Nike vs. the Urban League

There is no shame in America. Not any more. Failed Mayor of New Orleans and National Urban League President Marc Morial is calling upon Nike to cancel sales of the LeBron James X sneakers. The reason: young Black men will either kill over them, or spend money they don’t have (the shoe price is considered to be around $300 or so) on overpriced hype. No shame. No shame for Morial’s total failure as Mayor of New Orleans, and no shame for a group of men who are too dimwitted or impulse driven to control themselves. Failure to produce shame has bad results. Freedom to buy whatever you want has to go away, and society has to rigidly impinge on the ordinary lives or ordinary White middle class people, in order for various groups (such as young Black men) not to be offended by frank, honest talk about shameful behavior.

For America, you could hardly have a worse outcome.

Multicultural societies throughout history generally develop into hard dictatorships that allow a privileged group, one that has funneled all the military and economic power to itself, to do whatever it pleases while non-privileged groups are subject to periodic pogroms. Saddam’s Iraq, Khadaffi’s Libya, Assad’s Syria, are all good examples. People point to Brazil as an example of “positive” Multiculturalism, forgetting that for much of its history Brazil has been first an “Empire” and then a fairly brutal military dictatorship enforcing the privilege of the highly White upper classes.

America for most of its existence has tried hard to pretend Black people did not exist. And for much of America (New England, the Midwest up until the Great Migration of WWI, the West), Blacks did not exist in any great numbers. Meanwhile in the South the great pretending continued. Now America does not try and pretend Black people don’t exist — rather it pretends furiously that Black people for the most part act just like Middle Class Whites. Only with a heaping helping of magical goodness and moral insight (cue Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, in any movie they’ve done).

At a certain point, in order to keep the pretending still functioning, every ordinary White middle class person must be controlled, groped, surveilled, punished, and restricted in ordinary life to intolerable levels. So that the pretending can go on, and no one ever mention the dysfunction and crisis found in young Black men (and women).

Chicago is already in melt-down, more dangerous than Baghdad, with 19 people shot THURSDAY NIGHT, not Friday-Saturday. All Black. As are the perps. Euphemisms like “teens” instead of “Young Black Men and Women” are used. Meanwhile an argument between push-cart food vendors near Yankee Stadium in the Bronx left three shot.

There are not enough police to make Chicago, or even compact New York City safe, even with a massive increase in spending and personnel in the police budgets for both cities. No matter how much money is spent, how many prisons constructed, how many cops on the streets aggressively enforcing the law without regard to Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Marc Morial, the National Urban League, NAACP, Louis Farrakhan, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama, major cities won’t become safe the way that say, monocultural Zurich, Tokyo, and Christchurch are safe.

Rather it is shame and social pressure that modify day to day behavior to the point that the police can and do pick up the pieces of the few exceptions who are resistant to social demands. This was the case with Prohibition, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Meanwhile, Carmelo Anthony of the NBA made a DVD with a drug dealer exhorting fans to “stop snitching” …

To paraphrase Chris Rock, keeping it real always goes wrong.

Not only is there no shame in the US, particularly among Young Black Men, but the reverse is true, things that are innately shameful are celebrated.

There is a reason for this.

It is true that the average Black IQ is around 85, vs. 103 for Whites, in the US. Higher impulsiveness, lower future time orientation (“if I do this, I’ll go to jail and it will be very, very bad”) and aggression are highly correlated with lower IQs. But Black people from the 1870’s through the 1950’s did not behave this way.

Barack Obama’s “Dreams from My Father: A STORY OF RACE AND INHERITANCE” contains a passage in which elderly Black residents of a Chicago public housing project tell him they long for the days of Segregation, because streets were safe, and kids could play in the streets while doors were unlocked. Jelly Roll Morton’s Library of Congress Recordings, recently re-released, tell the same story in pre-WWI New Orleans. Which while being a violent port town would be considered sedate on the order of say, Oceanside California or any military-base town that is largely White today. Louis Armstrong’s painfully typed out autobiography, obviously never ghost-written (and thus a more accurate telling) account of the same time and place, pre World War One New Orleans, tells the same story.

Violence was always present, but not to the level of insanity found today among Black men and women.

There are several reasons for this.

Among them, are a single-mother society, a sexual incentive that rewards thuggery, and enabling White behavior out of social fear and cowardice (avoiding the label “racist.”)

Black people have always had a higher level of single motherhood, compared to Whites. But as recently as the 1960’s, the rate was controllable in the high 20% to low 30%. Today it is over 70% nationwide and over 90% in the urban core. Single mothers have a society where no adult men are able to control young male aggression, smack them in line when its needed (and it sometimes is) while providing models of controlled aggression and masculinity that embraces as much strength in building things as being a ticking time bomb. A society driven by single motherhood will produce a generation of feral boys and girls with no morals, no standards, no shame, no adherence to generally accepted standards of behavior, and the law of the jungle. In a few words, society run by the rules of a chimpanzee or baboon or monkey tribe. Primal, primate behavior. See any prison, or places like Pitcairn Island.

Human beings are complex social animals, and do not do well without both parents. A few lucky ones, who are smarter, better looking, more focused, more athletic, more talented, can succeed. But most default to primal primate behavior, and engage in the Lord of the Flies actions.

Meanwhile single motherhood rewards thuggery. Black women are far too much like Rihanna, still in love with brutalizer Chris Brown. This is nothing new, Dinah Washington sang “You loved me, then you slugged me, but what can I do? I love you!” Actress Lauren London loves thugs. Now engaged to rapper Lil Wayne, she told King Magazine:

KING: So you want a man who’s both honest and thug?

London: An authentic gangsta—that deletes about half the rap game off your list. I love guys who are street. I won’t even give soft guys a chance. Menace II Society is my shit! Caine was like my first crush. Actually, O-Dog was my true dream guy. I was in love with him, from that opening scene where he pops the convenience-store worker. He had me from that gunshot [laughs]. He was ’hood, and I loved that.

This is a vicious cycle, and explains a whole lot of the violence among Black people.

The hottest women express their hypergamy, for ultimate thugs. Who decide upon a whim who lives and dies. More and more violence, at every turn, is required to win the hottest women. Meanwhile there is no shame, no social structure, to control both women’s preference for thugs, or male thuggery.

It is NOT ENOUGH to just arrest thugs. The Black ghetto produces violent, and hyper-violent thugs, by the boatload. That’s because thuggery is the way to the best sex with the hottest women. [That obesity is an epidemic among Black women reducing the hot to a tiny percentage only makes things worse.] When you see a news item about a little boy being shot, or a grandmother, in a Black area, be assured that it is not “senseless” in the PC speak.

It made perfect sense. Someone got laid that night. With the hottest girl in the ghetto too.

Women unless restrained like cruelty. In men. Cruelty expressed by a man is just another display of social dominance (no beta male can express it). When a child is shot, a grandmother beaten, an convenience store clerk just murdered, well you see the reason. The pure lust aroused by the act, even on a professional actress like Lauren London.

In order to break that vicious circle, the offer of sex and affection to the most violent thug must be broken.

The only way to do that is SHAME. Shame among any woman who is caught out by other women with a thug. Shame and enforcement of shame, among Black women, against indulging in cruelty and violence in men. Which yes, is arousing for women (those who doubt it, check out the bondage novels like the Fifty Shades of Mommy Porn, or the ballerina memoir of humiliation and degradation by Toni Bentley The Surrender). Shame is the only measure to break the cycle of violence, by breaking the rewards that violence brings. You can “flood the zone” with as many cops as you want, as long as great sex with the hottest women sit as the rewards for hyper-violence, men will reliably kill for that sex.

The reason this shame does not exist is most White cowardice in the face of … other Whites. Fear of being called “racist” leads to elaborate euphemisms, double-talk, pretending, and ignoring reality. Whites don’t call Black men and women on their dysfunctional, single motherhood driven, thug-loving, sex for violence reward society. When a grannie is gunned down in the ghetto, or an honor student shot, Whites are not forthright. They don’t say that it is no surprise, that Black women, among them the hottest, drive the violence in part because they sleep with guys who kill. And that Black men enforce a “no snitching” code complete with celebrity endorsement. And that this disaster is the inevitable result of single motherhood.

Eventually this will change. Whites will only accept so much control, by a manifestly incompetent elite that has to pretend Black dysfunction away, before they revolt. People LIKE doing mostly what they want, when they want. Including spending lots of money on junk shoes. It will take controls on nearly everything, including alcohol (which always works out well), driving, guns, shoes, clothing, staring, “looking at” people, and much more. Every little action must be controlled, in a futile effort to stop young Black men from killing people, absent short-circuiting the sexual rewards of violence.

Nike ought to make whatever shoes it wants, and charge whatever it wants. No one is obligated to buy them. If young Black men cannot restrain themselves from violence when shoes are sold, and budget themselves accordingly, that is their look-out. Not the rest of America’s. If young Black men behave badly, then shame on them. Literally. No apologies.

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40 Responses to Nike vs. the Urban League

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  2. Whiskey, you write wonderfully provocative and interesting essays. Used to read your stuff on the Belmont Club. Don’t know what got in the way there, but I am glad you are still at it.

    What a bleak portrait this writing presents. Leads one to think that only monocultural/monoracial societies can succeed. Maybe there’s no way back for a society that once had slaves and then thought better of it.

    But still there is the impulse to ask, “what can be done?” What kind of policy things can a government do? Here are some ideas that might help but certainly are not a whole solution.

    1. On the issue of single mothers, one of Johnson’s great society social manipulations was to mandate that a woman could not receive welfare if a single unemployed man was part of the household (i.e. he should be out working). This has backfired and is rippling with unintended consequences. So just reverse it, then maybe there will at least be less fatherless families.

    2. Jobs are real important, for everybody. Let’s have tariffs on cheap imported goods so that factories can thrive in this country again. A factory job used to be the way an uneducated man could support a family.

    3. It used to be that black men could gain status and self-respect and some standing in the community by being in the military. What happened to that?

    Is there anything else?

  3. fakeemail says:

    Whiskey, I have long grown weary hearing of the infinite efforts (and money) needed to “uplift” the black community. It can’t be done. Blacks were at their best when enslaved, colonized, and segregated by a powerful and confident white people. It can never be otherwise. They cannot be uplifted. But they can drag us down. Abraham Lincoln himself knew and said all of this himself. But that isn’t printed in the history books for the masses.

    My concern is that shame is dead in white america. Because honestly, shame and morality can only be produced by the middle class. The rich do not care for morality as they can afford to do as they please. If the poor have morality, they are able to not be poor. But these days, the middle class is unaffordable and the nuclear family is a province for the upper-middle class to wealthy. White women aint interested in the legions of beta-men who are generally speaking the only men *really* worth a damn.

    America can only *be* America again under two conditions: 1) white population is an unthreatened 80% or above majority; and 2) women do not have equal civil or working rights to men.

    Number is 2 is needed to maintain number 1. And I may throw in a caveat of a number 3) the media must be controlled. Not state media, but rather a situation wherein how back in the day the Catholic organizations kept a lid on Hollywood trash output.

  4. thrasymachus33308 says:

    The tide is turning, however slowly. The leading indicator is Daniel Tosh. He’s quite openly racist, and gets away with it. He’s a liberal too. Black ghetto behavior used to be cool, or dangerous cool or whatever, but now it’s just seen as ridiculous.

  5. Toddy Cat says:

    That Lauren London quote is just jaw-dropping. Has there ever been a society in history where women openly expressed lust for cold-blooded killers of the innocent? You almost feel sorry for your average young black guy. I wonder how many basically decent black guys have swallowed hard, gritted their teeth, and pulled the trigger on someone, just to impress some stupid thrill-kill chick. Someone once said that men will be whatever women want them to be. So if lots of young black guys turn out to be murderers, we know who to blame.

    • anon334 says:

      Lauren London grew up fairly wealthy for a black person, that I know of. Her thrill at thugs might come from that. (probably has never truly know that kind of life)

  6. I am *cautiously* optimistic, in that the welfare state is simply not affordable, and there exists a chance to simply transition from it fairly rapidly because we cannot afford it, without taxing the middle class to death which implies a hot, violent, and awful civil war that the elites and NAMs would lose like the Cavaliers did to the forces of Cromwell and the New Model Army.

    Power flowing to the middle class would tend to create a society on their interests: as noted above jobs at home, import limits, manufacturing, ending government support for single motherhood, ending a lot of female-dominated make-work jobs indirectly subsidized by government, and just simple honesty. Being honest about what is stupid is not racist or sexist. Its just honesty, and recognizing reality beats living on a fantasy every day of the week.

    Black people are capable of living much better than they do today, in terms of violence and dependence on White generated welfare (pointing that out got me banned from Belmont Club, PJM is full in on multiculturalism/pc). However that requires honesty. It does not require a bunch of Night Riders burning crosses, it does require a refusal to excuse or justify or ignore or obfuscate awful behavior, and the excuses and fantasies made for it by elite Whites and most Black people.

    No welfare, starving kids, etc. will force a sea-change in Black criminality. It won’t reduce it to White or NE Asian levels (the Nisei are about as law abiding as you can get) but it will be manageable. Self-policing is always better. If Elite Whites stop making excuses and call brutality and depravity as it is, and stop sending middle class White money to subsidize it, Black people are perfectly capable of behaving as they did from 1880 or so to about 1950. Relying on their own efforts and requiring two parents. That alone would cut down on about 75% of Black crime and violence.

    Even a Lauren London if presented with the proper social incentives can change her tune. She’d still lust for thugs, but social shame (“other Black women will call me names and shun me, I won’t get help when I need it, I won’t get jobs, I’ll be on the street as easy prey,”) and refusal to subsidize that stuff are powerful. It will work on White women too, who have the same general tendencies just not taken that far.

    Getting rid of the welfare state and having a requirement for family formation be: a guy who sticks around, otherwise your kids might starve to death, will not happen overnight but is doable, considering we cannot pay for it anymore (and neither can anyone else).

    • bilejones says:

      Yet Sweden, denmark etc seem to be able to have a welfare state because they are extremely racially homogenous: It sounds like a laugh line but I think the biggest immigrant group in Sweden are the swarthy Finns.

      • Swede in Exile says:

        I come from Sweden and your statement would have been 100% true 20 years ago. However, during these past 20 years there have been significant inflows of people from outside of Europe so as things stands it is looking a lot darker, in every sense of the word.

        But I will agree with you that welfare states are far more likely to function if you have a homogenous white population.

  7. bruce payne says:

    I consider myself one of the few black people who can stand critiques from the outside, so your observations in this post don’t bother me. You could stand to brush up on your fact checking, though. While Chicago’s cops are working overtime, most REFUSE to do foot patrol in the most violent communities such as the South Side’s Englewood.

    Oh, and just so you know, my young niece has assured me Lil’ Wayne is engaged, but NOT to Lauren London. So brush up on the fact checking. Helps with the credibility.

    BTW—are Black folks REALLLLY dumber than Whites?
    Hmm, if this is true, then … I wonder why I’ve seen so many white folks get outwitted and hornswoggled by black folks?? Uh, probably wanna fact check that one, too.

    As for you, fakeemail …wow! That whole spiel about blacks needing the white man to help us to be “at our best”? Gonna have to disagree, I’m afraid. In fact, I-swear-on-my-lynched-great-grandpa’s name that I disagree. Because when those white boys shot him, broke his arm, and cut out his tongue because he hired a lawyer to protect the land they were trying to take from him through coercion and intimidation … well … I just can’t see how white folks like your upstanding, patriotic self can say that whites always have black people’s best interest at heart. 🙂

    • bilejones says:

      “While Chicago’s cops are working overtime, most REFUSE to do foot patrol in the most violent communities such as the South Side’s Englewood.”
      Given the brutality and corruption of Chicago cops, that probably reduces the crime rate there.

    • idealart says:

      Not sure what is the point of your post. Whiskey’s point was that a lax shame culture produces more degradation for black people (or anybody else for that matter). Seems reasonable to me.

      What do you mean when you say, “. . . I’ve seen so many white folks get outwitted and hornswoggled by black folks . . .”

      How are they outwitted and hornswoggled? And which white folks? All of them? Rich ones, feminists, homosexuals and lesbians too? I thought white folks had something called “white privilege.” Or so says the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Courtland Milloy of the Washington Post, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, etc. Did the gay yoga instructor who had his cheek and jaw bones broken recently by black thugs in Washington DC have white privilege? Were the lesbians who were assaulted at Columbia Heights metro by black thugs also privileged?

    • I stand corrected on Lauren London being engaged to Lil Wayne.

      As far as relative IQs on average, yes the numbers are there. No one has seriously disputed the lower average IQs for Blacks vs. Whites, or for that matter Whites vs. Asians.

      Black IQ in the US averages 85 or so, compared with 110 for NE Asians and 103 for Whites. West African IQs, with lower nutrition, particularly little iodine which has been proven to lower IQ in early childhood, are about 70. James Watson was defenestrated for saying this but no one has been able to disprove this unhappy fact.

      This has serious implications for wealth creation and violence control. There are a few Black people who are analogous to say, Dirk Nowitzki, a tall White guy athletic and powerful enough to be a starter and star in the NBA. There are not many. While Black people dominate sprinting/strength/agility sports (because on average they are far superior to White athletes), that is not a path to social wealth.

      Marc Morial argues in effect that young Black men have no self control, and it is up to Whites to limit things like expensive shoes, or not make them at all. Furthermore, wealth creation is not a function of strong backs (machinery replaces unskilled labor) but SKILLED labor such as machining, welding, engineering, and the like which Black people cannot meaningfully participate any more than Whites can do anything else but cheer Black athletes in an NBA game. Neither race can “get in the game” in a meaningful way because of hard-wired average limits.

      This means in order for Blacks to on average have lots of nice things, given the limited amount of money for dunking basketballs and throwing footballs, Whites have to earn a LOT of money and hand a non-trivial portion of it over to Blacks. While btw competing against Asians who are in fact, higher IQ on average than Whites. To be brutally honest. And said Asians are not too keen on handing ANYTHING over to Blacks.

      This is non-sustainable. Eventually Black people will have to find some way not involving a mugs game of competing with Whites let alone NE Asians in knowledge based areas. It should start NOW rather than in a crisis.

      There is zero, zilch, nada possibility of Whites re-instituting Segregation, or the Klan Night riders. Whites on average are not interested in controlling or running other people’s lives, finding it distasteful and a massive waste of their time which is better spent on making money for themselves. But the flip-side of that is the money transfers that support places like Detroit are going to end soon. Quickly. Indeed Putnam’s research on diversity says that people of all races hunker down, withdraw from public life, and look to their own families. If nothing else massive tax evasion and Italian-style living among Whites will end the Welfare Era for Blacks quickly. As will private vendattas for those victimized by Black violence (Violence, Italian Style I guess).

      • bluegrass says:

        “There is zero, zilch, nada possibility of Whites re-instituting Segregation, or the Klan Night riders.”

        Then whites perish. We will not meld into some colored northern Brazilian paradise, or some Eurasian race with western culture: we’ll simply cease to exist and every parcel of our history will be forgotten. Unless the Japanese will be kind enough to objectively remember our history then I doubt the entirety of Western civilization will be remembered as anything more than some Atlantis like myth.

        For Whites to secure existence against the onslaught of the colored hordes, against the malaise of our barren and vapid women, and against an established culture that literally salivates at the thought of our extinction, we are going to have to do things that even the most racialist segregation-era southerner would find deplorable.

        We have no choice. The White Race is literally one giant suicide cult, slowly drinking the multicultural Kool-Aid and forcefully silencing those who say that the poisonous juice just tastes a little funny. Once our extinction course becomes so clear that not even Hollywood propaganda can hide it expect the anti-racists to start getting really, really violent.

        Until just a significant portion of whites are ready to shoot their way out of the compound of this racial sacrificial cult: known simply as the West, then they’ll just keep pouring that Kool-Aid and we’ll just smile all the way to our happy grave.

        “Whites on average are not interested in controlling or running other people’s lives, finding it distasteful and a massive waste of their time which is better spent on making money for themselves”

        I don’t think so Whisky: Whites are the most morally defined race on the planet, more prone to strict groups based on religious conviction or political conviction than any other. The puritans represented innate white moral collectivism: fanatical adherence to a code based not on blood or kin or even geography, but on religious transcendental concepts.

        I have difficulty imagining a Han puritan, let alone a Tutsi one.

        Whites love controlling others in terms of right and wrong, directing them to “higher” purposes, and converting others to the “proper” way. Why we’re set for extinction today is because our moral compass has been hijacked, mostly by intellectuals within the never-to-be-mentioned race/religion, and now our puritan moral control system is programmed to destroy White identity and any semblance of a desire to racially survive.

    • whorefinder says:

      Listen up, Nigs.

      I know you think you’re pretty smart for all your childish attacks. Just remember its just that—-chidlish—-there’s a reason black people are pitied by so many lefties, and used to be called “child” by kindly Southern matrons—and why your granddaddy got called “boy”—its because that’s how mentally mature you are.

      Truth is: you’re not that smart. You’re just smart for a black guy.

      Which isn’t that good. Remember how you and your little ghetto homies would say a guy dances or plays b-ball pretty well “for a white guy?”

      Yeah, its like that, boy. Bless your heart.

    • currahee says:

      Good luck with your outwitting.

  8. Fred Z says:

    What Blacks need, and will get, is 2 or 3 thousand years of abrasion against civilization. My German ancestors were no smarter or less violent than blacks today. Same goes for anyone with Celtic or Slavic genes. It took a few years of Romans, and each other, killing them, to get rid of the stupid ones, and the ones who could not control their impulses.

    So 19 dead blacks on a Thursday night is painful, awful, evidence of this evolution.

  9. <i@bruce payne, August 25, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    You know, Bruce, I was going to go through your post line by line, mocking your lack of logic and your cutesy, grade-school writing. I was also going to point out that I don’t believe you’re black at all.

    But I’m not going to. Why? Because I just don’t care any more. I don’t care about why black people are the way they are. I don’t care about the reasons behind black dysfunction. I don’t care about helping black America to overcome its problems. All I care about is getting far away from Negroes and staying as far away from Negroes as possible. I won’t live around Negroes and I won’t associate with Negroes. I have carefully arranged my affairs to exclude Negroes for every aspect of my life, and I have spent a great deal of money in doing so, because wherever Negroes go they bring with them chaos, crime, and squalor.

    I’d move to the fucking moon to get away from Negroes. It would be the ultimate example of White Flight.

    Negroes in America have run up a monstrous tab over the years. Someday, when they no longer have the power of the federal government to cover that tab, the bill will come due. I hope they are prepared — it will come to quite a sum. Until then, I wish all black people well. I hope they all live long, prosperous lives, and I hope they all make it to Heaven.

    But I’m done with Negroes.

    • Omega Male 2012 says:

      Good luck with that in America. Even if you move to a rural White area, national politics and media will always remind you that public policy and spending is affected by racial and cultural minorities.

      So what then? Turn off the TV, never listen to the radio, never look at anything remotely related to news on the internet. But closing your eyes and putting your hands over your ears doesn’t stop it from existing.

      You could always trace your (likely) white diaspora roots back to your “home” country and try and live there, but seeing as most Whites in America can trace back to Europe, I don’t think you’ll find the situation that much better over there with people from the Middle East flooding into that part of the world.

      What’s my point? You can be “done” with Negroes (or really any minority), but it won’t be over until they’re “done” with you.

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  11. What can change the mix of course is Korean, or Chinese, or Japanese scientists who develop gene therapy for … making people smarter.

    Already the FT is reporting that the IOC, various anti-doping agencies, and the like are concerned that ongoing gene therapy and DNA manipulation research into Mice making them stronger and faster will spill over to sport. With undetectable sprinters running say a sub 7 second 100 meter dash. Or the like. The basic research has already been done on Mice and the Asian nations have little control over this stuff unlike the West.

    Imagine the money you could make by lifting IQ a mere 40 points or so. Even twenty. So the question is when not if. And how much. And what will the side effects be?

    Suppose you could make yourself smarter? What would you do to get that? Considering its likely to be highly illegal and highly desired?

    Now suppose you were a “hood rat” with an IQ of say, 85, who jumped a full forty points to 125, with a highly illegal DNA modification. Would you find hood-rat Black culture tolerable? Would you even want to be around other Black people, of whom they could share nothing of your new interests in say, Classical Music, or Opera, or other things people in say Japan or China or Korea find interesting? If you had an IQ of 125, you certainly would not want to be around people whose idea of a good time is to engage in a gunfight. Nor want to “keep it real.” You’d like to really keep those guys in jail, because suddenly you are on the other side of the fence. Instead of benefiting from chaos and violence where the strongest thug with the least amount of fear and visualization of future bad consequences rules, you win with stable, predictable, non-violent societies built upon cooperation and suppression of thuggery.

  12. Pete says:

    “Whites will only accept so much control, by a manifestly incompetent elite that has to pretend Black dysfunction away, before they revolt.”

    Nah, you can pretty much grind white faces into the dirt with your boot as much as you want. They will take it pretty much forever and not fight back. Examples: South Africa, Zimbabwe, USA.

    • idealart says:

      Not when the whites are also victim groups squealing endlessly about their rights. See, Washington, DC. The blacks are clearly on the run. The queers, lesbians and feminists are using hate crime laws, quotas and entitlements against them, and they are winning.

  13. Ivar says:

    Experience has shown Pete to be correct. It is possible that this will change, but it will be an awful, squalid process, extending over a couple of generations. Whites born after about 1980 have no tools to cope with what is coming. At most, they have a vague genetic autopilot nudging them in the correct direction. They have no sense of history or tribe, are uneducated in any real sense, and are physically and mentally weak. Whites themselves have deracinated and feminized their male offspring. It is instructive to see the average suburban white kid get in a fight, particularly against a black or latino. The kid has already lost the psychological battle, because of social conditioning (everybody knows, thanks to the media, how tough and cool the greaseballs are, what natural fighters they are, blah, blah, blah), but, on top of that, he literally has no clue what to do. Normally these kids just lock up or crawl. It isn’t necessarily cowardice, they simply don’t have the ingrained motor skills or psychological mindset to react. Furthermore, while blacks and latinos will pack up against whites, other whites will just stand there. All their natural instincts have been shorted out.

    The only thing that will change this is hard, grinding reality for lots and lots of people, who, unlike their ancestors, essentially will be starting from zero.

    • idealart says:

      White kids aren’t that stupid. They know that if they win a fight against a black they’ll be charged with a hate crime, like date rape. The cards have been stacked against them and they know it.

    • whorefinder says:

      It is true that the left’s psy-ops war propaganda has de-toothed western males figuratively in fighting black dominance—or most leftist dominance.

      All that needs to be shown is that any term that a white man could use to put down another successfully—“nigger”, “Faggot”, etc.—-has become verboten to say. Why, blogs and TV shows that proudly use “fuck” and “shit” and sacrilegious images of Christianity (piss Christ, mocking religious Christians) to prove that they are “equal opportunity offenders” (hmm, wonder why its only one-side they offend) refuse to even use the term nigger or faggot when talking about the term—its always “n-word” and “F-word”—-as if they are the nuclear weapons of evil.

      “Bitch” is still usable, of course, but only because faggots and niggers use it liberally against non-faggots and non-blacks. But bitch by a white straight man must be reinforced by the argument that “no, she really is a bitch!”

      In short, just like 1984, by outlawing such words, you render the ability to even think them mute–or at least that’s the hope. No outlawing of putdowns of whitey, though—those are empowering to the Future Master Class.

      But we can save it. It requires the use of such terms. It requires a breaking free. Calling a nigger “nigger” immediately shocks them—they themselves have no weapons to combat it, having never actually experienced a white man unafraid to insult them. Some will try a wilding, but most will be put back in place—and most niggers wilding alone aren’t actually that tough. Faggots will scream like girls and try to get others to socially shame you, but if you hold frame and don’t care about it, their power is lost—faggots only have social power, not physical.

      Insults really damage niggers, faggots, and the like because they are weak inside, because they truly know they are losers.

  14. krauserpua says:

    Whiskey. I’ve looked around your blog for an email address but can’t find one. Could you please message me on krauser[at]rocksolidgame[dot]co[dot]uk? I’d like to ask for a couple of book recommendations. Thanks.

  15. Atoz says:

    Does anyone know what happened to OneSTDV and Mangan’s? Both blogs went down around the same time with no forewarning at all.

  16. CamelCaseRob says:

    They just got tired of blogging, I think. OneSTDV had quit before, and someone said they saw where Mangan had, on another blog, said he had a good job offer in Europe and didn’t have time to blog anymore (or maybe that was Ferdinand Bardamu). Other’s gone: feministX and Sofiastry. (But I think both of these were Half-Sigma alters).

  17. CamelCaseRob says:

    Whiskey, HookingUpSmart has an excellent post today on hot/not-nice not-hot/nice men and boys.

  18. PopWorldSymphony says:

    OT, but you may be interested Whiskey… it seems like the top of the chart white musicians may be making a huge comeback among the 13-19 white female demographic that drives the chart leaders. Of the top 14 on this weeks billboard hot 100 (songs ranked by airplay, downloads, sales, and internet streaming) 13 are singles released by white musicians, 8 of them white male(Gotye, Maroon 5 (two songs), Neon Trees, Owl City, David Guetta, fun., and Justin Bieber). Flo Rida’s “Whistle” was the only song by a black musician in the top 14 coming in at number 2. The top ten from a year ago this week had five black artists in the top 10, 5/10 in September 2010, 5/10 Sept 2009, 7/10 Sept 2008, and 8/10 in September 2007 with Plain White T’s “Hey There Delilah” and mostly white/part American Indian Fergie “Big Girls Don’t Cry) the only white artist to make the top 10. Now this is just a sampling, and I’m not expert on the charts (you can view the top 10 only in the archives at, but from my understanding this week represents the most dominant standing of white musicians at the top of the charts in decades.

    I am finding a greater sense that we are beyond the “Black Thugs are Cool” music era, and that white made pop, electronic, and alt-rock may be at the beginning of a long period of dominance.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Shame? That’s for SWPL Betas whose women get knocked up by homiez who then don’t pay them any child support, Yo Yo! (That’s where we’re at.)

  20. Ode says:

    bruce payne says
    ” That whole spiel about blacks needing the white man to help us to be “at our best”? Gonna have to disagree, I’m afraid.”

    Black people make up 12% of the population in the USA.
    Did black people build 12% of the nuclear reactors which btw provide 20% of the electricity?
    Did black people design 12% of the micro processors which came out of silicon valley?
    Did black people create businesses which provide 12% of the jobs?
    Do black people pay 12% of the taxes in this country?

    Simply stated are Black people responsible for creating the wealth of this nation, obviously NOT.
    If Black people had IQ’s even half as high as their ego’s they’d be, on average, smarter then Jews.

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