Called It: Anaheim Mayor to Propose District Elections

Sure looks like I called it. Anaheim’s Mayor is calling for District Elections.

Mayor Tom Tait said he also plans to call for a council vote that night to place a measure on the November ballot for electing council members by district – something many in the Latino community have been pushing for, saying it would ensure better representation; Tait said he’s got until Aug. 10 to place a local measure on the ballot.

Stick a fork in Anaheim, it’s done. District elections will rapidly put a Latino (read: illegal alien) majority on the council, determined to cook the Golden Goose instead of harvesting the eggs. Predictions: Disneyland is toast, a deserted, shut-down ghost town in fifteen years as gangs and violence over-run the place. The same holds true for California Adventure next-door. Anaheim Stadium will hold out a bit longer, as will the Honda Center, but the same fate awaits them. Meanwhile expect punitive taxes and starvation of resources coming down for Anaheim Hills, an abortive attempt to secede thwarted by the State and DOJ. And more exiles from California created.

Ultimately, there is no place to run in the US as it becomes Mexifornia-ized. No one among the White (or Asian) community wants guys like “Stomper” and “Yogi” around. Because they’re sure to be the principal victims of guys like “Stomper” and “Yogi.” So the only question is the when, the where, and the how of the fight over ownership of real estate, money, and control. All else is mere window dressing.

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  1. Ras Al Ghul says:

    We really should wall off California, keeping everyone there in, and give it to the Chinese in exchange for debt forgiveness.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The greatest nation ever created felled by freakin’ Mexican roaches streaming across the border. Mexico is not our friend (to quote Jorge Dubai) but in actuality our worst enemy bar none. A freakin’ tragedy, but I still hold out some hope that white people will (be forced to) galvanize and kick a whole lot illegals OUT. And their extended families with them. We all need our dreams. . .

    Whiskey, do you live in the SoCal area by chance?

  3. njartist49 says:

    Combine this Burn Down the Suburbs with your statement, “Meanwhile expect punitive taxes and starvation of resources coming down for Anaheim Hills, an abortive attempt to secede thwarted by the State and DOJ.” Now combine that mess with Paul Kersey’s Atlanta narrative. What you have is cities governed by minorities – Black and Latino (both possessing Third World criminal politics) – with a captive, tax paying white population: the new serf class.

    • idealart says:

      Thanks for the link. Stanley Kurtz was one of the few journalists who actually did some digging into Obama’s history in 2007-8. Personally, I never liked the suburbs and have no problem shipping poor blacks and latinos out there.

      • njartist49 says:

        So, you’re willing to destroy the White’s escape hatch? The suburbs are not shining examples of high culture – in fact, my area at the Jersey shore can be and is described as where culture came to die – but that s not an excuse to destroy them.

      • idealart says:

        Hi, thanks for the comment. Incredibly, whites are winning in “Chocolate City” Washington, DC. It is now no longer majority black. In a few years they will elect a majority of white council members. The white-controlled media such as the uber-liberal Washington Post are having a feeding frenzy attacking blacks at all levels. This is a very new and noteworthy phenomenon.

        When liberal whites actually live around non-whites it does wonders for racial reality. But it takes waves of them. You have to flood the zone with hyper-competitive, entitled queers, lesbians and feminists, especially lesbians, screeching endlessly and playing the victim card. They are the shock troops. Normal white males will move in in ever-increasing numbers when the main battles are won.

        DC blacks are caught in a double bind. Their troops on the ground (thugs) are fueling more hate crime investigations demanded by the growing white power structure. Plus, the remaining black politicians and elites need “funding sources” to funnel into a corrupt spoils system. The black pols need more rich whites but the increasingly angry liberal whites are perversely demanding investigations and are arresting them right and left.

        Reading Kurtz’s article is the first ray of hope I have for whites in the US. And its coming from Obama himself. Amazing.

        I lived in Paris for a few years. Wonderful, sane and still civilized. Come on in, the water’s fine.

      • idealart says:

        Speaking of escape hatchs. In Paris there is sang froid and finesse in the use of such. For example: Paris is comprised of 20 sub-governmental bureaucracies called arrondissements. Each one has a quota for minorities. Say 10%. However, the authorities stipulate that they will “punish” an arrondissement for not meeting the quota. A fine to be exact. Voila! The diversity god is appeased and the wealthier arrondissements can avoid actually living in close proximity to muslims and blacks.

      • sydney carton says:

        Basically idealart you want us to embrace living in Brazil, government employees walled off from the barbarian hordes, with queers as our brave vanguard? No thanks.

      • idealart says:

        “Basically idealart you want us to embrace living in Brazil, government employees walled off from the barbarian hordes, with queers as our brave vanguard?”

        I’ve lived in 3rd world countries. Might as well figure out the best way to finesse it. Whiskey seems to be suggesting that the old suburban model is past its due date. I’m not particularly happy about it. True, I’ve never understood the American love affair with suburbia. But what I think is beside the point. I’m actually trying to help you guys. Why shouldn’t I? I’m a white hetero male. Do you think I like what is happening? I’m old enough to remember when white guys told jokes about queers, Mexicans, women, even blacks, on TV. I am horrified by what’s happened in the past 45 years. And where we are evidently headed. Women vote Democrat 2 to 1. I don’t see this changing anytime soon. The fix is in. But if you look at the women now living in DC I assure you they do not like blacks. At all. Neither do the gays. In the article I linked to (above) it was a white woman who called black music racist. In a book store in downtown DC. Would that happen in LA?

    • Sojourner says:

      This would certainly explain what is happening in the high desert region of Los Angeles/Kern County. For the longest time the high desert had become an area of white flight but as of late it has been inundated with blacks and Hispanics via Section 8 housing. The results have been drastic to say the least and you can definitely see where the white populace is left scratching their heads as to why this is happening.

    • Matt Strictland says:

      Thats a one generation solution derived around a pre birth control world . Its short term at best. The captive White population will find ways to avoid the cities or control them and if somehow forced into this arrangement would just end up not having kids and or avoiding taxable economic activity. Lots of poor Whites might be fun for the psychopathic elite to push around, err I mean skillfully manage but they won’t be much of an economic tax base.

      Another upside since rural and religious types can escape this control in a number of ways and the US might end up with a mostly ultra conservative White population and a lot of minorities. Whites can pull the demography game too

      A last point Gods help the minorities if as the poem say “The Saxon begins to hate” the technology and can possibly create tomorrow we have today is a staggering force

  4. ConfederateH says:

    Meanwhile in Switzerland the gypsies (mostly from France and Germany) trash a farmers field. Check out the pictures.

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  6. electricangel1978 says:


    I live not far from America’s largest city. There was a time when it looked like we would go Detroit. But, in the recent census, the white population actually ROSE.

    I think there is a lesson in NY for places like LA, Chicago, and Philadelphia. If you look at the black population in Chicago, it is mostly composed of American blacks from the south, and they vote monolithically. They also did not have politcal control of their lives in the pre-“civil rights” South, so they have a massive chip on their shoulders about it. In LA, you’re getting the Mexican equivalent of disenfranchised southern blacks, people who have never responsibly governed and are frankly in need of the lash to remain in compliance with the law; maybe over three generations they MIGHT, with a rising economy, join the mainstream.

    The biggest problem is that these groups are nearly monolithic in these two cities. I recall a number of El Salvadorans moving into LA in the 80s, but its Latino group is dominated by the poor scum of Mexico (not so earlier, when Los Lobos looked like the could help integrate MExican and American cultures. What happened to those guys?)

    Contrast New York. When I was growing up, there was only one kind of Hispanic: Puerto Rican. Now, we have many more Latinos in the city, but there is no population monolithically large to gain control. As a result, they submit to white rule, because they know that the Dominicans might easily stick it to the Cubans or Puerto Ricans, but that the whites fear to or simply won’t do this (and they grudgingly accept stop and frisk, as long as whites take the blame for making their communities safer.). I have met more Guatemalans, Hondurans, Ecuadorians, and Argentines than Mexicans around NY. It makes a difference.

    Our blacks are majority NOT from the American south, unlike Chicago and Detroit and Philly. (And Newark!) I worked with several men from Haiti and Jamaica. I don’t know how they voted, but I do know how they acted: white. They hated on black male underachievement in a way I could NEVER get away with. They also come from societies that have collapsed, and are determined NOT to see that happen here. As a result of the expensive housing, the native blacks in the city are returning back to the US South to make that place even more miserable than it is in the

  7. electricangel1978 says:


  8. says:

    sydney says:
    “Basically idealart you want us to embrace living in Brazil, government employees walled off from the barbarian hordes, with queers as our brave vanguard? No thanks.”

    rich vs poor

    The Brazilian system uses barb wire fences while the American system uses miles of freeways to seperate black people from white people. Regardless the end result is still the same, White people want to flee Black dysfunction. However I believe the Brazialian system is superior. A barb wire fence is much more environmentally sustainable than a freeway and think of how much money you’ll save on gasoline!

  9. gx1080 says:

    Everybody that is singing the praises of the Brazilian system seems to be the kind of people that think that they wil be on the pretty side instead of the “favelas”. Trust me dears, if you have the time to post on a blog, you *will* be on the “favelas”.

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