The Battle for Anaheim is the Battle for California … and the US

The Battle for Anaheim has begun. Spurred by the recent shootings of two gang members, Manuel “Stomper” Diaz and Joel “Yogi” Acevdo, the mostly non-English speaking, crime and gang ridden population of Anaheim, a goodly portion of which is comprised of illegal aliens, protests, battles with police, graffiti, and blockading of traffic have kicked off a battle for control of Anaheim California. Mirroring in miniature the battle for California and the United States. On the one hand, you have illegal aliens, criminal gangs (but I repeat myself), a fairly large amount of violence (compared to the neighboring Anglo areas), numbers, but not votes (that pesky illegal thing) and no real money. Or, allies, save the Media and Democratic politicians. On the other side, you have Disney, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of the Western Hemisphere of Earth, the Ducks, the Honda Center, and the residents of Anaheim Hills, including at one time or another, Rod Carew, Chuck Norris, Milo Ventimiglia (that guy from Heroes), any number of current and retired baseball and hockey players, and Mike Brown, Head Coach of the LA Lakers.

Don’t bet on the guys with the money. Which is exactly the problem. Goose. Golden Eggs. End thereof. Never underestimate the stupidity of a community that produces and rallies around guys like “Yogi” and “Stomper.” But that in turn guarantees a fight. Machiavelli advised it is wiser to kill a man than make him poorer, as he will never forgive the injury.

The tedious facts are that on Saturday, July 21, Anaheim police in a marked patrol car were on North Anna Drive, known for its drug sales, at about 4 pm. They observed known gang member “Stomper” conducting what appeared to be a drug sale. “Stomper” had a long history of arrests, including resisting arrest. According to police, after a chase he turned and grabbed an object from his waistband that officers felt was a gun, whereupon they fired, ultimately killing him. A day later, anti-gang units spotted a stolen vehicle, which led to a pursuit, which led to a crash, which led to one of the fleeing occupants firing upon police, which led to return fire killing him.

One would think that such an occurrence, hard gang members predictably meeting their demise at the hands of the police would create no controversy. It certainly doesn’t at the hands of fellow gang members, no one protested at the murder of 18 year old Angel Rivera in a gang-related homicide (gang members George Angel Galvan and Ismael Avalos were arrested for the murder). But no. The battle for control, of the largely White City Council, Mayor’s Office, and City Government has begun. Objective: 1. Leash the police so Gangs can do as the please (including smuggling illegal aliens). 2. Control the City Government to provide patronage to said gang organization. 3. Extort lots of money from Disney, the Angels, Honda Center, Ducks, and Anaheim Hills so that connected city officials can hand out patronage.

That’s it. A spoils battle as old as Tammany Hall. Maybe older. And all the more vicious as the battle goes now to the rich. Disney. Arte Moreno, Mexican car dealer millionaire owner of the Angels. The Honda Center interests, and the moneyed rich in Anaheim Hills.

What is the likely outcome? At first glance, you’d think all that money, much of it not very mobile — Disney can’t very well up and move Disneyland, Chuck Norris can sell out but likely Tony Kanal of No Doubt would find it harder. As would drag racer Ashley Force. They’d take a loss. Arte Moreno is not going to find another home for the Angels any decade soon, nor are the Ducks. The owners of the Honda Center are stuck. So you’d think all that money … would win. But it won’t.

The forces of stupidity are too strong. The best play for the illegals are to gain enough money shoved at them, so the Golden Goose (basically the business at Disneyland, Anaheim Stadium, and the Honda Center coupled with Anaheim Hills tax revenues) is not cooked. This requires rational thought, most of which the leaders (such as they are) of the illegal alien movement against the Anaheim PD and gang suppression in general is not really capable of on a good day. Much less a bad one. And they’ve had bad days one after another. With various outside forces, the Occupy folks, anarchists, La Raza folks, the local gangs, members of various drug cartels, all making their play. At stake is the at-large voting which combined with the Western part of Anaheim (the flatlands) being occupied by mostly illegal aliens, have kept the City Council and the city government functional (look to Bell, Santa Ana, or other majority Latino run cities for the textbook example of dysfunction).

This should surprise no one. A largely transient, rootless (in the US anyway, illegals retain great affection and identity for their home states and cities) population will not care really much about a city they don’t consider home and live in for only a short while. The constant churn of illegal alien populations, from one place to another, in the best of times provides little stability. But even then you will find the civic life of Mexico (which is a failure by any First World standards) replicated, complete with legendary corruption.

Much of the action centers around “grab now, and then run” for political and economic goodies. No one cares about the Golden Goose (the business revenue and White wealthy tax revenue) because they don’t plan on being around for long. That’s the downside of global personal mobility. The Third World comes to your backyard, and plans to rip you off. One way or another. Since they don’t care a rip about you, your country, and your cultural traditions. Some say its karma for long-dead White people doing the same, but that’s bitter comfort to those on the sharp end of the stick and pretty much guarantees a fight. Might as well be hanged for a wolf as a sheep.

The FBI is investigating the shootings. So is the US Justice Dept. Expect indictments, a consent agreement giving the DOJ the run of the city particularly the police, a defacto hamstringing of the police in suppressing gangs, and a change in elections to one of districts, quickly turning over the city to a Latino majority city council and importing the politics and culture and respect for rule of law and anti-corruption measures found in say, Tijuana. Or Cuidad Juarez.

Expect more and more gang activity in Disneyland, and the brand new California Adventure theme park (Disney spent a couple of billion redoing the place). Certainly more gang activity outside it, as tourists become a happy hunting ground for the gangs and their followers. With the police forbidden from intervening via the heavy hand of the DOJ. [This will be true regardless if Romney wins or not, unless he completely cleans house and fires every single member of the DOJ handling civil rights and brings in new, highly vetted people. I am not optimistic.] Disneyland and California Adventure will be known for gang shootings, stabbings, robberies, and the like. In the parks themselves, in the parking lots, and in nearby motels and hotels. In the end, Disney will have no choice but to close the place (the process may take fifteen years or so but will happen) as they will have to close Disneyworld in Orlando Florida for the same reasons.

You could argue with some justification that this could not happen to a nicer company. Disney being the most liberal, gay-friendly (or dominated) company in entertainment. Which is saying something. But all that will result is jobs being lost, and Disney morphing to a global entertainment company with parks in Japan, China, Australia, and no real presence outside its studio in the US.

As for the Angels, well their destiny is that of the Dodgers: a crime ridden, gang infested place known for beat-downs in the parking lots and stabbings and shootings in the stands. It will be like having a Raiders game, every day. They too, will end up having to leave, likely the state. As will the Ducks.

The people of Anaheim Hills in reaction to a Latino Take-over (aka tax them far more to pay for the Stompers and Yogis kids by various sixteen year old girls), are likely to try to form their own city. Any such action is guaranteed to find blocking action by the State (run essentially by the Latino Caucus, hence the idiot train to nowhere, $16 billion for high speed rail connecting Chowchilla to Corcoran, aka the Graft Central Railroad for every Latino contractor in the nation). As well as create blocking action by the Feds in the permanent civil rights (anti-White) bureaucracy. A few savvy people will sell out, as soon as the market recovers any bit. Most will hold out to the bitter end and take significant losses they cannot make up. A whole group of exiles will be created.

This will mirror in some ways the action on the coast. More and more, the Cartels in Mexico are turning to boats, known as “pangas” to smuggle illegals (and drugs often at the same time) to Southern California. Carlsbad to Corona Del Mar and places north, are affected. Gangs must establish local dominance at will at those places, to land their contraband securely and make their way to drop houses. This is like burning a Rembrandt to light up your crack pipe, but that’s the stupidity of the Cartels. Rather than buy in for a piece of the action, they’d rather turn the California coastline into Tijuana Unlimited. And backed by the DOJ, the State, the Latino Caucus, they certainly will. The people cleansed out of Carlsbad, out of Newport Beach, out of Huntington Beach, and Pacific Palisades, even of Malibu, in the end, will not be happy. They’ll be a permanent diaspora of their own dreaming of regaining their own Paradise lost. And eventually eager for almost anything to get it.

Which brings us to the worst thing about the crisis. The criminal gangs of the Irish, the Jews, the Italians, had at their core no threat to the American Way. They wanted to get rich fast, and quick, and didn’t mind stepping over as many bodies required to get there. But ultimately they sought to simply buy into the US at the top. By ultra violence, sure. But the gangsters did not wish to wreck the US. Lucky Luciano never had any ambition to turn America into Vendetta-ridden Sicily. Poor and backward. Nor did Al Capone, Frank Nitti, Meyer Lansky, and even John Gotti have any ambition to turn America into some version of Cartagena, or Naples, or worse.

What is frightening is the lack of ambition and vision by the protesters for anything other than a police-free gang state. It is as if they’ve seen the Road Warrior, and Father Knows Best societies, and choose the Road Warrior society. Actively. Of their own free will. Who the hell fights with police over the death of gang bangers named “Yogi” and “Stomper?” People who LIKE living in poverty, in violence, and deprivation (though they don’t know hunger, real hunger, in the US). And people who figure there’s always an endless supply of money, tolerance, and give from the larger White society they feel they are conquering through numbers.

Notice a Pattern?

Crimes for Anaheim CA

One need only look at the picture above, showing the crime spots for Anaheim to note that Latino Anaheim (the West) is a nasty place to live, and the East (rich people and minor celebrities and athletes) is a very nice place. You can see the City of Anaheim’s crime map here showing the same thing. Ordinarily, people like nice things and don’t like nasty things. Crime being nasty. And nasty to live with. John Gotti did not live in a drug infested alleyway. Nor anywhere near one. This is clearly a case of the Goose being killed because the golden eggs are “boring.”

Eventually, ownership of California, and its destiny as a nice place to live, or Medellin on the Pacific, will rest on the determination of the various groups of people to fight for control. Illegals have numbers. And the media. And the entire levers of government, pretty much. On the short run, they’re a good bet to win. But the cost of winning is likely to be large, and ugly. A permanent collection of California exiles, with connections, and some money and great losses, is forming before our eyes. Unlike those exiled from Detroit, or Cleveland, or Buffalo, or Chicago, these exiles are likely to be large in number, connected by the internet, and very, very angry. It is one thing to be chased out of Detroit. Another to be chased out of Anaheim Hills, or Newport Beach, or Carlsbad.

And an angry, highly motivated, connected exile community is never a good thing for a victorious occupying force. Remember Machiavelli’s advice.

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10 Responses to The Battle for Anaheim is the Battle for California … and the US

  1. ErisGuy says:

    Vote Democrat, get Democrats.

    The people of California dreamed of their paradise, wished for it, wanted it, willed it, and have voted it into being. Let them live it.

    For myself I grew up in California in the 1960s. Everything I thought perverse, corrupt, stupid, and self-destructive is the new normal. C’est la vie.

  2. gokart-mozart says:

    I can see Disneyland as a ruin, closed. I’m not so sure about the Orlando one. I travel to Orlando on business quite a bit, and the physical separation between the entirely self-enclosed Magic Kingdom/Epcot/Other Disney Parks and Ghetto World is great – almost twenty miles. Walt designed for Orlando a self-contained world – when people go there, they say, “I went to Orlando”, but except for the airport, most of them were never really there.

    • whiskey says:

      I stand corrected, it was my understanding that the ghetto blight had crept right up to Disneyworld.

      • mapper says:

        Does the ~ $100 Disneyland admission price keep out the hordes of the lower-class? I realize the city is built right up to the park’s walls but with some decent security they can at least keep the parking lots and hence the park safe. Can’t say too much for the surrounding Anaheim streets, hotels and restaurants. Maybe the out-of-town tourists can drive to a hotel in Newport or something.

  3. fakeemail says:

    Average Whites, Jews, and Italians never “mourn” or”protest” when some piece of garbage criminal from their ethnic group is gunned down by cops. Let alone one who was fleeing and shooting at cops. You know why? Those groups are European. They are white or “white-ish.” They want lives of prosperity and law and order. And I’m sure they were relieved when some thug from their midst was finally put in the ground.

    This Anaheim incident is about naked racial aggression. These are low IQ peoples who are nearly identical to the stone-aged heart-ripping Aztecs. They are primitives who only understand the language of tribe and violence. And our govt. keeps bringing them in by the millions (legally and illegally)! This can’t end well. . .

  4. beta_plus says:


    I completely agree. Disneyworld’s property is almost the size of San Francisco, and very pedestrian unfriendly. Only through direct confiscation by the government could what has happened to Disneyland happen to it.

  5. anon334 says:

    “And an angry, highly motivated, connected exile community is never a good thing for a victorious occupying force. Remember Machiavelli’s advice.”

    Maybe. Ex-California migrants are notorious for turning their new states into the same thing they left in California by advocating the same politics. Most of them are oblivious to what happened.

  6. ode says:

    fakeemail says:
    “Average Whites, Jews, and Italians never “mourn” or”protest” when some piece of garbage criminal from their ethnic group is gunned down by cops.”

    This reminds me of an incident where a bunch of Vietnamese thugs went on a shooting rampage and killed a bunch of innocent people. The leaders of the Vietnamese community expressed deep embarrassment and shame that it was “one of their own” that acted like animals. Funny how this is the exact opposite of how Blacks behave. Notice the Black community has NO sense of shame for the fact that Black people commit violent crime at 8 times the rate compared to general society. In fact they blame the white man for it. Whenever a Black thug gets caught by the cops all the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the Black community express sympathy not shame for thugs.

    The Hispanic community despite their problems is much more respectable. One of the “admirable” aspects of Latino culture is that they do NOT tolerate Black misbehavior in their community. Black thugs do not dare to enter Latino neighborhoods to rape and rob because they know the least of their worries will be the cops but instead the Mexican Mafia.

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  8. Professor Woland says:

    The last time I was at Disneyland about 10 years ago I was stunned on what a dump the place had become. Granted I was now in my forties and I had last seen it when I was probably was twelve so the magic was gone. There were herds of bloated young Latinas pushing around their youngest children in cheap strollers, the type with hard tiny hard plastic wheels that you can buy at target for $22. One of the rides, Jungle Adventure or some such, had the same latex alligators I saw when I was a kid although they were now so decrepit they were unable to move. Our river guide, a jaded college student dressed up in a pith helmet and khaki shirt like some stereotypical English colonial, openly laughed at his lame targets as he shot blanks at them like some drive by shooting. The “It’s a Small World” ride was just that. Back when it first opened it had a quaint charm with all the brightly dressed singing ethnic robots from all the corners of the world. Fast forward, I could have just sat outside the exhibit and saw the same freak show albeit in real life.

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