DC Comics Goes Gay

And so does the revenue stream from DC Comics derived movies. As “the Avengers” racks up one box office record after another, just in time for the latest Batman movie and the new Superman Movie, DC Comics is announcing that one of their major characters will go gay.

One question asked at the DC panel today at the Kapow comic convention in London, was about DC co-publisher Dan DiDio’s interview with The Advocate. Specifically over the decision not to change any character’s sexual orientation when relaunching the DC Universe. At the time Dan stated they would introduce new LGBT characters rather than switch orientation, but the question asked why DC would switch race, size, age, all sorts of identifying features, but not orientation.
Surprisingly, Dan stated that they had changed DC’s policy in this regard. And they ae about to reintroduce a previously existing DC character who was previously straight and now will be “one of our most prominent gay characters.”

As Senior VP Sales Bob Wayne explained, just like the President of the United States, the co-publisher’s policy on this “has evolved.”

DC Comics over the last ten years has spent considerable time and effort in killing off the old Straight White Male heroes that fans loved, and replacing them with Asian, or Hispanic, or Black versions. Which flopped like Milestone Comics, or “Static.” Who exactly was “Static” might you ask? Why, a hoodie wearing Black teen with electro-magnetic powers who … beat up old ladies for their Social Security Checks (as a teenaged Mike Tyson did?) Of course not that’s racist, go punish yourself for that thought crime! Young Black men wearing hoodies are geeky nerds who everyone pushes around, so they make perfect secret superheroes!

Meanwhile, DC Comics has failed to build any appreciable increase in their base year-to-year sales, fighting off an heavy decline year in and out. Comic books don’t make (much) money. The real money is in toys, games, amusement park rides, and other merchandising opportunities arising from 2 hour long plus commercials for old-school characters pre-teen and teen-age boys love. Teenage White boys (the ones whose parents have money to buy all that stuff) are not exactly fond of political correctness:

The boys are openly laughing at the Black teacher. Who apparently is the recipient of an Obama-directed Dept. of Education mandate that all High Schools nationwide meet a minimum quota for Black teachers.

Political correctness makes you stupid. While Disney/Marvel is reaping the rewards of giving young White boys the heroes they want, DC is aiming at giving them the gay guys they figure they need.

There is no surer way to kill a Superman movie than to make him gay. Or to kill the box office of the last Christopher Nolan Batman movie than to make him gay. Or tank the Green Lantern sequel. DC can do whatever they want with the characters, but they can’t force people into theaters. Indeed, as global box office becomes more important, the more “gay” the Comic book people push into the characters, the more likely it is that audiences around the globe will reject the movies (i.e. the two hour plus commercials for merchandise) based on the characters.

It is not as if say, Latin America, or China, or Russia, or Brazil are hotbeds of gay rights activism, filled with billions of gay men and lesbians yearning to be free and spend billions on a Gay Superman.

Superman renouncing his American Citizenship went over so well now didn’t it?

All this PC-gayness relates to a central problem of Hollywood and pretty much all of today’s elites. They are addicted to harmful fantasies of how the world works. Caught in their dogma-filled bubbles, they have no idea that most boys, White or any other race, find gays laughable and detestable. Since boys are obsessed not with PC status games but … hmmm …. let me think … it might come to me … oh yeah. GIRLS! And how to be the big macho guy who GETS THEM! [Pre-teen boys are obsessed with being the big guy who saves the day, being important for a change, not just a little boy no one pays attention to in any fashion.]

That is why Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, all those characters exist. Why they lasted when so many others faded away. Because they speak to little boys and those who remember being little boys. They have emotional power. That power if harnessed properly can be used to sell lots of stuff, provided the commercial was good.

A character-less “Battleship” is a flop nearly the size of “John Carter.” Which co-incidentally sank the career of Disney’s openly gay Studio CEO Rich Ross. The man who gave us Miley Cyrus and the Demi Lovato Eating Disorder Lunchbox.

Elites are clueless and totally bound by their dogma. This is one of the most spectacularly stupid moves I’ve seen yet. Designed to make gay studio bosses and gay Hollywood happy, along with the Advocate and maybe a few Hollywood power players. At the cost of sinking perhaps all three movies: the Batman movie, the Superman movie, the second Green Lantern movie. DC characters being labeled “gay” is a recipe for “John Carter” style box office.

No sensible media company wanting to invest say, $300 million plus (when the $100 million marketing campaign ala the one for “the Avengers” is factored in) would have Grant Morrison proclaiming Batman is gay. They probably would not even have Morrison working for them at all.

What will be interesting, is if Superman is the one made gay, and the families of Schuster and Siegel sue again for tortuous wrongs. Given that they’ve already made some headway into gaining the rights to the character, gratuitously making Superman GAY NOW! might have serious repercussions. Hollywood like Silicon Valley has existed for a long time without lawsuits and lawyers. Both may be seeing that Cowboy Era of do what you want to screw others over come to an end, for better and worse.

A judge could very well decide this was done with malice, and simply award more of the character rights immediately to the families. What’s the DC Universe without Superman? Its basically the Malibu Universe. Maybe now, Milestone. At best, Wildstorm. Hey kids, get the “Apollo and MidNighter get married comics” NOW! Coming to you soon, the adventures of Gary and Ace!

The stupidity of the elites simply stuns me. In every way, in ever area. Advancement by recitation of PC dogma or “diverse” (non-White, non-Straight White male) background. Not any degree of ability.

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32 Responses to DC Comics Goes Gay

  1. I’m guessing you won’t see that character in a movie lead. Target audience is still young heterosexual men who just aren’t interested in that crap no matter how much Hollywood thinks they ought to be. Come to think of it, I don’t really want my comic book characters being all that heterosexual on the big screen either. Can’t they just kill unstoppable evil villains from another universe without talking about their hobbies?

  2. Rotten says:

    Ditto. One of the good hings about mission impossible 4 was that, since the Tom cruise character was married in the third one, the movie didnt have the mandatory 20 minutes of relationship porn which bogs down very action movie. I wish these superheroes could just do their job.

  3. John VI says:

    It’ll be “wonder Woman” Shes the easiest to make over with her background already, and neither boys nor girls care much about her unless shes in a crossover anyway. Lesbians are still hot to guys and lesbians make no real difference to women since they arent in competition with them.
    Plus, they have written this character as bisexual off and on for the last 20 years. Ho Hum.

    • Quartermain says:

      Sounds like the big wigs at DC decided to swipe an idea from Dr. Frederic Wertham’s book “Seduction of the Innocent” and make Batman and Robin “gay” or Wonder Woman a lesbo.

      I wonder if Ted Turner who owns Time-Warner had something to do with that.

      Superman Returns was a travesty like the later Batman movies.

  4. Scott says:

    Please let it be wonder woman. If they make Superman or Batman gay, they might as well write the last year of the strip with them dying of AIDS because no one will read that crap anymore. I didn’t really mind gay people as a group a few years ago but they keep pushing for people to celebrate their deviant ways. They have no idea how bad the push back is going to be when people finally get sick of their crap.

  5. Young Girl Speaking says:

    Making a superhero gay isn’t just going to lose the young male heterosexual audience. It’s going to lose the female heterosexual one too. BIG TIME. Outside of psychotic feminists with their gay best friends and women who fetish gay men, not a lot of young girls are interested in seeing guys kissing other guys on screen. All of the girls I know went to see The Avengers because they were good-looking guys and if any of them were gay I’m pretty much sure that it would have failed. What’s a better way to fail a movie than tell your female audience that the dude isn’t interested in women at all and that he thinks you’re repulsive. That’s a genius formula alright. You just lost all of the sane women and went after the feminazis.

  6. Young Girl Speaking says:

    If that makes me sound “heteronormative” then so be it. I’m not interested in reading comics or watching comic movies with men who don’t like women. I’m not a feminazi and I’m not interested in pandering to gays.

  7. Jim says:

    I was telling my sister (in reference to the Avengers) that Jeremey Renner is apparently gay, which isn’t realistic for an action movie actor. She is convinced gays can kick ass just like straight men. She is however a geek who goes to ComiCon four days every year. People who are deeply into popular culture make it their religion, and they can’t believe anything outside it- my sister is a practicing Catholic, but it makes no difference. Popular culture, as sold by the media, is a substitute for religion, politics and even reality itself.

  8. JT says:

    Why? What is this?!

    This makes no business sense either. If it is Batman or Superman, DC comics will cease to ever be relevant again…and for good reason too. People don’t want this shit shoved down their throats.

    Tolerance is one thing, propanga is another.

  9. Columnist says:

    Tim Wise is cisgendered, heterosexual, and male.

  10. Country Lawyer says:

    They already have a lesbian Batwoman. I doubt it will be Batman or Superman.

    Those are the two money makers, Batman especially.

    Nightwing aka Robin 1 would be the obvious choice.

    They’ve been causing a divide between him and Batman for years now, he’s major enough. Maybe the flash, but again which one?

    Green Arrow, they killed the relationship between him and canary, but there’s a tv show coming, so no.

    Wonderwoman: isn’t she already?

    I’m betting Nightwing, the first Robin.

    Look, this is a good thing, really it is. The faster they do this, the faster they go bankrupt. The faster that happens, the faster someone buys it and restores the franchise. There’s money there and someone smart will see it and buy it and rein in the pc.

  11. Toddy Cat says:

    Young Girl Speaking, you give me hope for the future!

  12. A Comics Fan says:

    Tortuous: Should be “tortious.”
    The new gay character will be The Flash, renamed “The Swish – just as fast but twice as flamboyant.”

  13. Matt Strictland says:

    Batman would be a poor choice though they likely one. Its been kind of sort of implied in a great many campy 60’s covers. It also implies that Bats is a pedophile or an ephebiphile which is fine, the faster these vermin can be brought to ruin by their own devices the better.

    I always thought the second name of the blog ought to be “Whiskey watching and analyzing the left wing media so you don’t have to.”

  14. Mike says:

    These idiots are really serious in destroying a franchise that took decades to build. Do they seriously think adding (another) gay character is going to add to their readership? DC has been making poor creative decisions for years so this is really just one more nail in the coffin. Maybe Marvel will buy them out and salvage some of the characters…

  15. Lawful Neutral says:

    Come on, people! There’s no way it will be Superman or Batman. DC might be stupid, but they’re not that stupid. Sure, they want us to think it might just be one of the big guys, and they play coy about it in the interview, but it’s not going to happen. Expect some second stringer nobody really cares about.

  16. Richard Woland says:

    Hollywood needs to do a movie based on a ZAP Comix story. “Pathos below deck on the high seas” meets the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  17. Richard Woland says:

    Capt. Pissgums and Jack Sparrow team up to take on the Dyke Pirates.

  18. Ulick McGee says:

    It’s worse than we thought.


    Seriously, check out the front cover variant on this article:

    As an a mature man, I have no problem with it but as a 12 year old boy it would have weirded me out. I read comics to be inspired by heros who were powerful and decisive and sacrificed themselves for the common good. I instinctively understood what a hero was. I instinctively was attracted to feminine women and repulsed by masculine ball-breaking harpies. If people are born gay, then I was born straight with an in-built dislike of weakness in men and coldness in women.

    Not all gay men are weak but enough of them are to lower the status of all gay men. Such things are important to boys. They want to read about the guys on top of the hierarchy, not about men that are not respected by their peers (however unjustly).

    There is no market for this nonsense. The Marvel and DC execs and writers who come up with this stuff are just making a public display of PC piety. They have the same religion circuits in their brain as practicing Christians. They want to demonstrate their goodness and punish us for our sin of not worshipping Diversity. They believe our kids will see the light and realise that their parents are evil and we will be humbled and utterly defeated.

    As Whiskey says, the kids don’t want this.

  19. Reportedly the gay one is the rebooted original Green Lantern. Just in time for the second movie, they’ll gay it up. Hilarious.

  20. MaMu1977 says:

    I’ll say this…

    If you don’t buy comics, your opinion in this case is invalid.
    And the reason why your feelings don’t matter is simple: the most conservative estimates as to the percentage of gay/LGBT-sympathetic comics readers (and by “readers”, I mean actual collectors and purchasers) is about 15%. In an industry that has degraded from 1,000,000+ issue sales of Superman and Batman per month, to having its production staff and investors jumping for joy if those iconic characters can sell a million copies in a *year*, every purchaser counts.

    So yes, the lot of you can complain about the lack of viability inherent in embracing sexual deviancy for a comic book character. Meanwhile, the real-life “sexual deviants” are the people who are providing 25% or more of the comics industry’s total profits. It’s checkers, not chess: ifcr

  21. MaMu1977 says:

    I’ll say this…

    If you don’t buy comics, your opinion in this case is invalid.
    And the reason why your feelings don’t matter is simple: the most conservative estimates as to the percentage of gay/LGBT-sympathetic comics readers (and by “readers”, I mean actual collectors and purchasers) is about 15%. In an industry that has degraded from 1,000,000+ issue sales of Superman and Batman per month, to having its production staff and investors jumping for joy if those iconic characters can sell a million copies in a *year*, every purchaser counts.

    So yes, the lot of you can complain about the lack of viability inherent in embracing sexual deviancy for a comic book character. Meanwhile, the real-life “sexual deviants” are the people who are providing 25% or more of the comics industry’s total profits. It’s checkers, not chess: if creating a gay character will increase their reader rolls by 1,000 (and a thousand who will faithfully purchase the comic, see the movies and buy the statues and memorabilia at that!), they’re going to do it (even if it costs them a few hundred conservative straight readers, who tend to avoid spending as much money anyway…)

    Last rant: in the year that I was born, 50,000 copies of a comic sold per month was grounds for cancellation (100,000 copies per month were necessary just to turn a profit.) Now, in modern times, *any comic* that sells over 50,000 copies in a month gets optioned for a movie (literally. Look up “Ryan Reynolds””deadpool””movie” for an example.) If you’re one of the people who enjoys watching the “free” cartoons on TV, skimming through the comics at the local Wal-Mart or buying the random costume for Halloween, you’re as much of the reason for the comics industry’s embrace of diversity as the “queer” college tor who owns every issue of Robin/Batwoman/insert name of comic here (and convinces his friends to support gay characters with their money.) When ScansDaily is one of the most influential voices in comics (among the actual writers and editors), you’re going to get sexually deviant content. And comic executives know that there are only three demographics purchasing comics in America right now: sexual deviants, white shut-ins and black/minority geeks. Comics didn’t leave behind straight, white men; straight, sexually active white and conservative men left behind comics. And they didn’t purchase comics for what children they produced. And, in many cases, they didn’t make any children at all. If you want to know *why* there’s such an emphasis in PC topics in comics, come down from your cultural elite pedestal and *visit* an actual comic book store. I’m a comic collector (trade paperback), and even *I* was shocked at the fact that half of the patrons at every store were minorities (even in North Dakota. North Dakota, with its 92+% white population, has the same 50/50 white to aggregate minority breakdown as everywhere else. In the case of Grand Forks, it was about 500 collectors in a city of 50,000 people, with 250 of that 500 people being native American or black or visibly gay. And like the rest of North Dakota, Grand Forks minority population is under 10%, so my ability to find minorities en masse at comic books stores shocked me.)

  22. map says:

    There is a very serious problem that is not being considered. To make an openly gay character, the character has be to be paneled (in comics) or scripted (in movies) being intimate with another man. What’s worse, the comics and movies have to be written to contrive situations where that intimacy shows. Think of the role that Lois Lane played in the Superman comics. Now imagine replacing her with a man.

    This is an entirely different problem from having a “black” character or assuming heterosexuality is the default orientation, where sexuality is implied and where race is transparent to the circumstances.

  23. Gx1080 says:


    Bullshit. The comics genre did abandoned straight men, because everybody decided to follow Watchmen’s trail and did a series of “darker and edgy” comics on the 90’s that NOBODY wanted to read.

  24. josh says:

    they wouldnt dare make supie or batman queer. Green lantern? he’s a very secondary comic.Maybe.

  25. Richard Woland says:

    If they want to go all the way they can make our hero a bottom and change the Bat Cave into a Bath House. He can team up with a bull dyke and drive around in a Subaru Outback with a bunch of Obama bumper stickers on the back window and fight for social justice and equality against the evil breeders. This stuff writes its self. R. Crumb where are you?

  26. peterike says:

    Henceforth, the Pink Lantern.

  27. gx1080 says:

    Things that were pointed really quick on the Internet:

    a)Is not Aquaman? Really?
    b)An amusing bit, is that Allan Scott’s son was an established gay character, and they killed him off for this.
    c) (My observation): While Allan Scott is the first Green Lantern, Hal Jordan and John Stewart (from the Justice League cartoon) are the ones that DC actually tries to sell on other media, and since they both came up later, they can get rid of Scott if this bet doesn’t work. This insurance proves that this is mostly a coldly calculated PR stunt, just to get a few “shock” issues out of the shelf, long term viability be damned.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      You remember all those people complaining about the influence of comics on kids, well they were right. Bad people were writing them its just that the ones they were after (EC’s horror line) wasn’t the issue. It would be the Cultural Marxists that came after the code fell apart. They like HUAC were just a bit ahead of the curve.

      However even the semi voluntary boot on the neck of the Comic Code Authority did little to curb the freaks (not the indies who were always upfront and for adults mind you) mainstreaming their disease I mean the old Wonder Woman is an ode to BDSM and Bi-Lesbianism right out the door

      These same weirdos are dug in deep in this wounded medium and are the ones giving us junk like the new multi-cult spider man and shite like Iron Man Extremis or the Pink Lantern

      Green Lantern was the best choice since the movie already bombed in the theater and big franchise wise is DOA . Its not going to hurt them as much. Aquaman already has (had?) a wife and kids and that would not quite work.

      Also re: comics sales, I have seen them anywhere except for comics stores and the occasional bookstore/newsstands in years. The oddity though is how old the audience was, when I read X-Men as a kid is was all kids and a few 20 something geeks that read it. Now its older adults. I think its a sign of the social decay that brings of Bronies myself. I lack of actual role models for men.

      Frankly we need John Wayne and Frank Sinatra types but a snowball chance of that ..

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