Will Benghazi Force Obama’s Hand?

The deaths of four Americans, two of them ex-Navy SEALs, may just force Obama’s hand. Into mounting a coup, if it appears he cannot delay or fraud the election. Benghazi is just the tip of the nightmare that is the Obama Administration, but it is clear that Republicans (fed inside info by the CIA and Defense Department and the Military) will not back down, even if Obama wins the election. And if he loses, not only himself but likely Hillary Clinton will be going to jail. If he wins, impeachment (though not conviction in the Senate) looms and a showdown via appropriations will ensue. Benghazi did not seem to be the place where Obama’s Administration would go to die. But often times insignificant places can loom large: Waterloo, Hastings, and well, this place. The site of four changes of possession in WWII, the disaster in Benghazi may lead Obama into a coup. Already, one person at NRO has noted that the President is floating a trial balloon on postponing the elections and Mark Steyn there noted this how coups often start.

Why is Obama so worried about Benghazi when he’s skated (so far) on Solyndra, on Fast and Furious (which killed at least two Border Patrolmen), on the foreigners donating to his campaign illegally, and a host of other scandals? Because Libya and Benghazi are his Iran-Contra scandal. Obama has been running weapons to anti-Assad rebels in Syria, most of them Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda affiliated. And he’s terrified that this will come out and he will be impeached, convicted, and jailed. Along with his cronies. This is why Obama has acted so strangely over Benghazi, and why the Bus has not rolled over some disposable flunky, and why the military, the Defense Department, and CIA are leaking like a sieve, not wanting to be the fall guy for something truly poisonous — arming bin Laden’s successor with the latest American weaponry that WILL be used against us. Soon.

No one has had any explanation (and the media has made a point NOT to ask) just what it was that the US Ambassador, Stevens, was doing in Benghazi, meeting (of all people) the Turkish Ambassador. Benghazi is about 400 miles away from the capital of Tripoli. Benghazi is a tribal, Salafist area filled with militias. US Ambassadors don’t conduct business in places like that for any reason. Sweeping up the arms and military hardware given to the rebels against Khadaffi is the work of ex-Navy SEALs, and other military men (who know what they’re buying for instance) and the work of months if not years of simply out-bidding people for the most dangerous of arms (AK-47s are not worth buying, Africa is filled with them, and most people who have them keep them as insurance).

The last official act of the Ambassador was to escort the Turkish Ambassador out and bid him good-bye (there were no crowds or people milling around at this time, about 8:30 pm Libya time). Why were the two Ambassadors in an out of the way, remote place, in Libya? Simple. They were there to discuss moving arms and money and supplies to the rebels in Syria, in a place where Western Journalists AND Russian, Syrian, and Iranian intelligence agencies would not spot them. That was the reason for Chris Steven’s presence in Benghazi. Not (as some have touted) to be taken hostage and released by Obama trading the Blind Sheikh (not even Obama is that stupid). Though the Blind Sheikh will be released to Egypt no doubt after the election, one way or another. THAT has been in the works for some time, according to the man who convicted him as a US Attorney (NRO’s Andrew McCarthy).

No, an out of the way meeting place was needed, to stage logistically, a transfer of arms, weapons, and supplies to the Syrian Jihadis through Turkey (hence the Turkish Ambassador). This explains the curious reduction of security in Benghazi, after months of attacks. The bright guys in the White House, no doubt including Obama himself, thought they had it covered. Hey, the removed Khaddafi. Hugged the Muslim Brotherhood tight. And were sending arms and weapons (likely including anti-aircraft missiles to take down Assad’s jets) and supplies to the jihadis. The word was sent. And they figured, no problems. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. Local talent, angry and run by Al Qaeda, saw a way to kill some Americans, seize the Consulate (and the safe house of the CIA, more on that later). This may have been a double-cross courtesy of Al Qaeda. It seems at least plausible that Hillary and Obama would not allow the Consulate to get security because they wanted a lid on sending arms to Jihadis in Syria, and figured that AQ getting some arms at least would put a lid on any possible attack. This is the stupid kind of thing Obama and his people would think. Al Qaeda itself is decentralized, and has been practically since Osama bin Laden went into hiding. Ayman Al-Zawahari runs some of it, but other parts are run independently. Each branch and local operation does pretty much as it pleases. If they wish to do something, any “order” given by other AQ organizations are pretty much ignored if they contradict their wishes. Worse, Al Qaeda is known to have been penetrated by … the Iranians who neither like or trust AQ though they may cooperate on short term interests, and have a direct fight over Syria being an Iranian ally and run by Shias in all but name as a butchery place, or a Sunni/Arab controlled Salafist charnel house. It is at least plausible that the attack on the Consulate first, and then the CIA safe house (which was kept ultra-secret) was controlled and conceived by professionals from Hezbollah and the IRGC. It was certainly conducted that way, entirely professional.

The attack began around 9 pm Libyan time, which was around 2 pm Washington DC time. The initial attack on the Consulate took about an hour and a half, after which the survivors including SEALs from the CIA safe house who violated direct orders to come and rescue the Consulate staff, fled and fought off rolling ambushes to get to the Safe House. The President was notified and briefed (with live video from a drone overhead — more on that later) at around 5 pm Washington time, around 3 hours into the attack. The drone, which may have been armed, was on station … wait for it … BEFORE the attack. It had been tasked to that spot for reasons unexplained. [Likely to look for anyone trying to spy on the meeting between the Turkish Ambassador and Ambassador Stevens. The drone had of course limited vision, operating them has been called looking through a drinking straw as far as what can be seen. At any rate, it fed live video of the attack to the White House and State Department.] No crowds of demonstrators were ever observed, rather a professionally led military attack.

At the CIA safe house, the survivors soon came under fire. The attack lasted another five and half hours or so. This is where the bulk of the jihadi casualties came, as the SEALs were not expected and with small arms alone, killed about 60-70 men. The two SEALs who were killed were on the roof, lasing targets for (as CIA and Military sources assert) a circling C-130 gunship and an armed drone. They were killed by mortar fire, expertly placed on the roof by experienced troops. [In the book, “Band of Brothers,” the late Major Dick Winters explained just how hard it was to place mortar rounds accurately, and how hard one had to practice. It is not something that a tribal militia can do — it requires extensive professional training. It took Major Winters and his men, considered the best of the US Army at the time, some considerable time in training to get it right. The same equipment is in use today, pretty much.]

Still unexplained: just how convenient it was that the Turkish Ambassador was not caught up in that fight and torching of the US Consulate that killed Ambassador Stevens and another diplomat. Also unexplained, how the jihadis found the CIA safe house, which was kept secret from even the Libyans accompanying the rescue convoy sent out from Tripoli, which was the same distance (about 400 miles) from the Sicilian US airbases containing fighter assets that could have easily wiped out the attacking jihadis.

My best guess, and this is only a guess, is that Obama, Hillary, and Valerie Jarrett (the person who is ACTUALLY President and makes all the decisions) panicked. Got scared. Ordered no rescue attempt, and did so repeatedly, interfering with any number of efforts to save the SEALs and others at the CIA safe house. In a desperate, doomed attempt to “recover” their grand effort at “heading off jihad” against the US by buying it off with guns and weapons aimed at Iran’s ally, Syria. And above all, to not reveal the ongoing effort to arm Al Qaeda and its allies against Syria.

This is why we got the “Captain Bullshit” stuff about some obscure YouTube video, and the jailing of its maker (shameful). Its why we have all these smoke grenades launched by the administration to cover what happened. And its why the Administration is scared. In throwing the CIA, and the military, under the bus, Obama made enemies enraged by the death of their friends.

The Special Operator community is small. Everyone knows everyone. The military accepts being in harm’s way. And that aid may not come at all, for a variety of technical reasons. Being left to die without any aid at all that was easy and decisive, and would have saved the lives of the SEALs, for transparent political reasons, that amount to … well TREASON in arming Al Qaeda and keeping it quiet, that’s another story. The SEALs had friends, comrades, commanders, and military that outside the brass in the Pentagon, loathes Obama not the least of which is that he is firing many of them. The same goes true for the CIA, which hires (which is why they were there in the first place) lots and lots and lots of ex-Special Forces people to do things for them. Like sweep up weapons (which is why the SEALs were there, they had stayed on for a couple days from the end of their weapons buy-back program reportedly at the request of Stevens who was nervous).

At this point, probably everyone in the Special Operations community, the CIA at large, and most senior military leaders know Obama was running guns and heavy weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria. They’ve doubtless told this to leading Republicans, including McCain and Romney. Even Carly Fiorina brought up Libya and with-holding the military aid/rescue on the Sunday news show, as did McCain.

Remember, its not just that rescue, that aid, that air assets were with-held from the SEALs fighting on the roof of a besieged CIA safe house. It is that the safe house was discovered (how? who?) and that the aid was with-held to protect an arms deal with Al Qaeda. Involving the Turks and the alphabet soup of jihadis.

As for who betrayed the safe house location, the suspects are numerous. Valerie Jarret, the “real” President, was born and raised in Iran, speaks fluent Farsi, and has long-standing sympathies and ties to the Iranian regime. Huma Abedin, Hillary’s right hand woman at the State Dept, and married to disgraced ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner (no you can’t make this up) has a founding Muslim brotherhood family, that is extremely Salafist. Yet she is on cordial terms with them, not a hint of an honor killing. One wonders why, when say, the Muslim founder of Bridges TV, designed to foster US-Muslim understanding well, beheaded his wife over a pending divorce. That’s what Muslims do, mostly. Behead women or honor kill them for say, dating a non-Muslim boy (examples of this are too numerous to count). Particularly, say, families that play a founding and continuing role in the Muslim Brotherhood. There are doubtless others. Perhaps Iran has a spy or series of spies in the CIA. The Soviet Union had several. Aldrich Ames comes to mind.

At any rate, that is the stakes for Obama. Not a long, drawn out, deniable (“it was my underlings who stupidly ran guns to the Mexican cartels”) scandal. Or one filled with arcane financial dealings like Solyndra. Nope. Its running guns to Al Qaeda. It has been suggested that the extraordinary purchase of ammunition and guns by the Social Security Administration and Education Department, including .40 and .357 SIG hollow points, were really destined for Syrian rebels. That might be true. It would certainly fit the well-known parts of Obama’s strategy for stopping jihad against the US:

  1. Apologize for the United States over and over again.
  2. Hug the Muslim Brotherhood and install them in power wherever possible.
  3. Get rid of old-line dictators by “leading from behind” with no ground forces.
  4. Create “daylight” with Israel and bad mouth Israel at every opportunity.

Step Five might be, run guns and heavy weaponry to Al Qaeda in Syria. That’s certainly consistent with “leading from behind” and Obama’s strategy of being Mr. Sugar Daddy to jihadis, the “Chicago Way” of buying off threats with ample corruption. It works until it doesn’t.

Obama has found it doesn’t. He must know by now, that the Republicans are in no mood to forgive or forget, much less the military, and CIA, incensed at being both scapegoats and their pals left to die when they could have easily been saved. After running roughshod over Republicans and their interests, Obama has only guaranteed a war of annihilation, politically. He and his cronies and his party “have to be destroyed” politically or they will destroy Republicans, with ObamaCare and mass amnesty and everything else on the table. Four years of acting like a Chicago Democrat nationally, has enraged not just ordinary Republicans but their voters and backers. The Tea Party is totally a creation of Obama, acting like Mayor Daley made President.

Obama has made clear his desire to shrink the military dramatically. That makes men mad over the death of their buddies also fearful they will be tossed out into a civilian life they are unprepared for and do not want. Military contractors are also angry, and donate lots of money to lots of politicians. The CIA does not like being made a scapegoat and can see their heads on sticks if/when Al Qaeda takes weapons they’ve supplied and hits the US with a major terrorist attack. Say using the anti-aircraft, man-portable weapons Obama sent them to use against Assad to bring down a couple of airliners at JFK. You could do it from a boat. Or LAX, flights take off right over Dockweiler State Beach. I’ve driven past there numerous times.

Obama is a fairly stupid man. He thinks everything operates like Chicago. He thought he could control and ride AQ. By being the magical Black man (he actually believes this) out of movies, in the way that his elite White cronies fawn all over him. He and his people thought that buying AQ off would work, that like the Chicago mob there is a central command, one boss of bosses. Not getting that in the Third World, there many bosses. Most hate each other. And there is no one to make something happen. No Capone, no Lansky, not even a Gotti. And they fatally underestimated the Iranians (and perhaps Putin and the Russians) who would not let their ally Assad go down without a fight. Because he beat McCain he thought he could do anything.

So now he is at a decision point. If he wins re-election, he can use Holder to stall, deny, obfuscate, and even rule by Executive Order. Relying on the Senate to refuse to consider any impeachment bill, but even then being up against the military and defense contractors and CIA determined to leak, drip by drip. Already CBS has shown some willingness to break the Media Embargo against Libya/Benghazi, likely as their sources in the Military and CIA have made that a requirement for continued access. The God-King will not be President forever, meanwhile reporters need access to break stories. Otherwise they’re a stringer for Entertainment Tonight. If that.

If Obama has a good possibility according to internal polls to win or fraud his way to victory, he can move decisions down the road. Which a lifetime of voting present inclines him to do. But if he sees defeat, he knows that he will end up as an Ex-President before the House, and maybe even the Republican Senate, about dealing arms and weapons to Al Qaeda to overthrow Assad. Let alone explaining why he let two brave SEALs die. Realistically he’s looking at a ten year prison sentence minimum. That’s the problem of being a God King. It only works until you start bleeding. Ask Daniel Dravot and Peachy Carnahan.

Hurricane Sandy is a double edged sword. It reduces his ability to get his fraudsters out to vote (they don’t do well in disasters, preferring to venture out only when there is plenty of power, food, and so on). Obama’s ability to have half the Ghetto and illegal alien population vote twice or three times is reduced when all of them on the East Coast are scrounging for food and water.

On the other hand, he could simply delay the election. Say until February. Or even, March. Give him enough time to “recover” and figure out how to stay in power. Avoid being just an average guy against an angry people and politicians. He’s spent enough time in Chicago to know what happens to guys like Blago. He doesn’t want to be Blago. Obama has no power to delay the election, but that hasn’t stopped him from abrogating contracts by fiat (the Auto bailout), or any number of things that are illegal (like running guns to the Mexican Drug Cartels). My guess, is that the trial balloons are there for a reason. With reportedly, Minnesota in play, Obama faces a disaster of epic proportions, electorally speaking. He could even conceivably lose the Senate, and the protection Democrats there give him. He doesn’t want to answer what he knew and when he knew it. Under oath. With plenty of enemies ready to leak the truth.

My guess, Obama delays the election. By at least a month, maybe more. Says “for the good of the nation” or some such BS. And dares the Republicans to do anything about it.

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42 Responses to Will Benghazi Force Obama’s Hand?

  1. knepper says:

    Very well stated. I think the gun running theory, the way you state it, makes more sense than the fake kidnapping theory, although Barry has shown he is brazen enough to do something even that hare-brained. I think enough of the Benghazi debacle has leaked out to those who only pay a little bit of attention that Barry is looking at a massive electoral defeat. I am worried that he will try to avert that by doing something outrageous like postponing the elections. What if he tried, and opposition Republicans and fed-up Democrats decided to push back equally hard?

  2. IA says:

    Good article, whiskey. I think you capture Obama and the quality of thuggish crud swirling around him. Certain people in CIA have declared war in honor of fallen comrades. The Varangian Guard is mutinying.

  3. oogenhand says:

    Iran is very powerful given it small population compared to the Sunnis. Sunnis continue to underestimate Iran. I heard someone offered the Qataris to postpone the Iranian bomb for a month, in return for the paltry price of around $10.000,- . They refused. And now they have to accept Obama bowing for Iran.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think you are giving the republicans too much credit with regard to understanding the need for total destruction vs being totally destroyed. They aren’t smart enough to see Obamacare, military slashing, amnesty, etc as weapons against white america (ie, republicans). They think that those are just misguided, “silly ideas” that the Dems sincerely believe will help the country.

  5. odds says:

    are republicans aware of the gun running to AQ?

  6. John says:

    Rank and file Republicans are unaware of everything. Google Tim Osman. We’ve (along with the Israelis and the British) been running guns to AQ for decades. They’re “our” terrorists and the “powers that be” utilize them for never-ending “creative destruction” because there’s incredible money to be made for the killing complex with ceaseless turmoil, not to mention untold riches to be stolen once our Viceroy’s are placed in power.

    Go to either You tube or Google videos and find the BBC produced documentary where top-level MI6 operatives admit that al Qaeda doesn’t actually exist, but, rather, is a construct of western governments to perpetuate what we have been witness to for the last several decades, the last 15 years on particular. “We” gave it it’s name and “we” give them their marching orders. Are “they” always under control?

    No, of course not. And what should one expect when the company such organizations attract are not always the “best and the brightest”, nor are they blessed with the highest sense of morals. Hell, look at our own military. Do you think the majority of those characters are God-fearing and of the highest character? If so, you are beyond deluded and need some more apple pie and ice cream. Motto’s such as “Killing’s our business and business is good” do not emanate from the minds of moral people, but from those deranged and likely psychopathic.

    Never-the-less, my Bengazi be his undoing and the undoing of all this madness, whether promulgated by Democrats or Republicans. We’re bankrupt fiscally and morally as well as over-run by bottom of the barrel immigrants from cultures foreign to our own and have handed both our monetary system and the reigns of governmental power to a “Tribe” of alien interlopers who have no historic link to the culture or history of Western Civilization except to undermine and destroy it from within. Awake! Awake!

    • oogenhand says:

      On top of that, it is highly unlikely that the West is REALLY dependent on oil. Tesla invented powerful forms of energy that never went public, due to the machinations of his financier J.P. Morgan.

      • All Tesla had was microwave power. Yes it works. And yes it suffers massive power loss, just like Edison’s desire to run direct current high voltage lines across vast distances, it never worked out because of the power loss. There is a reason Westinghouse won the current wars: you can send AC power a lot farther with less loss of electricity than DC.

        Yes of course we are dependent on oil. How else can planes, boats, trains, trucks, and cars run? We can fire electric power plants with coal and natural gas, but that won’t move a diesel electric train, or a cargo ship, or barges filled with corn on the Mississippi, or trucks, or planes. There is no solar jetliner.

        That’s a childish fantasy, doing away with oil. Take sewage. How do you think the sewage is pumped, filtered, treated, and discharged into say, the ocean, at the Hyperion Sewage Treatment plant for LA (I used to drive past every work day)? The plant uses on-site diesel generators and back up generators to keep pumping the sewage around, aerate it, screen it, treat it with chlorine gas, and so on.

        Quite literally, if you don’t want to drown in your own shit, you need oil. That means cheap oil, too, not expensive oil. Which means ME involvement until our own resources are developed. It takes about 10-20 years for an oil field, pipelines, REFINERIES, and so on to be developed and the capital costs are tremendous. A single refinery can cost $4 billion to build.

      • Matt Strictland says:

        I agree with our host on the Tesla power issue. Its a dead end. However some societies have reduced oil greatly, Sweden uses trash for power and their is wind, solar, geothermal and others. Well managed, more than enough to meet basic needs.

        However there is a rub, Sweden is small and more importantly isn’t over the maximum diversity threshold. They get along fine (mostly) and are not like Americans. They can tolerate or even relish a lot more State than we can.

        The kind of society we have to have is energy intensive and even the bump we just had is fraying the union . Real rationing could quickly end the union as we know it.

      • oogenhand says:

        No, Sweden is one PC-madhouse. If they become energy independent, it won’t make much difference. Look at Norway. I agree with you that forcing the Tesla issue won’t work. More succesful is undermining Islam in its host countries by using the civil war in Syria. Islam is unraveling there, and a few warnings of eternal damnations make a lot of difference. The people over there already do believe in Hell, and the clerics make heavy use of it. Do you really think it is his physical strength that allows the blind 3Uthaymeen to lord it over the Saudi people?

  7. feeblemind says:

    As sympathetic as I am to your column Whiskey, I don’t believe anyone in the GOP has the stomach to prosecute the First Black President and enrage those that are perpetually enraged towards Republicans. Besides, it would be “racist’ to do so and would risk alienating all those black voting republicans..

    Even if they did send him to jail, the dems would eventually come to power and send a Repub president to jail for payback, even if the crime was jaywalking. Nobody is going to risk that.

    And the Clintons are above the law. Always have been. Nothing will happen to HR-C.

    Repubs will say they are too busy rebuilding the economy and controlling spending to spend time pursuing this and that the country needs to ‘heal’.

    At least that’s the way I see it.

  8. GB says:

    Your fooling yourself, neo-con. Nobody cares about Benghazi, it’s a minor scandal compared to Fast and Furious, and you weren’t able to lay a glove on him there. In order for Benghazi to matter it would have to be seen as stain on the honor of the nation, and there are two problems with that: we have no honor, and we’re no longer a nation, thanks to decades of Republican/Neo-Con collaboration in racist colonialism. The vast hordes of non-white occupiers are probably more sympathetic to the non-white insurgents than to the ambassador of the Empire. Leftists don’t care, they’re certainly not going to join in legal action against Obama, only idiot Republicans eat their own in that manner (because they’re con men without any real convictions). And why would Republicans led by insane war mongers like Mad John McCain chastise Obama for giving arms to Syrian rebels, if its true? He’d like to parachute them in openly. Iran/Contra rules don’t work for a black, liberal President, race rules trump them.

    The Republicans are trying to pump this artificial scandal into an election winner, but it’s getting no traction. Deep down inside even idiot Conservatives understand that the machinations of the Empire in the Middle East don’t really have anything to do with them, indeed is against their interests, and are simply power games played amongst the elite without reference to the good of the nation. They shut their eyes and wave the flag and pretend to be outraged over things like this, but in their guts they know it’s phony, the game is over. Their patriotism will collapse overnight when the money goes in third-world America.

    BTW, weren’t you arguing just a few weeks ago that Benghazi wouldn’t take off because de white wimminz don’t care about dead white men?

    • oogenhand says:

      “The vast hordes of non-white occupiers are probably more sympathetic to the non-white insurgents than to the ambassador of the Empire. ”

      That is indeed very likely. Possibly stupid, as the Empire isn’t really the enforcer of White Supremacy, to put it mildly.

    • White single women don’t care about dead SEALs or Ambassadors (unless the Ambassadors are gay). But they do care about running guns to AQ. Which is what seems to have happened. The Washington Times has an article by a retired Admiral regarding Benghazi: link here. Admiral Lyons takeaway: Stevens was meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to coordinate heavy weapons shipments to Syrian rebels via Turkey. We still don’t know how he died. There was a C-130 Gunship circling and many Spec Ops people on the ground in Sicily ready to parachute in off jets, also jet fighters that could have been there within an hour. The fight went on for 7 hours.

      No White women, Mexicans, and the like don’t care about dead White guys. They don’t. But White single women can’t abide Al Qaeda, and running guns to them simply destroys Obama with White guys. His support there would drop to maybe 10%, if that. Not even the Lightworker can run guns to AQ.

      Empire in the ME? Are you serious? Yes I get the moralistic notions of hyper-liberals and Pat Buchanon and old dead gays like Gore Vidal. America runs on oil. Your car, your nice place with electricity, your computer, your clean water, your supermarket filled with clean and affordable food run one way or another on oil. America is allied with the “cheap oil for protection” Gulf Kingdoms against the expensive oil producers Russia and Iran. Simple as that. We’d like to take away Iran/Russia’s Syrian proxy, but Obama over-reached. McCain HAMMERED Obama on Benghazi, because he smells blood.

      And I don’t think you get the dynamics of what Obama did. He refused help for guys under fire. That’s cowardice. And Omega Male to the core. Cowardice is repellent to women.

      • MarkyMark says:

        If we developed our own energy sources, we wouldn’t NEED the Middle East! We could give the world the finger…

      • oogenhand says:

        True, but a lot of hassle. The political will isn’t there. Maybe secretly the NWO is using the alternatives to oil already, and to a large scale, but won’t give them free for the commoner. It is easier to pressure the oil sheiks than the NWO. It becomes tedious, but the threat of eternal hell is the only thing beating some sense in them.

  9. Johnycomelately says:

    Great post but you seem to forget Clinton was running arms to Al Qaeda in Bosnia way before Obama and Lybia, heck Bin Laden had a Bosnian passport and US military transporters were shipping Islamic mercenaries into UN safe havens.

    SOP as far as I am concerned.

  10. Hanoi Paris Hilton says:

    semi-OT techno fine point…
    As I recollect, Whiskey, you’re an engineer, but –and correct me if I’m wrong– line losses in power distribution systems are a function, entirely, of Ohm’s Law, i.e., the square of the current (I) times R, the resistance of the transmission line = wattage (power). AC vs DC doesn’t play in the equation, except indirectly, and Indeed, AC might even be a bit more lossy for a given current than DC, due to the hysteresis cycle. The reason that long-dstance transmission lines use giant banks of transformers to up the AC voltage to hundreds of KV is that line losses decline, inversely, with the square of the current in amps, given equal amounts of wattage through the system. So the higher the voltage the greater the efficiency of power transmission.The issue really is that it’s extremely difficult (less so now in the era of solid state gizmos) to increase voltage in DC systems, as they can’t use conventional transformers. Indeed the line frequency of AC is another determining factor, with the lower frequency (e.g., 50hz) AC used by most of the rest of the world being less lossy than the 60 hz used in N. America (it was originally considered the lowest frequency in which the human eye couldn’t detect flicker in early incandescent bulbs.) Aircraft, where on-board power transmission distance is relatively short, used to –and may still– use 400 hz AC power systems, where the increased line losses at that high a frequency are offset by the much smaller size of all the transformers in the plane’s avionics, since high frequency AC is more easily raised or lowered in voltage, with less weighty copper wire in the transformers. Don’t know whether any of this still applies to aircraft (or wind generators for that matter) since solid state digital DC phase, frequency and voltage manipulation is now the rule in many power systems.

  11. Mike says:

    There is about a zero percent chance of Obama being impeached, censured, or slapped on the wrist. Even if there was a video feed of Obama killing Ambassador Stevens with his bare hands, I’ve learned over the past year that scandal and law breaking don’t mean anything unless the media notices. Obama became the first President to violate the War Powers Act since it’s inception. He didn’t make a case that he didn’t have to abide by it; he just ignored it. Fast & Furious was an ongoing scandal for two years before it got the first minute of network news time, and then they just stopped covering it. And look where we are with this current Benghazi scandal now. When the MSM can ignore it on their nightly news shows and on their Sunday morning news shows, they’ve not only killed the story, they’ve killed the scandal. For that to change something would have to come out that it’s so big the MSM couldn’t feel they could ignore it. I don’t think there is any revelation that big.

    At least until after the election.

    • The media is less relevant than you think. Mickey Kaus’s undernews thesis, that the stuff everyone knows is true on the internet, and is revealed years later to be true on the media, undermines the media. Sure there will be die-hards who believe, but ask Newsweek how killing the Lewinsky story worked out for them, and Drudge how running it worked out for them. Newsweek is essentially dead. Drudge is extremely profitable. CNN, Time, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, all lose money. Meanwhile Fox News generates 1$ billion in pure profit each year (enough to pay Murdoch’s yearly debt load).

      Even with the Dems holding the Senate, Reps will likely hold hearings and indict Obama. Think Dems will fall on their swords for that guy? No. And Obama has made enemies who will want their scalps. Clinton never tried to kill the oil and coal industry, never meddled in industrial production, never did take over health care (where hospitals win, insurance companies lose). We are talking real money that Obama has cost major investors, companies, executives. Not to mention the fear and anger that the National Security people have.

      It is not up to the media anymore. Walter Cronkite is dead and buried. Matt Drudge rules, not Bob Schieffer or Brian Williams. Now if Reps flip the Senate, then all bets are off.

      Obama is not Clinton. He never got along to get along. He is not interested, really, in money (his wife is another story). He’s an ideologue and as such a major and continuing threat that the military, CIA, and other parties feel the need to deal with.

      • Mike says:

        I would have bought that reasoning except that we’ve already had a trial run for it. In the 1995 budget showdown between the House Republicans and a Democratic White House, Clinton vetoed the budget, effectively shutting down the government but in the public’s mind, the Republicans got the blame. Fast forward to last year’s debt ceiling fight, and the Republicans figured they couldn’t be crucified like that again because of the new media.


        The people who are taking advantage of the new media, the “undernews,:” are already well informed. But the people who get their news only from a half hour network newscast got the same slant as viewers in 1995. So now, the successful narrative of the Republican House for the past two years is “Republican Obstructionism,” even though the Republican House passed bill after bill, only to see them never brought to a vote in the Senate.

        As long as the MSM controls the news content of the majority of voters who are only marginally interested in current affairs or politics, they still have the power to set the narrative.

      • blert says:

        If I were a sitting Democrat it’d be Barry’s direct targetting of die-hard classic Democrat constituencies — like white blue collar workers — that’d absolutely freak me out.

        For, while Barry may have himself dialed in… His positioning provides no coat-tails — and leaves Democrat bastions up for the Republicans.

        The continued slide in blue collar employment in northeast Ohio must, at some point, flip Ohio into a clone of Indiana or Kentucky. Perversely, the only thing holding the line, fracking, is what Barry can barely stand.

        Eventually, Barry’s EPA will turn every blue collar Democrat into clones of the raging coal miners. Energy intensive goods are going to be taxed right out of the market.

        He’s so innumerate that he actually buys the notion that the nation can carry on without coal energy. As Germany has shown, once green energy gets beyond a trivial threshhold it produces an inherently unstable power grid. Ultimately, it doesn’t work out.

  12. Remnant says:


    As Scully would say: “I want to believe”. It may merely be a matter of hyperlinks / references (or my own laziness in seeking out verification of what you are saying), but how much of your narrative and analysis is based on publicly-available facts and how much is conjecture?

    Americans are so inured to corruption that they cannot get worked up over anything. Even assuming everything you write is true AND Romney wins the election, I still picture Obama walking away scott free. Remember, only Republicans can be bad; Democrats are by definition good, so they cannot be corrupt. That is how half the population thinks.

    • It is not the corruption. It is the cowardice, and leaving two brave guys to die. That’s a personal attribute that is repulsive to nearly every American. People like bravery, and will applaud it even in people they don’t like. Conversely, they despise instinctively, as they do say feces or urine, splashed about, cowardice. Its innate. And it matches the “Brave Sir Robin / Captain Bullshit” image of Obama already cemented in people’s minds.

      Nobody cared about Whitewater because it was just Arkansas corruption while the New Sun King had the good times rolling. Obama has delivered “the new normal” of grinding declines in income and wealth, unlike Bill “Hound-dog” Clinton. And sent arms to Syrian rebels including doubtless AQ. Who will use them to attack us. And to protect that info, let two brave guys die. No one likes or respects that.

      Obama cowardly letting two SEALs die to cover his ass is something everyone can understand. As it again, fits his public image. Republicans have a vested interest in defining Obama and the “diversity magic” of his candidacy as poison: both corrupt and incompetent, with a heavy dose of cowardly. They want to kill the magic, the unicorns, the rainbows. So it never, like a vampire, comes back.

      • blert says:

        Nice blog.
        It’s even worse than you imagine.
        Barry’s amygdala ‘locked up’ when harsh reality harshed his buzz.
        His internal ‘decision maker’ (the amygdala) entered a multi-vibrator state and had him flip-flopping around like an addled tap-dancer.
        Hence, all of the on/off/on/off decisions that reached the quick reaction teams.
        If you poke around on the Web, you’ll find that CNN, long ago, announced that Libya had captured Iranian special agents (al Qods division/terror central) in the guise of Red Crescent nurses/ doctors observing a mortar attack in Benghazi. (Hence, the British withdrawal.)
        These players were only released upon Barry’s insistence — as Tehran wanted them out as a pre-condition for meeting with Valerie in Doha, Qatar — to talk atomic.
        The Doha meeting was made public at the time. (Asia Times)
        The WH told the world to not look behind that curtain. So it was pulled back.
        And in other news: the MB is in bed with Tehran, big-time at this time.
        All of the above has been shunted to the circular file by the MSM.
        Now, go back to bed.
        Remember: duck and cover, duck and cover.

  13. “Remember, only Republicans can be bad; Democrats are by definition good, so they cannot be corrupt. That is how half the population thinks.”

    Just me but the above comment is so cemented in the public’s mind (read: registered Democrats and many independents) that a European Bloatfare state is almost inevitable. And that would not be a favorable development.

    The nation went off of the gold standard when the costs of Single-Payer healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid) went through the roof; stagflation ensued, and only subsided when Reagan (and Clinton) had Federal Reserve Board Governors who targeted commodity prices.

    Part of the prosperity of the Clinton Administration was the strong dollar policy of Wayne Angell.

    Also, Reagan helped topple the Soviet Union by encouraging the Saudi Arabians to pump as much oil as possible (thanks, CIA) which drove the price down. Lower oil prices funneled fewer greenbacks into the Soviets’ coffers – increasing the cost of Afghanistan and the arms race.

    No surprise that the USSR is history and that Russia now exports VAST amounts of petroleum, retaining some of the proceeds in a Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF).

    A continuation of the Obama years will result in continued dollar weakness, which will result in continued terror attacks on Western targets. A Romney victory will increase the chance of at least considering a strong dollar policy to topple the Iranians.

  14. Robert in Arabia says:

    One more impresssive post.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just wish it was even remotely true. The liberal controlled media is covering this up and will continue to do so.

      • blert says:

        The Internet and Fleet Street ( British [Tabloid] Press ) is blowing a hole in Barry’s firewall.
        The most damaging leaks/ truths WRT Benghazigate have come the long way round by way of Fleet Street.
        Britain and America have a co-joined intelligence network. It’s so co-joined that London gets to see all of those nasty e-mails in real time.
        Hence, it was Fleet Street that leaked the damning truth that the Benghazi mission had rent-a-cops under a sub-contract by a Welsh ‘security’ firm — that was just ‘stood up’ recently. (!)
        It now is being revealed that some of their local hires were Salafists, themselves; and that they had the run of the place.
        You will eventially learn that there’s an Iranian al Qods angle. Libya arrested a team prepping the attack months earlier — which was released so that Jarret could broker an October surprise with the mullahs right in front of the election. She flew to Doha to do so. It was announced in their local press at that time.
        Now, the maladministration has stepped up and denied it.
        Meaning: that it’s true, of course. Only true allegations are officially denied. If it’s pure BS governments simply ignore it. To deny all the BS tossed around would have the press secretary at the podium non-stop every hour of the day, of course. (Such are the ways of the world.)

  15. sydney carton says:

    If the military is so upset where are the resignations? In a country where a degenerate slut like Lena Dunham is a rich celebrity, giving up a pension for a point of honor would be pretty retarded. It’s every man for himself.

    The media decides what’s a scandal. Thats why a mickey mouse break-in 40 years ago is the greatest crime in American political history and why solyndra, fast and furious, Lybia etc. are destined for the memory hole.

  16. GB says:

    The Empire of the U.S. is an internal empire, and the funny little reindeer games the elite are playing in the Middle East are the elite jockying for power amongst themselves within that empire. The Republicans in particular are playing the old game of providing an external enemy to take their followers minds off of the fact that they are incompetent back home and have no intention and a shrinking ability to do anything to stop the destruction of everything their constituents believe in. That’s a game that can’t last, in part because the Republican’s constituents can’t last. Even the thickest headed among them must be aware of the impending disaster and how irrelevant this blather about Benghazi is. It’s just a cheap campaign trick with no real moral outrage behind it.

  17. I think it’s likely Obama literally had a panic attack when the firefight started. Confronted with the prospect of a “boots on the ground” operation so close to the election, and in a territory he had supposedly “liberated”, he couldn’t stand the pressure.

    For those who follow the undernews, it now looks next to incontrovertible that we are indeed funnelling arms (anti-aircraft/armor shoulder launched misiles presumably being the big ticket item) to the “Syrian rebels”, AKA radical Islamist terrorists, through our friends the former Libyan rebels, AKA radical Islamist terrorists, many of whom now pledge themselves to the banner of AQIM. Of course, regardless of what Al Qaeda franchise they call themselves, all of these groups are murderous anti-Western, anti-Christian, and also anti-Israel thugs, and it is an absolute fool’s errand to have anything to do with them but to isolate and/or kill them.

    But Obama, the PostColonialist in chief, has no qualms about conflating these people with Jeffersonian democrats. George W. Bush made much of some posturing buffoons in the name of “freedom”, but even he didn’t make friendly with the actual head-ragging mobs hoisting RPGs in the streets.

    I would add, for our PaleoCon friends: how exactly are Obama’s war in Libya and his forthcoming war in Syria morally permissible while a strategic bombing campaign, or even the threat of one, against Iran is the veritable Apocalypse? I ask in light of “The American Conservative”s symposium, which Sailer contributed to and Auster has remarked on. Iran is surely some sort of threat against global peace; Syria and Libya are smallfry. Iran could be bombed, then sanctioned or even re-bombed into submission sans occupation (like Iraq in the 90s, we could let them live whatever hell they please as long as their nukes are taken out), while Libya’s soil has been fed with an Ambassador’s blood, and Americans are sure to die one way or another from Obama’s Islamo-Marxist bond with 3rd World savagery, coupled of course with his cowardice and ineptitude when he has to make an actual, irreversible decision of life or death.

    • blert says:

      He’s giving them the stuff, but you’re wrong about his take on these muslims. He knows them to be Salafists — and that’s all fine and dandy for him.
      He’s got Salafist ‘ambassors’ in top secret slots at the White House and at State.

  18. Atoz says:

    “All Tesla had was microwave power. Yes it works. And yes it suffers massive power loss, just like Edison’s desire to run direct current high voltage lines across vast distances, it never worked out because of the power loss. There is a reason Westinghouse won the current wars: you can send AC power a lot farther with less loss of electricity than DC.”

    This is off-topic but why do Jews hate Slavs so much? Tesla was the one who invented AC. He won the “current war” not Westinghouse and yet you absolutely refuse to give him credit.

    • oogenhand says:

      Eh, I don’t know.

    • josh says:

      This is Of-off topic,but why do jews hate US so much? How much better America would be had we never allowed the “scots-irish” in!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Westinghouse made his first fortune with railroad pneumatic brakes — still used to this day.
      He subsequently bought Tesla’s patents — paying a fortune.
      Then it was Westinghouse, not Tesla, that fought the ‘war’ against Edison. Tesla stayed back in his lab. That’s why, upon victory, most contemporary accounts labeled the victory Westinghouse’s. It’s stuck.
      Whereas Edison was inventor cum businessman; Tesla was never a businessman, as was his wish.

      As for Jews and Slavs — please review Fiddler Upon a Roof. It’s but a slight taste of the Pale.

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  20. map says:

    Chris Stevens is not a real American anyway.

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