Obama’s Strength and Derbyshire’s Problem: America is a Hard Left Nation

No question about it, America is a hard left nation. Slashdot has a post on how Derbyshire got fired, and a particular response in the comments epitomizes why Obama is electorally strong (if you believe the polls) and why Derbyshire got fired (for breaking PC taboos basically):

I went to the Trayvon Martin March held in the city closest to us. As a white woman, I walked up to the City Hall thinking I’d be on the outside looking in. When I made my leave, I realized that one day, I would have to give my blond-haired, blue-eyed son The Talk–not because he’d be a target for discrimination, but he will no doubt witness acts of racism and discrimination. He will have friends of all races as our once White Bread Town, USA has become much more diverse. I want him to know that I got ‘The Talk’ from my racist grandmother, someone too stuck in the 30’s to understand where the world was going in present-time, and how that was wrong. We talk about the curse we give our kids with religious indoctrination, and that should apply to any views: political, racial, etc.

And if I may add, if given the choice to walk down a dark street with a group of black guys on the left, white boys on the right, I’m hanging a louie. Especially if the white guys are of the frat-boy variety. I’ve dealt with this first-hand. Walking around on the dangerous North Side of the city I marched in is seen as an incredible risk, but I’ve never been harassed in doing so. I go there all the time, just for a Puerto Rican bakery, ffs. Walking by a fraternity on a prestigious college campus? They were yards and yards away, and I walked away feeling dirty. From everything I’ve dealt with in life, ‘The Talk’ given to black men seems to include more lessons about respect than what the white ‘n rich boys get.

White upper class women hold this attitude strongly. Their experience as (presumably) a semi-hot chick who received unwanted White male sexual attention leads them to find White men disgusting, in general. Note the respondent is not even congruent with reality, in respect to her son. Poor Michael Brewer was set on fire by Black kids he knew in Deerfield Beach Florida.

A lot of this has to do with incentives. Men have an incentive to stand out. A man can only stand out by achieving, often at great risk, to make himself a better mate. A woman achieves nothing by standing out other than a lower mate; women’s better option is to fit in, thereby gaining a better mate. This explains why fashion is such a female phenomena and men celebrate (winning) rebels who did it their way.

Also, women who elicit cat-calls from White frat boys don’t understand the world very well. Unwanted sexual attention from men tends to flow into a general anti-White guy attitude; and real danger is dismissed while the unwanted sexual attention is made into a horror show. Most of that attitude is because of the unhealthy fantasy life of the West, instead of a rational approach that used to color most, though not all, of everyday decisions.

While the mostly White male nerd comments about how anti-Racist (i.e. anti-White guy) they are make depressing reading, Obama’s strength among voters seems to be that of picking up women. White professional women already loved him, so my guess is the contraception issue (picking a fight with the Catholic Church is always a winner with women) AND for now, the Trayvon Martin affair, pushed Obama upwards with blue collar White women. Obama as the Black Guy is more favored by White women than White men (and always has been). Anything that smacks of “the wrong sort of White guy” which the wildly inaccurate coverage of the Martin affair has portrayed, sends many White women with long-standing beefs against White men (basically men they consider “beneath them” hitting on them) into support for Obama.

Much if not most of the “anti-Racism” and explicit anti-White guy behavior is nothing more than White women who are enraged that White guys they consider beneath them “not knowing their place” and hitting on them. There is nothing a woman finds more enraging and contemptible. Of course a woman wants all men to find her sexy, but only the top, Alpha men to have confidence to make overtures. For a man less than 100% Alpha to make any attempts, innuendos and the like, is to insinuate that the two are on the same level. And most attractive women take great pains to be on a higher level. Its human nature. Wouldn’t you want to be “nature’s aristocrat?”

And that is why Derbyshire has a problem. Beta male White nerds will mindlessly condemn themselves, noting they “had it coming” if they get a beating by non-Whites, to seek endlessly the approval of women, that will come perfunctorily and in a dismissive manner. Meanwhile every woman who has ever been at one point in her life, semi-attractive, has a beef with White guys “beneath her” that hit on her.

That’s why the commenter feels “White Bread USA” is dismissive, to her its “unsexy White guys who hit on me” and “diverse” equals “those White guys get annihilated from Planet Earth.” That her son will get it too is no consequence. She either does not believe it will happen, or doesn’t care. If the latter, because his father is unsexy. Women forgive anything and everything in a sexy man, and nothing in one who is unsexy.

Of course, most people including White women with the above attitude live entirely different lives. They don’t live in Marion Berry’s district. They move heaven and earth to avoid say, sending their kids to DC schools, instead sending them to Sidwell Friends (where the Obama, Bush, and Clinton kids went) if they live in DC. Sandra Tsing Loh (she of “Kitchen Bitch loser males”) wrote about how she moved heaven and earth to send her daughters to the best (i.e. fewest Blacks and Hispanics) school in LA. Derbyshire’s main offense was to spell out just how White people live their lives in the Middle and Upper classes while maintaining the exact opposite views in speech and writing. Everyone knows frat boys, with a lot to lose, will do nothing but hoot and holler. Something soon forgotten. Shawn Tyson, age 16, murdered two White British Tourists in cold blood because they had no money when he robbed them. [He first made them strip naked, a common tactic to humiliate victims.]

Whitey Bulger was plenty dangerous. By all accounts over his career perhaps as many as fifty murders could be laid to his doorstep. But Bulger never whacked a person, unless he knew he’d come out from any murder charge, and he had something substantial to gain in recompense for the risk (of being charged and convicted for murder). Shawn Tyson simply shot to death two people for a fit of pique, never thinking that it could lead to a lengthy prison sentence. It is the chaotic, stupid, unpredictable violence of the Black underclass that people fear. Blacks and Whites together.

Derbyshire merely spoke openly of that fear. And for that, women like the above hold him in contempt. Fear, when it is rational, and based on concrete facts (instead of ghosts, witches, spells, and the like beloved of the Eat Pray Love crowd) is a health response to danger. Ignoring the danger is not healthy.

Derbyshire wondered if the White elites would continue to hold to their beliefs, go color-blind (Sailer’s Citizenism) or embrace open, old-school racism. Derb came down on the gut feeling of the latter. My guess is contrary, more to the former. Most White people fear the Black underclass, rationally. Fear is not hatred, nor is it bigotry. There is no appetite for the Klan, David Duke, or anything of that sort by comfortable, middle class or better White folks. Who in any event as Catholics, or Jews, or Mormons, or Atheists, or non-believers, would be the next target of those guys anyway. Not even in Mississippi and Alabama and Louisiana’s north country (heavily Evangelical Protestant) is Duke anything but a bad joke most Whites would wish go away. Bull Connor has been dead for forty years on, and no one cares or sheds a tear.

Rather, I think White elites will hold onto their beliefs. Because fundamentally it is based on the disdain of a female-centered society, built on female consumer consumption and media orientation, for beta White males. People will continue to act according to reality. Beta Male Bill in the cubicle next to you is no threat, other than getting to the donuts in the conference room first. Yes he’s unsexy. But that’s it. Meanwhile the Shawn Tyson’s are an irritation away from a double homicide. People will act on these beliefs while taking an elaborate charade to hide them.

And at the basis of it all is the hatred really of all those women who when they attracted male attention had “men beneath them” (beta males) hitting on them.

I owe Roissy an apology. I was skeptical of the ability of Game on a wide level to contribute significant change. IF this above thesis is correct (and my hunch is, yes, because I’ve seen this attitude of “Beta Male White guys are the worst thing on the planet” over and over again by women who were at one time hot and never got over a “mortal insult” of being hit on by beta males) … well then Game might be the only thing to bring honesty and rationality to discussion about race and the Black criminal underclass.

My own view of the policy recommendations towards the collapse of the Black lowerclass (it was not always like this) into today’s thugocracy is to copy the Victorians. They sent a LOT of criminals to jail. Putting about 55% or so of the Shawn Tyson types in jail, for thirty years or more (i.e. people convicted of violent crime) will significantly reduce the level of violence, and hence financial and other burdens the criminal underclass have on society. This is similar to what the Victorians did, along with revived Christianity and substitution of beer for gin, working men’s associations, and so on. The civil society of the Victorians it must be remembered was not built in a day, and came after utter dissolution, when it was common to find pre-teen prostitutes passed out in the best as well as worst part of London’s streets. [Yes, that’s Jane Austen’s era.]

Doing this sort of thing will require honesty, and suppressing the cries of racism and oppression from those seeing their young men shoved into jail for thirty years after conviction of murder, or heinous bodily injury. That in turn requires blowing up PC and the double-think of modern society. And that in turn requires making most frat boys not “icky beta males” but sexy guys who women like the above commeter on Slashdot find flattering, when they make overtures.

Had that Frat been filled with guys who acted like Russell Brand, I doubt she’d have the same attitude. She’d probably say Derb was right. I have no doubt she mostly lives that way. The trick is to make most Beta White males sexy. Yes, that’s pathetic. But Western Civilization may just turn on having most White women finding its worth defending, because its men are sexy.

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44 Responses to Obama’s Strength and Derbyshire’s Problem: America is a Hard Left Nation

  1. Columnist says:

    East-Asians are even more beta, but they are not hated. Your theory is not complete. Anyway, the civil war in Syria can only end if Sunni Muslims and Shi’a Muslims convert to a third religion.

    • Conquistador says:

      WRONG. I used to post on some dating forums and the guys that struggled the most were Asian dudes. They said Asian women prefer to date alpha white guys. Most Asian couples you see nowadays are women past their prime looking for a wallet who their older relatives will approve of or a FOB Asian girl who doesn’t know much about American dating culture.

      • Jesus Christ Supercop says:

        I think he was talking about actual East Asia, not the United States. There aren’t millions and millions of alpha white guys available in China, South Korea and Japan.

    • Conquistador says:

      Unfortunately that’s not the case anymore. Access to western media and rising female incomes is producing many of the same effects in Asia as in the west.


  2. Mike says:

    I disagree with your overall thesis, that America is hard left nation. I think we are a center right nation, with the hard left in charge of all of our major institutions, from education, the permanent government bureaucracy, to media, and the arts. With all that leftist opposition racked up against the citizenry, it’s impressive that polls continue to show more conservatives than liberals in this country.

    • Anti-Gnostic says:

      I disagree with it as well. Most Americans just want to be left alone, and most Americans marry, socialize and go to church with members of their own race. They also realize the Republican party offers no principled opposition to Democratic policies. A few businesses will get accelerated depreciation, a few wealthy individuals will get tax breaks, another overseas war will be started, and ethnic minorities will continue to line up for the gimmiedats. Why bother voting? And who dares speak up like Derb did? He’s an old man who’ll say what he thinks. The rest of us have to earn money for our families so we post on the internet.

      The US seems Hard Left because that’s who has the government-backed microphone, and the social democratic freebies are still flowing. When the freebies run out, we’ll see the actual market for feminist lit-crit and diversity seminars.

      • bob says:

        Why bother voting?

        Do you really think that 4 more years of Obama-Holder-Sibelius-Lisa_Jackson, and several more Obama appointees on SCOTUS is not worth voting against?

    • john says:

      The uhm,Swedes,are a hard-left tribe. Thats why America SEEMS HARD LEFT. Those kosher,uh,Swedes.

  3. Columnist says:

    Hard Left on CULTURAL “Marxism” maybe, but surely not economic.

    • Conquistador says:

      Yes cultural Marxism is the dominant social paradigm with plutocracy and corporatism ruling the economic sphere.

  4. ChipSaunders says:

    White upper class women hold this attitude strongly. Their experience as (presumably) a semi-hot chick who received unwanted White male sexual attention leads them to find White men disgusting, in general.

    Wow whiskey that woman’s comment, if real, made your day. Unfortunately in the real world we see over 95% of white women marrying white men. And of course that woman described her kid as a “blond-haired, blue-eyed son”. So how does that support your theory that white women hate, hate, hate white men?

    As John Derbyshire recently said, “A friend of mine who is an academic social scientist likes to say that if you want to know what people believe, there are two methods of inquiry: (A) ask them, or (B) observe their behavior.” Observe the behavior of these white women whiskey and you will see they say one thing for public consumption, but marry, live and raise their kids in highly segregated areas. You need to focus their actions.

    • Conquistador says:

      “Unfortunately in the real world we see over 95% of white women marrying white men. And of course that woman described her kid as a “blond-haired, blue-eyed son”. So how does that support your theory that white women hate, hate, hate white men? ”

      Everybody knows women past their prime settle you delusional fruitcake . Who they fuck between the ages of 16-24 is who they are actually attracted to. Maybe you’re happy with a used up slut who’s sucked 10,000 cocks and has one or two bastard spawn but most men aren’t. That is why marriage rates are collapsing. Whiskey has discussed this many times in previous blog entries.

  5. Polichinello says:

    And if I may add, if given the choice to walk down a dark street with a group of black guys on the left, white boys on the right, I’m hanging a louie.

    Sure, lady. Sure.

  6. Kelly says:

    As others have pointed out, it’s a Center-right nation with a Hard Left elite (India governed by Swedes). One possible line of attack is to make beta males sexy; another is to systematically ridicule the elite so that status-seeking women see no reason to wish to be like them.

    • Zambo says:

      This would be my strategy. Ridicule and infiltrate the elite, and compete for the attention and affection of mindless women.

  7. fascistbrah says:

    “But Western Civilization may just turn on having most White women finding its worth defending, because its men are sexy.”

    Best way to do that is to introduce athletics and fitness culture into modern day youth. Believe it or not, steroid use among young men are on the rise, forming “crews” on underground online bodybuilding forums. While Roissy and the “gamosphere” are strong, these young men are discussing Game on these message boards where they plot new ways to pick up girls, stay fit, build muscle, and get “aesthetic.” Some would describe these forums as “misogynistic” as the attitudes toward women are fairly negative. It’s a different kind of game they share but there are pockets of young men all over the internet who are changing their entire lifestyles just to become “sexy men.” And they are only growing in number.

    I would like to see more young men join amateur Rugby leagues (sorry, still on this from the other post) and thug it up. What is more masculine than athletic young men beating the tar out of each other without pads? I played Rugby in college for a year and a very easy way to gain female admirers was to invite them out to your games. The leagues often drink together after the games.

    • Conquistador says:

      ” Some would describe these forums as “misogynistic” as the attitudes toward women are fairly negative. ”

      In the other words their views are what was common sense before feminism.

  8. map says:


    Unless this woman is attractive, what she thinks does not matter. Another “Sandra Fluke” announcing her impending spinsterhood to the world is of little or no consequence. She should go ahead and have all the contraceptives and abortions she wants, until she ages past her prime years of having healthy babies. That will ensure the liberal virus is pinched off at the current generation.

  9. idealart says:

    The problem with this center-right idea is that the goal posts have been moved so much from tradition to modernism for the past 45 to 50 years. The culture is in a state of lunatic flux and with more entitlements, quotas, hate crime laws and NAM immigration I do not see it changing direction on its own accord. There are too many addicted and dependent people hooked on the Federal Family.

    Think of the many new museums on the Mall in the nation’s capital. There’s already a museum of African art and there will soon be a new one for African-American History. There is a Women’s Museum of Art. I suspect these race and sex identity group cultural differences will intensify. There should be a Gay History museum coming soon. And a Latino-American one too.

    What all these new museums signify is a deeply divided culture. I have heard prominent blacks say that they have no interest in American history before MLK. Feminists and homosexuals believe that before the 60s it was a repressive hetero-male-dominated nightmare. The nature of modernism is constant change. It cannot alter itself but must move relentlessly forward to a mythic future, away from a despised racist and sexist past.

    Eventually, the money will run out and the modernists will be in a frenzy of finger pointing towards the scapegoat white male and Christian.

  10. Joe says:

    I went to the Slashdot website and read the posting supposedly from a white woman. Everything about the writing style has black written all over it. White women don’t express themselves in the manner in which the letter was written– even the radical white women don’t write/talk like this. I went a very liberal college. White women don’t write like that.The wording,the tone,the expressions are all black. I felt like I was back in college listening to an angry black leftist woman reading her paper to the class. I don’t buy it. This white man still loves white women. Keep warning white woman to stay out of black neighborhoods and keep warning them about all the rape and murder of white women by blacks. The letter was written by a black woman trying to divide white men and women and encouraging white women to go into black neighborhoods to get brutally murdered. I warn all the white women I meet about black crime– all of the white women respect me for it– even the liberal ones. Don’t let this letter turn you sour on your fellow white women. Joe

    • Me says:

      I also felt the cadence and colloquialisms were black. I think this may have been a black man/woman or maybe a white woman who already spends most of her time with blacks. More of a propaganda comment than anything heartfelt.

      I also think the phrase “thou doth protest too much” applies when suffering the terrible utter humiliation of being cat called by “frat boys” – especially in front of your female friends. *wink*

  11. Matt Strictland says:

    The American elite are leftists, most Americans even in the big cities are center right. If they weren’t the Democrats wouldn’t be trying to bring in replacement voters by the boatload

    As for making America more Conservative, be patient. It is already happening. The recession makes people tribe up and tighter families are almost always less liberal. Also with less people goingt to college, less watching TV and more .alt blogging and home schooling people are moving farther right . There is a lot less chance to mind screw with the kids.

    In fact the only issue I’d day keeping us as Liberal at all is economic, the leftists are right in that the weath disparity is harming society. Unless we somehow restore private sector work based middle class life that does not require college, we won’t be able to break the stranglehold short of drastic measures.

    I want a middle class, moderate 80/20 White (or 90/10 is fine too) not a nation of rich leftists, starving people, dole rats and feral conservatives.

  12. John McNeal says:

    First,whiskey,come on! That quote that leads your post is an obvious fake. “White boys”,”frat boys”? Its a blacketty-black broad or,as i commented,an ugly smelly mildew-pusssy feminist. “Blonde,blue-eyed son” LOL!( If she’s real then she mustve been turned on by at least ONE white guy!) Every white person has to be blonde,blue-eyed!!! Dumb ass black chick. But the fact is that the HNIC is leading this screwed-up nation only because the DAWW(dumb assed white woman)is behind him. they are truly stupid,and immersed in submissiveness to the Royal Court:Big Media,Big Government,TV,Big Nigger,etc.

  13. Chief Seattle says:

    Whiskey’, that’s strange. I could swear I saw the same comment in the Seattle Times – I remember “Hang a louie”. Maybe there’s a passionate poster that cut and pastes, or maybe there’s something else going on.

  14. idealart says:

    That comment in your article, Whiskey, is fake. Its brain-f**king.

  15. idealart says:

    To others here about this center-right nonsense. When the goal-post keeps moving to the left of course most Americans are going to be center-right. But, incrementally, over the years the government has grown larger and more intrusive, and more and more people are dependent. Fifty years ago the very idea of neighborhood watch would have been incomprehensible, let alone guards and lock-downs in schools, airport frisking (the Muslim tax), food stamp credit cards, gay marriage, atheists marching in Washington, free birth control for college students, government control of the housing market, Obamacare, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    I do not see this trend stopping or even slowing down.

  16. Why isn't it obvious says:

    Whiskey, while your essay here is essentially silly and irrational, as always when you are discussing White women, the other problem is the mislabeling of Omega males as Beta males.

    Lets be clear, Beta males are just normal guys. The male equivalent of normal women.

    Omega males, and that includes you and your fan boys, are not beta males. You are Omegas not like the homeless, toothless sub Omegas but Omegas nonetheless. You simply are not normal whether that is because of obesity, being extremely ugly or being devoid of an engaging, non nerd/dork personality

    Most White women prefer normal Beta White men, that is simply a fact. The reason you and other Omegas can’t admit that to yourselves is because you harbor the fantasy that you are Beta males who are rejected because you are not Alphas or in your nightmare scenario, not black.

    As for Obama, he’s getting the single White women because he’s a typical liberal Democrat not because he’s black. All he has to do is say abortion is immoral and that Roe v Wade should be overturned and talk about cutting taxes on the rich and game over. He can kiss the White female support goodbye.

    Again Whiskey picture that fat, extremely ugly White women in the office, she’s the female version of you and the other delusion White guys who worship the alpha male. That women isn’t rejected by normal guys because she’s not a supermodel or beauty queen. She’s ignored or rejected because she isn’t even the nice normal girl most guys date or marry.

    You are not normal, you are not beta. You’re an omega. And that’s why women hate, hate, hate guys like you. Or why they ignore you.

    • ErisGuy says:

      “picture that fat, extremely ugly White women in the office”

      No case; abuse author.

    • Conquistador says:

      Women can and do hook up with men outside their league. It happens all the time. That’s the difference between the genders. Men learn their place on the totem pole early. Women do not at least not until their late 20’s. Who wants a woman who gave away the best years of her life to other men? Your little theory disparaging whiskey and his readership can’t even explain the collapse in marriage rates. Most young moms nowadays are single mothers.

      • Retrenched says:

        Very true. Alphas will fuck regular chicks when there are no hotties around, and betas will fuck fatties and fuglies to break their dry spells (as long as no one’s looking, that is). The poor omegas, meanwhile, have no one to date down to.

        As for women HATING HATING HATING betas, I really think that’s a little overblown, at least as far as women in general are concerned. Most women like betas OK as neighbors and co-workers, and sometimes even as friends (though no “benefits” are involved). However, the more alpha chasing an average woman does, the more she will hate the beta male, because he is a reminder of what she can reasonably hope to attract and keep long-term, as opposed to the hawt alphas she used to get lucky with at keg parties back in her college days.

    • Lawful Neutral says:

      Ok, that’s a fair point. People, especially omegas, love to conflate “beta” and “omega.” Still, don’t you think a lot of us wretched omegas might have been considered betas a few decades ago? It sure seems like there are more of us around than there used to be. Disagree all you want with his terminology, Whiskey has a point.

  17. CamelCaseRob says:

    Actually, being more fearful of black men IS bigotry. That’s what bigotry means. The problem is that most people believe that bigotry is a bad thing. It isn’t.

    • idealart says:

      Hi. The word “bigot” like “racist” means nothing. Its a form of slander used for personal gain.

      • CamelCaseRob says:

        It means treating individual members of a group as if they share the general attributes of that group. A wise thing to do, especially when we’re talking about personal safety.

      • john says:

        Shaming and controlling. Words like “bigot” are totalitarian. Look who uses them.

  18. Senior Manchild says:

    I think you are reading too much into one comment,

    But as for silly white women go,

    there is a generation of them that is figuratively about to walk over a cliff as they continue on with some of these delusions; nobody is really going to care that much about their old asses.

    • idealart says:

      Good link. “One day they look at their husband and ask themselves: Who is this person? Women often are the ones to initiate older divorces. That’s the trend.”

      I know these women. Female vanity. They really think they’re 25 forever.

      • john says:

        Amen.Look at Jennifer Lopez.

      • idealart says:

        Jennifer Lopez isn’t bad. I’m talking about women in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Grandmothers or carerrists who never married and act in a coquettish and flirty manner in order to get younger men to do things for them. I’m not making this up. They’re divorced and desperate. Women who aren’t handy need a lot of help. When they were young with not-bad bodies it worked but as they aged, and as men became more wary, life got a lot more difficult. There is going to be millions more as the baby boomers retire.

  19. idealart says:

    Come to think of it they remind me of Willy Loman in Death of a Salesman. Women seem to be particularly susceptible to wishful thinking. The Nice White Lady syndrome. They live in a world created by feminist mind-bending. They can’t retire to “vibrant” urban areas so they move to conservative but safe rural communities which they hate. They have enormous levels of displaced energy, it seems, and join and organize all sorts of clubs. But their houses are lonely, work in ways they don’t understand, and they wake up with an odd feeling of depression.

    Whiskey, I feel the makings of a great American novel or play here. Has anyone done this theme yet? Liberals couldn’t do it for ideological reasons so the field’s wide open, I reckon.

  20. Höllenhund says:

    „But Western Civilization may just turn on having most White women finding its worth defending, because its men are sexy.”

    With all due respect, Whiskey, you have it backwards. It’s men, not women, who defend civilizations. And for them to defend a civilization – or any other human community for that matter –, they have to find it worth defending. And that, in turn, only happens when the women – the rank-and-file, average women – of that community present themselves as worthy of the defense of beta males. That is, present themselves as willing to reciprocate the provision and protection of beta males with loyalty, accountability, attractiveness and exclusive sexual access. But that’s obviously not the case today. It probably explains why the great majority of current Western men simply cannot be arsed to learn and implement Game. It’s not just that men are lazy, that Game requires lots of time, practice and resolve – it’s that the majority of women are simply unworthy of being gamed.

    And the idea that the average white beta male can just make himself sexy through Game is ridiculous. You, among all people, probably understand this. It’d take a massive economic shift for the social status of the average beta male to significantly rise.

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