Something Rotten in Montana’s … Football Program … and others

The University of Montana is in the news, and not in a good way. The Wall Street Journal reports that the university fired its Football Coach (after he won coaching honors) and Athletic Director. The reason? An epidemic of sexual assault charges. The team faces charges that star QB Jordan Johnson (White, see here) raped a student. Somewhat odd for a coaches son and math major, but there it is. Running back Beau Donaldson was charged with intercourse without consent, and suspended from the team. Donaldson is also White, and a Montana native. There are allegations of Gang Rape by victims who allege being drugged and raped.

This is disgraceful. And also, not surprising. Football has fully embraced the Rap/Gang culture of the Black underclass, even White guys in Montana, playing in Division 1 FBS (below 1A) seem to embrace it. Certainly I find the accusations credible, and the predictable reaction of the police (running away from investigating a popular local football program) also unsurprising. It is one thing to allege rape because a player did not return a phone call. It is another to allege that against a star local football player, who has lots of friends in the campus and outside it. Anyone familiar with Scorebaord Baby by Ken Armstron and Nick Perry, will recognize the ubiquity of date rape drugs and football players, mixed with Alpha male struck naïve Freshman girls.

Meanwhile, the NFL is undergoing its own problem. Legal action looms for the “Bountygate” of paying Saints Players to hurt other players. Thats both a criminal action, likely leading to prosecution of both players and coaches, and massive lawsuits. In all likelihood, players as diverse as Niner’s Running Back Frank Gore, and former Cardinals QB Kurt Warner, are likely to sue. Not just the players and coaches, but the TEAM.

Add to this, the Wonderlic scandal (that the scores have leaked out, and that LSU Running Back Morris Claiborne’s Wonderlic score is 4), and the NFL has a problem. Given the formula 2W +60, Claiborne’s IQ would amount to 68. That’s in line with CJ Spillers, former Clemson running back, scoring a 10, or IQ of 80. [Buffalo Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick scored a 48, or 156 IQ, Eli Manning had a 39 or 39 or 138 IQ.]

Football is made up of young men in college who thug it up, even White kids in lily-White Montana. The game has moved that way. Thugging it up on the field is now the way to “win” and I’ll bet you that there are plenty of college coaches who have placed “bounties” on opposing players in the same way Saints Defensive Coach Williams did with NFL players. Meanwhile, the emphasis is on pure athletic accomplishment. A man of an IQ of 80, let alone 68, does not belong in college. That’s simply the reality.

In my view, players who suffer injuries in games ought to sue. Institute discovery. And demand payment from the teams, universities, players, and coaches. Things will only change when MONEY, that is M-O-N-E-Y is at stake, and a lot of it, if things screw up. That goes for parents, and victims, of the now in fashion football player date-rape drug use and assault. Girls and parents ought to sue. Not just coaches and players, but Universities. They ought to be on the line for the decision to admit men of questionable character, who would engage in use of date rape drugs. [And ladies, don’t drink, ANYTHING at parties. Assume the worst. Particularly of those dream Alpha males you drool over.]

Yes, there are bad things about Lawyers. But often, it takes massive lawsuits and big settlements to get institutions to change their ways, for the better. This ought to be one of them.

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4 Responses to Something Rotten in Montana’s … Football Program … and others

  1. fascistbrah says:

    I’ve been saying it for years but Rugby and Soccer are equal alternatives to football and basketball, which promote thug behavior. However, it will be difficult to bring Rugby and Soccer to televisions due to the structure of both games: two 40 minute halves of nonstop game-play. This is bad for advertisements, which means there is less money than the NBA or NFL which makes LOTS of money due to timeouts and stops in game-play every 5 minutes.

    However, the future of sports broadcasting is through online streaming. There are already websites that allow fans to stream every game around the world live free of charge. I watched more NFL and NCAA football games last year than ever before, and it was my first year without cable television. This is going to be the new future of sports just as Netflix changes DVD rentals. And it all comes back to white flight: white fans are voting with their wallets and refusing to pay money to be surrounded by NAMs at their local sporting events.

    I graduated from a top SEC school a few years ago and I used to support their football and athletics programs. I no longer do so due to the programs recruitment of thugs and criminals. And I also have no desire to spend my money to be surrounded by the worst kind of people in the stadium for an inferior product that I know supports thuggish anti-white and anti-traditional behavior.

    I really enjoy your sports pieces, Whiskey. Keep it up.

    • beta_plus says:

      You probably have a point with Rugby (The sport of hooligans played by gentlemen) but not Soccer (the sport of gentlemen played by hooligans). Soccer has a well deserved reputation as the dirtiest sport on earth with the most unethical players, owners, and managers. Only in the United States is it promoted as a game of high class by SWPLs who want to use shame to increase their social status by playing and rooting for a sport that most Americans are unaware of how it is conducted in most of the world. Football and Basketball are bad, but they’re not soccer bad. Even Hockey is a cleaner game than Soccer.

  2. Conquistador says:

    Gang rape? Possible but just as likely is that this girl was having a train run on her consensually. Once word leaked out the next day she was embarrassed and claimed rape. These girls choose to party with the alpha jock and not the dweebs on the chess team. It’s hard to accept the depraved behavior young women engage in but they bring it onto themselves. I have no sympathy.

  3. Zambo says:

    Dude, many football players seem like cleancut guys. Sure there some bad apples, but these are aggressive 18-22 year old men. Things will happen. And if anything, it used to be much more violent.

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