Boycott National Review … And Rich Lowry

America is a hard-left nation. No question. A Black radical President, gay marriage, and gays in the military make that hard to argue. As does the billion dollars or so Oprah has made, along with her own cable network, and the praise for Al Sharpton by Rich Lowry. Recently, cancer-stricken John Derbyshire wrote a response to “the Talk” that Black parents give their sons about police. For these common sense points, he was fired by National Review. As Steve Sailer notes, Josh Barro at Forbes and someone at the Atlantic demanded, and got, Derbyshire’s firing. Ramesh Ponnuru (whoever he is), Kathrine Jean Lopez, and the rest of the National Review crowd piled on.

It is the job of Mitt Romney and every Republican candidate to get 50% plus one. In a hard-left, Oprah-fied, “Magical Black person” Hollywood nation. Where “the Help” is both a book best-seller and box office champ. It is the job of “conservative media” to push the boundaries of truth against America’s (and the West’s) fantasy addiction as much as possible. To tell the truth, as they see it, without candy sugar coating, fear, favor, or pretty lies. For failing the elemental tests of loyalty, courage, truth, duty, and honor, it is essential that true, patriotic conservatives punish the National Review by a boycott.

Write to National Review, that you are canceling any subscription. That you are boycotting their website. Write to their advertisers that you are boycotting THEM. Send a copy to National Review. Tell them why: they have let the Atlantic and some guy at Forbes dictate who writes for them. That if they want to admire Al Sharpton, that is their business, but your business is to cancel any with them and their advertisers.

For too long, most Americans have acquiesced in the hard-left lunacy of America’s elites and their audience (mostly middle class White women). The ending of Oprah-fied America begins at a first step. And that first step should be the punishment of National Review, and particularly Rich Lowry. The latter being a profile in cowardice.

I might not agree with John Derbyshire on everything, but I know who I’d want backing me in a fight, cancer and all. Lowry? I would not turn my back on that guy. Ever.

More to come, after Easter. I wish I had a better closing to wish all my readers Happy Easter. But there it is anyway: Happy Easter. Also, Happy Passover.

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37 Responses to Boycott National Review … And Rich Lowry

  1. Scott says:

    I sent the cowards at national review an email I wouldn’t be frequenting their site anymore. If you set up a list of sponsors, I will email everyone of them I won’t buy their products until they pull their advertising. I’m don’t with pussy conservatives. He didn’t say anything evil. Everyone with half a brain would tell their kids the same advice. We really need to mobilize. If you pull your advertising on a certain date we’ll donate and we should all do it. It’s ruin them in a day.

  2. Great suggestion, look for that listing of advertisers after Easter. Happy Easter all!

  3. I gave up on NRO years ago. I seem to recall articles supporting women in the military, and feminism in general. As Lawrence Auster says, liberalism in slow motion.

    And again that disgusting rush for the moral high ground. As a foreigner, I can only be horrified by this American witch hunt thing. I don’t think Derbyshire was necessarily right – and it is not my country – but neither the Left or the Right seem to follow Voltaire and Orwell in supporting free speech any more.

    I wonder what Steve Sailer will have to say.

  4. Toddy Cat says:

    I agree. Lowry is a buffoon, and always has been -the man is an intellectual midget, Hell, he make Goldberg look profound. Boycott NR, and don’t despair. We’re closer to victory than we think, that’s why Buchanan and Derbyshire were fired – the truth is starting to get some traction. Besides, Christ is Risen! Happy Easter to all, especially Derb. He may not believe in God, but God believes in him.

  5. Buck Swamp says:

    I always try to be ahead of the curve, so I started boycotting NRO several years ago. Their relentless agitation unending war would make William Randoph Hearst proud.

  6. Buck Swamp says:

    Should have said “. . . their relentless agitation FOR unending war . . .” Wish I had an editor.

  7. Hugh says:

    I read your comments on “Stuff Black People Don’t Like” where you slimed Dr. David Duke. Have your ever read anything Dr. Duke has written? I don’t think so as Dr. Duke writes often in the same manner as Mr. Derbyshire writes. You need to open your eyes, Whiskey, and stop buying the tripe the main stream media puts out!

    • David Duke is morally bankrupt. I no more want a Klan running through America instituting a reign of terror among non-Whites than I want the reverse. I want to live in peace. ***I want to be left alone. I wish neither to rule nor be ruled by anyone.*** And I want the historic American nation: about 85% White, 10% Black (Blacks have been and always will be part of America), and about 5% of everything else. I’m fine with a limited number of high income, investor immigrants. I don’t want to be swamped by Third World immigration, if I wanted to live in the Third World I would have moved there.

      If I don’t like Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Father Pflegler, and Jessie Jackson, why would I want the White version of them (David Duke?)

      • Lawful Neutral says:

        Easy: you want them because you can triangulate off of them. Put some of our extremists in the national conversation, and you’re no longer the far-right lunatic, but rather the voice of compromise and moderation.

        You don’t open a negotiation with the true price you’re willing to accept.

      • Conquistador says:

        David Duke was a member of a non-violent faction of the klan. He also regrets ever joining because it put people off his message. He’s actually a thoughtful guy. This interview with him is pretty good. It changed my impression of him entirely

      • Hank says:

        That’s an amiable position, Whiskey, but long-term how would it be any different from the launching point of 1950’s and 60’s America? That 10% or so non-White population was used to galvanize the inherent guilt complexes of Northern Europeans in order to send the nation into diversity hari kari: Christians bring Somalians into Ohio out of a sense of Godly egalitarianism, Republicans bring Mexicans into America to work their factories and mow their lawns, and Democrats bring thug black babies into the world because they enjoy subsidizing dysgenic policies.

        Your desire would merely revert us back to starting point A, what we’ve done before, when we should be contemplating an entirely new starting point of B (an all-white American Nation, with a sprinkling 10% of random stay behinds and investor immigrants. Japanese Immigration policy at its best.)

        Balkanization has already been achieved; it’s now just a question of who decides to shoot first. I have no idea what character or the level of anarchy the conflict will shape to be, but I have no doubt it will occur. “I no more want a Klan running through America instituting a reign of terror among non-Whites than I want the reverse” But that’s inevitable as Non-whites (blacks first, of course) begin their own reigns of terror. Like you’ve said before, Whites have nowhere else to run, and everyone’s fight response will eventually kick in (except DWLS maybe). It might not be the Klan, but something involving angry white men with guns is going to take form if the liberals keep pushing the nation in the direction its in.

      • Dougie says:

        David Duke left the Klan 32 years ago. I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to get up to date just a bit. Since then he’s run for President, been elected to the Louisiana Legislature, written books, lectured in Russia and Ukraine, and put out a lot of common sense videos on race and reality.

        You’re correct that the U.S. is a hard left nation. Automatically stigmatizing anyone on the “racial right” because of what he did 35 and 40 years ago makes it that much more unlikely that there will ever be a legitimate conversation on race in this country. If you make racial realists “beyond the pale” — as just about all of them can be “linked” Kevin Bacon six degrees of separation style to something “disreputable,” then the Rich Lowrys will remain “reputable” and remain in control of the “conservative” side of the racial divide.

  8. njartist49 says:

    I canceled my subscription to NR years ago when they caved to Muslim demands on books they were promoting.

  9. HR Lincoln says:

    Link to taki’s mag not working for me; is there another?

    • lcrurik says:

      It just loads very slowly. Try clicking the reload button. Maybe click the reload button again after waiting a while. Keep the faith and think of this as training for the coming battle to beat the interference.

      • Simply go to the site and look for the article – for the record, there are points that he makes with which I do not agree, but in general, any parent of ANY ethnicity (after all, we are all human) should advise their children of the difference between racist behavior (open discrimination) versus survival instinct (staying away from people you don’t know and can possibly have interests detrimental to you; also avoiding the behavior that can get you incarcerated or killed).
        Many have delighted in calling Derbyshire racist for his comments; I would be reluctant to do so. I don’t agree w/ all he says but caution takes an unusual tone when it comes to issues of race relations. For the record, I judge those I know on their behavior and those I do not know on what I consider likely behavior. Skin color is not an issue to me.

  10. Hugh says:

    Please don’t just throw out invectives re Dr. Duke like the Left does, but give examples where you fault his logic. Dr. Duke is putting out fantastic podcasts that essentially say the same thing that Mr. Derbyshire says. Have you viewed any of them or are you just parroting the main stream media? And why would you do that? Dr. Duke is trying to warn us re the dangers we face. You say that Dr. Duke is morally bankrupt. Please give examples. You like Derbyshire, but not Duke…you are very inconsistent as I see it.

    • Duke is an idiot. Anyone without the sense to realize joining the Klan was a bad idea resembles … Robert Byrd. White separatism is a non-starter, as is racial segregation, his hatred of Zionism/Jews (most Americans heartily approve of Israel). In short, Duke appeals to the worst caricatures of Southern Protestant Whites, and its notable he could not even hold office in places filled with them: Louisiana’s north, and Mississippi.

      Color this: Mississippi Whites find his views on Jews/Israel, racial segregation, White separatism, and the like offensive and stupid. His views that “the Jews” are the cause of every bad thing make him a cartoon idiot Nazi out of a Mel Brooks movie. Or Eric Cartman. Anyone with an IQ of a potato could figure out that Kenneth Mars and Eric Cartman might get laughs, but the audience is laughing AT THEM.

  11. Mike says:

    National Review did the right thing in firing Derbyshire. Sorry, it’s probably not what you want to hear, but NR isn’t just some blog, it’s the preeminent magazine of record for the conservative movement and this wasn’t just a case of a politically incorrect article being misinterpreted by the left, it was a racist article (however you wish to define it). It wasn’t a parody and it wasn’t satire.

    How does keeping a writer on staff help the Conservative movement who not only writes racist articles, but freely admits he’s a racist? Derbyshire can still write; just not at NR.

    • blert says:

      Thought crime does not mean you’re a racist.

      NR is no longer the magazine of record for Conservatives.

      It’s Feminist-lite/ Lesbianism-lite.

      Mike = moby

      Just what we need.

    • Mike please define racism.

      Is it racist for a man to claim a prosecutor participated in a rape of a Black Teen (Tawana Brawley) as Al Sharpton did? Is it racist to incite hatred against Whites and Jews and cause a race riot at Freddie’s Fashion Mart killing 8 people? What about Van Jones, inciting racial hatred for “White polluters and White environmentalists” and acting to free White cop killer Mumia? What about the New Black Panthers shouting out they want to kill all White people, and their babies?

      After all, I see Al Sharpton on MSNBC, and Fox News, all the time. Fox News hired “Hymietown” Jessie Jackson’s daughter in a blatant racial shakedown (the guy is basically a serial philanderer who has had to pay out a ton of money for child support of his mistresses and was involved in a scandal alleging he raided his Rainbow Network to support that and himself).

      Are those folks “racist” or is it just White guys telling their sons to avoid being beaten and stripped or worse by a crowd of Black underclass thugs?

      Look I get it. A lot of comfortable suburban Whites idealize Black people as moral status objects and deny them their humanity to be bad like the rest of us. All that is however is bankrupt PC dogma. Derb did not write anything that was untrue, and that very likely (since you’re still with us) you YOURSELF don’t follow. I doubt you hang around Black areas, if a lot of Black people come into a public event you leave immediately I’m sure.

      Almost every White person follows Derb’s rules. Its just PC dogma to act one way and espouse PC idiocy that contradicts how White people live their lives.

  12. I have read Derbyshire’s article several times. I don’t agree with everything he says but much of it is couched in terms of survival instinct. I’ve commented above on the differences between being a racist and avoiding trouble – and let’s not get into how the media fails to report issues of criminal behavior in the Black Community (Christian and Newsome for one, the other being the Marine who was murdered along with his wife by four others).

    • ErisGuy says:

      Instapunk offered “What No One Else Has the Guts to Do: Fisking John Derbyshire’s Valedictory” that is worth reading.

  13. HelpDerb says:

    Whiskey, you have given it the old college try to attempt to convince paleos and HBD types that they should temper their anti-semitism and just make common cause with the neocons.

    Now that we again have seen the neocons’ true colors, are you going to post at Redstate, NRO, Commentary and other such neocon sites to try to get them to change their views on social and domestic issues and to make common cause with us?

    Since you seem to dwell in both worlds, maybe you can use your powers of persuasion on them for a while.

    • Columnist says:

      Good point. Whiskey is more or less in the same niche as Lawrence Auster, Paul Gottfried, and Ilana Mercer. They carve out their own place.

      • I love Lawrence Auster. More and more I’m convinced of his traditional, Catholic Humanist wisdom. Gottfried and Mercer seem the same mold. I read Auster every day, some of the best commentary on the internet. I highly recommend him as a national treasure.

      • anon334 says:

        “Good point. Whiskey is more or less in the same niche as Lawrence Auster, Paul Gottfried, and Ilana Mercer. They carve out their own place.”

        Yeah – they’re all Jews. That’s why whiskey dislikes David Duke, btw.

  14. Sugar says:

    Human Biodiversity is still a touchy subject in the MSM, and brazenly beating people over the head with the fact that certain ethnicities have lower IQs is bound to rile folks up, as it did. Derbyshire was either willfully ignorant of this fact, or he knew it, and was stupid enough to publish the article anyway. Where is his personal responsibility in this? He got himself fired, and because you agree with his view, you’re conveniently blaming the people who fired him rather than acknowledging the fact that the dumbass pretty much did it to himself.

    • Lawful NeutralLawful Neutral says:

      Sure, the rules are clear enough, and Derbyshire must have known he was poking a hornet’s nest, but your reasoning justifies any and all oppression as long as the oppressor explains his rules.

    • With Jessie Jackson’s daughter on Fox, it is a question of loyalty. Pure and simple. If MSNBC can have Al “Libeled a White Prosecutor for Rape” Sharpton, who also incited a race riot that got people killed, Derb can write what is in fact true (regrettable but true).

      Well it is also a question of courage. That too.

  15. whorefinder says:

    I wish integrity mattered to people. If it did, National Review would be in deep dog doo-doo.

    But, sadly, it doesn’t. Derbyshire will be ostracized because he insulted blacks, and NR will go on. Charles Rangel will be given standing ovations in Congress, Eric Holder will keep his job, and Ted Kennedy will remain buried in a military cemetery.

    And Andrew Breitbart is still dead.

  16. D.K. says:

    NRO sucks. Sailer was dead on. it’s so boring besides derb. I’m canceling my subscription.

  17. peterike says:

    Henceforth Rich Lowry shall be known as Rich Cowardly.

    Otherwise, I wish I had a subscription to NR so I could cancel it, but I stopped getting the print rag years ago. When they fired the great Joe Sobran that sounded the death knell. It took a while for the student government kids to take over the joint, but they have. The only worthwhile people left there are Mark Steyn and Victor Davis Hanson (on cultural matters), but one can read them elsewhere.

    It’s really a shame what has become of the long-time flagship publication of the Right. But then, any publication created in New York City these days is bound to have its staff under nearly unbearable pressure to succumb to trendy Liberalism. And so they have.

  18. bob says:

    There is a paypal link at Derb’s site.

    Worth donating to.

  19. map says:

    Look, guys, you don’t need to argue for race-realism or HBD or any of that other nonsense. There is no real intellectual discussion with any DWL.

    All you have to ask is this: does diversity start at home?

    Liberals have no business getting agitated about what conservatives say about blacks because liberals do whatever they can to get away from blacks. Look at the census data of any rich, liberal zip code: you will see few, if any, blacks.

    I say put the Left’s feet to the fire. Every Leftist, to truly prove their Leftist bona fides, should demonstrate that there is as much diversity in their family, neighborhood and educational lives, especially the lives of their children, as there is in their rhetoric. Any liberal that lives in a demographic that resembles 1950’s Alabama is a hypocrite and a liar and should be promptly ignored and discredited.

  20. Dr Van Nostrand says:

    Slightly OT:What do you of all this chatter of Lt Col Allan West as a potential VP pick.

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