How to Stop Mass Murders, and Why It Won’t Happen

There is a way to stop mass murders. But politically it is simply impossible. Gun Control? No. Involuntary Commitment. Jared Lee Loughner. James Holmes. Cho Seung Hui. All were known to be violent, and dangerous semi-psychotic men. Their murderous rampages did not surprise their families. But the families were powerless to do anything. Here in California, the Lanternman-Petris-Short Act prevents warehousing of mentally ill patients, mandating instead “Community Mental Health clinics” that were never built. Because news flash, homeowners don’t like crazy people around, and politicians who authorize construction of centers for crazy people even less.

Institutionalizing guys like James Holmes, or Jared Lee Loughner, or David Berkowitz, or John Hinckley Jr., before they kill people, would seem a no-brainer. But besides overturning Supreme Court decisions, almost 50 state legal codes, and building massive mental health institutions to hold these people for a lifetime (they don’t get better, really) there is a bigger barrier to doing the sane thing. Trust.

Norway has some of the strictest gun control laws on the planet. Anders Breivik simply purchased his guns in Russia, and smuggled them over. The Aurora theater where James Holmes massacred Batman movie goers was one that banned concealed carry holders. So none were in evidence (and you can’t body armor your head — most practiced gun owners can make a head shot even under pressure at 20 yards). Tim McVeigh did not use a gun to kill anyone. Neither did the 9/11 Hijackers. No one knows who the Anthrax killer(s) was/were. And whoever it was, no gun was used by the killer(s). Crazy people determined to kill will kill.

The sanest thing is to change the commitment laws to enable crazy people to be committed. But it will never happen. Under O’Connor v. Donaldson, the Supremes have held that it is unconstitutional to hold a person not in imminent danger from himself, or posing one to others, and able to survive minimally on his own. But trust is the main issue.

No one among the White middle class trusts the state. The late Sam Francis argued that the State among modern Western nations is basically Anarcho-Tyranny, a point echoed (though he likely never heard of the man) extensively in “Life at the Bottom” by Theodore Dalrymple, the pen name of British conservative author and former NHS and Prison doctor Anthony Daniels (no relation to the Star Wars actor who voiced 3CP0).

The State refuses to take any action that impacts key voting blocs: Blacks and Hispanics in the US, Muslims in Europe, when they violate the law. You can see this in action with LAPD Chief Charlie Beck urging driving licenses for illegal aliens and no longer impounding their cars after drunk driving arrests. Don’t worry, White drunk drivers will CERTAINLY have their cars taken. And meanwhile, the City of Los Angeles bans plastic grocery bags, fines people for putting the wrong things in their recycle bins, or even arrests them, and conducts fairly intrusive pat-downs of elderly White grandmas and White toddlers at LAX (note: that never happens to those who have Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, Urban League, La Raza, and Tony Villaraigosa on speed dial).

You can see the Anarcho-Tyranny in action with respect to the Trayvon Martin shooting, and Trayon Washington, age 17 (if Obama had a son, he’d look like Trayon Washington) for the murder of Wendy Fisher. Trayon shot Fisher, a White woman, after she yelled at him to slow down for nearly running over her dog as she was out walking with him (the dog was leashed). No response from the FBI, or the Justice Dept., or the state to find the other people in the car and charge them with murder. Nope. Because they have pull.

The average White person has grown to loathe and distrust the state. The state does nothing good for them, and much bad. It takes their money, to give to say, the 16 year old Black and Hispanic girls who give birth. Meanwhile all Whites suffer discrimination, a few White women get Affirmative Action benefits, and White men get the shaft, save those rich and connected. When Nashville was flooded, the State was absent. It took the Tennessee Titans football team to help out, and local charities. President Obama never visited. The ancillary parts of the State, the media complex, never ran stories on the flooding. Or demanded action. The White middle class loathes ObamaCare because it knows it is on the hook for paying for free health care for illegal aliens, and the massively obese Black and Hispanic population, fraught with diabetes and other ills, while its own is restricted. Cass Sunstein wants to deny older people (White ones anyway) health care. Because young Mexicans and Blacks vote Democratic/Liberal, and older Whites Republican/Conservative.

That is the fruit of the Anarcho-Tyranny state, which is just another word for the spoils system writ even LARGER. Not even Tammany Hall thought to steal basic justice on a communal basis. Or empower criminals from the correct ethnic bloc while treating the larger majority like scum.

And as a result, no one trusts the State among the White working and middle class. For them, the State has been an enemy, and an implacable one, from beginning to end. Never a friend, always a foe. They don’t trust it, and won’t consent to expand its powers. Particularly since “Executive Order” Obama has sought to rule absolutely, as a dictator, by fiat. Granting Amnesty, over-turning Clinton’s Welfare Reform law, overturning No Child Left Behind, and any other law he does not like, by fiat. Ruling like any Latin American dictator.

This has poisoned the well for any State action for generations. Period. The State is a grasping entity taking from ordinary Whites, to give to connected non-White voters (including illegals, who vote even though it is against the law, but then the law is only for White people). Victor Davis Hanson has written extensively on how Central California for non-Whites (basically Mexicans) is a lawless entity but Whites must abide by the smallest detail and whim of administrators. Whites don’t get scholarships provided by the feds, or special admissions to college, or any other of goodies handed out; meanwhile every effort is made to punish for the blood heritage of original racial sin those Whites not “worthy” of climbing up the ladder of wealth and power.

[When ordinary life among Whites is so penalized, is it any wonder that Wall Street Traders and others ruthlessly act to get every last dollar. When all that separates an ever worsening life from the good life is money, and lots and lots of it, why is anyone shocked that money is all that matters for those desperate to avoid living like Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver?]

Thus there is no, zero, none, nada chance that actual laws pertaining to commitment will be changed, and guys like Holmes and Laughner will be taken off the streets for a lifetime in the funny farm before they kill people.

Thus does the great, roaring withdrawal of ordinary White people from public, civic life begin. Not only has Diversity itself been proven to increase distrust in government (for the reasons cited above, Anarcho-Tyranny, all apologies to Robert Putnam), but the effect of activity in public spaces, with an ever greater number of disturbed young men with no ties deciding to be villains, and kill people (Holmes nearly got away, save for a smart SWAT officer who saw something he didn’t like, as Holmes blended in with the SWAT responders); the internet makes it easy to avoid public life.

This means no movie theaters, no malls, no retail outlets (save convenience stores and likely grocery stores), for the most part. A great withdrawal like an ancient sea retreating, rapidly, with private spaces only.

The only alternative is a sea change in culture. It is up to Hollywood, and publishing people, and the like, to take a good hard look at what they produce. To cancel and end the “bad guy” shows that center on awful but “sexy” bad guys killing people. No more Breaking Bads. No more Boardwalk Empires. No more Game of Thrones. No more Sons of Anarchy. In their place, new versions of “the Rifleman,” or “Have Gun, Will Travel,” or “Gunsmoke,” or “Maverick” that are updated and perhaps, not Westerns, but extolling the same values.

People behave the way they do from habit. Even crazy people who want to kill. A rational, sane society not over-run with ethnic/racial spoils, anarcho-tyranny, and demonizing ordinary White guys would still have a James Holmes ready to kill someone. But he’d go after the local drug dealer instead of local movie goers. He’d dress up as Frank Castle, not the Joker.

There is even less chance that Hollywood and publishing companies and the media will reform itself than the White middle and working class will trust their now hereditary enemy, the State. So things will only get worse until most people have completely withdrawn from public life. And among other things, that spells the death of the Democratic and Republican parties. With instead a hyper-fractionalized nation like say, Italy. Soon we will all be Italian. Only with worse food.

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21 Responses to How to Stop Mass Murders, and Why It Won’t Happen

  1. thrasymachus33308 says:

    That’s all pretty grim but I can’t think of any reason to disagree with you.

    I think involuntary commitment really was abused in the past but took care of a segment of people who weren’t actually criminals but incapable of functioning in society.

  2. Dan says:

    How will you determine that someone is sufficiently crazy to imprison? I don’t see any reason to believe that you can tell that someone will do something like this before they do it. For instance, all of the examples you discuss involve people who thought that it made sense after the person did it, not before.

    Psychiatric medicine is in a disgraceful state of ignorance; they can’t give you the answer to this problem.

  3. fakeemail says:

    Another good article, Whiskey. Do you live in the Los Angeles area? Do you follow Jared Taylor at

    But honestly, there is NO way to stop the random (white) nuts who will go on a spree every now and again. They do it now, they’ll do it in the future, and they did in the past in the good ol days. Men will snap regardless of the health of their society.

    But I don’t think that’s the issue you’re dealing with here. The issue is civilizational collapse of white western man. The issue is the anarcho-tyranny of the elites who are electing a new people and dispossessing the white middle class in a swamp of over-population and hyper-competition. The issue is the total breakdown of any sense of community and millions of young white men who are scorned, invisible, underpaid, can’t find decent women, and to whom society is nothing more than a meager paycheck.

    “The only alternative is a sea change in culture.” No, I’m afraid that’s not going to do it. We are too far gone. The only thing that bring back a unified “real” America is some sort of revolution/coup where the borders are enforced, illegals deported, women disenfranchised, and welfare ended PERMANENTLY. Than, and only then, could Hollywood be dealt with and forced to adhere to the moral standards it was under in the past.

    And I don’t know that this will happen. The bad guys are just too powerful. All I see in the future is just an increasing deterioration where there is a tiny super-rich and virtually all people are powerless serfs. Maybe there will be balkanization. No one can know for sure.

  4. BoarWild says:

    Anybody remember the Michael Douglas movie “Falling Down”? When was that? – early ’90’s? Prescient, nicht wahr? And to Dan (above); the “minute you decide someone is sufficiently crazy to imprison” is the moment the US of A becomes a completely fascist state. Who decides who is “sufficiently crazy”? Some bureaucrat or psychiatrist/psychologist employed by the govt? We’ve been moving in that direction for far too long; note the increased militarization of the police forces, the extremes they have gone to (killing innocent people; there’s a new incident down in Anaheim, CA), a president who decides which parts of the law to enforce and which ones not to, a president who decides who is a “legal” alien and who isn’t. All this is terribly, terribly dangerous.

    If Romney doesn’t pull it out in Nov and we start moving back to what the Founding Fathers evisioned, it’s lights out folks.


  5. Fritz says:

    “But he’d go after the local drug dealer instead of local movie goers.”

    Better he go after the rapists and pedophiles. Taking drugs should be a personal choice in a free country, something to be dealt with on a personal and family level, not a “war on drugs” legal or otherwise

    And didn’t you write before about the “war on boys” wrt Big Public School and Big Pharma cahooting to get our boys on prescription drugs for ADD, OCD, etc. The same people who are doing that to our boys now would be the same people who would institutionalize them if your vision of the return of crazy houses were realized.

  6. bitter says:

    Who wants to be the punisher? His reward is eating c-rations over the sink.
    The Joker can steal a billion dollars and burn it on a whim.

  7. Tripemaster says:

    Read this article written by a despicable left-wing arsehole:

    Yes, truly all violent acts around the world can be traced back to white European people and their descendents! Let’s abolish this human cancer, more multiculturalism please!

    And yet it’s he who has the audacity to refer to those who disagree with him as morons.

  8. Jim says:

    Yet in the southside of Chicago, the body count is racking up day after day. To simply label this a white male problem is only getting to one aspect of the situation. It’s a male problem. America is at war with its men. Blacks may not go out and specifically kill in mass numbers in one scenario, but they kill in more numbers and over time. White males do it less often but when they do, they are clever, plan it, and make sure to cause as much damage as possible.

  9. Jim says:

    Let me add with the knowledge this guy has, he could’ve easily killed everyone in that theater via a chemical weapon of some kind. He didn’t need guns, that’s what people don’t realize. Just the tear gas to get everyone confused and on the ground and a followup chemical weapon to finish them off.

  10. WG says:

    It’s too bad he didn’t target a bunch of black thugs, Chicano supremacists, Democrats, or white liberals.

    We’re going to see a lot more of this kind of action. If it can be chanelled in the right direction (a la Breivik), I’m not entirely sure it’s a bad thing.

  11. Jim says:

    No it’s not a good thing. It’s a sad commentary on modern day life.

  12. ray says:

    institutionalization of the “insane” is no solution — it’d be the State deciding who is “insane” (just as they now decide who is a “criminal” . . . and somwhow 95 percent of the “criminals ” are males, whatta convenient and profitable “decision”)

    it’d just be more sadism and tyranny rationalized as “med-psych interventions”

    the west is ruled by Nurse Ratched, not by georgie bush and pharaobama

    The state does nothing good for them, and much bad. It takes their money, to give to say, the 16 year old Black and Hispanic girls who give birth. Meanwhile all Whites suffer discrimination, a few White women get Affirmative Action benefits, and White men get the shaft, save those rich and connected.

    yes, except that TENS-OF-MILLIONS of females were installed over males in education and employment via AA, not “a few” . . . the main technique for destroying fatherhood and masculinity has been female AA, and first-class-citizenship in every other area of western life, too

  13. Fritz says:

    I didn’t find offensive. Of course when something like this happens a person’s lifestyle and culture will be under scrutiny. We do it with others, they will do it with us. What’s most needed is that we do it to ourselves; self-examine our own culture, sub-culture so that we can recognize patterns of behavior both good and bad and to something to promote the good and reform the bad.

    No culture is sacred and off limits to serious critique. Not that of white American middle class males nor anyone else. I say bring on the in depth analysis and lets get to the bottom of what these things happen!

  14. Columnist says:

    I hate to tell you, but Anarcho-Tyranny is built upon the legacy of the Holocaust. The Holocaust works far more in favor of the Multi-Cultural society than in favor of Zionism. This means that Conservative Jews do well to relativize the Holocaust; Henryk Broder and even the JDL understand this. Declare abortion to be worse than the Holocaust, and destroy both Feminism and Multi-Culturalism. Think of all the Jewish lives lost in Israeli and American abortion clinics. The racial sins of Whites is a load of bullocks. In those days, Whites were Christians. Nowadays the Third World is largely Christian. Can a Muslim Bosniak or Muslim Albanian complain about the Turkish conquest of the Balkans? Also, the Whites in Europe had the right to have large families. If this lead to poverty, they were fully justified to immigrate to America an Africa and take development aid. Also, the first victims of Christian aggression were the Whites of Europe. Christianity was forced upon them, and Christianity forced Whites to have large families. If you have large families, immigration to other territories is inevitable. Christians should choose; either condone wars of Christian aggression, or stop being Pro-Family and Pro-Life. Actually, I think the typical Christian combination of pacifism and large families was only possible due to the Roman welfare state. Islam didn’t develop in a welfare state, so Islam commanded the Arabs to take the Middle-East.

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  16. Allow me to be an abject example of your point.

    HELL NO. If someone tried to pass a law allowing this I would… act against them in several ways, let’s just say. I’d willingly die to prevent that kind of expansion of power.

    And yes, I’m white, working middle class. And I know for a fact that said law would be used to my detriment.

    At this point, if someone is in the government, they deserve to die, unless proven otherwise.

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