Paul Ryan and Stealth White Identity Politics

One of the most remarkable things in politics has been the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics. Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan has increased his chance of success, because the Ryan pick plays out Steve Sailer’s strategy in a highly modified but effective form. Sailer is known for urging Republicans to abandon reflexive union bashing, noting that in California, for example, only public employee union members among the White middle and working class can afford to live in what amounts to a high-cost state. Sailer attributes Arnold Schwarzenegger’s defeat politically to his anti-public employee unions.

Yet, contra Sailer, for most Whites, unions don’t exist. Working class Whites don’t belong to unions, by overwhelming majorities, and public employee unions have rapidly changed into Latino-majority. SEIU, for example, is a major backer of amnesty for illegal aliens. Public employees at the State, Federal, and local level are increasingly non-White, as Affirmative Action ethnically cleanses Whites out of government. Meanwhile, working and middle class Whites get nothing from Government. When disaster strikes, FEMA is absent (save for places like non-White majority New Orleans). Welfare is just for non-Whites. As are any programs to modify mortgage payments in the wake of the subprime crisis.

This is the natural outcome of Democratic spoils politics: government exists to create crony capitalism opportunities and protection for connected rich White guys (like John Corzine, who is believed to face no charges for absconding with $1 billion of customer moneys out of MF Global), and welfare/transfer payments to non-functional Black and Hispanic communities (after corrupt local leaders like Jessie Jackson Jr. take their cut of course). There is nothing left over for Whites in the middle and working classes.

Hence Libertarianism, as stealth White identity politics. America is not Europe because unlike Europe’s welfare state, in the US Whites get nothing but a kick in the face, from the government.

Europe is socialist, because socialism there still provides things for White workers and the middle class. A failing, but free, health care system. Paid vacation. A nearly free education. Subsidies for housing, for fuel, for nearly everything. That system is collapsing as Europe ages, and faces a continual influx of alien, hostile, and welfare dependent North African Muslims, Africans both Muslim and not, and Muslim Turks, along with Pakistani Muslims and Muslims from places like Iraq. None of whom, from the Muslims to Caribbean and African Blacks, are able to support themselves, or live middle class non-violent lives, or integrate into European culture. In addition, the system of Europe faces massive welfare transfers BETWEEN nations, as Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, and like France face absolute fiscal failure in the form of punitive rates from private lenders for government bonds to fund things like welfare for out of work men and women, firefighters salaries, and other operational expenses of Socialist Europe that are funded with continually rolled-over short-term debt.

Nevertheless, among all that unsustainable failure, people who are White and middle or working class still get things from the Government. That’s the Bismarck model.

In this country, that FDR model was largely dismantled by 1968, by Johnson’s Democrats, and whatever was left was destroyed by a combination of Nixon, Ford, and Carter. Who preferred in unison to devote ALL the government’s resources to the toxic combination of rich, connected White guys and non-White welfare dependents.

So you have, for example, Obama’s rich, connected cronies like Lazard Ltd getting half a billion dollars of bailout money from the public purse to buy them out of failing Solyndra. Or you have California’s Global Warming law that allows connected Sand Hill Road venture capitalists to sell phony carbon credits, the same scam that made Al Gore millions. IQ tests are illegal for employers, as the Supreme Court ruled in Griggs vs. Duke Power that the tests discriminate against Black applicants. Yet Google, Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, and other favored high-tech firms can employ them without sanction. Because they’re connected crony insiders.

Obama cut Medicare $716 billion to fund ObamaCare, to give in effect illegal aliens and ghetto dwellers free health care (and demand Affirmative Action for medical schools, mandating anti-White and anti-Asian quotas in admission and graduation and training of doctors). Social Security has similarly been gutted, to fund various cronyistic bailouts, and wealth transfers to non-Whites.

Meanwhile, ethanol subsidies increase the price of food, while food stamps are in effect, a “no Whites need apply” program that targets illegal aliens with ads on Spanish-language telenovelas.

Paul Ryan and his small-government, spending cutbacks appeal to Whites because Obama is the culmination of decades of Democratic spoils politics excluding Whites from government benefits. So there was more for rich Whites and non-Whites. Those Black votes, in the 98% range for Democrats, year after year after year, are not free. They have an opportunity cost. Which is the White middle and working classes deciding that government is their enemy. The fat, hostile, and stupid Black woman at the DMV. The fat, hostile, and stupid (and mostly non-White) TSA screeners patting down elderly White ladies and humiliating them by disconnecting their colostomy or urine bags, and patting down screaming White toddlers, aim to humiliate their White relatives by illustrating the powerlessness to do anything about it. While giving a feel-good boost of superiority to the non-White workers. [It is nearly always a non-White TSA screener abusing elderly White men and women and White toddlers. No White TSA screener dares pull this with non-White people, they have Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, the NAACP, Eric Holder, Barack Obama, and Louis Farrakhan on speed dial. Any such action by a White TSA screener against a non-White is a quick firing, jail time, and prosecution by the Feds and local authorities. Any such action by non-Whites against Whites is … encouraged. But it has a cost.]

Most White middle class Americans have had their fill of government. It takes their tax money, and gives nothing in return but abuse. While making sure to satisfy the emotional needs of non-Whites to get one over on Whites. By choosing Paul Ryan, and Libertarian small-government, anti-spending messages, Romney is playing shrewd White identity politics. One that will never explicitly say so, but capitalize on the resentment felt by most Whites. Who are not ideologically committed to Libertarianism but have been screwed over for nearly half a century of Democratic spoils politics. Which definitely include things like safety and justice along with spending.

America is not France or England because America’s government only helps non-Whites and rich, crony elites. Government actively punishes ordinary Whites and never helps. This accounts for the large crowds and activity around Paul Ryan. Who has a simple fiscal message that plays out White identity politics in a nation that is still Majority White. And resents the hell out of getting screwed over.

Thus the Chicago Model dies. Over, what else, the money!

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26 Responses to Paul Ryan and Stealth White Identity Politics

  1. gx1080 says:

    I thought that you would mention that Paul Ryan is also a hit with single white women.

  2. CamelCaseRob says:

    Excellent post, Whiskey. As for your last sentence, one can only hope.

  3. fakeemail says:

    “the growth of Libertarianism as essentially, stealth White identity politics.”
    I don’t entirely agree with you on this. Have you ever talked to libertarians? They’re always for open borders and act like the brown hordes coming across are carrying copies of Hayek and Friedman in their napsacks. Not to mention Mr. Libertarian Ron Paul sounding like a fool in the debates talking about racial inequities against minorities and such.

    While Ryan is an encouraging choice, I do not not know if Romney/Ryan truly have the desire or the will to start kicking invaders out.

    • That’s the price hypocrisy pays to virtue, I guess. Open assertion of the need to preserve a White majority America runs up against White women decrying that as a “loser lower White guy” move and “racist” and smacks of “loserdom” while apparent unconcern about mass immigration and post-racial attitudes are peacock feathers showing reproductive fitness by signalling excess physiological resources.

      Thrasymachus below makes the right point, that spending far less money on welfare defacto reduces mass immigration because they can’t get public subsidies the way they did before.

      Yes Paul and other Libertarians sound stupid when they mouth the platitudes, but again that’s a price we have to pay. Paris is worth a Mass.

  4. thrasymachus33308 says:

    >>They’re always for open borders and act like the brown hordes coming across are carrying copies of Hayek and Friedman in their napsacks.<<

    Still "small government" means less money for NAM welfare recipients and less jobs for NAM affirmative action candidates. Liberals know that and say that, but even though it's true it's a ridiculous sounding complaint.

    Sailer's pro-government worker position is pretty stupid. The white middle class is supported by private sector jobs.

  5. Robert in Arabia says:
  6. Discard says:

    The sort of people who man the Libertarian Party booth at the local farmers’ market or actually subscribe to Reason magazine might spout open borders crap, but they are not the people who would use small government rhetoric as a mask for White restoration. Today’s libertarian true believer is tomorrow’s frustrated left-behind, if Whiskey’s take on this is correct. If libertarianism becomes a vehicle for White political power, then I can be a libertarian.

  7. Jt says:

    But why have White guys allowed this to happen? The currents run deep, the systems complex. I can’t see any way back to sanity. I have lived in Sweden, the UK and Australia. Whites seem uniquely defective. They have acquired a promiscuous altruism. Chinese people don’t have this problem. Perhaps the destruction occurs when men give in to the female’s more destructive urges – ultimately allowing the Crazy Cat Lady to take the wheel. I see no way back from here. The world will be a worse place for our children. I’m starting to hate White people. They have done this to us.

    • White guys allowed it to happen because that’s the price for the mating game. Attractive (non Cigstache) women demand hyper-altruism which is merely a way of sorting out those unaffected by Third-Worldism of the First World from those “unfit” … women care really only about Alpha when resources are plentiful and survival not an issue.

      As you can see, this is a self-correcting situation. We are running out of money and safety and security, all at the same time. Women indulge their worst not best impulses when allowed. When punished by reality changing they adapt.

  8. idealart says:

    Another good article. What you say about Europeans getting something for their money and not so with white Americans is very true. I have to laugh when conservatives try to scare Americans with comparisons to European socialism. If it were only true.

  9. bilejones says:

    Ryan voted for nearly every request to raise the debt ceiling during his 14 years in Congress. He voted for TARP, the GM bailout and most of the recent stimulus giveaways. He also voted to pay for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars on a credit card, which added another trillion dollars to the government’s debt. And he voted to assault the Constitution by supporting the Patriot Act and its extensions, as well as Obama’s unconstitutional proposal to use the military to arrest Americans on American soil and detain those arrested indefinitely.

  10. Eastern-European-Raised-In-Korea says:

    “So high is the level of education in our country that Japan’s is an intelligent society. Our average score is much higher than those of countries like the U.S. There are many blacks, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans in America. In consequence the average score over there is exceedingly low.”

    Yasuhiro Nakasone, former Japanese Prime Minister (1982-1987).


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  12. Hidden Author says:

    Can you dig up proof that Whites with the same low income qualification as Blacks and Browns are denied access to Welfare?

    • I would refer you to Shirley Sherrod, who admitted she denied a White farmer help because of his race. She later said she did help him, after reconsidering. But that’s the general attitude. Black and Hispanic people don’t like Whites much, generally express that at every opportunity, and use government power to punish various Whites. The TSA gropes of White (never ever BLACK) toddlers and elderly White women are a case in point.

      At the extreme, Black guys like Colin Ferguson and Omar Thornton and Christopher Monckton and Andre Turner go on shooting rampages and kill random White (and sometimes Asian) guys. But mostly the mode is nasty day to day discrimination whenever and wherever possible. That’s the point of the TSA gropes.

      This is common sense. Racial hatred is how ALL the human race operates, and has always operated, from the beginning of humanity, save clueless SWPL folk. It is hard-wired and a legacy of our primate genes. We prefer people of our own greatly extented family and detest those outside. Moreover, the whole model of political-spending patronage is designed to spend as MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE on non-Whites and as little as possible on Whites outside the elites. That’s why Blacks vote 98% Democratic year after year — they get the most money spent on them. Mexicans vote 70% year after year Democratic, they are next in line.

  13. Trouble says:

    Wow, white power going mainstream. LIKE.

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  15. jamesd127 says:

    > Can you dig up proof that Whites with the same low income qualification as Blacks and Browns are denied access to Welfare?

    Income level? Does the government know or care what the income level of a welfare applicant is?

    In California, if someone is mestizo, he has food stamps. He may well have a nice house and a very nice car, but he still has food stamps and free medical. A white guy does not. Race predicts food stamp usage pretty accurately. The car, or lack thereof, does not.

    • Hidden Author says:

      Do you have proof? And yes, I am aware that people on welfare are not necessarily poor but they are poor *officially* making sure to make their money “under the table”. And since Mexicans are more willing than whites and blacks to accept wages below the norm or even the legal standard, they are more likely to be making money “under the table”.

      • Asked and answered, if one accepts that illegal aliens are overwhelmingly Hispanic and not White.

        Edited to add: Census has likely more data, too lazy to dig it out (again), IIRC Whites are under-represented proportionally, via race, Blacks and Hispanics vastly over-represented in Welfare use.

        A reminder: it is illegal for well, illegal aliens to receive welfare. But that crime is not ever enforced.

  16. Hidden Author says:

    As a reference point for discussion, I refer you to:

    It seems that there *are* White people on welfare.

  17. asdf says:

    FDR was mainly about the welfare state for whites. It was white union workers that made democrats a majority from the 30s through the 60s. In the 70s though they got sold down the river.

  18. anirishtory says:

    Reblogged this on Irish Tory and commented:
    This guy makes a good point!

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