him to seize basically anything including newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet is part of that ultimate back-up plan.

Unlike Bill Clinton, who stole everything that was not nailed down (particularly the corrupt deal with Haiti Teleco involving Joseph Kennedy and Bill Clinton), Obama did not steal wisely. Clinton made sure to involve not just Republicans, but Republican interest groups in corrupt deals. That’s why Bill Clinton did not spend a day in jail, and only lost his law license, not the Presidency. Unlike Bill Clinton, Obama has not kept the good times rolling either, for many in the elites and the people as a whole. As far as corrupt Presidency models go, the Arkansas version was better than the Chicago one.

Obama has made too many enemies: on Wall Street, among energy companies, among utilities, among Silicon Valley, among home builders, among mining companies, among almost everyone but a few favored cronies. That’s the downside of the Chicago Way, you make powerful enemies who know they must destroy you or be destroyed in turn. There is no easy good-time corruption ala the Arkansas model, where everyone is happy.

Ultimately, however, the idea that “evil White racists” are killing Black people is unsustainable even for the Blitzkrieg media. It just isn’t true, and people know it. David Duke lives in a trailer in Mississippi. Louis Farrakhan has a mansion bigger than Oprah’s, and with more goons too. All those threats turn off the Middle Class, White female voters who are the swing and thus the decisive votes in the 2012 elections. It is satisfying, and the default mode for Black politicians and people, to make threats and noise at the White population. For decades it has been rewarded. Going national makes pretty much every White homeowner, renter, and everyone else stuck in place, unable to flee, ready to fight.

Indeed, rising gas prices threaten the fundamental basis for American social peace: Blacks would have a free hand in self-ruled cities that they ethnically cleansed (White flight was flight because Whites FEARED Blacks not because they hated them). Meanwhile Whites would live as far away as possible from them, while refraining from mentioning Black dysfunction and economic failure and dependency (upon White wealth transfers). Being unwilling to rock the boat of rising income, later rising credit replacing income, and cheap electronic toys. Whites do not HATE Blacks, they’d hardly have endorsed decades of fictional Black Presidents on TV and in movies, made a billionaire of Oprah, every White woman’s imaginary Black Best Friend(tm Whiskey), or consumed Rap and the NBA, NFL, obsessively. Again that is why David Duke lives in a trailer in Mississippi. There is no money in White hate for Blacks. There certainly is for Black hate for Whites: look at Sharpton’s mansion, or Louis Farrakhan’s which is bigger than Oprah’s with more goons.

This is why Trayvon Martin is Obama’s Stalingrad. He’s fighting the last war, with the tools used two and a half generations ago. White people are not consumed with hatred for Black people. Rather, they FEAR them. Almost no one speaks this openly, but the taboo can be broken,and fairly rapidly. The internet, as an entry into the nation’s id, is a scary place. It is quite likely Obama will get his own Crown Heights, as Mayor Dinkins did in New York City. The result was not a coronation of his reign, but un-interrupted Republican (and semi-Republican in the case of Nanny Bloomberg) rule ever since. Even Upper East Siders finding the Black Panthers scary-fun thrills, don’t like property values crashing due to race-riots.

Ultimately Hitler failed because he failed to understand one simple truth. His magnificent military machine could not supply food, fuel, ammunition, and clothing to his men more than a few hundred miles before the supply line collapsed. When German forces got to Greece, they descended like starving locusts, because they were in fact, starving. The German army was not capable of even providing them with food!

Obama and his media allies, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan and the like, enter this Trayvon Martin conflict, hampered by the lack of understanding that they cannot control the alternative media, that Whites are not bigoted but fearful (rationally so) of Black crime, and that White flight is simply impossible in today’s economy.

After all, what did Tyrone Woodfork get for raping and beating to death an elderly White woman, and (all likelihood given his age) killing her husband? A beat-up old car, 12 years old, and a few things ransacked from the house. The killer of the two British tourists got nothing — he killed them because they had no money to rob. That sort of crime is not only stupid, it is senseless. The killers were soon caught. Cold comfort to survivors and the victims.

Whitey Bulger may have been responsible, over his criminal career, for more than fifty deaths. But those sorts of White criminals, by and large don’t commit random crimes informed more by racial hatred, or sheer stupidity, than anything else. Nothing like the murder of the Straits, or Delric Miller IV, can be laid to his doorstep. No money in it, and the risk too high. He quite likely is a monster, but one society can survive, because that kind of monster does not kill 9 month old babies sleeping in their homes because there were not enough seats at a baby shower. Nor do they kill robbery victims because they had no cash. Nor set teen boys on fire for sheer racial hatred. Nor rape, rob, and murder elderly couples for a few bucks and an old car.

White swing voters cannot be made to care about Trayvon Martin, because they are scared, for the most part, even if they won’t admit it in public. Too much push and they’ll start admitting it. Too much reflexive intimidation, in the Chicago Way, and they’ll push back. Obama might plan a Self-Coup, but he’ll find if he goes that route, he’s no Fujimori.

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56 Responses to Obama and Trayvon Martin: Stalingrad

  1. beta_plus says:

    What’s going to be interesting is how florida latinos react to these events, especially if Obama decides to double down on the Civil Rights Division of the DOJ going after Zimmerman. If they blame Obama, they won’t vote for him. They don’t even need to vote for Romney for Obama to lose Florida and the election.

    • sestamimbi says:

      That’s a good question. Someone called in to Rush earlier today and posed it as well. What blacks don’t quite get is that there are already more Hispanics than blacks, and the latter’s numbers are growing faster, and that Hispanics do not fear blacks and are ready and already have done battle with them. Should get interesting–especially in California and Florida.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mestizo across the country WILL overwhelmingly vote for Osamaobama. Osamaobama and the Dems are the ones, for the most part, that keep the goodies rolling out.

  2. Jules says:

    Nitpicking here, but Hitler was also fighting the last war, namely the gains made by the Imperial German Army on the Russian front in World War 1. No wonder Hitler thought defeating Russia (again) would be a cakewalk. If most of Western Europe collapsed under his blitzkrieg when it had fiercely resisted the Germans in the last war, then Russia should logically collapse like a house of cards.

  3. Buck Swamp says:

    Trayvon Martin? He’s only a pawn in their game.

  4. anon says:

    Read the Florida papers. The Miami and Orlando papers are actually reporting on Martin. They reported on this before it hit the national news and seem to be on Zimmerman’s side. My guess is that hispanics will see this as an attack on them. As Wellington described Waterloo “They came the same old way …”

  5. umslopogaas says:

    Fascinating article. I truly enjoyed reading it.

    In a machiavellian sense it would appear…estranging the Latinos from the Blacks might work in the favour of White Americans:

    So long as those two groups club things out merrily and nobody wins…while both sides lose…White & Asian Americans can just hunker down, stay neutral and thus out of trouble.

    I see longterm benefits here as well: the more latinos get Black flak the more they will perceive the Blacks as their enemies. Thus ethnic violence dynamics might shift. Also, of course, latino immigration into the US would plummet.

    At the same time the more Blacks start warring latinos the less time they will have to go after Whites. Divide and rule, ya know?

    Anyways, I hope to God you are right. It is high time Whites started to defend themselves. They have – like the Red Army – fled and withdrawn for thousands and thousands of kilometres, on oh os many battlefields: Rhodesia (erstwhile the breadbasked of Africa, now a abysmal shithole with batshit crazy Mugabe in control), South Africa (highest rape rate in the world, economy trending strongly southards) and of course the US.

    I wish you all Godspeed.

  6. S2000 says:

    “threatening her *Asian* Professor”
    The guy’s name is Stephen Kajiura.
    Fix it and delete this comment.
    Anyway, good article.

  7. Mike James says:

    “Who kills a 9 month baby over a fight about seats at a baby shower? Who fights over seats at a baby shower anyway?”

    I figure not a few readers were thinking, as they read that, “Overgrown children, of course.”

  8. Mike James says:

    It’s worth pointing out that there will be a certain cohort of the white Left which will side with blacks, at least for a time. This is not inconsiderable in terms of money or political influence.

    • Columnist says:

      And that cohort will have to deal with the Hispanics. I think another cohort will side with the latter. That is where the future lies.

  9. pst314 says:

    “That’s the downside of the Chicago Way, you make powerful enemies who know they must destroy you or be destroyed in turn.”
    Not really: The traditional Chicago Way is pragmatic enough to not make enemies that can destroy you. Rather, say that Obama’s is a hybrid of the Chicago Way and the Marxist Way.

  10. pst314 says:

    “His recent executive order allowing him to seize basically anything including newspapers, radio, TV, and the internet”

    What executive order is that?

    • That would be this one. Ed Morrissey at Hot Air (a link to his analysis is at the Gateway Pundit link) thinks its nothing. But he’s your soft RINO squish who gives Obama the benefit of the doubt. Yes there is boilerplate language replacing FEMA with DHS.

      But why dump it Friday Night at 5 pm? Because they have something to hide. Basically the order allows Obama to seize anything in the name of national security. Under a President Bush, or even President Gore or Kerry, had that happened, no big deal. The restraints of tradition, custom, good opinion, and so on apply to those men. That’s why they matter — tradition, custom, etc. are restraints on tyranny which Edmund Burke understood well. Obama has none of that.

      • beta_plus says:

        So he’s molded himself into a Yankee Allende to pave the way for an American Pinochet. Terrific.

  11. ws1835 says:

    Whiskey’s observations parallel some of my own in regards to the hispanic takeover of California. But I will admit, that I never considered that the original civil rights movement was basically bought and paid for by white flight. In retrospect, it is undeniable that the white demographics supporting the movement had little direct contact with black communities while those demographics that were directly affected by the results immediately moved out of the old neighborhoods and into the suburbs. Something similar is occurring in California where middle/upper class demographics (including a huge chunk of business owners) are fleeing the state before an advancing front of socialist hispanic political domination.

    It occurs to me that nothing like this happened on such a scale with the influxes of Irish, Italian, German, etc immigrants of the past. As groups assimilated, they moved away from the ‘old’ neighborhood, but the transition was a statement involving higher levels of affluence and social integration. That is nothing like white flight from neighborhoods that are literally lethal to those of pale complexion. I believe that such behavior would not have been openly tolerated in the past, but now is given a free pass. And unfortunately, this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Irrational, racial motivated violence and prejudice drives business and money away from the ghetto. And the more isolated and impoverished the ghetto becomes, the more likely it is to fall prey to the violence, riot, and demagogues. A Catch-22 that will be difficult to remedy.

  12. Remnant says:

    This entire Trayvon Martin incident tends to support something Sailer has been saying for a long time: Hispanics are politically apathetic.

    Thus far, I don’t see any indication that this incident is going to lead to any political backlash by the Hispanic community. Hispanics and blacks don’t like each other much, but they are both comfortable members of the Democratic party (as is George Zimmerman). They will continue to be so.

    Florida has always been exceptional because of the Cuban component, but overall this incident shows that Hispanics are tuned out of politics, per Sailer’s insight.

    • Roberto says:

      Hispanics are probably tuned out of the Coke/Pepsi Dem/Pub carousel, because they have a race conciousness and don’t recognise the relevance of social arguments based on a false narrative of rugged self-reliance vs. big government, which is not relevant to their different history. In the meantime, raising more children than their gringo neighbours and growing their own food is a profoundly political act.

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  15. SBPDL says:

    Most important lines of this piece are these:

    “However, King did not properly explain this political reality to Black leaders and more importantly, the people themselves. The ethnic cleansing of Detroit, 29% Black in 1960, 45% Black in 1970, 89% Black today, may have been satisfying and gained political control of the city, but produced no measurable increase in wealth among Blacks other than a few leaders, and permanent dependency upon the larger White population of the State and the US at large.

    Black people are indeed angry. Angry that they have not attained financial success as they have embraced thuggery and ethnic cleansing of Whites out of their historic cities (Baltimore, Detroit, Philadelphia, Gary Indiana, to name a few). Not understanding that is one thing to chase people away with violence, another to create wealth. Like the Visigoths and Vandals before them, futilely trying to emulate the Rome they destroyed, Black populations in cities they control are angry that Black control has not meant Black wealth. Other than what can be extorted in the Chicago model, from surrounding White areas.”

    Whiskey, really enjoyed this article. Seems Spencer at Alt-Right did too. This is why the collapse of Detroit (and the soon-to-collapse Baltimore) is so important to keep talking about.

    There is no where else to run.

  16. SBPDL says:

    Reblogged this on Stuff Black People Don't Like 2.0 and commented:
    One of the most important pieces on the future of race relations in America.

  17. Ryu says:

    Wow. I shudder to think how long it took to write this. Hopefully you can give it to Amren or SBPDL for another view.

    I believe whites need a public leader. We give up too much allowing the enemy control of the airwaves unchallenged. Jared Taylor is good, but he smells just a little bit old and weak to me. I like him, but he’s not the one.

  18. idealart says:

    Very thought-provoking article, Whiskey. I’d like to play devil’s advocate for argument’s sake:

    1. White flight is an after-the-fact rationalization. Whites began voluntarily moving to the suburbs in the 50s before the black riots started in Watts in 1964 (I believe its ’64). Levittown homes were cheap, gas was cheap but most importantly it was the American Dream. They wanted the good life which is brand new. Brand new cars in brand new suburbs. It was only years after the riots of the 60s that whites rationalized their capitulation. This all occurred, mind you, before affirmative action, hate-crime laws, quotas, massive anti-white propaganda, etc, had even begun to develop.Its going to be much harder to resist all the powreful institutions now in place that are waging war against middle and working class white culture.

    2. The white elites will continue to deconstruct the West as long as they aren’t personally affected by it. This means (to continue your excellent analogy) Hitler and Eva Braun in the bunker ordering defense of the 1000-year Reich to the last man. How long can they afford to send their kid’s to Sidwell Friends? My guess is many, many years and generations.

    3. European (white) culture is like a creature from the Galapagos Islands. A living being that has evolved to such a point that it has lost the ability to defend itself. The loathing of the white elites (the brain so to speak) towards its own people (the body) is beyond belief. Quite literally visceral, and they can not, will not, defend it. Where are the trial lawyers, indeed. You brought up this very interesting point in your previous post. I too am curious to see if there are any lawyers willing to take up the fight. I would be very surprised if there is one.

    I’ll never forget an interview I saw once on Deutsche Welle with the British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood. She said we must destroy it all (western civ) and start over. She spoke to a deep and primal urge which surfaced well over one hundred years ago in the form of Modernism, a spiritual rejection of the entire western tradition. Post-modernism (the same thing really) is still going strong and I don’t think you fully understand it.

    • Yes Suburbanization happened fairly early. Both in New Orleans and in London along tram lines (in the former) and train lines (for the latter) suburbanization happened in the 1830’s. You can see it particularly along St. Charles Ave. in New Orleans, a pre-auto city with great houses and places along the street car lines and crack houses 2 blocks in (the reverse of the automobile city pattern). People like living there. I should have been more clear.

      I am more optimistic about the White Elites (because collapse is coming very fast, in the form of no money to pay for things, see Greece and its fracturing into Communist and far-Right lines per the FT), and European culture which has been shaped by conflict with the Greek, Roman, Germanic Tribes, Vikings, Muslims, Huns, and Mongols, to name a few. Spike Lee has already PAID UP (hahah) and I expect more to follow. Money is … money after all.

      Westwood is of course a problem, but she represents more the dying, discredited elites who have done nothing for most people. Can you imagine most people wanting to replace their families, heritage, language, culture, traditions, … and easy life? She’s a First World problem that sustained hard times will simply annihilate. Which is coming because every place (even especially China) is broke.

      • Mason_Arrow says:

        “Whites began voluntarily moving to the suburbs in the 50s before the black riots started in Watts in 1964 (I believe its ’64).”

        Urban racial tensions were already serious well before postwar, suburbanized America. Detroit itself had bloody racial warfare during WWII as Blacks gradually started displacing Whites. The same thing happened in other cities. Therefore, even as early as the 1940’s, “Ethnic” or “Jacksonian” Whites knew that the writing was on the wall.

        Of course, modern recollections of wartime America rarely tell the truth about race relations on the home front. Preferring instead to push “Greatest Generation Evah” propaganda about WWII in defense of FDR, the progressive saint.

    • Columnist says:

      Cut short the self-hating, globalist elites by learning Esperanto.

  19. blert says:


    Von PAULUS was ‘commanding’ at Stalingrad. I say ‘commanding’ because Adolf slotted von Paulus there explicitly as his personal stooge. Halder had talked him up as the perfect ‘mechanic’ who ALWAYS followed orders. ( A Rommel or Guderian would’ve bolted from Stalingrad the moment the Soviets breached the Hungarian front.

    Von Rundstedt, previously with Army Group South, had talked Adolf into posting him to Paris.

    He was canned as the commander of AGS because he retreated — against Adolf’s orders — from Rostov on the Don. Sepp Dietrich, commanding LAH ( a mechanized brigade founded around a cadre of show-piece body guards seen in the Nazi propaganda of the era ) interceded — explaining to Adolf how close he was to losing his own bodyguard brigade, entire; but for the wisdom of Von Rundstedt.


    FYI: Stalin launched the stupendous Operation Mars two days after Uranus. Its purpose: destroy two tank armies directly in front of Moscow. 400,000 dead Soviet troops were the result.

    THIS was the larger battle: twice as many men, four times as many tanks!

    Because of Mars, Adolf did not redeploy three tank divisions ( previously removed from the Stalingrad Campaign months earlier ) down south. These were the mobile reserve, back near the railroad and brought up to full strength. ( such as they were )

    Had they continued down south, by rail, they’d have stopped the encirclement of 6th Army. ( Itself really an army group: 22 divisions in all. (!))


    As for the resident: he’s a red diaper baby entirely absorbed with First Directorate agitprop.

    Because of his fear of discovery ( by Democrats ) he screens off access. He can’t let his guard down. When he does it’s an ‘open mike’ melt-down.

    • P K van der Byl says:

      Gonna get all nitpicky here … LAH was Leibstandarte (Bodyguard Regiment) Adolf Hitler of the SS — it started as a regiment, became a Panzer Division. It was never the “bodyguard brigade” – that was the Fuehrer-Begleit-Brigade … whole different unit.

      You go into a lot of detail; get those details right.

      • blert says:

        It, LAH, started as a SQUAD… circa 1921…

        Grossdeutchland ( true parent of Fuehrer Begleit Brigade ) was the original, and sole showpiece formation in Berlin — as a BATTALION — circa 1935.
        Adolf forced Grossdeutchland to split the duties — giving LAH half, too.

        The propaganda of the era wildly concentrates on LAH. Those ancient photos give the modern viewer the false impression. ( During the coup, 1944, it was Grossdeutchland’s mechanized battalion that flipped this way and that. See the movie. )

        SS formations did not use Heer norms — to include nomenclature. For the SS a Standarten = regiment OR brigade — depending on whether the Standarten operated independently ( brigade ) or directly under SS divisional command. ( regiment )

        LAH was functioning as an independent Standarten, circa late 1941.

        It kept growing, and growing, so that, by the end, LAH was deemed a CORPS. (!)

        The same growth hit Grossdeutchland. It ended up being a CORPS, too. NOT AN SS formation, it encompassed the Fuehrer Begleit Brigade, too. Having said that, the FBB was Adolff’s personal toy. He nominated himself its commanding Colonel. (!) Operationally the FBB did not normally fight with its peers. Adolf would send it all over.

        All Grossdeutchland formations wore a distinctive arm bands. This was copied by the SS leading many to presume that these Heer / Army formations were Waffen SS.


        The literal translation of LAH is BODYGUARD FOR ADOLF HITLER.


        While at the front BOTH LAH and Grossdeutchland maintained mechanized ‘palace’ battalions back in Berlin — right down to the very end. These fellows were constantly rotated out to the fighting fronts at all times.

        The returning troops were a constant source for Adolf’s impression of the fighting. That was a very bad idea: they had the best of the best — at all times.

        For those wanting snaps: the most famous FBB propaganda remains their roll out of King Tiger tanks en masse and on film. By that time the war was hopelessly lost.

        They ended up shifting to the Eastern Front. ( Hungary ) The Bulge didn’t work out.

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  22. Scarred says:

    Latinos and Blacks do not care for each other, to put it mildly but will join forces to attack Whites:
    Latinos, blacks fight whites at Hart High; 4 students arrested
    Los Angeles Daily News, April 29, 2006
    NEWHALL – Fighting between white, black and Latino students Friday at Hart High School resulted in the arrests of four teens, a sheriff’s sergeant said.

    Students were arrested on suspicion of failure to disperse, said sheriff’s Sgt. Cortland Myers, adding that the fight appeared racially motivated.
    Witnesses said black and Latino classmates teamed up together and fought white students during lunch in retaliation for a fight between two teens at the school on Thursday when racial names were called.

    “It was racial. All the Mexican and blacks gathered up and fought the whites,” said Agustin Chavez, 15. “It was a rumble.”

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Those were probably the Armenians, they are Whites and generally good folks but a lot of them live near the NAMS and were sucked into the ghetto culture. Unlike the Blacks and some Mestizos , they are salvageable however and given a bit of rest from those issues they’ll end up “just another group of Whites” IMO.

  23. anon334 says:

    the whole “latinos and blacks don’t get along” is a white myth. When do you hear latinos and blacks badmouthing each other? not often. A few fights here and there at a high school doesn’t mean anything. Most of the so-called racial violence in California between the two is gang related, not about race.

    • I can tell you as a long-time SoCal resident that Blacks and Latinos don’t get along at all. Shootings and killings in local SoCal High Schools are very bad, often inoffensive, slight, and very young (14 years old) Black boys not in gangs get killed. Dorsey High in the mid-2000’s was a particular bad case. Essentially, Blacks are being ethnically cleansed out of Compton, Watts, and Long Beach by the massive influx of Mexicans and Central Americans. The area west of Downtown, around Westlake/MacArthur Park is a no-go zone for Black people, belongs to MS-13.

      In another venue, the local (can’t recall if its Compton or another school) effort to set up a charter school was basically Latino parents/kids vs. Black teachers and School board.

    • Columnist says:

      And gangs are based in race. If the violence between the Crips and the Bloods is as bad as Crip on MS-13 or Blood on MS-13 violence, Black people have another, bigger problem.

  24. Oyomei says:

    Paulus was not Prussian aristocracy and did not have the ‘von’ particle in his name:


    …and Rundstedt was fired from Army Group South by the time of Stalingrad.

  25. no mo uro says:

    Whiskey, I’m interested in your thoughts on the alpha/beta aspect of this incident.

    Zimmerman, the beta, striking against Trayvan with all the external alpha markers and accoutrements (grills, etc.).

    • That’s important. Black guys have followed the Chav strategy, basically Alpha through violence rather than accomplishment and social prowess. Emphasis on face, standing, fighting etc. No Black guy can afford humiliation, conversely even the most grotesque, cruel, and brutal killings can result in increased sexual access. [The same thing happens btw among White British Chavs as documented endlessly in the Daily Mail or Dalrymple’s books.]

      That means a young man like Martin will ALWAYS escalate because standing down creates loss of face and sexual access. Can’t have that, for a young man. Suppressing fighting among men is among the critical aspects of a successful society. No one wins when significant portions of people are murdered (an aspect of primitive, tribal peoples).

  26. map says:

    An American Pinochet would be a dream come true.

    • Not mine. An American Pinochet would make things worse. Who would that be? Petraeus? General Casey? [Who said it would be more tragic if “diversity’ were killed than the 14 lives lost at Fort Hood to Major Nidal Hassan.] And who would come after that?

      Who indeed has the smarts to run an entire country, down to the most detailed level? That is one reason I despise Obama so much. He will destroy, ruin this nation. Yes we have lost much. But we still retain much. I want to preserve, not destroy. I don’t want to build a new utopia. I’d much rather retain the good things of our own nation, and simply refurbish and restore that which is worn out. I don’t want a dictator. I want my nation back. I’d even take a Jimmy Carter for a while, to have it back.

  27. feeblemind says:

    Not sure what the political calculus is for 0bama to be in the middle of this? By whipping up hate and anger in the black community, is he hoping to increase black voter turnout this Fall? High black turnout is something 0 desperately needs if he is going to win. OTOH, isn’t there a chance this course of action will cause him to lose more voters than he gains?

    Or is there another strategy at work? Or is it just incompetence?

    After watching this play out I am wondering, would blacks rioting this Summer be a plus or a minus for his campaign?

  28. Dr. Grzlickson says:

    Good article.
    RE: Stalingrad – don’t forget about the role of the T-34.

  29. Whitehall says:

    “You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you.”

    Didn’t Lenin say something like that?

    Whites do not want racial acknowledgement, nor embarassment, let alone race war. We non-libtard whites are doing everything we can to integrate and play nice and be one big happy American nation.

    But to quote Republican William T. Sherman, famous for burning Democrat cities and reducing the regional, Democrat aristocracy to social, financial, and military ruin,

    “If war be the remedy of mine enemy’s choosing, I say, give it to him.”

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  31. irishsavant says:

    “Such social FEAR is only really sustainable when good times are rolling.”

    This is indeed the crucial point. And for this reason I repeat the old Leninist dictum ‘worse is better’.

    The worse things get economically for whites, the likelier they are to start the fight back.

  32. Jelly Bean says:

    Whiskey, I think you are being too optimistic here. First of all there is still a lot of space to flee- a lot of smaller towns. A well connected service professional can find a pleasant teaching/nursing/tourism management job there. Many in-demand professionals can now telecommute. And those not very well connected service professionals will suffer in silence. A nurse or a teacher in a metropolis who makes a peep about the behavior of the clients or suggests that the Trayvon fiasco is being blown out of proportion will be replaced or put on toilet duty (given the worst students/violent patients), at least. And they all know it. People who suffer most from the entitled attitudes and are the most frustrated by the current culture are also the ones who can’t afford to risk their jobs. They’ll bear anything until they PERSONALLY lose the means to take care of their children and aged parents. Risking yourself doesn’t feel all that honorable when you know that your innocent loved ones will perish along with you.

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  34. Columnist says:

    Jelly Bean says:

    April 4, 2012 at 8:57 pm

    ” People who suffer most from the entitled attitudes and are the most frustrated by the current culture are also the ones who can’t afford to risk their jobs.”

    And that is, paradoxically, why people with controversial views should support a strong welfare state. Yes, it will help your direct enemies, but their rich allies are hurt. YOU don’t have rich allies. Also, it will create an interesting problem for lower class enemies. Will they vote for more welfare for themselves, at the cost of identity politics?

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