Will Obama Stage a Self-Coup?

Barack Obama is unlike any other President. As the American Thinker points out, Obama’s main desire is to get approval from Chicago’s Black Ascendancy. He does not care much about anything else. And only listens to his harridan wife, and key advisor Valerie Jarrett. A woman so manifestly incomptent she was fired by the Daley Administration for (being caught) corruption. Obama’s preferred outcome in November is an outright victory, or a close enough Romney win that he can cheat, threaten, litigate, and bluster his way to another term. But it has become clear that if he loses by a margin big enough that he can’t file lawsuits, bluster, or vote-fraud his way to victory, Obama plans a coup. One that will fail, but cause an awful amount of bloodshed.

Obama is planning, as his ultimate fall-back, a coup, because Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett both want to hang onto power, for emotional needs, and because they know they along with Obama will go to jail. For Fast and Furious, resulting in the deaths of at least two Border Patrol Agents, if nothing else. Solyndra, the auto-bailout, illegal dealings with the IRS to punish enemies, Obama’s enemies list, the illegal White House directed removal of Republican and White owned GM and Chrysler dealerships, all merit jail time. And Obama, Jarrett, and Michelle have made many enemies. Even including big-time donors, who get shabby treatment designed to boost Obama’s ego (and that of Michelle and Jarrett) at the expense of political power.

Bill Clinton never spent a day in jail, despite being notoriously corrupt and personally decadent, because he let the good times roll, including for average Americans, and dealt into the corruption not only prominent Republicans but Republican interests. Like oil, gas, mining, agriculture, timber, real estate, and other interests. Obama has not done what Clinton did, quite the reverse, Obama has acted as if he were Mayor of Chicago, instead of President of the United States. Deliberately making enemy after enemy, from former Wall Street donors to real estate interests to agriculture to the oil and gas sector.

This is what the American Thinker article had to say:

When Valerie Jarrett hired Michelle to work for Daley and befriended her, the Obamas gained access to the exclusive world of upper-class black Chicago politics. Valerie knew everyone whom it was important to know in black and Jewish money circles. She gave Barack entrée and legitimacy. She financed and promoted his ambitions for national office.

Obama finally belonged. Not that Jarrett’s record in Chicago was anything to be proud of. Jarrett was known for her corruption and incompetence. Daley finally had to fire her after a scandal erupted over her role in misuse of public funds in the city’s substandard public housing. She went on to become CEO of Habitat Executive Services, pulling down $300,000 in salary and $550,000 in deferred compensation. Again, she managed a housing complex that was seized by government inspectors for slum conditions. The scandal didn’t matter to Obama. The sordid corruption was all part of Jarrett’s Chicago success story.

Every insider in Chicago told Klein the same thing: Jarrett has no qualifications to be the principal advisor to the president of the United States. She doesn’t understand how Washington works, how relations with Congress work, how the federal process works. She doesn’t understand how the economy works, how the military works, how national security works. But she understands how Obama works.

The president turns to Valerie Jarrett for definitive advice on all these issues. She has given him terrible advice over and over, and still he turns to her.

Her true job is to make Obama feel proud of himself. When Obama looks at Jarrett, he sees himself as whole and good and real. He is no longer the fake black, the fatherless kid flailing around in a white world, tortured by the unfairness of it all. She fills the emptiness at the core of his identity. She admires and adores him. Jarrett told New Yorker editor David Remnick that the president is “just too talented to do what ordinary people do.” And the icing on the cake — she shares his left-wing politics that project unfairness out onto white America.

Obama relies on Jarrett to create the White House bubble he likes to live in, where his narcissism is stroked and his desire to do the big, left-wing thing is encouraged. Jarrett is the doorman. She runs access to the president. As Klein puts it, she guards him from meeting with “critics and complainers who might deflate his ego.” No one gets past Jarrett who has an incompatible point of view.

The “just too talented to do what ordinary people do” quote of course is par for the course for Black culture, toxic levels of self-esteem mixed with manifest incompetence and lack of any driving fear of failure or doubt. In short, both Obama and his key advisors are the Blackest people ever to inhabit the Presidency. Men and women with well, the attitudes expressed below by “Kane and Abel” guest starring C-Murder:

No Limits N****, as Trayvon Martin styled himself (yes, the asterisks are stupid. But this is a PG blog and I abide by WordPress’s limits). Barack Obama is a No Limits N****, in his own mind.

This is why, Obama has signed an executive order giving him emergency control over the internet (and broadcast and print media). This is why Eric Holder has issued an opinion allowing Obama to kill Americans at home or abroad without trial or any judicial process. This is why Obama has ordered US Domestic Agencies like the EPA to purchase and use drones. This is why the Social Security Administation is ordering 174,000 rounds of .357 Sig ammunition, along with Homeland Security is ordering 450 MILLION rounds, and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration is ordering 46,000 rounds of ammunition. This is why the US Army is war-gaming an assault on the Tea Party with the aim of killing and capturing every member.

Quite simply, Barack Obama will not accept defeat. He will use whatever excuse is at hand to declare an emergency, use five votes from the Supreme Court (he obviously has dirt on Chief Justice Roberts, who switched his vote suddenly on ObamaCare after voicing his disapproval at the prior State of the Union address at Obama’s usual dirty tricks) to spread a fig leaf, and rule as dictator if he loses by a margin too big to cheat, to Mitt Romney. Not only will Obama as private citizen face a crushing loss of being important, and being the most important Black man on the planet (his only real goal in life), he and his closest advisors, wife Michelle, cronies Jarrett and Holder, face jail for not only massive violations of the law that got people killed, but political stupidity in making enemy after enemy to feed their ego. By now, all of them know that defeat will equal jail.

And for all of them, punishing Whitey and posturing as “important” Black people fills the empty void in their emotional lives, while continuing the typical “no limits” ego-filled incompetence that characterizes nearly all Black officialdom.

Obama will use an Israeli strike on Iran, or Iran’s blockading the Persian Gulf, or using mines/missiles to choke off the Straight of Hormuz (at tanker depth, less than a mile across for that deep water channel). Or there will be riots, or some excuse. Regardless, he’ll seize control of the internet, use drones to strike his enemies (he loves the drone strikes and according to “Ulsterman” and other web sources selects the targets himself from a briefing book of terrorists, choosing personally who lives and who dies, and viewing drone strike video personally). Obama loves the drones because there is not a massive chain of command, like Navy SEALs or carrier planes, between him and the killing. Obama will use the New Black Panthers, the EPA, Dept. of Justice, Homeland Security, and his hodge-podge of low-rent Gestapo people to try and run America like Peru under Alberto Fujimori, another alien President in the Americas.

His coup will of course, fail a lot quicker. America is far bigger than Peru. There are a lot of foot soldiers in places like Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Los Angeles, and Atlanta for “sticking it to Whitey” but these potential foot soldiers and budget Gestapo are poorly armed, lack any discipline, mostly cannot read, are riven by factions, and will find heavy resistance from locals in the exurbs and rural areas. While most if not all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will side with Obama, much of the military will actively oppose him. It would be hard to call it mutiny since Obama himself would be seizing power. Most of the naval forces at sea will oppose Obama, particularly carrier groups. Most of the nation’s airbases will oppose him, and pilots don’t grow on trees. EPA bureaucrats and DHS low-rent non-White timeservers and Janet Napolitano’s Lesbian harassers such as Napolitano’s girlfriend Dora Schriro might be up for nuking the suburbs or dropping napalm on them, but they can’t fly planes. Let alone military jets. Janet Napolitano is good for moving the male employees of DHS (well the straight White ones anway) into the men’s room, along with their desks and belongings. While whooping it up with her lesbian girlfriend.

But she’s not exactly the kind of person you’d want to help you seize power in America. Nor is Louis Farrakhan, for all his Nation of Islam thuggery. His goons are good for beating up people on Chicago street corners. Storming an actively resisting airbase in South Dakota? Not so much.

Barack Obama is, unfortunately for America, a profoundly stupid man. So stupid he’d launch a self-evidently failing Plan C as insurance. But what can you expect from a man who accomplished nothing in his life, save being in his own words an empty screen upon which people can project their hopes and dreams? Obama, born in Hawaii, raised in Indonesia and Hawaii, living among hard-left Whites and resentful, status-obsessed Blacks, knows nothing about America, its people, or its vastness. His key advisors, Michelle and Valerie Jarrett, are if anything even stupider than he. This is a disaster in the making and the only good thing about it, always looking on the bright side of life, is that the disaster offers to do for America and the West at large what David Dinkins did for Black and Democratic leadership in New York City after the Crown Heights Riots: elect White Republicans as Mayor.

Perhaps America, needs to suffer a disastrous, doomed coup attempt that gets lots of good people killed for nothing, after a resentful Black President loses in a landslide. Maybe only that horror show will shock America into confronting the truth of Black (and White elite) dysfunction and absolute, complete, and utter failure on every level imaginable. And thus, hold both absolutely accountable for their own actions and failures.

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39 Responses to Will Obama Stage a Self-Coup?

  1. Carnivore says:

    Interesting take. I’d agree that Obama is stupid, but is he really that stupid? It would seem obvious (to me, at least) that the military wouldn’t just stand by while he makes himself dictator. Of course, ego and hubris can be pretty blinding. On the other hand, if he figures there’s going to be black riots anyway if he loses, why not take advantage of the situation?

  2. anonymous says:

    Nobody, NOBODY in the GOP has the balls to try and put Obama in jail. And next to nobody even knows who Jarrett is. They’re not scared of going to jail. Also, literally anyone can fly a drone.

    • You’d be surprised. Nothing fails like failure, just like nothing succeeds like success. A failed Obama who has made MANY enemies all over the place over (what else?) MONEY is one who invites attack like chum in the shark tank. Yes Jarrett is well known.

      As far as drones go, no, not just anyone can fly them. They’re not a video game, but rather a difficult to fly physical object, particularly with time lags for controls. And again, most drones are still unarmed. Most of the air-combat assets are manned, and manned aircraft can do things remotely controlled vehicles cannot.

      • MarkyMark says:

        Also, UAVs (at least in the air force) are flown by officers who I believe are also pilots. One would still need a basic understanding of flight, because UAVs still operate by the same laws of aerodynamics that their manned counterparts do. If anything, I think one would have to be a better pilot to fly a UAV, because: 1) he’s not there; 2) because of #1, he is not getting feedback from the aircraft while making his control inputs.

        I do agree with the previous commenter that the Republicans are too damn GUTLESS to even think, let alone try, putting BHO in jail. That would require a whole boatload of Scott Walkers; unfortunately, brave men like him are in short supply.

  3. WG says:

    If only.

  4. Dan says:

    Obama wouldn’t do that. He’d want to make his comeback in 2016 if he lost. And he could possibly retake the white house then, unless the Repubs work hard to keep him in legal hot water and keep unearthing bad stuff between 2012 and 2016.

    If Romney wins in 2012, he’d still have a tough time in 2016, because the large problems in America aren’t simply going to go away.

    • A losing Obama is going to be tossed aside like a David Dinkins. Besides, as the American Thinker link to “the Amateur” book makes clear, Obama has deep emotional needs to be “Black enough” and punish Whitey while lording it over Whitey. He’s not very smart, does not think ahead, and has delusions of mastery and command mixed with a wounded ego and complete lack of fear.

      The ONLY failure Obama has ever had was “not being Black enough” running against Congressman Bobby Rush in a heavily ghetto district. He’s never failed like Bill Clinton, or Richard Nixon, or George Herbert Walker Bush. That’s the thing about Obama. He grew up in Indonesia, as a Muslim, mixed-race, and in Hawaii. His pals are all Black radicals and White hard leftists. He is not normal. Or American. He’s human (which makes him dangerous). But mental models of past Presidents don’t work with him. Which is why his administration is buying up ammo, prepping for take-over of the internet and airwaves, war-gaming attacks on the Tea Party. Etc.

  5. MWTexas says:

    I think Obama wouldn’t make it out of the White House alive if he tried to pull something like a coup. Witness the Secret Service thanking the baker for not allowing Biden’s entourage to make a photo op of his bakery. Word among the FBI agents I know is that the Secret Service guys hate this administration with a passion. I work in law enforcement and nobody, and I mean nobody, I know would support such a move and would actively oppose the lawlessness. DC is not this country or even close to being this country. The urban centers may face rioting, they riot over everything. But I can tell you that the millions of armed Americans who enjoy the freedom of the 2nd Amendment, along with law enforcement and the military, would quickly quell any attempt at a coup. Remember the military is sworn to protect the US and its Constitution, not Glowbama.

    • MarkyMark says:

      Remember the military is sworn to protect the US and its Constitution, not Glowbama.

      Yeah, but are they SMART & KNOWLEDGEABLE enough to know that? Would they actually defend the Constitution? That’s what concerns me in this Jersey Shore generation…

      • By_the_sword says:

        Every politician including President Obama is sworn to protect the Constitution. We can all see how well that is going. An oath is only as good as the man who swears it. And with the social conditioning that males are getting over the las few decades, i.e. poor male role models, fatherlessness and a system that punishes good men, I fear the worst.

  6. Rum says:

    I sometimes think that the biggest failure of guys like Obama is to realize how big America is as a physical place and how few Law Enforcement assets there are in comparison.
    I live in Texas. Here, there has always been a deep awareness that the land is vast, help will not arrive, and only God will bear witness to what happens.
    In these parts, law enforcement instinctively works with law-abiding folks. Anarchy once existed here. It was not cool.
    The visible results of a raid by a group of Commanches or the reprisal raids by whites are hard to un-see and forget – since a lot of effort seems to get put into making an unforgett-able teaching lesson out of these proceedings.
    B Obamma does not know what he does not know.

  7. Discard says:

    I don’t doubt that Obama and the other Reds would like to carry out a coup, followed by full-scale sovietization, but they can’t really imagine that they could pull it off. I’d like it if they were that dumb, but I don’t think it’s so.

  8. stacy says:

    Wake up people. The military is full of incompetent diversity training, feminist brainwashed “soldiers”. Its full of minorities and women by now. Its too late. The military would back a fool, I mean tool, like Barack Hussein Obama. The problem is how would they operate this coup? It was those evil white males who created a lot of technology and who used to direct the military. The coup will not go well. Reality is not like “tough, cool black guy” and “kick-ass heroine” in Hollywood movies. Its full of black bums born from single mothers who suck the welfare state and entitlted, fake “independent” feminist women who whine, divorce their husbands because they are unhaaaapy, slut up, deflect blame, blame evil patriarchy and are effectively useless.

  9. Rurik says:

    Trying to seize an airbase in South Dakota? Oh please! Make it so. I don’ twant to miss out on the retribution. I’ve been waiting four years now.

  10. fakeemail says:

    Great article, Whiskey. I too have concluded that if this election is close, Obama will do ANYTHING to stay in power. These are the not the kind of folks who after losing a hard fought battle, simply put on their hat and give a hearty handshake to the victors. Only the gentlemanly (loser) Republicans do that.

  11. idealart says:

    Progressivism is feminine. Its subtle. It sidles up to violence. It cannot and will not take responsibility for its own action. Expect animal sacrifice as performance art. Body parts used for Chinese herbal tea. Their, and Obama’s, expertise is corruption from within.

  12. much of the military will actively oppose him.

    This sounds like wishful thinking to me.

  13. numnut says:

    Interesting factoid that came by way of Dan Rather’s recent commentary on the naval action in the Straits of Hormuz:
    The vast majority of oil being shipped through the straight goes to China!
    It’s gonna be a war for the bankers.

  14. Jax says:

    Whiskey you write a lot of interesting things that’s for sure but some are hit and some are miss. An Obama loss just means he returns to a life of golf and leisure. That’s basically what he is doing now. It’s a mistake to confuse the machine that put him in office with the man himself. The machine goes on without the man, he would only be around 4 more years anyway. What’s the difference?
    To imagine that Obama and his inner circle of angry black woman are capable of anything of this magnitude is absurd. And the idea that they would fear retribution after leaving office is laughable. No one in the White house goes to prison after leaving office. That never happens. People in power get off for much more then what these clowns are guilty of. A case would have to be made against them by the Romney administration. How likely is that?
    I don’t think it’s a good idea for a writer of your talent to propose such an extreme occurrence like a “coup”, because when it doesn’t happen it reduces the power of your other ideas which are valuable insights.
    Don’t get caught up in the cult of Obama and fixate on him as a problem, the problems of this country and world are systematic, Obama is only a symptom. Concentrate instead, as you do very well on the larger social forces that allow an Obama administration to happen..

    • Jax, unlike say Bill Clinton, who made SURE to include lots of Republican interest groups and actual Republican leaders in his corruption and treasury raiding, Obama is of a different sort. The Chicago model, where people are screwed over deliberately. With impunity. Because those who don’t like it just leave for other places in America.

      Hillary made sure to demean and humiliate the Secret Service and Military in the White House. Obama and Jarrett do that to, but also to their own DONORS. Its the Chicago Way mixed with Black culture. Egos the size of Manhattan, and feeding of emotional needs, without the fear of failure and self-doubt and actual ability producing actual results.

      Obama and company unlike Bill Cllinton and the Bushes, made a LOT of really wealthy people considerably less wealthy. Thats the number one way to create enemies for life. Take someone’s money away from them. Oil, gas, real estate, manufacturing, and other interests were hit hard. To make a few crony insiders richer (Clinton made sure, Arkansas style, everyone got a little). Just to make sure it never happens again and because of the MONEY Obama, Jarrett, and company will go to jail. They know that. Like Khadaffi, Mubarak, Saddam, and Assad there is no golf, retirement, or riches for them. Power or nothing, basically. It does not matter what Romney/Ryan want, their allies particularly on Wall Street who were major Obama donors and now the targets of his wrath will see to it. Something Obama and company know.

      Besides Obama has no real will of his own. He does whatever Michelle and Jarrett tell him to, and those two live for sticking it to Whitey (to be fair, so does he). It is the only meaning in their existence. They will NOT retire to private life.

    • An Unmarried Man says:

      whiskey,the length and wordiness of your response to Jax merely illustrates the maelstrom of your delusions.

      I dislike Obama as much as anybody. But c’mon. The guy is counting the days before he an hit the greens and fuck as many White women as possible while Michelle is giving tampon lessons.

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  16. map says:

    Jax –

    Don’t you think the people in power would use their Obama sock puppet to stage a coup and let him take the fall if it fails?

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  18. map says:

    What’s even more hilarious is that “Full Spectrum Warfare” nonsense. Do these idiots not realize who exactly staffs the combat ranks of the military? The military’s trigger-pullers inside the combat ranks live in and have family from the same areas the government expects this warfare to take place. I mean, North Carolina? Really? Rank and file combat troops are going to shoot at their own families? These are communities that bond over something trivial like college football.

    Yeah, there are lots of minorities and women in the military…working in admin, supply depots, and anywhere far behind enemy lines. Yeah, they pinned some medals on a lesbian general. Lots of chiefs and not a lot of Indians. How are any of these people going to be effective fighting a counter-insurgency in North Carolina?

    In fact, the demographic profile of the military and the training they’ve been having over the last 9 years seems more appropriate to large scale urban pacification. in other words, the military’s been training for combat in Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Do you really think red-state Republican soldiers, fueled by Michael Savage and Glenn Beck, would have any problem shooting people in New York?

  19. Matt Strictland says:

    I don’t think much of his governance but Obama is not going to try for a coup anymore than Bush JR. . did.

    Instead if he loses will just retire quietly and make a bundle of money and status as Americas 1st Black (and yes he is Bi-Racial, I know) President.

    Its no risk, high reward. A failed coup on the other hand would mean at best life in solitary. Its not worth it.

    However a nice bloody civil war does appeal to some people instead of the slow collapse. I understand the sentiment but its still nuts. The slow fade is far better since it gives everyone who matters time to prepare and get ready.

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  21. Lawful Neutral says:

    No chance, Whiskey. It’s a wild and entertaining scenario, but it won’t happen. The ever-increasing tyranny is probably just the natural progression of our state. If they are preparing for something, it’s the instability that will follow the next severe economic crisis, not a coup.

    1. Obama will certainly win the election by a comfortable margin. Look at the polls.
    2. If somehow he lost, there is NO WAY he would face jail. Our leadership caste would much rather keep a united front against the lower orders. Remember how we couldn’t get a single day of jail time for Corzine. On top of that, Obama’s race gives him extra protection, just in case.
    3. If somehow Obama lost and he was crazy enough to roll the dice and invalidate the election instead of enjoying a luxurious retirement as one of the most admired men on the planet, then as you said, he would have some kind of fig leaf. The military leadership would definitely support him, and the soldiers would follow orders. Anyone with any doubts would come around pretty quick after “domestic terrorists” killed a couple of their brothers-in-arms.

    • Obama is in trouble — turnout is low at his rallies, he’s having to hold them in small arenas like HS gyms, and close off sections. Donations are low and he’s burning his cash on stuff like staff and gold plated what not. And again, it won’t be up to Romney to put Obama in jail. The NRA, and gun owners, and the Tea Party, and the base of the Republican Party won’t rest until he’s in jail. He’s bankrupted a LOT of small business owners, and that is something they don’t forgive. Plus he’s made enemies of much of Wall Street after taking their money. That works in Chicago, not in DC.

      The Military Leadership and JCS will support Obama. But the Majors, Captains, Sergeants, and Corporals (the ones Obama has already said he’ll downsize out of jobs) will not. Obama’s been very clear that he wants to cut down the military to about a quarter of its size, which means he’s made enemies of the rank and file. That’s the problem in African nations — coups led by Captains and Flight Lieutenants, and sometimes Master Sergeants. Obama’s credibility with the military rank and file is low, and the desire to claim victory or invalidate Romney’s victory or use some excuse to rule is going to be problematic because he’s already on record on wanting to fire three quarters of the rank and file.

      Besides, what are those hollow point rounds in the hundreds of thousands for? “Training purposes?” Really. That’s what Obama is claiming. Its laughable. NOAA and Social Security need expensive hollow points for “training purposes.”

      If Obama wanted to hang onto power, why not stage a Sistah Souljah moment, spend money like crazy on the White Middle Class, and do what Clinton did 1994-96? Because he can’t — he is who he is. A disaster for America.

  22. Ivar says:

    Sooner or later it has to come to bloodshed. White demographics are getting worse year by year, so we might as well have it now. Unfortunately, It isn’t likely Obama will stage a coup. Also, as the poster above mentioned, he’s likely to slime his way into another term anyway. After that it won’t matter because the country will be in full-scale economic meltdown.l

  23. Mike says:

    As a declining nation, I agree that eventually we will reach a point when a coup such as you have described will be likely. But it won’t be this year. Other commenters have already mentioned the unlikelihood of the Military cooperating with any sort of coup. The majority of the Army officer corp is Republican and even if it weren’t, even the lowliest private knows there are such things as unlawful orders that they do not have to obey. What could be more unlawful than overturning the results of an election?

    But I doubt the idea of losing the election is even a gleam in Obama’s eye. In his mind, the world loves him, and although the polls are razor thin, the electoral map, which is what really matters, still show Obama with a more than comfortable lead. Like 2000, it’s easy to imagine this year as being one in which Romney wins the popular vote but Obama wins the electoral vote. The blue states are counting on Obama to bail them out after all. So more than likely, we will get Obama for another 4 years. I hope at least a Republican House and Senate can put a stop to most of President Jarrett’s… uh I mean Obama’s, plans.

  24. Red says:

    Not going to happen. Maybe in 2020, but right now the state security apparatus is far too weak to maintain control in the event of a coup. Obama could order it but even his bought and paid for generals know they’ll end up hanging for it. The Military needs to be reduced to a PC only core and then the FBI, DHS, ect need to be really beefed up to make it happen. People may kiss Obama’s ass but they’re not going to hang for the man. And hang they will if they dumb enough to try it.

    I think the US is course for it’s first coup in 2020 or 2024. Give the police state another 10 years to get it’s act together and it will be possible.

  25. There are not enough kikes in the country to allow this to happen. The army cant function w/o white men.Look at SA,and their hilarious shenanigans. The Defense Dept is top heavy with Willing Executioners but as has been pointed out,its hard to imagine even the dumb white beta’s of today being so soulless and stupid as to kill their own family for the government and Izrull. Women,niggers and mexies cannot run a 1st world hi tech army. Same goes for the other law enforcemnet agencies.But of course this is all SF as theres not going top be any coup–I dont know why Whiskey is so hung up on this crazy idea!

  26. Dr. Grzlickson says:

    Do you even believe what you’re saying? Has everyone here gone insane? Get back on your meds, Whiskey. You were somewhat insightful about male/female/game stuff. This is serious tinfoil hat material. Maybe the “red pill” you took was LSD.

    • Good Dr. — American Thinker has a post on the same subject. As does the Ulsterman guy (not that I buy his “insiders” but his guesses prettied up as “insiders” are pretty shrewd).

      Your problem is thinking of Obama as a man like Bill Clinton. Or George W. Bush. Obama is not like that. You can say that unlike Clinton, Obama’s driven by other appetites. Of hate rather than money, a desire to punish White America for its sins rather than pure power.

      Obama has gone after Romney’s donors. Publicly. By creating his own enemies list on his website, sending the IRS, the DOJ, and EPA after Romney donors. Done so very publicly. In a way that even Nixon dared not do. The Press worshipping him as Black Jesus 2.0 has much to answer for. And STILL major donors are doubling down on Romney. The people Obama screwed over are going to want payback. Obama in jail. So that never happens again (enemies list, them losing money, even odds as to what drives them more).

      Off the top of my head, that would include most major property developers (this explains Trumps animus, all about the money), most of the oil industry, most of the industrial manufacturers, most of the agribusiness, and Ford Motor Company (clearly in Obama’s GM-driven sights as domestic enemy #1). GE, GM, Silicon Valley, the Media, and the other elite hangouts are pro-Obama. But the guy made a lot of important people significantly less rich and that’s a way to make permanent, committed enemies.

      If I’m nuts, why is the Social Security Administration, NOAA, and EPA buying all that hollow-point ammo? That’s enough to put five bullets into every American. Who does Obama want to kill? They are all expensive handgun ammo too, you don’t use them for “training purposes.”

      Recall his bestest pal Bill Ayers fantasized about concentration camps for ordinary White people. That’s who Obama hangs out with. He is completely unlike any other President, and like many and in fact most, but not all, Blacks has a deep rooted animosity verging onto hatred of most Whites most of the time. He’s a ticking time bomb.

      Any President will reveal his character to the people and any observer in fairly short order. By acting, or not acting, and the way in which the President acts. Given Obama’s actions to date, can you say he’s totally incapable of such a putsch? That such an action is beyond him, Valerie Jarrett, and Michelle Obama?

  27. So how long after Obama’s exit from office on 1/20/2017 will you keep this post up? Or will do the cult thing and claim your actions “deterred” or “prevented” Obama from carrying this dastardly hallucinations?

    FYI: Google the Bonus Army. That is how the US military will respond to any “Tea Party” or “Occupy” resistance. The military, like other government employees, knows who pays their generous salaries and funds their nice benefit packages.

  28. idealart says:

    You may be on the right track, Whiskey:

    “The authority of the President under section 710(e) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(e), to determine periods of national defense emergency is delegated to the Secretary of Homeland Security.” – part v, 501 (b)

    You have to wonder why the Secretary of Homeland Security is allowed to determine what a national defense emergency actually is.

    According to this executive order, the federal government is now launching a program to beef up the production and deployment of the entire chain of command and procurement concerning any type of national emergency.

    “(e) The head of an agency may activate an NDER [National Defense Executive Reserve] unit, in whole or in part, upon the written determination of the Secretary of Homeland Security that an emergency affecting the national defense exists and that the activation of the unit is necessary to carry out the emergency program functions of the agency.”

    This concerns the use of civilians picked by the government to then work for the government in case of national emergency.

    In effect, this executive order would allow the federal government to declare martial law and take over essential industries in its own defense.

  29. General P. Malaise says:

    all those bullets they bought .. the new army is the TSA …they will pull the trigger. just the obama crowd isn’t ready yet. they know that the TSA will lose in a shooting war ..at least right now it would.

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