Obama Sells Out America: What’s the Deal With Putin?

Obama has sold out America. That’s nothing new. This time he was caught on a hot, open microphone, saying that Vladimir Putin should give him “space” and that “after my election” he will have more flexibility:

President Obama: “On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space.”
President Medvedev: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…”
President Obama: “This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.”
President Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir, and I stand with you.”

Two things stand out. First, Obama believes his re-election will be in the bag. No doubt he plans massive vote fraud, abetted by the New Black Panthers and Louis Farrakhan, which is part of why he’s stirring up the Trayvon Martin, aka NO_LIMIT_NIGGA (hat tip Stuff Black People Don’t Like, which was Martin’s Twitter handle. [That revealed a wanna-be at least Gangsta kid.]

Obama is convinced he will get re-elected. Since his poll numbers are bad, he’s pretty much admitted he’s planning on massive vote fraud. With intimidating Black thugs at every polling station to make it happen. Romney better have a massive legal set-up to sue and start making the voting fraud an issue NOW.

But everyone knew that was coming. It was predictable. That’s the Obama way. That’s the Chicago way. Fraud and thuggery.

What is new, and horrifying, is what ugly deal that is so bad for America that Obama can’t reveal it, has he made with Putin? Unilateral nuclear disarmament? A deal to allow Russia to invade and conquer Poland? Withdrawal from the Gulf? Agreeing to oil at $200 a barrel (which Putin obviously needs, see the post Putin the Reverse Obama. Perhaps ALL of these?

It’s only a guess, by my take is that Obama is promising to retreat from the Gulf, allow Iran its nukes, and destroy all of America’s nukes. So we are helpless and at the mercy of Putin, China, Iran, North Korea, and every Third World Power. Obama hates this country. In fact, you could say he HATES HATES HATES America. Too many White people, for his taste. What else could you expect from a Half-Black man raised by a radical mother in a hotbed of Third World dysfunction as Islamic Indonesia? The Jesuits said, give me the boy and I give you the man. Well, if we elected a Jihadi from say, any one of Indonesia’s many Jihadist groups, what would be the difference?

You can say this about Obama. He’s no Nathan Bedford Forrest. Forrest did not found the Klan, but certainly took for a while a leading role in its governance in the late 1860’s. By 1870, however, he had left the Klan because it hurt his business interests with investors from the North. Forrest embraced violence wholly, but never let his racial views get in the way of chasing a dollar.

Obama, himself, is no Forrest. He would happily preside over a ruined America, as long as, ala Ricardo Montalban in “Star Trek: Wrath of Khan” he could “spit at thee.” Obama likely would be happy to see America ruined, or even nuked, if it meant punishing Whitey. He’d risk his own life even, and die, to see America punished for the “sin of Whiteness.” In that he’s far more dangerous. A man like Forrest, filled with evil ability (his doctrines of mobility and power remain powerful today) was dangerous, but could be bought off easily. Forrest also recognized reality and had no wish for Gotterdammerung. At the end of the War (this from the man who massacred the surrendering Black soldiers at Fort Pillow) he told his men the War was over, and he was going home. And that for his part, he felt that any man in favor of continued fighting was nothing more than a fit inhabitant of a lunatic asylum.

That’s not Obama. Like the fictional Star Trek “Khan” he’d gladly die to take his enemy with him. In this case: Whitey.

There is no other explanation. If Obama felt his sell-out to Putin was at all good, he’d sell it. Like he has with “algae!” as the solution for high gas prices, solar fantasies like Solyndra, the Police Acting Stupidly, Leading from Behind, and a million other things, big and small. Obama “believes his own bullshit” as he has told people. So he himself thinks this is bad for America. Otherwise he’d sell it. Run on it. He is running on Algae! Why not this deal?

Likely because it involves disarming America completely, and making us a vassal state of Russia, Iran, China, and every other nuclear power (this means Iran and North Korea). Fundamentally Obama, and Valerie Jarrett (his chief aide who runs the White House and the nation, essentially) grew up in Third World hell-holes (Jarrett in Iran during the Shah’s regime, she spoke Persian as a child). They identify with the Third World and particularly America’s Third World Enemies. They as light-skinned Blacks feel they have to “prove” how Black they are by hating Whites constantly. Which has become a habit of mind.

That’s why his deal with Putin is secret. Why he will only engage in it when he has “won” (by massive vote fraud enabled and protected by his Nation of Islam/New Black Panther Army) and can then rule by decree. The deal is so bad, so awful, even his media lackeys can’t sell it.

Total Nuclear disarmament. So America can be bossed around by Putin and Ahmadinejad. That’s what Obama has on tap for America.

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10 Responses to Obama Sells Out America: What’s the Deal With Putin?

  1. Johnycomelately says:

    Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn made 148 predictions of future events and 139 came to fruition, according to Golitsyn, the collapse of the soviet Union was fake. Now that all the significant former members of the Non Aligned Movement have been quashed (Yugoslavia, Pakistan, Egypt, Iraq, Argentina, Indonesia, Syria and South Africa) or isolated (Iran, Venuazela) the last bulwark to international socialism is the US ( the EU is already there).

    The US petro dollar mechanism was the stepping stone to a supra national currency, Obama is simply prepping the way for the orderly collapse of the US dollar as the global reserve currency, Once the US defaults Obamas work will have been done.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t Putin White? Do Arabs and Asians like Black people anymore than US Crackas!?

  3. There may have been a translation error there. Giving someone space is an American idiom that Medvedev may not have been accustomed to. He may have thought we was bargaining for satalite rights in low Earth orbit.

  4. Matt Strictland says:

    No Obama will not be engaging in unilateral disarmament. The Congress won’t allow it and military isn’t that loyal and since enough soldiers are here. They’d Junta.

    He will reduce the size of the arsenal, I hear the target number is 300 warheads or something. The reason for this is pretty simple, we are a dying empire who like the Soviets does not have ability to keep much more than that.

    There will also be some concessions on the missile shield as well.

    We may leave the gulf and Iran may get the bomb but these things are not of consequence. We have to leave someday and and Iranian bomb is little threat to anyone.

    They are not going to nuke Europe or Tel Aviv

    As far as winning, Obama doesn’t need fraud to win while the Republicans are running idiots.

    Mitt Romney is White and Mormon which I like but is otherwise identical to Obama . I would not under any circumstances vote for Santorum and while I’d not only vote for Paul I’d work for Paul , he cannot win the general election for a lot of reasons …

    Newt is well, just No.

    While I love Gary Johnson or someone like him, the fact is you can’t sell Libertarianism to people. Its not laziness or dependence but the fact that the CEO class are all psychopaths. You jhave to keep a boot on their neck 24-7 or they’ll ruin everything

    If they were all taking the Henry Ford approach (pay plenty of people, plenty of money you’ll get it back anyway) with a hint of populism, conservationism and trade control; we’d have less dependence of The State but they never will ..

    Their approach to wages is something akin to this

    CEO: So Xhang the prison labor is working out great, 18 hours shifts, 7 cents a week, shoot them if they don’t work. Its great. Still I am a little concerned about the prison loaf . Its kind of pricey..

    Xhang: Its barely food, just enough to keep them from dying.

    CEO: Look why don’t you cut costs just toss the dead guys in the vat. Save some cash.

    Xhang: Look even we have some standards!

    CEO sighing: Fine I guess I’ll try Angola then …

  5. blert says:

    0blamer’s ‘strategy’ is to re-draw the geo-political lines in favor of Moscow.

    Namely, he intends to permanently cede Iran, Iraq and the ‘Near Abroad.’

    Such an act would permanently erase any remnant of G.W. Bush’s WWIV policies thereabouts.

    He’s also the man responsible for exposing virtually the ENTIRE operational carrier fleet to a robust Iranian attack – -by sailing three CVNs and an amphib hard and close to Iran’s anti-ship missile defenses.

    One might think that he’s pulling an FDR at Pearl Harbor: a hot war that cripples our Navy at he outset would also produce virtually unlimited executive authority for him. It’s a two-fer.

    BTW, the Gulf is so shallow that Iran can easily plant an atomic on the bottom and destroy an entire task force should it float over it. Since the actual strait is only 3,000 yards wide — it’s a practical tactic. ( Most of the strait is too shallow for VLCCs and CVNs — so forget the 25 mile figure the idiots in the MSM (D) keep touting. )


    It is ALREADY extremely profitable to shift from diesel fuel towards compressed natural gas.

    Vaulting crude oil prices would only make that truer.

    Further, such high prices would cause natural gas to be shunted directly into our refineries. It would then be converted into liquid fuels via existing methods.

    Our natural gas is so cheap it trades at 1/6th the going price in Korea or Japan.


    Diesel engines can be converted to run a blend of methane and middle distillate for peanuts.

    The only reason that this has not taken off is EPA taxation. An insane tariff is demanded for every conversion shop ( $20,000 per year, per engine type ) which, as expected, stops anyone from even dreaming of setting up an after-market up-grade shop.

  6. russophiles@gmail.com says:

    If you think Russia is capable of overrunnning Poland, much less America, you need to take some meds. Russia only mauled a 3rd rate power in Georgia because it was their best crack division from the Caucuses deployed against a half-hearted force that didn’t want to die for the mistake of George Soros protege Misha Saakashvili. But as with the leftoids, never let the facts get in the way of a good it’s always 1984 with Red Dawn on narrative that even Mittens Romney can use.

  7. Rusty says:

    Ha, pretty funny. Putin is smart but he ain’t that smart. Russia is still barely afloat. Birth rates are still in the shitter, good people are still leaving, the Chinese are overrunning the place, the expelled “Oligarchs” have vowed retribution from London and Israel, and corruption is still rampant. Putin has more than he can handle just keeping the whole show from falling apart. Medvedev is a yes man and will say Da to just about anything that sounds good, you can’t go by what he says. He takes advice from Bono, for crying out loud.

  8. Senor Equis says:

    Whiskey should get outta Hollywood for a while and spend some time in Moscow. There’s a reason a lot of Nineties A-listers are now hanging out there all the time — Bruce Willis, Kurt Russell, etc. It’s overall a more grown up sorta place than LA. Maybe then he’d stop getting his Russia info from the Weekly Standard and all the other eternal Cold War idiots.

  9. cliff arroyo says:

    I think you might be over-analysing this.

    I’m not an Obama fan by any means, but it sounds to me like typical diplomatic double-speak which consists of saying “No” while hinting that a “Yes” might happen in the future. I’d be suprrised if a president in his position (no matter what his ideological persuastion) didn’t use the upcoming election as an excuse.

    I really doubt Medvedev was fooled. His answer amounts to “I’ll pretend to believe you. Please extend me the same courtesy.”

    That said, even if he (horrible thought) is reelected he won’t be able to unilaterally disarm. I would assume some kind of military coup before that. Not a nice scenario but I’m sure he has some idea of what the military will and won’t let him do.

  10. Whitehall says:

    So after Obama first came into office he flew over and visited the Kremlin. I remember well the video of Putin and staff deliberately refusing handshakes and otherwise seriously disrespecting Obama, the man and the president.

    What’s happened since then to make Putin such a good dealing partner and political ally?

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